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  1. Air New Zealand's US partner is United Airlines. United is one of those airlines where you have to fight the urge to jump out the entire flight.
  2. Per capita our road deaths are not that bad. Considering how bad our roads are and how poorly trained the drivers are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate What I really noticed when I was back over xmas is how old NZ's car fleet is. There is a lot of sh*t on our roads. Stuff that won't even register on a modern car safety check. But forget everyone else. Up skill yourself. Buy a safer car. Avoid driving with the shitty holiday drivers. Then help your families do the same.
  3. Wouldn't cloth interior have to have been requested? I thought all E38's came with leather standard. Wow it looks horrible with cloth.
  4. Have you seen the Gran Coupes up close? I have a few parked outside my apartment every day and I am really not sold on the back half at all. At first glance they are okay. But after having a good look, well.. Though they are very popular here in the states as the lease programs are amazing.
  5. And for converted what ever the the bolted on parts are worth + body.
  6. It's like .70c a liter here. I am pretty okay with this.
  7. I thought that was just for Audi drivers now. Edit: Haha just noticed you also have an Audi.
  8. As beautiful as it is. I feel sorry for it. It doesn't look driven hard. The way they should be.
  9. Almost as long as you have dragged out the whole Automatics suck thing. Anyway. I am looking forward to the new show. I already have Amazon Prime which is awesome. Just a free service as part of my free shipping service from them. I am glad it will be on a paid service. Mainly because I can no longer be stuffed downloading all the shows and I can't stand TV commercials.
  10. Good to see you back out there. And the best track for racing and antics. No 540 towing E30 convoy though.
  11. It's in NZ. In bits stored away. Depending how I go with convincing the Mrs to stay here for longer I will look at shipping it here at some stage. Otherwise I will just buy a seat in the Spec E30 or Spec E46 class they have here. Raced the E34 a bit with its stock motor. But got the need for speed.
  12. I want to hunt down a nice late E34 M5 next year. But I will look in the southern states where they don't salt the roads. But also have some big trips planned so will see how it goes. There are few really nice E34's, 21's, 2002's and E30's around my area in DC. They are all worth a bit now though. I was thinking an E46 or E39 for a daily too. 330i and 530/40's are less than 3k. I even saw a E46 ZHP 2005 manual for $4500 the other day. Best non M3 E46 you can get. Spoiled for choice. Also you may want to ask on the forums for any local wreckers or stateside wreckers that deal in older BMW's. There are a few smaller NZ style ones around that run more on word of mouth than anything else. But they are the ones that have the hard to find stuff.
  13. Will keep a look out for you. Though it is a long way from DC to VC. Bimmerforums is a good place for market stuff too. I am surprised you found something as old as an E34 in good condition up there though. Was just in Ottawa and every old Bimmer I saw up there was full of rust. Good score. There is an S62 with 6speed for sale here for 6.5K btw
  14. There was an entire mint 525 manual here in DC for $500 the other day. The shipping alone from NZ will cost you over $100. There should be tons of the stuff in the US.
  15. Good man. I drove towards the Hurricane whilst they were all coming the other way. All I got was rain though. Cleared out all the tourists for a clear run of Skyline Drive. Prob the best twisty roads for driving on the East Coast. Just have to dodge the bears and deer.