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  1. That's the Saffa term is it not? Traffic Circles Traffic Robots Think I have been hanging around them too much. Round About.
  2. I was just having a look. I think i am going to have to hunt down a vacuum leak somewhere. Every now and then i get a code for bank 1 running too lean. It is the only code I get though. So I was going to go on an exploration and pull off anything that is attached to the intake. Which seems to be a number of things. Heading to Quebec for Xmas. Never had a white xmas. And to be honest it looks amazing there. Staying inside the old walled city. Winter tyres are compulsory up there.
  3. Traffic Circles in the US. The drivers have NO idea how to tackle these. Whilst very simple to most, yanks fail to give way to the right direction, cut across all lanes without looking let alone indicating to where the hell they are going. They are truly terrifying. I had to jam on the brakes the other night to avoid a f**king uber driver dropping someone off whilst half way through the damn thing. One of my local ones has a through road and traffic lights on it, pedestrian crossings with no lights at every entrance. It is a total cluster f**k. I have seen so many near misses there. I'm going to wear my horn out I think.
  4. Winterising the E46 today. Ugly ass wheels with Pirreli Snow tyres I picked up for $200. Nearly new. I won't use them in DC. But need them for Quebec.
  5. I'm looking forward to Amazon getting into ticketing. Hopefully they put ticketmaster out of business. I would even pay $10 more per ticket as long as ticketmaster was sunk.
  6. The E61 is a huge car BTW. When deciding between my old E60 and a similar spec E61 the E60 was an easy pick. What made it seem much bigger was the huge number of blind spots. Especially for my short Mrs.
  7. I keep getting warnings here in the US to go and have my Airbags changed. Must get around to it asap after watching that video. For my 05 E46.
  8. https://imgur.com/ Doesn't even require an account.
  9. @Gabe79 Yikes as soon as I saw those wheels I thought oh sh*t an upper state car. It's from Ohio. That thing will be so corroded to hell underneath. Did they mention this in the vid? I had to watch it with the volume too low. I mean you still get everything you want though. I would drive that thing. Another issue with many upper state cars is that they only ever get serviced in summer. Yet they still drive the same distances with the fluids subjected to far worse extremes in temp.
  10. Still see the occasional M5 here for under $10k. But my god would they be time bombs.
  11. Nice car. But whenever I see Alpine White cars I can't help but notice the color differences. It might not be this bad in person but the bumpers and side-skirts on that car are a different tone to the rest of the car.
  12. He is pretty well known for his sh*t click bait.
  13. Yup if you can get the details from the auction.
  14. When your horn goes off randomly whilst driving. But as I live in the US people just think it is normal.
  15. Personally I see this as a bit of a joke. They really are just a normal E30 with body kit. There is nothing special about them outside of aesthetics, some old crap shocks and an LSD. For $30k you can have so much more fun in an E30.