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    Put a 3rd pedal into the m535i and cleaned the interior so it no longer feels like a cocoon of disgustingness (who knew door handles could go mouldy)
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    Well this is coming up to 200k on the clock and instead of selling it I decided to give it a facelift and a refresh Decided to replace all bushes, arms and joints in the front and rear suspension. Then into a full groom, just some of the cleaning produces required for the job Start under the bonnet
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    A couple of points about EVs, 1) There are NO envirinmentally friendly cars! If your main concern is the environment, try walking. 2) They don't suit everybody, just like any other car. A leaf is just as useless for a weekend 5 person road trip ski holiday as a nissan Micra, do your home work and buy a car that suits your needs. 3) Just like digital vs film cameras, if /when they become mainstream there will still be people who prefer the older tech for whatever reason and keep an ice car in the garage. I will be one of those people. 4) At the moment if you drive an EV you contribute nothing towards the cost of building / maintaining the roads you use, that will change, its just a matter of time.
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    I like the term GWP = Global Warming Potential, the big boogey man! So, yes we are considering C02 emissions etc. Where do they measure the levels of highly toxic waste that are produced for the different vehicles? It doens't cause global warming, but I still don't want to eat it. There is a very large and powerful lobby that pushes this barrow, and you are rounded on if you question it. Yes, there are many benefits across a number of metrics, however the disadvantages are conveniently forgotten and the topic quickly changed. Anywho, this thread is about the i8 for sale, which is actually a PHEV, not a hybrid there is a big difference, so lets maybe just stick to that shall we?
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    It depends entirely on the metric you are measuring to give the results, if you pick Co2 emissions (as per your article) then it is easy to fudge the numbers to make it look like EVs are the better option - there are a lot of premise and basis on the estimations as you cannot actually measure the emissions for each part of every car that is made. If you start looking into the manufacture of the high capacity batteries, the rare earth magnets and the electronic controls and then measure the relative amounts of other harmful emissions then it is a very different picture. Nothing like facts to get in the way of an argument.
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    Where batteries come from ... it’s the new blood diamond.
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    BMW 328i E36 Auto, 195,000km, NZ new, boston green (paint great for its age, clear coat is good) $3900
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    Here's the kicker: "-- Chain driven so no need to worry about cam-belt" That's why the blow up - people don't do the cam chain, service. That simple statement belies that this car hasn't had that essential service (the vendor would have said if it had done), so you'd be looking for headroom to spend more than a grand on it. $4,365. cos it looks cosmetically beaut.
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    there's a logical explanation for this. let's put that aside, and consider the following. your car needs an exorcism. I suspect you've picked up a grade 2 phantasm on your trip around Red Rocks, Pete. Who you gonna call?
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    It's pre vanos so no need to do that. All the parts sitting on the shelf for the timing chain guides, all oem. Even have all the tools. I made all the tools for replacing the subframe and diff bushes
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    Well, it's not like I drive over the Remutaka pass every day in an overpowered old car...no wait...that might be me... I wiped the thing off the 'oil' was mostly oily black soot (see attached photo). Which means it might be an old PS leak that's since carbonized and I should drive more moderately. Tim
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    The PS reservoir can leak when full/overfull under hard cornering (comes out the bleed holes in the cap)
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    The Schmiedman key is around $200. They just need your VIN and proof of ownership. Not in Wellington, but if you ship your EWS, I can code keys for you if you post EWS. AK90 I use is this one: https://www.ebay.com/itm/AK90-Key-Programmer-V3-19-Match-Tool-For-BMW-EWS-CAS-From-1995-2009-New-2017-/232397879728 Keys, make sure to get the correct blade type for what you have: https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Button-EWS-Remote-Key-For-BMW-3-5-7-Series-E38-E39-E46-433MHZ-315MHZ-PCF7935/172098543489 or https://www.ebay.com/itm/EWS-Remote-Key-For-BMW-3-5-7-Series-E38-E39-E46-433MHZ-315MHZ-W-Chip-HU58-3BTN/172103766805
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    The thread is actually about the i8 which is a hybrid vehicle.
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    I see, you only want to hear things you already agree with? This is a thread about an EV. Is this not an appropriate forum for an EV discussion?
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    I find it extremely ironic to have this picture linked here, when the peer reviewed academic article I posted in a different thread is called propaganda. One doesn't have to like EVs to understand they are cleaner. One doesn't have to like EVs to see they are objectively better for the environment, even when you account for the batteries, and the entire manufacturing process, including disposal. (This is precisely what the academic article I posted is all about.) Anyone wanting to stick with their ICE because it sounds better, all the power to you. I have one too. But let's not pretend they are cleaner, in any way. I presume everyone understands fossil fuels are a finite resource. One can perhaps debate how much longer it'll be an abundant resource like it's been in the past 150ish years, but that it is finite is not a debate at all. Shall we stick heads in the sand and pretend otherwise because of this picture? Please.
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    Some of the additions and retrofit items that are planned are the addition of front pdc, hid headlights, auto on headlights, led taillights, M5 servotronic steering, new shocks front & rear, M5 front swaybar, undecided as to if I fit a M5 rear bar or Eibach. I'm looking for a set of E38 sport/comfort seats (anyone??) Also have a set of 18" mpars but do like the look of the Schnitzer type III's
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    I second @treone - bought his (not quite as super) e39 525 and was a thoroughly happy buyer. And @BM WORLD too - grabbed a stack of old Top Gear VHS tapes (which I'll eventually get around to digitising).
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    It's an interesting point you make. Just looking at 8 coupe.com which is a fountain of knowledge if you love E31's- it states that 3,980 out of the total of 29,000 E31's ever made were delivered in Calypso red- the maroon you refer to. That's nearly 14%. I speculate that an ever higher proportion than that of the early ones came to NZ. The second most popular colour behind black. It seems that BMW were targeting wealthy, older customers when the E31 was launched- and the colours in the early days reflected that- targeting a more conservative hue. Even the interiors were more 'boring' with most having 'comfort seats'- reflected by the NZ New examples. The wheel options were rather conservative too. By the time 850csi was launched- the colours / wheels became a tad more flamboyant- accentuating their body-kits. Personally, I think the best colours were the ones launched with the 840ci sport in the U.K. A lot were BMW 'individuals'and they all came with the body-kit. You saw some cool colors like Dakar yellow, violet, Avus blue, Hell red, etc - which really lent themselves to the shape. Even today in a cool colour with the right wheels they are a striking looking vehicle.
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    Cheers, I say three fantastic cars as the 530 in many respects is a seriously good practical and awesome performing vehicle - that looks the part... I was a certifiable Holden nutcase back in the 90's when one could actually afford them. I'm very lucky to have this LS Monaro (a CV8 Monaro made way for it..) and now having discovered Beema's, my allegiance's are very much split... and my credit card is consequently more plastic than elastic...
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    Yeah, I get a bit suspicious of some of the bids on the $1 reserve auctions. I'm thinking it will be around $5k as well, which would be a steal if you're in the market for one.
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    Always admire the balls on people that do $1 auctions. I'm picking high 7's\low 8's.
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    nope, I'm afraid I don't. Modified kidneys indeed.
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    Installed RB Turbo's external PCV kit and Moshimoto oil catch can on the 335i. Hoping it causes disruption to the walnut blasting industry.
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    Modern epoxy is stronger than welding. a lot of new cars are now bonded with adhesive ... actually almost all new modern composite supercars have non composite crash structures bonded to composite. Since I think 2005, BMW have been using adhesives as an approved repair method for repairing front ends of a lot of their new cars. The reality with the way the RACP is layered (4 layers including the stud mount) in the rear boot floor of the E46 chassis also means it is impossible to rust proof every single surface that welding comes into contact with. Not to mention the fact that welding is impossible for this car as the rear mounting has already been injected with bmw approved epoxy filler. Which I might add has proven to be an effective repair method for a road car. In my humble opinion, the only sure way this can be prevented or repaired without future failures elsewhere is a GTR style rear bar that spreads the load correctly into the rear main chassis, a full coilover style rear suspension and solid mounting the rear subframe craddle. It is a shame that all of this could have been prevented by BMW had they created a different rear subframe stud mount that actually tied into the rear chassis legs in the first place.