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  1. aw-krazy

    M Tech 2 steering wheel (E36)

    As per title am looking for an mtech 2 steering wheel to suit my e36. Cheers in advance
  2. aw-krazy


    As per title, am after an e36 radiator (6cyl) preferably pickup in Auckland Region. Many thanks
  3. aw-krazy

    E36 328i parts car

    do you still have the radiator? would you sell that seperate
  4. aw-krazy

    Wtb e36 compact / z3 antenna

    Am after part #1 & 2 on the diagram, some munter decided it would be cool to break mine off my car...
  5. aw-krazy

    FS: BMW M Compact Race Car

    you wouldnt be interested in selling the 8.5 rks would you?
  6. aw-krazy

    Wtb m54 rotating assembly

    Want to buy m54b30 rotating assembly, or block
  7. how many ballpoints in total?
  8. aw-krazy

    FS: E30 M50B25NV conversion *new pictures added*

    Would you sell the starter and flywheel seperate?
  9. aw-krazy

    For Sale E36 Motorsport parts galore

    How much for m/sport visors at front? And good cond?
  10. aw-krazy

    M20 clutch kit and flywheel

    Selling my used m20 flywheel + clutch assembly Everything pictured is included $150 takes it all Any questions just ask
  11. aw-krazy

    M20 flywheel

    Hey mate have m20 flywheel, clutch, pressure plate etc
  12. aw-krazy


    Deffo looks to be charcoal Activated, hence the grey colour. Otherwise it would be paper white
  13. aw-krazy

    1995 E38 740i for sale or swap

    Is this still available? Can you text me 0220139967
  14. aw-krazy

    E38 window switch

    Please let me know if you have a e38 window switch lying around, after main driver side