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  1. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    I work with the Nordi's quite a bit. Embassy chef is a mate of mine here. The two Embassy's blend very well. He was mentioning that Norway has a massive wealth fund that buys up property all over the world as investments. It does very well. He has also invited us over for Gatebil at some stage.
  2. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    NZ should just get into bed with Venezuela. They have plenty of oil sitting around. Not the best of governments at the moment though.
  3. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Just take the tax off the tax and I will be happy. They were told a regional fuel tax would not work and that the rest of the country would be raised with it. If you want a regional system to work it needs to be a toll system. In the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) where I spend most of my time they have an electronic toll system called ezpass. It's f**king great. It allows them to adjust rates for peak times. It allows them to build great highways. It works. It's all online too. There are still booths for the out of area people though.
  4. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Tax on the Tax. Nothing wrong with that at all..... Who else is looking forward to Rego and RUC going up too?
  5. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Why are so many 3 series imports from Japan 'Poverty' spec? They are featureless. No heated seats. No leather. Business radio. And there are so many that are the same spec which makes me think they could be rental fleet vehicles. And Trademe being Trademe everything is the same bloody price. I'm actually not looking forward to buying a car in NZ when I come back next year. So much junk for silly prices.
  6. Driftit

    Manual F80 M3's in NZ?

    I've only seen 2 manual F80's ever. And that's in the US where the F80 is quite common. Hmm and now that I think about it i'm not sure if I am remembering manual M2's and not M3's.
  7. Haha wow that's a bit over the top. My car is "Checked" every 2 years here in the US. And they barely check it. It failed last time because they couldn't connect to the OBD2 port to get the emissions readings. I drove around the block and pulled back in. 2nd guy didn't even check that. Pass. However if you crash because of neglect to your vehicle. Well you are liable. And will likely get sued by and individual or an insurance company. This works in the US. But would not in the Nanny State of NZ. If there was no hand holding for safety checks in NZ I reckon our sh*t road toll would be even higher.
  8. Driftit

    Google Home

    Not a good pic Rich. Mention Matt Drudge in DC and you will get screwed up faces and head shakes from both the R's and D's. Sorry haven't watched your Vids yet. Will get to it though.
  9. Driftit

    Half decent rental car in the UK

    Oh god I saw the Active Tourer for the first time the other day. One of those times you go deathly silent and just shake your head with a slack jaw thinking please let that be a Chevy Bolt some kid slapped BMW badges on. But you know it's not. I used to work for Europcar in London. I had totally forgotten about that. Bet there are still muppets I know working there. A 240i would be a great time. Sam is happy with a hand bag and her helmet.
  10. Driftit

    Half decent rental car in the UK

    Cheers Jon. Will check out the dealerships. Was after something like a 2 series or maybe a 3 or 4 series. Seems to be plenty doing it. Though the prices fluctuate wildly. And there is a ton of hidden fees. I think Avis Prestige is the most transparent. Their prices seem to include insurance. But stuff all Bimmers.
  11. Driftit

    Half decent rental car in the UK

    Has anyone picked up something better than the standard Avis rental whilst they have been in the UK? I'm off to Scotland and really don't want to be driving around some wonderful roads in something like a VW Golf. Are there any P2P car rental services like Turo that you would recommend?
  12. Driftit

    Google Home

    I wouldn't bother. FOX, CNN, MSNBC are mostly just Bias propaganda in some form or another. You really have to dig to find any facts or truth. It gets quite exhausting. I'm really only interested in the internet security side of things. I'm wondering if they are ready for sh*t China and Russia are going to fling trying to sway things in their favor. And now that the rest of the world knows it can be done who else is going to get involved.
  13. Driftit

    one for the collection...

    I would think a collector would look straight past this car. Especially at that price. That's a numbers matching unrestored price.
  14. Driftit

    Google Home

    I have not watched it yet. Not watching this at work. I would be laughed out of here. But I will split it from your thread when I get a chance Dave.
  15. Driftit

    one for the collection...

    Another great drivers car bound for a collectors garage to only be seen once a year. So Sad.