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    13 Hours of cutting/polishing/removing compound from face and she is is shineyAF. Still has 224k of stone chips and scratches, but they are very shiney stone chips!
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    Have been looking to get a wagon for about 6 months as my daily hatch (Mondeo) just doesn't have the goods, i really wanted an e46 motorsport manual wagon with something larger than 2 litres, but i couldn't find one that suited (the search is still on) however came across this 2007 E91 Motorsport 330i Auto, NZ new model, with a whopping 195,000km on the clock, however the condition was reasonable so worth a nudge i thought. Sitting in the U-Sell lot it ran rough, and didn't want to idle, plugged in my Carly ODB2 reader and found misfire code for cal 6, rang around to get a price for coil packs and plugs, and with that mind called the owner to negotiate a price. It was a gamble but the owner dropped the price by a decent amount (way more than enough to cover 6 coils and plugs) so did the deal. On paying for the car i rang the boys at HellBM, who very kindly agreed to replace the coil on cal 6 for me at short notice. 20mins and $160 later and she purring again! Winner winner chicken dinner. Big thanks to the boys at HellBM for fitting us in, great service!
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    Ive just found her sitting in the corner of the garage coated in 3mm of dust and garden tools on the bonnet. Felt guilty so gave her a quick wash. Ol faithful started first pop too!
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    BMW 330i Motorsport Motorsport sedan, travelled approx 172kms All factory condition except for Pioneer Bluetooth head unit. Exterior and Interior in good condition, has Bridgestone RE003 tyres. Only selling as surplus to requirement. Rego expires November 2017 Comes with a new WOF In my ownership (last 18 months) i have done the following and have parts receipts: Water pump Thermostat Alternator/Aircon belt Belt Tensioner CCV Valve & hoses Oil filter Housing gasket Brake Rotors/Pads Heater Resistor Cowl Panel Cover 14/11/17 2x New Lower Arms $5500
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    JTUNE will be able to do it also, $800 for FMIC and DP sounds about right. Doesn't hurt to ask them for a quote as well.
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    Very nice find indeed the 3L E91 msport wagon is a rare gem! Even comes with the u sell plate frames -score!!
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    if you intend to keep the run flats keep your options open.When i had my 120 d i could not get ANY run flats from my normal suppliers one xmas.I had to pay 400 odd bucks each for a couple of pirrelli runflats.Later that year i got the same tyres for about 250 each from my normal tyre man!I found the pirrellis quite compliant compared to the continentals and bridgestone s that were on it when i bough it.I had a runflat warning one morning on the way to work heading north sh2.I think i had just passed Belmont.I just slowed down a bit and kept going to WingateThere was no difference in the feel of the car albeit a bit slower than normal.However they would not repair it ,
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    WOW....it does exsist...be nice to see it driven off the property some time.
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    Cool car - super hard to find a 330i E91. Win!
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    Was under the impression Joe ( Euro Surgeon ) had a branch in wellie some where. So it's the dog box time for you then re no spare . best of luck on all fronts
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    I have a cheap Karcher. Has worked sweet for 3+ years. However it is low power, and only really good for car cleaning. Get something better if you want to use it for paths etc. Low power is perfect for cars though. I use an ebay foam cannon - works sweet. Its more 'fun' than anything. Although I just got some of this stuff - going to try now to see if it is better than the 5 other soaps i have tried Edit; so tried the foam below. Is it the best foam I have tried? Yes, without doubt. Can it deliver the fantasy of a touchless wash? Not quite.
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    Genuine E39 M5 Touring... Here we go... and a couple of links: Just scroll past the E34 M5 Convertible haha. Enjoy http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/146154-one-only-bmw-m5-convertible-e34-bmw-m5-touring-e39-manufactured-bmw-m-gmbh.html http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/49037-pics-one-only-bmw-m5-touring-e39-bmw-m.html
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    But that would be logical -we did what you suggest - recaro child seats at 3 times the price but you get to keep the 5 start safety rated car rather than driving a recycled rubbish tin with the handling of a dray and the protection of reinforced tin foil. Vendor may have pre birth 'baby brain'
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    I don't think your price point is unreasonable. Finding a seller may be more difficult.