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  1. Hey mate. Can you chuck up a Price as per the forum rules.
  2. What a load of dribble. You asked the questions but didn't want the answers. And it's "Bully RS3 drivers over the Remutaka Hill". Look it up. Understeer. We stopped and chatted afterwards. But whatever.
  3. I had a 55" TV in it's box in the back of my 130i. Laying flat. And I think it has had a washing machine in the back at some stage too. I love my one because it does everything I ask of it well. I can park it anywhere. Take it to track days. Do high speed runs at Ohakia. Cheap insurance. Comfortable. Allows me to bully RS3 Audi's over the Remutaka hill. But most of all. It cost far less than what I would consider the next comparable vehicle.
  4. Gone are those days Glenn. Facebook killed it. As more and more ditch Facebook BS may one day rise again.
  5. OMG. They have all their cennies.
  6. Better off getting them out of the US. I saved about 600. And made money when I sold them a year later.
  7. Tick is just air in one or more of the hydraulic lifters. Common for vehicles doing small trips. E.g. Being moved around a yard. Hold RPM at 3000 until it comes right. About 1 - 2 mins.
  8. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Was it a Eastern Suburbs beach? If so I'm sorry to say you will probably lose that leg.
  9. Sounds like you picked up a real beaut. It's a shame more aren't like that. I might have enjoyed them. There was a purple tag rack in the For Sale section a few weeks back.
  10. The prices for these are really all over the place. Would not pay over 10k for one however.
  11. They are not too bad. Wearing ok and I haven't had any issues with grip. They moaned a bit on the track though. I virtually do no city driving. So the cars been great.
  12. Hmm I think it's time you got a refresh. Mines not like that at all. While it's stiff it's amazing on the back roads of the Wairarapa. Which are poorly maintained bumpy windy sh*t roads. Sort of crashes through the bumps at low speed around town though. Cars all original. But has some Korean tyre's rather than run flats.
  13. Spotted a functional E34 just up from where I'm staying in Wellington. Size comparison with the mini too.
  14. It can't be that bad... You son of a bitch. God I hate those.
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