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    Don't bother listening to any of the stereotypes - none of them are true for every car. Look at each car on it's merits. Mt Singapore E39 only had the usual electrical issues: ignition switch and ABS module failure. I've seen some poked NZ cars too - on average NZers don't care any more than any other country. Just find a good car, and buy on condition/milage/history/feeling - whatever floats your boat. Have it inspected by someone who really knows their stuff, or learn the stuff yourself.
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    Hmmm. So say you guys buy $999NZD of goods and shipping at a time from Driftit No.1 Ltd based here in the US. I get supplied from FCP or similar. Once I reach 60K I start up Driftit No.2 Ltd and so on. No GST? Oh and it will be based in Delaware which has no local sales tax either. Actually I think I want to call the company 'NONZGSTLOL Ltd'
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    Had my first race last weekend, all ended well. new list of mods........ diff changing to a 4.27 lsd. adjust shocks and swaybay rears, front feel ok'ish... cut/ hammer inner rear guard edge as there's a slight rub. Don't want to ruin my new rubber. tidy up wiring
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    Replaced the coils, spark plugs, coil sleeves, valve cover gasket (along with the valvetronic motor, sensor and SAP plate seals) on my N52. Definitely was not a fun job at all, but I guess pretty satisfying at the finish line.
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    Fine line? I'd say a chasm would be more accurate.
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    Nope, my point is completely based on the E91 335i being exciting, anything else is irrelevant Anyway, this whole argument is irrelevant.
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    Thanks Kasey, it's been a great project...nice step up from the E30 too.
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    I have a few full E46 conversion kits with ZF gearboxes and Wellington based. From an E46 328 . There is another kit with a Getrag gearbox from an E46 325. Might be worth a trip to Ngauranga to have a chat
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    ^^^^ This. Japan has humidity just like Singapore. I have seen, worked on plenty of ex Singapore BMW's that are no worse than from any other market. Certainly the same can;t be said for Mercs - with their wiring degradation along with all the external trim plastics.
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    Now now children. Let's provide some helpful advice and if you don't have anything worthwhile then don't say anything. As long as the car fully checks out and you do your due diligence then doesn't matter where the car comes from.
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    Just slamming those stereotypes, and not adding anything useful
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    Put in a new thermostat and gasket housing ring, what a bitch that ring was to remove. Didn’t have to remove the whole plenum this time though so that saved a couple of hours. Now she gets up to normal operating temperature and doesn’t run as rich anymore.
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