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  1. As above. I purchased these tyres from Hyper 10 days ago. Unfortunately they were slightly too large for the rear of my E46 Touring, and went back to stock 255/35/18 MPS4's. Literally done 10km (Grey Lynn to Takapuna), hence tyres are in near brand new condition. Have receipt to confirm purchase. Pick up North Shore or Auckland CBD. $700 ono.
  2. Preferably in silver with 42mm - 43mm shank length.
  3. JohnM575

    One girl, one Braverian

    Que @M3_Power; I recall a post that either you wrote or referred to discussing the structural foam reinforcement method at length?
  4. JohnM575

    High km E46 M3 (Manheim)

    Was recently on Trademe for $19,990 at a dealer in Auckland - rough as guts by the looks. Hifly tyres on an M3...🤦‍♂️.
  5. JohnM575

    E46 330i MSport Touring

    Staggered - 18x8 ET30 with 225/40/18 on the front, 18x9 ET44 with 245/35/18 on the rear. I ideally would like a tyre with a slightly taller sidewall on the rear, however these tyres came with the wheels so I am running them until they need replacing. Plan to replace with a 255/35/18 or 265/35/18 on the rear to gain a bit of ride comfort and to fill the arch out a little more.
  6. JohnM575

    E46 330i MSport Touring

  7. JohnM575

    E46 330i MSport Touring

    Will get some tonight 👍
  8. JohnM575

    Sold - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    Given you're a CSL guru, how do you think these compare to you your genuine CSL wheels? Are you able to do a side by side shot of both? I appreciate they're replicas so won't be 100% matched, but wondered about the spoke thickness, correct concavity etc. Appears plenty of people have purchased these wheels going by M3Cutters.
  9. JohnM575

    Sold - near new CSL replica wheels CM wheels UK

    I don't mean to shoot your ad down Tom, but going through CMWheels direct it appears you can get a brand new set of CSL wheels shipped to NZ for circa $1,700NZD. $1,426 for the wheels and shipping, plus $268 for GST and entry fees at the border. Very tempting to grab a set at that price!
  10. JohnM575

    WTB: E46 MSport Fog Light Trim/Surround

    The M3 surrounds are a slightly different shape unfortunately! They need to be specific ZHP/MSport surrounds.
  11. JohnM575

    WTB: E46 MSport Fog Light Trim/Surround

    Thanks Jon, if they're the right fitment I'll take up your offer 👍
  12. As above - after a pair, new or used I do not mind.
  13. JohnM575

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    I could arrange transport for the right price. If you would like to know anything else about the car just let me know 👍🏼