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  1. Farken hell, haven't been on here for over a month and come back to grown ass men arguing about push bikes.
  2. Agree with this. However I thought we put a filter on the word rape which replaced the word with "VTEC" which was always funny. So yeah, getting VTEC'd pretty hard.
  3. Loving the DIY bro
  4. Grown ass men wandering the streets looking for fkng Pokemon
  5. God those door lights have got to be the most tacky things you can purchase for a car.
  6. Rich, watch out with the dtmfiberworks stuff. I have myself got some flares in from them (e30 2002 ones) and they were absolutely rubbish quality. I know they're relatively cheap but still. People online seem to have had some average experiences with them too, I know that they were crap to try and converse with over email.
  7. Paramount engineering built a couple for me and were good. Think I initially went there through Kayne and or Ray.
  8. I had a m52b28 stroked to 3l with m54 crank etc and that had 235hp at the wheels. That was with bigger injectors, bigger throttle body, m50 manifold, aggressive cams,adjustable fpr, exhaust link ecu etc etc. If I was doing it again I would just buy an s50b32 and not muck around. It would be cheaper that's for sure.
  9. Awesome.
  10. Fark, 8 years on and I am still a dick
  11. Hell yeah, seat looks rad
  12. Worth a go for $1000. Even if it's a dud you'd get that back selling it as is.
  13. Make sure it's gluten free bread, wouldn't want the crank getting a yeast infection.
  14. This post is old. But f**k Baycorp (and the like)
  15. Who'd you use mate, just smashed my third work phone in a year, can't see this one being replaced. Ha.