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  1. Creaver

    [ E30 ] VERSION 2

    How's this going Blair? Any updates?
  2. Creaver

    Project twin e34's

    Haha, this won't be reasonable on gas...
  3. Creaver

    Project twin e34's

    What ratio diff did you go with in the end?
  4. Creaver

    Project twin e34's

    Nice mate, good progress and thanks for photos of the PMC adapter. Heard a bit about it but never seen the exact setup.
  5. Creaver

    Botany Motor Worx Ltd

    All the best Glenn, thanks for your help over the years. Ian.
  6. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    Yip at Gavin's. I didn't ask for a print out, but we actually made 375rwhp before dialling it back. I'm told his dyno often reads lower than others, but meh... a dyno is a TUNING TOOL, not a bragging tool... I'll take a video in the weekend of idle.
  7. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    Haha, fair enough... i'm not telling porkies, rest assured. This is the only video I got of the day and it's close enough to 370 to prove it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-mlPsJxJVQ
  8. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    Without the cam work, the idle was mint. With cams, the ICV was struggling to keep the idle level and it hunted. Currently sounds good, can definitely tell they're not factory!
  9. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    I made 195rwkw/260rwhp on the M60B44 with reground cams using factory M60B40 ECU. Gavin did some non-boost tuning and it made ~205rwkw/275rwhp. This is my first personal experience with a standalone ECU (and re-wiring, let alone tuning one...), but I found after research, reading and speaking with knowledgeable people, the learning curve wasn't bad and I learnt a lot. The car wasn't running without the LINK and he didn't tune with boost to start with, rather safely tune off-boost and move into it. The LINK team are friendly and helpful with questions... being NZ based is also useful while the car is on the dyno and the owner (me) asks something to specifically be tuned from Gavin... literally within 5min the answer was found and we pressed on.... I am very happy with Gavin, the LINK, the tune, the build and the car!
  10. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    Made ~276rwkw (~370rwhp) at 5psi of boost without water/methanol. Heat soak was a problem. We experimented a little bit with water/methanol and reduced the intake charge temps from 60degC to 42degC, but didn’t proceed to pull more power out of it. Car is on a safe tune with more to be done in the new year after tidying up a few things. Overall extremely happy... Christmas has come early for me . Thanks Gavin at hi velocity.
  11. Still after one?
  12. Creaver

    e32/e34 v8 instrument cluster

    If you're still after one, I can also help
  13. Creaver

    e34 540i M60B44 supercharged 6speed *PIC HEAVY*

    That was a while ago now Mike! I'm told the setup was running 8psi with an aftermarket pulley, but i'm expecting something more like 6/7psi. It's a centrifugal powerdyne unit (ex-Dinan)
  14. Creaver

    E34 540i Touring $1 reserve - must go

    Bump, one day to go. Pick up a bargain
  15. Creaver

    E39 540i - $1 reserve, must go

    Bump, one day to go. Pick up a bargain