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  1. Here's mine. https://www.mdecoder.com/decode/jm27302
  2. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    That's rage inducing Rich. Can't ask for security footage? Slip security a few notes for a look.
  3. Most cheap electric ones are noisy as hell anyway.
  4. I think I have a brand new Karcher one stored somewhere. Was great when I did use it. Wish I had brought back a dozen or so Yamaha Powerstoke Pressure Washers from Costco. They were $250 a piece during Black Friday. $100 off. https://www.costco.com/tools-pressure-washers.html
  5. I have never touched the headlights switch on my E87. They just do their own thing. And unlike the many many people in New Zealand whom apparently can see in the dark and don't switch on their lights, my headlights come on when it is dark. Everything else I just "Programmed" as I needed it or found out it could do it.
  6. Manifolds both came off though. Meaning they will make something more traditional to replace them. I would say the most difficult part will be programming that Vanos stuff.
  7. Also look for Westfalia on Ebay.co.uk Sometimes the shipping is not too bad.
  8. Yeah that's interesting. If anyone finds out let us know. Also the block looks good. 2jz boys will be crying when they prove how much better the B58 is over the old donk.
  9. I'm interested in the newer F20 motors now. Might look into them a bit more. Whilst doing so I found a video on the new B58. Posted it in the general area. Quite cool. I'm going to agree with the build quality opinion. I would rather have a BMW over the equivalent Swift. The options are always there too. Hopefully someone ticked the full list. Auto I'm not too worried about. It's nearly always in the right gear for the remutaka Hill. Nearly. But it has paddles and changes pretty damn quick.
  10. Really interesting tear down of the New B58. Quite a few surprises over your normal 6cyl Turbo. Very interesting.
  11. Driftit

    Quick rant thread.

    Gees same thing here. Looking for hard to find parts for a very rare model 4wd. So far 5 places that have told me they have the parts have not had them when I have turned up. I ended up having to buy the parts from Lithuania... And they arrived quicker than parts I ordered from Hamilton... with cheaper shipping. WTF NZ.
  12. Best of luck with the sales. And all the best for the health issues.
  13. Just merged the two posts. Feel free to edit them into one if you like. Also wouldn't a kit for an E12 be rarer than rocking horse turds? It could be worth advertising on Ebay to get that international audience. Even with the pain of shipping you could get more than you are after.
  14. You're are correct that I got a great car. @GorGasm has been a friend for quite a long time. And I trust all that he does on his cars. So it was a very easy decision for me. I had never even been in the car before I purchased it from over in the US. Might be hard to find something like that on the open market. Also why I said he needs the car I got. However with the smaller motors I start to question why would you want a BMW. You have removed the best part of a BMW. All the tech etc can be found in many different brands at that price range. And sometimes the connectivity in other brands is cheaper and easier. When you are talking econo cars between 15k to 20K you have a very big market with many brands. BMW may not be the best option. Does the F20 share much of it's gear and platform with the F30? When things do go wrong are they as cheap to fix as the E87/E90? Also. With the type of driver I am. I would not want anything but the 3ltr in the E87. I also do most of my commute on open roads with some fun over the hill to Wellington. A smaller motor would not cut it for me. An Auckland traffic crawler could be a different story.
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