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  1. Insurance? A huge downpour and lots of malting trees in a big storm a few months ago saw the death of my E34 touring.. Filled the drain passages with the fur/berry stuff from the trees and overflowed into the ecu box and through in to the drivers foot well. Surprise surprise it wasnt the double sunroof leaking which was my initial suspicion. Opened the bonnet and saw the ecu box swimming. Opened the "sealed box" and the ecu's were under water. Rang insurance as the ecu's got all jiggery pokeried and didnt want to work. I could have easily replaced them myself but my concern was further issues down the track with wiring looms. Further discussions with Glenn scared me further as there may have been airbag wiring looms and what nots that go under the carpets. Insurance came with a tow truck and 4 hours later rang me to say it was a write off. Payout was in my account later that evening. I have never seen an E34 die like this, ecu's swimming under water, and I have dismantled many many many of these over the years. Maybe an option? depends if it was a sudden or gradual filling (mine was definitely linked to the storm the day before).
  2. melowpuf

    e34 electric seats, are they heated?

    If heated they will/should have heater buttons on the side, (drivers seat - switches will be on the seatbelt buckle side).
  3. melowpuf

    Pocket book jump pack

    This came in handy already, luckily I left it in my car when i bought it. My car has been in at the panel beaters for a week, the parking lights had been left on and drained the battery. Car got delivered back on a tow truck. Excellent.. have my car back.. went to start it and durrrrrr no go juice in the battery. had cleared my jumper leads out of the car and noticed the little jump pack on the floor.. hopefully this will get me going. Managed to start my 2.5l diesel with dash lights very dim.. plugged the unit in, cycled the glow plugs a few times and she fired up after 4 crank sessions of 3-4 seconds. was hard yakka for the unit that's for sure.. Phew.. The unit is back on the floor of the car after charging it up last night, the indicator said it was still 99%. I thought I had mistaken it for 66% Buy one of these.. they're awesome.
  4. As per title, anyone have one of these around easily accessible? Even to borrow for a few weeks/ couple of months? It would save me rolling round in the mud several times instead of just once Cheers Lance
  5. Door lock from memory.. if you use the unlock procedure when the battery is dead and the central locking doesn't work, I for some reason think that it does what you describe here, if you lock the door using the key and then unlock again (assuming there is a charged battery in the car), can you then lock manually by pushing the door lock inside with the door closed? Radio wise, is it an aftermarket head unit? has the power been connected for the antenna amplifier? (oh what Brent said )
  6. melowpuf

    M73 V12 into an E36...

    Having completed 2 M70 v12 conversions into e34's, to keep costs down all electrics were used from the donor car to avoid the extra expense of aftermarket ecu's/ tuning etc. These involved a COMPLETE loom replacement (headlights - taillights and everything in between). Splicing into the existing E34 loom was more of a headache than gutting the entire shell and rewiring with donor loom. This is also the way Kayne Barrie did his E34 M70 conversion. The M73 donor (typically the e38 750iL) however has LOTS more wiring/gizmos/EWS which would make this route an even nicer challenge. I have done a fair bit of research into converting an M73 to run on the earlier M70 (Bosch) system, but unfortunately it is not as easy as the conversions Brent has done with the M62 - M60 Ecu's. The conclusion I came to was that the only really feasible way to run the M73 (without getting deep into electrickery and recoding of stuffs) was to run an aftermarket ECU. Which = more money plus tuning time (again more money) to get it running right. Car tinkerings have slowed a lot for me over the years as I have moved into bikes, I still have my V12 project sitting in a paddock waiting to bolt the 6speed manual box behind. Seeing topics like this and peoples opinions reminded me of when I was doing mine, pretty much everything repeated in this thread... maybe this is the inspiration I need to get mine back on the road. oh the fun of chasing people round the tracks in a dinosaur lounge suite. An E36 would have much better power to weight ratio but comes with extra challenges and I would suspect quite a bit more cost.
  7. melowpuf

    525 Touring, Akl

    See if the suspect part number is the same as the 325tds, you're welcome to come and try see if swapping the map sensor over fixes your issue before splashing out to buy a new one and find its not the problem.
  8. melowpuf

    525 Touring, Akl

    I miss my e36 tds, so cheap to run and reasonable power for an old diesel. super reliable. still hoping one day to re-shell or find the right colour donor car for the panels I need. Has the hose between your turbo and intercooler cracked in the elbow? They're very slow and smoke lots when that happens. especially towing a boat back from the far north. How ever it is handy for when a gaggle of pedalfiles decide it is OK to ride in a giant clump blocking the entire lane and also move over into the oncoming lane when it is safe for you to get past... several kilometers later and finally able to get past, I just happened to have to shift down to first gear as there may have been a slight hill and I did have a boat on the back... foot flat to the floor and beautiful plumes of black diesel smoke goodness filling my rear view mirror.. It was a lovely long hill. Awesome days fishing
  9. melowpuf

    An E28 called princess

    I'm not even going to ask what you do for work,, it has to be 1 of 2 things if you head to Panguru for work.. I can't think of a better use for princess.. hook some bloody headlights up.. its probably had many a drunken race home from the pub at 1am, with no headlights on driving on the wrong side of the road up in the far north, with 15 drunk hori's in the front, back, boot, roof and still survived.. Polley has his first drive and crashes through a gate hahaha. Top work polley enjoy seeing your progress.
  10. melowpuf

    An E28 called princess

    You have no idea of Princess' rangi as history.. google Panguru, its where she lived for quite a while.. not surprised at all with the seat mount with all the cuzzies she's hauled round over the Panguru goat track roads.. I think we got her airborne a few times in the paddock.. she was one of the best..
  11. melowpuf

    E36 Sedan rolling body

    Looking for an E36 4 door with blown motor or trans, Pref Graugrun metallic but will consider any colour.. most of these im sure will head off to pick a part once the engines go.. so if anyone knows of a sedan with straight panels with blown engine/trans that someone is trying to get rid of let me know. I need a parts car to get my 325tds back on the road after being rear ended and shunted into the back of a 4wd. Panel damage mostly but written off by insurance company. I negotiated with them to get it back with live rego and now I want to get her back on the road. Only economical way to get her back on the road is to buy a whole parts car to get headlights, bumpers, bonnet, boot, front grill, possibly a small rear cut and stitch but hopefully wont need to go that far.. Interior and wheels are of no interest unless super immaculate or special. Let me know if you know of any parts cars around. Cheers Lance
  12. melowpuf

    e34 525tds touring

    My e36 325tds would tow a 16ft fibreglass boat form auckland - dargaville for $17 overtaking cars up the hills, noisy tractor but super reliable. mileage is over 300,000km now, 8 years of ownership all that has been done is oil changes and had to have some seals replaced on the injector pump (cost me $300 to get re calibrated). replaced glow plugs ($90), a new lift pump ($45). Always buy parts from Landrover using p38 parts they are ALOT cheaper than up the road from BMW ( i think it was a $30 difference in oil filters). Really miss it, now she needs a new bonnet and rear end after being smashed up the bum. Lucky i had a trailer on the back which folded in half and took the brunt of the impact. Would I recommend an m51 powered bmw... yes... not a modern diesel but super reliable and plenty enough torque to haul things up the hills. E34 probably better for towing as the boat had a tendency to throw the e36 around a little bit, As for the Diesel/Petrol running costs debate.... My replacement for the E36 was a petrol, 2 weeks into using the petrol I urgently set off to find another diesel. the cringe at pouring $200 of petrol in the tank a week was hurting.. I was used to $60 a week in diesel and could go anywhere i wanted and not have to think about the needle moving. The petrol was hrmmm do i really need to go??? Missed out on an E39 525td and ended up buying an Audi allroad diesel... had this e34 been for sale a year ago it would have been in my driveway in a heart beat. Having done 60,000km in the past year......... the only logical choice is a diesel.. RUC are still far cheaper than running a petrol, even in a diesel that is not the most economical and coupled with a driver who drives in an even more uneconomical way hauling 2 tonne trailers back and forward from auckland-kaitaia almost weekly. I I have to completely agree with all that 3pedals said earlier.. You can laugh all you want at how loud my tractor is, and how it smokes at startup in the cold, and that I have to buy RUC, and how my rego is more expensive..... hook 2 tonne on the back of what ever you have and lets go for a weekend away.... try to keep up over the Brynderwyns and the Maungamuka's and lets see whos laughing when we fill up in Kaitaia (if you manage to make it on a single tank)..
  13. If you don't mind scratching ya paint work, gorse and tea tree bushes kind of attack you in some places.. and west coast may help with the rusting process.. we were hunting high and low for a beetle but prices are stupid for them.. a rolling body without engine one guy was turning away offers of $1500 for a rust heap Damn I forgot, one of the ladies at work crashed her new shaped beetle into the concrete pillar in the carpark and set the airbags off and wrote the thing off.. would have been perfect for trialing round the dunes. Poor "Herpes", it really went bananas when it got crashed into the pole.
  14. This may be amusing to some of you guys. Was going to post it in the X5 offroad thread going on, but thought I would start a new one instead. Next year we need a BMW entrant.. //M cars only! Let me know if you have an //M 318i //M e30, or an e28 525ee //M you can grace our fleet with over Auckland Anniversary weekend 2015. Fiat Bambinas offroad = AWESOME FUN. Just a typical long weekend for our crew in the far north. This Queens birthday weekend we will be doing the Camel Tow all over again on ride on lawn mowers (the Camel Mow). Hopefully it will rain so we have more mud.. Short teaser: http://youtu.be/8mke9Im66iQ Full version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTwhATyU8rw Enjoy..