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  1. Driftit

    Old 3 series BMW's as a first car

    All I can add to this is Do not buy an Audi. Not until you can afford a warranty to go with it.
  2. Driftit

    Clarkson Sacked

    Just stream the World Cup for free. A stream for any sport can be found for nothing on Reddit. There is even a reddit motorsport streams sub. Racing from all over the world. Sky is about to be purchased by one or the other biggest c**ts in industry. Fox or Comcast. Both bidding for it. (Excuse the language but they are both the ultimate forms of scum)
  3. I didn't know you had moved on Glenn. I've been gone a long time though. Enjoy retirement.
  4. Driftit

    Clarkson Sacked

    I pay for Motortrend on demand. Mainly because it's the best way to get the V8 Supercars in the US. But there is a ton of shows on there. Most pretty grass roots and still good. And it's only $5 us a month.
  5. Driftit

    Importing a TV to NZ experiences

    Has anyone imported a large TV into NZ before? Not accompanied by other goods. I want to send my old man a TV from the US as they are a fraction of the price. It's a new model but second hand from me. It's in its box but being fragile I would think it's quite risky.
  6. Be glad you didn't. Non stop complaints on the forums here about them. It's now a joke to join the side of the highway getting towed club.
  7. Driftit

    E39 530i for $15k !

    Wow. E39's are worth nothing here in the US. Seen them just as tidy going through the auctions for less than $4K. Few M5's sneak in under $10K every now and then. Though the NZD is shitting itself.
  8. Driftit

    Help! E46 wont start

    That system too lean code is a prick. It can mean so many damn things.
  9. Driftit

    Help save Western Springs Speedway

    Oh imagine the Nimby's for that idea. Lake Road says no. On another note the closure of Western Springs has bummed a few Americans out too. Met a bunch of guys from one of the US teams whom have been going for years. I met them at a Tractor Pull in Maryland. Of course.
  10. Driftit

    What are these fault codes?

    Those two lights can mean a number of things. Mostly all related. ABS pump issue Wheel speed sensor issue (most common) Steering Angle sensor issue If you are going to get another cheap scanner I would recommend something like the C110. They are about $50USD on Amazon. If you want help getting one let me know. I have both Torque and a C110 and Torque misses quite a bit. Strangely my codes look much different than yours. I'm not even sure those are real codes.
  11. Driftit

    E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    If you feel like a drive into town a friend of mine would be happy to help. He knows E30's inside out thanks to all the sh*t that went wrong with mine and other bimmersporters. His name is Brendon. Hope Hickman Auto Electrical. Address: 38 Monmouth St, Grey Lynn, Auckland 1021, New Zealand Tell him Dan from the USA sent you.
  12. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    I've been tainted by overnight, free shipping and cheap well branded parts. I'm dreading coming back to NZ. Though there will be many many parts coming back with me. Many. All of the parts.
  13. Driftit

    First Self Driving Mishap

    Surprisingly most news here thinks its the women's fault. But f**k me the click bait titles for this are terrible. Especially the opinion pieces written by clueless and car less muppets.
  14. Driftit

    How to make an e34 look Bogan.

    Paint your front headlights pitch black. I used to see Holdens like that all the time.
  15. Driftit

    Talk to me about the E65...

    E65 = Ghetto Cruiser. Usually sporting terrible 22+" wheels. Tints so dark you can't see out let alone see in. The only people who buy them in the states are the people who can't afford to run them. They litter Facebook Market place. There is a 02 one on there for $1500 at the moment. Usual stuffed tranny. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/120952045325359 There is even an 08 750il on there for $6000. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/169567530333687