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  1. Driftit


    TBH I hear nothing but complaints about it state side. And they lost $200 worth of my stuff due to not updating their address. That's enough for me to warn others about the service.
  2. Driftit

    What car to upgrade to from 540i?

    Driven the Jag? It should not even be on your list.
  3. Driftit

    E39 M5 Wheels 18 Inch

    Those are reps. Can still get them new on ebay.
  4. Driftit

    Swann Insurance: yay or nay?

    Good to hear. As for agreed value, did you have to have the car appraised?
  5. Driftit


    I stopped using youshop when they had moved premises but didn't update their web page or inform anyone.. A few items were never seen again. Kiwishipping have always been great. However their prices have increased quite a bit recently. I'm using a freight forwarder out of Baltimore at the moment. But I have to hand the goods to them in Bodymore itself. They are cheap. I will ask if they will accept mailed orders next time I am up there.
  6. Driftit

    USD highest since 2016

    Not the housing market. The NZD bubble. It already has. How far it will fall will be interesting.
  7. Driftit

    USD highest since 2016

    As sad is this sounds. I am hoping to take advantage of the masses of over leveraged people that are only just keeping themselves afloat in the good times.
  8. Driftit

    USD highest since 2016

    Yep I have been waiting around for the bubble to burst. I would love to see it go back to 2009 numbers before I return.
  9. Driftit

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Yeah I purchased my little runabout with 119,000 miles. You wouldn't know it though. Looks like a sub 100K Km's car in NZ. Spent it's early life commuting from Richmond to DC. I've done around 25,000k miles in road trips since Xmas. It is easy to drive here. But most cars in NZ are Jap imports. Whilst their mileage is low. Their engine hours will be high. Traffic crawlers. This is the same with any Asian vehicle. My old E39 from Hong Kong had done less than 100,000kms. But felt like it had done 250,000kms+.
  10. Driftit

    USD highest since 2016

    I am very happy about this. Sorry guys.
  11. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    It's rife here. It's the older crowd whom were taught this way and the privileged whom don't give a sh*t about others property. Drink driving is out of control too. Virtually no chance of being pulled up for it. If you live in the city you just have to be prepared for it to happen. I have a dashcam for when someone badly damages the car.
  12. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Coming back to your car and seeing this parked in front of you. Stuff of nightmares. This a**hole must have no mirrors and his bloody neck fused. Get PDC you prick.
  13. Driftit

    Where did the E39 M5 thread go?

    Didn't Dave buy that car for sub $20K and at that stage nobody had wanted it?
  14. Just a shame they are unaffordable to most in New Zealand. Where as I could wander on down to BMW right now and get one on lease for a fraction I could in NZ.
  15. Driftit

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    Trust me. The system is far far far better than the system here in the US. I have never seen the same "GP" twice in 3 years. Though I have tried to each time. I have had to go to the doctor for very little yet my insurance states I have spent $15,000USD. They hate to give you straight answers. If they are wrong they get sued. They send you in this big circle among "Specialists" which feels more like an organized scam than anything else. Each of these will re-do the same tests as to squeeze every cent out of your insurance. Everyone here self diagnoses. In a way you have to or the doctors will head off in a direction, then stick to it so as not to admit liability to the f**k up. But you must also be very very careful with this as they may just agree with your diagnoses to make things easier and more profitable. If you don't have insurance and get sick. You are screwed. If you owe them money. They will put you on the street. Do not travel here without insurance. The public system might be slow. But at least it is there for everyone.