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  1. https://imgur.com/ Doesn't even require an account.
  2. @Gabe79 Yikes as soon as I saw those wheels I thought oh sh*t an upper state car. It's from Ohio. That thing will be so corroded to hell underneath. Did they mention this in the vid? I had to watch it with the volume too low. I mean you still get everything you want though. I would drive that thing. Another issue with many upper state cars is that they only ever get serviced in summer. Yet they still drive the same distances with the fluids subjected to far worse extremes in temp.
  3. Still see the occasional M5 here for under $10k. But my god would they be time bombs.
  4. Nice car. But whenever I see Alpine White cars I can't help but notice the color differences. It might not be this bad in person but the bumpers and side-skirts on that car are a different tone to the rest of the car.
  5. He is pretty well known for his sh*t click bait.
  6. Yup if you can get the details from the auction.
  7. When your horn goes off randomly whilst driving. But as I live in the US people just think it is normal.
  8. Personally I see this as a bit of a joke. They really are just a normal E30 with body kit. There is nothing special about them outside of aesthetics, some old crap shocks and an LSD. For $30k you can have so much more fun in an E30.
  9. Wait wait wait. Someone bid $17,750 for that car! Hahahahahaha. Am I laughing that it is not worth anywhere near that? Or is it laughter to cover my pain of selling my car for far less than that?
  10. The post is a year and a half old bud. Prob are a little late.
  11. Just say when Logan. I can seriously find you a conversion.
  12. Got put to work in Scott Dixon's garage on Sunday at Watkins Glenn. Was picked out as a kiwi and they know we don't refuse. Parked next to this clown shoe. I used to love these. But for some reason I have fallen out of love with them. Maybe it's just not dating well?
  13. Manual E60 over all the other M5's for me.
  14. Haha the car is everything I would want bar the interior. I don't mind it too much. But Samantha hates it. A good 8 out of 10 cars or thereabouts has a beige interior here. Was so hard to find something that didn't. Let me know if you want any ZHP parts for her Bruce.
  15. Wichita Falls? It is probably best you ask on a US BMW forum such as bimmerforums.com This is a New Zealand BMW forum. Our vehicles are specifically programmed for English. It could be the Navigation disc you have. German Nav Disc.