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  1. So I have been looking at a cheap 04 E46 325ci with an SMG box as a runabout in the US. The one I am looking at has an issue with the hydraulic pump controller for the box. Im thinking a little DIY and a replacement pump from ECS tuning ($500USD) would get me a cheap low mileage car. Has anyone had experience replacing these pumps. It looks like I could run into trouble trying to remove the hydraulic lines from the alloy block. With salted roads up here they are likely to be at least tough to get undone. TBH I did not know you could get the SMG box on any other model other than the M3.
  2. I like someone who can review a product with the same level of critique each time. He doesn't often. He has some interesting topics. But most of his headlines are purely to get you to click that link.
  3. Ah Jalopnik. Click bait bullshit 90% of the time. And it works. I'm pretty sure Doug DeMuro only writes half assed click bait. All he does is pick a common topic to complain about. Just look at these headlines. https://dougdemuro.kinja.com/ "The main problem, as I see it, is that the Germans are just too obsessed with stuffing all sorts of newfangled gizmos into their cars." I see he hasn't driven anything American in the last couple of years... Packed full of "New" equipment that struggles to function. Whilst still driving like something from the 90's. Don't ever bring up MX5's around him. He bum tongues the hell out of them. Best car in the world blah blah blah.
  4. Turn it on its side, tap up. The screw lid should have a good rubber seal and won't leak. I have purchased my oil in 20ltr packs since I got into racing. If you have the garage space you should def buy it this way. Just don't let your mates see it.
  5. And can tow a crappy hirepool trailer with a full weight (minus rust) E30 on it and still make 9.7L-10.5L/100kms
  6. Yikes. I had a similar experience with a caliper coming loose on the motorway in an old 2000's Mitsi VR4 I had. Same thing caused it. Loose bolts. More scary than complete brake fade at the race track. The track at least has some sort of run off. Was it a "BMW" mechanic? Only reason I ask is so that people only go to their trusted mechanics whilst you sort it out.
  7. I got just over 1100kms out of a tank in my old 530d. From just North of Chch via Kaikora, Wellington, Masterton, Palmy, Taupo bypass, Auckland. I think we filled up just past Matamata somewhere. By that stage I had forgotten it needed fuel. I do wonder how far you could get on these roads in the US though. Flat and straight. Though you are going faster. If the limit is 65mph. Everyone does 80mph.
  8. NZ ones are just replicas. Has been a few genuine ones come up for sale in the UK over the last few years.
  9. Sadly the only yank muscle you get in RHD is the Mustang. Which in NZ is not the affordable "muscle" it should be. They are very cheap here. And the 0% interest deals and very low monthly lease programs allow anyone to own one.
  10. There are still quite a few nice American cars that are N/A. And now they go around corners better than most. Models of the Corvette and Camaro have great engines. The top models are supercharged though.
  11. It's an amazing track. The vehicles that turn up there for standard track days are jaw dropping. The International part of its name would be due to the quality of the facility. It is of a very high standard. Hosts some very big races here. Lots of international names.
  12. Every BMW I have driven with that motor has issues with valve stem seals. But when it is not smoking at the lights it suites the motor well.
  13. Have a look at Revshift.com Or else Powerflex.
  14. You could almost buy a manual E39 in the US and ship it to NZ. Only issue would be the pedal box. No doubt different. They are pretty common here. And not worth much.
  15. Oh wow. $13K for a 525i huh. Not digging those rear lights. Sure it will sell quick though.