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  1. How about an N52k E30. Should honk along. Probably easier to find a good motor too.
  2. That thing just looks so badly neglected. It will be a money pit.
  3. No, it was a rough looking E87. I have seen you car before but I didn't notice the rear lights. Maybe it is the extras on your car that make it work.
  4. Driftit

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    There is near nothing to see on that route. But it is quicker than SH2.
  5. Driftit

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    I think it is my bias towards the East Coast. East>West. I very rarely enjoy driving any of the routes we have suggested to be honest. Maybe 2-3 in 10 drives you will get minimal traffic, no road works, good weather and the Pie cabinet at the gas station will have the pie you want. At least they have good fuel all the way through now. Remember the days when you could only get 98 octane in Auckland, Taupo and then stretch it out to Upper Hutt.
  6. Driftit

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    At best that's a 9hr trip. Without stopping. And then you actually have nowhere to stop anyway.
  7. Driftit

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    I can't recommend one place to stop along SH1. So you would make good time.
  8. Driftit

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    On the weekend you might be able to find some. But usually everything is paid or taken up by residents around there. And they patrol it. Also just went over the Paihiatua Track on Saturday. The road is stuffed and not worth going over. I took the Saddle road back and it was far better.
  9. Oh it makes sense now. I was following a white E87 the other day with these. I just thought it was a good tint spray tbh. It looks good on black but didn't look that great on white.
  10. Best bet would be to ask the US forums. I have never seen that color here. And we didn't get ZHP's.
  11. Not even close here in Masterton and over in Wellington. Closest was $100 more and he said that was at their cost so they weren't keen. Couldn't find anyone willing to match. Happy to offer me a worse brand to match the price though.. That was on some 4wd tyres a few months back. I was calling around because I needed them same day. In my experience even if the sale is bullshit at Hyper the price is still better. They also would often match the Toyo wholesale price for R888's for me which was good.
  12. I'll grab one of those maxtondesign ones too if you guys do. Looks good. Wonder how it will look on a white car.
  13. Hyper Drive has a pretty good deal on right now. https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/products/landing/227/tyres Worth a look if you are nearly at new Tyres time. Last set we got shipped down for free and fitted locally.
  14. Love that color. That is a 330i ZHP. Late model nearly every option E46. They are hugely popular. And do come with some great options. Check the colors they were available in. Unrelated but wow does that street look familiar. That has to be the PA or Tennessee area. I am sure I have been there for a cars and coffee meet. Possible: Sparkling Graphite Metallic
  15. As long as they keep building great motors we can rip out and throw in our old Bimmers.
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