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  1. I've met a few people over the years convinced they had an M car, or a car with an M engine swapped because the motor code started with M.
  2. Why does everyone need to call every damn bmw an M, regardless of whether it is or not. Looks about as run of the mill as they come, sure the colour is pretty rare (I've not seen many white ones), and the milage is low, but an 850i, is still just an 850i, $30,000 is stupid money unless it's manual, amirite?
  3. I second the prior post, if I’d the money I’d be mad keen on a classic that looks this well kept.
  4. Yes, thanks, in particular this Post shows the extraction tool, and a few posts later he shows them using a hydraulic press to reinsert them, I suspect the OEM tool allows the job to happen with the subframe in situ though, where as his required complete removal.
  5. The guy that’s rebuilding an E46 (I think) M3 from close to scratch has built his own and might lend it out? I’ll try dig up the post, he did it with his father who appears to be somthing of an engineering genius.
  6. Hey Man, great write up on the state of the Car, small note regarding the Bonnet, the catch/latch is loose and rests at the lowest point, the Bumper needs to come off I think to raise and tighten the bolts.
  7. Pretty sure this is the one I cross posted from off-road express, he talked about swapping as much of the drive train that could be for Range Rover parts, not sure what parts that would include, or if he got around to it. Seems like he got sick of it throwing up warning codes and is moving it along before abusing it.
  8. Video's or it didn't happen!
  9. Looks lovely, replying so I don't forget to look a little closer this weekend.
  10. Generally everyone super nice unless you break the three golden rules; Try avoid digging up ancient threads unless neccesary Try search first Don't refer to SMG as Manual
  11. @obi_wan The only bitchy thing about the odo gears is there are a few types, and the only way to know the type you need is to remove it, because i didn't want to put it out and in more than i needed, or spend two weeks without my E30, I just bought both KM sets, the vendor was happy for me to return the set i didn't need for a refund. I got mine here If you're electrically apt, I'd recommend re-flowing any solders that look shady while you have it apart also, stitch in time and all that jazz.
  12. Hey @obi_wan Thanks for searching first, it's actually pretty tricky to search on this forum given the search engine ignores anything with three characters or less (you know, like basically every model and chassis number). If it's dimable, you'll have a wheel below and probably to the right of your steering wheel if memory serves, it'll look like this The bulbs are meant to last forever, and are specific to BMW, you'll need to go to a proper BMW parts dealer to get them, or order online, mostly smaller lamps but a couple of bigger ones too in the centre, it's usually the bigger ones that blow. Replacing is pretty straightforwards, and if your miles are getting on, and it hasn't been done yet, not a silly time to look at replacing the odometer gears while it's out.
  13. I'd say that's exceedingly unlikely given you found a post from over 3 and a half years ago.
  14. Spotted this beauty on Imgur.
  15. Odins balls that looks like fun, 324HP & 460NM... AT THE WHEELS. What would that be at the flywheel? Internet suggests 380HP, so i guess torque goes up about the same? Close to 540NM?