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  1. Have a look at Revshift.com Or else Powerflex.
  2. You could almost buy a manual E39 in the US and ship it to NZ. Only issue would be the pedal box. No doubt different. They are pretty common here. And not worth much.
  3. Oh wow. $13K for a 525i huh. Not digging those rear lights. Sure it will sell quick though.
  4. Every time one of these threads pops up on a car forum it seems the majority are on the hate train for one show or the other. I prefer Roadkill as an entertainment show over both of them. I can't handle the accents in Might Car Mods though.
  5. Thought you were talking about the Donald for a moment there. Runaway Toyota's were the handful that had stuck accelerators. It was barely believable. I just heard on the radio this morning that some research found that 50% of vehicle incidents in the US involved a cellphone as a distraction. And just this afternoon I was nearly hit by a girl on her phone. Twice.. I changed lanes. But I am sure it was just her stuck accelerator....
  6. Would it come with a chain so you could secure it to a building or tree to stop the drunks tipping you over all the time?
  7. Takapuna Panel and Paint. Used to race with Marty in the BMW series. He has won the series more times than anyone else. He owns the place. It is in Wairau Valley.
  8. VAG. Not even once. Vag however
  9. You can preload too. Hold brakes and start accelerating. Sometimes helps autos. Sometimes makes zero difference. I took my old 2003 Mitsi Vr4 there once. It ran the same times no matter what I did. Over and over. Got bored of that pretty quick.
  10. I had an 05 530D M. It was NZ new with highish NZ highway mileage. I never had one issue with it. Amazing tow vehicle which is why I purchased it. And very good economy. But still well balanced through the hills. Towing an E30 on a heavy hire trailer from Wellington via Masterton had an average of around 10L/100kms. I owned an E39 before that and I enjoyed the E60 far more. One of the main issues the diesels have are the swirl flaps in the intake. They can come loose and kill the motor. However I think the 2007 models don't have the issue. And you can easily remove them from the older cars.
  11. Right Austin. Seems like you have come here to post nothing but links you found on social media. This is a BMW forum. Everyone else is here primary to post about a similar interest in BMW's. Feel free to contribute in any of the other threads. But I will now reserve this one for those whom have been here a while. All future posts in this thread by you will be deleted.
  12. Well it was 20deg C here on Wednesday night walking home. And tonight it was snowing at 0deg C. The weather here is nuts.
  13. This is amusing. https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2017/02/03/daniel-dales-donald-trump-fact-check-updates.html
  14. It's a strange place. Nearly ran over a squirrel that did the old left right left right dodge on me. Ended up locking the brakes across the front lawn of the naval observatory (where the VP lives). Later that night after a bit of a session at the embassy bar I walked into a deer (whilst txting) that was grazing on the lawn of the Brit embassy which is next door to ours. We both got a fright. And many times I get held up buy the VP's motorcade or his helicopter landing. But his chopper is actually Airforce 2 not Marine 1 sorry. Got chased off the track in the park behind the embassy by a big ass stag the other week too. It's illegal to hunt in DC. So the deer are everywhere.
  15. I walk or ride 1.4 miles. Work has a bar that stocks NZ wine and beer which makes it a relaxed trip home. I just have to watch out for Deer and Squirrels running in front of me and Marine 1 landing.