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  1. Takapuna Panel and Paint. Used to race with Marty in the BMW series. He has won the series more times than anyone else. He owns the place. It is in Wairau Valley.
  2. VAG. Not even once. Vag however
  3. You can preload too. Hold brakes and start accelerating. Sometimes helps autos. Sometimes makes zero difference. I took my old 2003 Mitsi Vr4 there once. It ran the same times no matter what I did. Over and over. Got bored of that pretty quick.
  4. I had an 05 530D M. It was NZ new with highish NZ highway mileage. I never had one issue with it. Amazing tow vehicle which is why I purchased it. And very good economy. But still well balanced through the hills. Towing an E30 on a heavy hire trailer from Wellington via Masterton had an average of around 10L/100kms. I owned an E39 before that and I enjoyed the E60 far more. One of the main issues the diesels have are the swirl flaps in the intake. They can come loose and kill the motor. However I think the 2007 models don't have the issue. And you can easily remove them from the older cars.
  5. Right Austin. Seems like you have come here to post nothing but links you found on social media. This is a BMW forum. Everyone else is here primary to post about a similar interest in BMW's. Feel free to contribute in any of the other threads. But I will now reserve this one for those whom have been here a while. All future posts in this thread by you will be deleted.
  6. Well it was 20deg C here on Wednesday night walking home. And tonight it was snowing at 0deg C. The weather here is nuts.
  7. This is amusing. https://www.thestar.com/news/world/2017/02/03/daniel-dales-donald-trump-fact-check-updates.html
  8. It's a strange place. Nearly ran over a squirrel that did the old left right left right dodge on me. Ended up locking the brakes across the front lawn of the naval observatory (where the VP lives). Later that night after a bit of a session at the embassy bar I walked into a deer (whilst txting) that was grazing on the lawn of the Brit embassy which is next door to ours. We both got a fright. And many times I get held up buy the VP's motorcade or his helicopter landing. But his chopper is actually Airforce 2 not Marine 1 sorry. Got chased off the track in the park behind the embassy by a big ass stag the other week too. It's illegal to hunt in DC. So the deer are everywhere.
  9. I walk or ride 1.4 miles. Work has a bar that stocks NZ wine and beer which makes it a relaxed trip home. I just have to watch out for Deer and Squirrels running in front of me and Marine 1 landing.
  10. Well I live and work in DC. I went to the inauguration. It was not busy at all. I was right up the front on the lawn of the Capital Building. Listening to the ignorant chants of some of the strangest people I have ever been surrounded by. I could have easily set up a picnic blanket and sat down if I wished. You can't believe a word Trumps administration has to say. The people surrounding us were muppets. The kind that believe whatever anti democrat/liberal fake story that pops up on their social media feeds. There was still a bunch of goons talking about how Hillary has a child porn ring right here in DC.... The crowd booed and cheered like they were watching a football match. They cheered Bush like he was a hero returning from saving the world. These people are born into their political parties. But here's the thing. I see far more shared fake news and facts from clueless kiwi and aussies than I do from anyone in the US. The number of those who think they know all the facts from reading some bias website that they have been linked to by some BS social media platform is unbelievable. So many of you stop checking the "facts" once you agree with what is written or see something you like. It was only a few days ago someone from this forum shared an article about Tanks rolling through Arlington, Virginia (down the road from me) to take out a Muslim terrorist cell on Trumps orders.... If you can't be bothered checking your facts. Don't bother having an opinion.
  11. Air New Zealand's US partner is United Airlines. United is one of those airlines where you have to fight the urge to jump out the entire flight.
  12. Per capita our road deaths are not that bad. Considering how bad our roads are and how poorly trained the drivers are. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_traffic-related_death_rate What I really noticed when I was back over xmas is how old NZ's car fleet is. There is a lot of sh*t on our roads. Stuff that won't even register on a modern car safety check. But forget everyone else. Up skill yourself. Buy a safer car. Avoid driving with the shitty holiday drivers. Then help your families do the same.
  13. Wouldn't cloth interior have to have been requested? I thought all E38's came with leather standard. Wow it looks horrible with cloth.
  14. Have you seen the Gran Coupes up close? I have a few parked outside my apartment every day and I am really not sold on the back half at all. At first glance they are okay. But after having a good look, well.. Though they are very popular here in the states as the lease programs are amazing.
  15. And for converted what ever the the bolted on parts are worth + body.