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  1. Am after part #1 & 2 on the diagram, some munter decided it would be cool to break mine off my car...
  2. you wouldnt be interested in selling the 8.5 rks would you?
  3. Want to buy m54b30 rotating assembly, or block
  4. how many ballpoints in total?
  5. Would you sell the starter and flywheel seperate?
  6. How much for m/sport visors at front? And good cond?
  7. Selling my used m20 flywheel + clutch assembly Everything pictured is included $150 takes it all Any questions just ask
  8. Hey mate have m20 flywheel, clutch, pressure plate etc
  9. Deffo looks to be charcoal Activated, hence the grey colour. Otherwise it would be paper white
  10. Is this still available? Can you text me 0220139967
  11. Please let me know if you have a e38 window switch lying around, after main driver side
  12. Cheers! pm me if you can
  13. front cup holders? does it have window blinds on the quarter windows?
  14. I don't know about upgrade wise but I just need to chuck in a pair while I take mine out for modifications yet again