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  1. My buddy is looking at an E83 X3 $13,290 2006 X3 2.5Si jap import 50,000k. Service history unknown at this point $12,999 2006 X3 2.5i NZ New 147,000k sporadic servicing BMW and other shop my thoughts are Jap import with lower Ks is the safer bet, but I think the 2.5 engine is a little underpowered, and comes up with VANOS issues when you google it. I said if he gets a PPI on either, and Mechanical Insurance, he probably can't go too far wrong, but the NZ New will retain value slightly better because for some reason people give a sh*t. His main purpose for ownership is he works in a sales role, lot of driving, and his second homes are the ski fields in winter and tramping tracks in summer, plus a kid to cart around.
  2. More power! 0-60 in 3.4s
  3. If the internets and google is to be trusted, some positive reveiws, with most issues seem to be relating to use of low octane fuel which we don't really have here (<90). That being said, the general consensus on this forum seems to be, Dyno Tune > Chip, and I'm inclined to agree, $ per HP though, the shark has potential to be better value for money, but, won't squeeze the most out of your setup as it's based on generic assumptions about what modifications and condition your engine is in.
  4. I feel like i have to drop Ois to Men in here as no one else has, sharp end of NZ grass roots punk. Or Whip me honey by Squirm, I can't decide if the song or the video is more outrageous, The singer in that Squirm song is my mates Flatmate... one of those people who have seen, and done, things beyond reckoning and imagination in his lifetime.
  5. Subscribed, I'm going to go get some popcorn.
  6. hit up @BM WORLD, he's probably got a shelf full of them.
  7. Our local groups of enthusiastic and mischievous youths and adults like to identify with certain shades of red and blue pioneered in the USA... I had an experience with one such group in America... very f**king different over there... feels like a pantomime here.
  8. For anyone wondering as I was, here's an E39 with Style 66's, fairly similar to the ones in images above, apparently image uploading is currently bung, but embedding is not.
  9. @Driftit What part of DC did you end up in? I spent a bit of time in DC on a work assignment years ago, will never forget the night I got lost near the Wallmart around Landover... I don't think that was one of the nicer parts of town. But near the main part, the Mall and such, the architecture just kept flooring me, so gothic, i didn't expect that at all.
  10. My E30 (now sold) didn't have one, so I bought a new one from BM Parts on Coleridge Street, I think for less than $20, if you have no luck borrowing, could be the go for you. Sheldon Ward | Parts Advisor ph +64 3 365 4872| fax +64 3 65 4873 BM Parts Ltd The Independent BMW & Mini Parts Specialist
  11. @SmithyInWelly That's excellent news!, I too was concerned my (hip) op would make driving of getting in and out of low cars suck, but so far so good, just have to take it easy.
  12. Hahaha I had to look at the photo to see what you were talking about, that's an end cap for the water proof light fittings used by meadow mushrooms, made in New Zealand.
  13. Spotted this beauty in chch traffic, xdrive and apparent M specced 335d touring
  14. Insurance writeoff due to water damage to ECU aparenlty
  15. I had pants made from that material when i was 7