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  1. Congrats, I was following this car also. What areas require TLC just out of interest?
  2. Yikes, what happened to the shifter @sweetm3?
  3. I can't find a definitive answer, but BMW Ferric Grey looks close. How bad are the chips? I recently had my Style 67's refurbished by Wheelfixit. They diamond cut the face, and re-cleared the inserts. I thought the inserts needed repainting, however once stripped back and re-cleared they look like new.
  4. Hi John I'll take the RTD


    Cheers Mark

    1. sweetm3


      Hi John I've made a couple of attempts to contact RTD about their DSSR.

      With no luck ūü§ź any suggestions....

      If you don't mind me asking what did it cost you for your DSSR 

      Should I just go for the UUC DSSR 

      Cheers Mark 


    2. JohnM575


      Hi Mark

      I know Maher hasn't publicly released a DSSR yet. I was sent a prototype DSSR which was factored into the pricing of my original shifter, hence I don't know the specific amount I was charged. As it turned out, Auckland City BMW had to get the pins he supplied me with re-machined to use the existing clips (at an extortionate rate) and I had to wear that cost myself.

      I had a rather lengthy wait from payment through to delivery so I'm not surprised that he hasn't got back to you. While the RTD shifters are good, I feel he is rather under-resourced (both from a manufacturing and human resource standpoint).

      So yes, as an alternative I would recommend you got with the UUC DSSR. Widely used and well regarded, and you should have it in your hand 1-2 weeks from ordering I would imagine.



    3. sweetm3


      Cheers mate

      made the decision easy, UUC  it is

  5. Selling my RTD Short Shifter (non-locking 'mini' lever version). Anodized black. Essentially in brand new condition, but was installed for a handful of drives. Fits E30/E36/E46/E82 BMW's. Mounts to the OEM tunnel's holes (No need for drilling). Shift knob can be unscrewed and standard 'press fit' OEM BMW knobs can be installed to the lever without modification. Pickup Central Auckland, or happy to ship at buyers expense. Video of RTD Shifter in an E46 M3 SOLD.
  6. For an M3? Or Non-M? I have one available in Silver Grey.
  7. Was just having a laugh given the paddles are still there. Good luck with the sale!
  8. Very rare SMG with stick shift option
  9. Awesome to see you add to the fleet Tom! Looking forward to see where this is heading.
  10. This is one of the lowest km hardtops I've seen for sale in some time. No modifications too which making it quite appealing to the purists out there. Looks like a very tidy example. Just not the most desirable colour (Titanium Silver) in my opinion...$36k-$38k and you would think this would move hands reasonably quickly?
  11. Still looks the business mate. Got any ideas on what direction you want to head with the car, or planning on leaving it as-is for the moment?
  12. Having recently purchased a set of OEM 19 rears for my M3 (thanks Brent BMWorld), I put on my square OEM 19" wheel set. Hard to come by these wheels, but it was well worth the wait. Fills out the front guards like they should have from factory.
  13. Great to see you found the M3 you were after. Certainly has saved you some $$$ and time with the mods done to it so far. Is that bootlid really a genuine CSL bootlid? The photos give me the impression it might be aftermarket - the aftermarket examples all have pretty poor fitment, most often given away by the gap at the bottom of the bootlid. This can be dependent on how well the boot was originally fitted too... Your gap just looks a little larger than what genuine CSL's have. A shame you didn't have this a few weeks back when the E46 M3 dyno day was on!
  14. I agree. $30k is probably realistic. Pros: 100km (on the lower end of k's in the E46 M3 market). Topaz Blue. Body appears to be tidy. Three pedals + Rogue short shifter (OEM shifter is junk). Cons: Ex-Singapore. 20" aftermarket wheels . No mention of Inspection II being completed, or major service in the last 15,000km . Pre-facelift (mainly cosmetic items), and rod bearing issue if not already addressed. The subframe issue is something I would only really be concerned about if it was on coilovers or aftermarket springs, and/or was SMG. If the PPI gives the all-clear then just keep an eye on it, or foam reinforce it before it begins to crack.