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  1. I know of two transmissions in NZ, one definitely for sale, the other I’m not sure
  2. Well chaps, still waiting on payment, but, it's looking pretty sold, to someone who i've made swear a blood oath that they'll keep us in the loop and care for it.
  3. I haven't seen a conversation take such a quick turn to the gutter since I frequented 4chan
  4. Indeed, but it's fun to take the intentionally absurd seriously, fun for me anyway.
  5. Sure thing, assuming she’s aware and consenting to the swap.
  6. I’m talking about what’s ideal, what I’d accept has more latitude, if it’s impractical, if has to be economical, if it’s practical, I can accept a little extra fuel burn.
  7. Practicality and Fuel Economy are the priorities, think small 4wd or station wagon, or 4wd station wagon.
  8. Yep, it's out west in Whenuapai
  9. After owning a few Mitsi, I’m not convinced I want another, especially a V6 one? It is a relatively tempting offer though, PM me more details.
  10. Time to sh*t or get off the toilet with this, will consider any serious offers, even somthing dinky Plus cash my way, PM me.
  11. Saw what I assume to be a V8 E30 in Christchurch today, wonderful.
  12. I remember once on a motorbike being told they just needed the helmet lock, so took that in, got a key cut, got back home, didn't fit the ignition. Removed ignition, took that in, got key sorted for both and thought great till i needed to refuel with gas, and found it it didn't fit the gas cap... three trips to the lock smith later, all sorted.
  13. Paging @3pedals *runs off to grab popcorn*
  14. Hard to be sure as I can't find any cache's of the original text, but I'm pretty sure there was mention of a recent rebuild... by a garage in Auckland that rung a bell... Buyer Beware.
  15. The listing text has been changed, originally it read, or at least inferred that the rebuild happened at the same time as the cam belt, end of last month.