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  1. Driftit

    Require engine removal hoist

    You can always rent one from Hirepool. Pretty cheap.
  2. Driftit

    Interesting E30 M3 Race Car

    I agree. Anything Ceccotto has been removed from this vehicle. The Ceccotto edition was all aesthetics. And as you said the cars been painted. Over the limited edition paint. It's just an M3 race car now. With some documented history which is nice.
  3. Driftit

    BMW Z1

    I think I have said this before about this car. But that is a terrible looking car. It looks like something Homer Simpson came up with using the BMW parts bin.
  4. Driftit

    Interesting E30 M3 Race Car

    It states in the blurb it was imported to be turned into a Race car in the UK by someone who has a number of other unique cars.
  5. Driftit

    E87 130i - How is it as a daily?

    If you got a Camry you could drive for Uber at night. Don't forget to not wear deodorant. I reckon if you are gonna go VAG you might as well go Panamera. Also the new M2 will come with 4 doors. Or you could try an F30 M3 or even the 340i. They are big cars now.
  6. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Take it out. Install a nice hidden kill switch. Brendan at Hope Hickman Auto Elec in Grey Lynn might be able to make it behave for you though.
  7. Driftit

    Not trademe but super cool ACS touring

    Didn't sell. Muricans are paranoid about rust. Which if you saw how much salt I drove through on Sunday night you would understand. I think the front of my car got sand(salt) blasted on the highway.
  8. Driftit

    Another Alpina (D5 F10 this time)

    That is actually quite a lot of KM's for a Singapore car this new. As much as I like a quick diesel. I would rather have a M5.
  9. No mine were just solid ones. I think the ones Paul was using were the same as mine. Through ADL. I worked there at the time.
  10. The Brembo rotors we were using in the race series were utter sh*t. Stopped buying that stuff long ago. They were no better than those shitty $12 rotors I was using that only lasted one weekend. Brembo ones kept cracking.
  11. Driftit

    2005 E46 M3 CS

    Every time. I am dreading selling the Mrs's 200SX.
  12. Driftit

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    Even at 20k those KMs would put any serious investors off.
  13. Even in NZ I would only order parts from the US. Many of them have slashed their international shipping recently. It's still only just over $300 at the moment.
  14. Driftit

    It's very nice but is it $38k nice?..

    They are going up in the US too. Seen some stupid prices for what is not a real E36 M3 in my eyes. Useless US motor they were forced to put in it. They are the same price as E46 M3's now. Which are in the low teens.
  15. If you could get it for less than $2500 it wouldn't take much to clean her up. Well from where I am. Parts cost bugger all here. Could build a refreshed motorsport from this for less than $1k. Also I don't know anyone whom's only interest in cars is as a daily driver that cleans under the bonnet.