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  1. Two written off E46 M3's up for auction

    Somebody save the Laguna Seca Blue E46...Would be interesting to see how extensive the damage is beyond the door and rear quarter panel.
  2. +1 for Russell; very knowledgeable bloke. Recommended.
  3. e46 M3 brake rotors

    Have you got a quote from a BMW dealership locally? I thought they were priced reasonably when I had my front rotors and pads replaced 2.5 years ago by Auckland City BMW (I appreciate prices may have shot up since this time).
  4. Badly written off E46 M3 Cab

    That M3 was recently for sale too. Don't think that'll buff out...
  5. M3 rolling body

    Ahh I mean bodykit rather than "widebody". The side skirts and rear bumper shown are not factory.
  6. E46 330i MSport Touring

    Will check the part number and price tonight - I paid the full dealership price as I wanted it done then and there. ECS/FCP Euro were significantly cheaper from memory. Update: Part number B32306761571 - $271+GST.
  7. M3 rolling body

    It has an awful widebody kit on it. From memory it sold quite cheap as a runner a while back.
  8. TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres

    Now $1 reserve on Trademe - https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1539318834
  9. E46 m3 18 wheels, set or pair

    Might be able to assist. PM me.
  10. E46 330i MSport Touring

    The Touring had a quick visit to Auckland City BMW to get the Koni Sport shocks installed and a new steering coupler to remedy the dead on centre feel. These items combined have tightened up the feel and handling of the car significantly. I also managed to pick up a set of near new Style 350M wheels wrapped with Michelin Pilot Super Sports. Back to the OEM(+) look
  11. TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres

    TSW Valencia Wheels + Falken Tyres Fronts are 18x8 ET32 with 225/40/18. Rears are 18x9.5 ET40 with 255/35/18. Tyres are Falken ZE912 with 5mm tread all around. Fitment is perfect on an E46. Fills out the guards nicely. Should also fit E36/E90/E92's also. $950. Pick up Auckland.
  12. E46 M3 project

    Can't wait to see; keep us in the loop!
  13. E46 M3 project

    Peter gave me a quick overview of what has been done on the M3 last week. Fair bit of work gone on there!
  14. WTB: E46 17-18" wheels

    After a set of wheels for an E46 MSport Touring - preferably OEM i.e Style 68's (factory E46 MSport wheels), or other MSport styles considered such as Style 135's/193's/194's etc. Will also consider reputable aftermarket brand wheels too. The OEM wheels don't necessarily have to be from the E46 chassis line; just something that looks the part and are in good condition.
  15. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    I got my E46 330i MSport Touring just after Xmas. Yes mine has more k's (206,XXXkm), but going by the photos mine would appear to be in slightly superior condition. Has a pretty comprehensive service history from day 1; most recently in Nov 17 with $1,500 spent on the cooling system refresh and rocker cover gasket replacement. Seems odd for a car to have clearcoat failure at 142,XXXkm...Poor cleaning/paint protection techniques over the years? Parked outside often as opposed to being garaged? Maybe just a bit neglected. Given the reserve/buy now, there is room for negotiation based on what I paid for mine. Get the bonnet repainted, give it some TLC where required, and you'll have yourself a pretty neat wagon! I too was considering E61's and the odd E91 when I was in the market for a wagon; personally I'm not sold on the E91's, and most well spec'd E61 530D's/535D's/550i's were just a touch out of my budget.