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  1. Suppose thats fair, its the type of car that gets broad appeal, from genuine enthusiasts to the boy racer blow ins. I think its pretty sharp tho.
  2. Pretty nice looking IMO, though he might be a tad optimistic on the final price: "Proof of funds for at least $10k to be provided before test driving. "
  3. You are late to the party, by nearly a decade, but cool pics. I'd rock a purple (Daytona Voilet IRC?) M5 anyday. The cheapest E34 M5 Ive seen sold was EUR1000, in Ireland about 6years ago. Had a bunch of minor to moderate electrical problems plus the internal blower motor sounded like a cement mixer. Sadly the guy who bought it wasnt really a car guy at all, he just needed a cheap car. Crazy times, Im sure he ran it completely into the ground.
  4. I got the foam on Trade Me, those are the exact names I used from the listing. There are foam and seat outlets around bricks & mortar style too that can sell and cut it for you. Apparently the best DIY cutting method is to use an electric kitchen knife. Would be near than what I used (blades and scissors). I got the wadding in Spotlight! It does feel great tho!
  5. Yep, all good here. Was in Ireland again, then Canada then here again since. I had an i8 in Ireland, and unlike the current 8 series, I consider that a better spiritual successor. Also has the ott impact the E31 had and the polarising looks, launched at a time of oil crisis/transition etc. Unlike the current 8 which is just like a big but normal 6 series. Nice but blandish. Hoping to get an i8 here in the next year too, it was soooo good. There was talk of a meatier CSI/sports version of the i8 coming out too, just like the 850CSi to the 850Ci.
  6. Mine was Fjord Grey, 1993! Sold to a guy in ChCh and sadly the engine siezed on his trip home. That was around 3years ago. I have the car for 7years+ and did a ton of work on it.
  7. I owned one of these, imported and sold it here, no where near that price but mine was burning oil (and had 100k more miles). At least it was well loved! If i was doing an E31 again ideally it would be an 840i Manual. All the performance in the real world, none of the M70/S70 drawbacks (yes I know its a V12).
  8. Bought these for the 5 series I had, never even got to put them on as the car was sold! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2147893827 Looking for $485 or best offer. Can courier at your expense.
  9. Kodachrome

    Style 5 16"

    What Centre Bore are these, 72 or 74mm?
  10. I think they are long out of production (assuming same as E28 if later E24 being discussed, not clear as the change is was in 82). To the OP, FWIW, I just ordered the B6's plus the Ireland Engineering springs. Granted B6's are not usually for usage with lowering springs, but internet forum folklore suggests IE springs are actually not any lower than stock (some people claimed they were higher than 20yr+ fatigued originals).
  11. I put in the correct sizes (well, 60cm across vs 66cm across as 60 seemed to be the max) and weight, cost was $38 which was still fine. Will see what happens when they go to collect.
  12. Oh nice, whan I used this last they hadnt got that function yet! So much neater!
  13. You do have to make a fake listing though, as the seller, and get it shipped back to yourself though right?
  14. So sold my 550i today, gave the new buyer the spare wheel and spare tyre it came with (Altenso 275-30-19) and he drove back to ChCh. Except I didnt, it was dark out and I accidentally gave him one of the two Falken 452's I had (and I'm selling), in 285-30-19 size. Now we both have odd tyres. I dont think he wants the Altenso (I certainly dont) but whats the cheapest way of getting the Christchurch tyre back to me?
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