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  1. Don't worry about it. You said you don't want another car that needs work. You shouldn't need to roll the car back and forth if you find the right car.
  2. I think you're moaning about something that has been a feature on many cars for over 20 years.
  3. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Good to know. Will grab a few of them.
  4. I remember this car from years and years back. Spotted it this morning in Wellington whilst the dog was taking me for a walk.
  5. I did this when I was 4. Wanted to drive so bad I started the car. Put it into gear. And rolled it into the garage wall barely missing my grandfather who I would have pinned there. But it did save him being able to roll the car back and forth whilst dirty. P.s. Get a car seat cover for when you are working on the car.
  6. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Went to buy some Castro 5w30 from Repco who has it for $55 a bottle. Thought I might as well get an oil filter too. $50 for a Ryco filter. A cheap paper cartridge filter. $50. FCP Euro. $5usd and it comes with all the new seals of which the Ryco did not. Actually the whole oil change kit from FCP is only $60usd. So f**k Repco. I will order it from FCP. I'm done with buying sh*t from Supercheap, Repco and the like. It's not even worth it for the small cheap stuff.
  7. Because poverty pack E30's are so desirable.
  8. Saw that in South Auckland a few weeks back too. Looked like he was going down the road for lunch.
  9. Also not all Forklifts run on nice surfaces. I used to drive one on a dirt surface.
  10. Also NCS Expert http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1553779-NCS-Dummy-Taking-the-expert-out-of-NCS-Expert
  11. They are pretty easily found. Here is everything you will ever need. https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=561237
  12. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Try some of the smaller guys. We have a local bunch down here (Wairarapa Glass). They were awesome recently when I replaced the screen on my oddball Daihatsu F78. I just stood around drinking a beer and yarned to the guy. He actually gave a sh*t about installing it correctly so as not to damage the frame and cause more rust.
  13. They need to Vantablack that grill so I can't pick out it's shape.
  14. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Smith and Smith in Albany did what sounds like an equally as bad job on my old E30. Was an utter sh*t job.
  15. Go to any Midwest Murica Cars and Coffee. Saw a few of them. But walked straight past to be honest.
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