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    Drove my new to me, moderately tickled, 335i back from Hamilton. Stoked to be back in a BMW, such a nice car to drive. Bloody good at passing too 😅
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    Stumbled across this while trawling through some japanese auctions. looks like a nice example....pity they didnt use the newer motor like HellBM http://www.moderno-zing.com/stock/bmw 130i-mスポーツ v8e39エンジン公認/
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    Tacky asf. Something that should be on a $4000 heap of sh*t ‘slammed cef’ driven by a skinny pale white trash bogan from Hamilton or palmy who calls all his mates ‘gee’ Gorgeous cars but. I think they made a rule for C&C that cars had to be older than 1990 or thereabouts? there should be some exceptions and these would meet that criteria. True modern classics (along with a (manual) 993 911 😛 ).
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    Driven the new M140i? If not go try it, it eats the 1M for breakfast in every single department. You can’t really compare a modern car to something nearly 20 years old. I drove my CSL the other day right after my daily driver Twin turbo V8 wagon and my first impression was ... holy sh*t this is slow and unresponsive!!! Then I heard the induction roar again instead of the artificial exhaust burbles and pops of the modern turbos and all was good again! Don’t get me wrong the 1M is a great car ... I just don’t think it deserves to be called a M. Perhaps a 135iS like it’s sister Z4 35iS
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    It's very nice indeed. But there was a Diamond Schwarz one that was asking 25k in Rotorua which was in very good condition too. And I thought that was really testing the market. $50k... IMO I would rather buy a normal E30 coupe shell, put a S54 in it, run it with just two seats and half a cage. Or Spend it all on hookers and blow.
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    I think this one is actually a Photoshop exercise - it's a UK number plate, but B12ALP was never issued.
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    Never thought of it like that, lol. its the watermark of my blog/site. Tasteslikepetrol
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    If Porsche stuck a Boxster engine in a 911 body and called it a GT3 Porsche owners would never buy that car. BMW does it to a 1 series - an ugly one at that (Z4 engine in a 1 body) and all the BMW fan boys go crazy over the car and thinks it’s the bees knees. It’s not a M car just a marketing spin. No one will ever convince me otherwise.
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    $28 per can from Union Hardware...
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    I agree. I sold my last one with some reluctance but was keen to move into something a little more modern. I tried an e92 M3, e60 M5, even branched out and looked at a 996 911. Kind of considered a F10 M5 but they’re so much bigger. I kept coming back to the e39. The V8 is just so nice day to day. They just got everything so right (imho) and you’re right, they are stunning to look at.
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    Looks far from finished, wiring all over the place, and looks stupid with the mtech2. Lol @ 23k
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    Maybe 😈 Picked it up yesterday. Drives very well. Previous owner attended to mechanical issues and maintenance well. There are lots and lots of receipts in the glove box and in the boot... including a few 5 liter bottles of TWS oil which is handy. Interior is pretty damn immaculate for a car with 200k. I don’t think the rear seats have been used. Exterior needs a few door dents pushed and wheels refurbished. Motor feels strong, gearbox much nicer than my previous M5. I need a bigger garage!
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    Lack of S engine not a true M car Never was never will be one and finally the market have realised this and prices have started to reflect this fact. Marketing gimmic to ever call this a M car. To me this was the defining moment BMW M went downhill and everything just needed a badge to be a M