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  1. I've just ordered a set of Koni Sports through Russell Leach at George Stocks for my E46 330i MSport Touring (same shocks for sedan/coupe). He looks after my race car shocks, and has been great to deal with. The Koni Sport is a much superior shock over the OEM Sachs, plus you get the benefit of rebound adjustment. In stock in NZ too
  2. Cup holder/coin holder (2 piece combo) in black available out of any E46? RR door card - is it in good condition? No scratches/cuts to the leather?
  3. Yes I've been impressed so far; the extra torque over the M54B25 is a nice addition. Can't wait to see what the Koni's will do for the ride too.
  4. I originally missed out on buying this Touring when it came up for sale in October (and settled for this instead). It sold within a couple of hours of it being listed on Trademe to a friend of the seller, despite the seller promising me the car was mine after I had negotiated to buy it sight unseen... To my surprise it came back up for sale on Trademe just before Christmas. Once again I pounced, and this time I was successful in acquiring it. So, the car: NZ New E46 330i Motorsport Touring (1 of 4 NZ New examples so I am told). Sapphire Black. 207km. Facelift. Leather electric seats. No mods other than the TSW Valencia wheels (great fitment but not my taste...will be changed in due course). The seller had mentioned that the shocks were due for replacement, and this was confirmed on the first Auckland to Coromandel drive over the new year break. Compared to my lower km E46 325i MSport, the car lacked dampening and felt considerably harsher (partially due to the 18" wheel/tyre combination). A set of adjustable Koni Sport shocks have been ordered to tighten things up and provide rebound adjustability if and when so desired. After that, a set of Style 68's or other OEM BMW wheels will replace the TSW's. Cosmetically the car is in great condition given the mileage. I have started a deep leather clean and condition on the interior (Pears soap method) which is lifting an unbelievable amount of grime from the leather. A time consuming process, but ultimately worth it!
  5. Yes I recall that one - appeared to be tidy and original, pre-facelift, and had a tow ball fitted which was odd for an M3. And yes it sold for $32,XXX from memory.
  6. That M3 appears to have sold pending payment.
  7. Would have ordered from them as I have in the past, but unfortunately they don't appear to stock the 'euro style' E46 inner rear tail lights that our facelift MSport E46's have over here. Ours are white/red, the US have red/white/orange.
  8. Trying to figure that out myself. Their conditions attached to receipt say they will pay for return freight costs if item(s) shipped are incorrect, yet when I emailed them they said: "1: You get a credit note for the one part, and order a new one from stock 2: You get one for free next time you place an order here at Schmiedmann" In a later email they said "It’s because of our conditions here, we do only cover the part, not the freight cost outside Denmark, sorry".
  9. Made the most of this sale - worked out quite cheap initially...until Schmiedmann sent mis-matching inner rear tail lights for my E46. Despite admitting fault, they won't exchange them. Rather I have to pay the full shipping cost (30-ish euro) to get a replacement sent out
  10. @Michael. Care to share what page the commentary about the ad is on? Has certification been confirmed with all the mods including those post-Ray's ownership? Depends when the most recent cert was issued I guess. Could be costly if the cert isn't inclusive of all those mods listed on the ad. It will be interesting to see how quickly this gets snaffled up; given the uniqueness I wouldn't be surprised about there being offshore interest.
  11. Thought that was the case. Got my hopes up for a second!
  12. @qube are you saying there's another way around paying the $369 to 'redesign' your government issue plate as set out on their website?
  13. 3...Sport . Picked this up on Trademe a couple of weeks back sight unseen, and flew down to Tauranga on the weekend to pick it up. 2003 E46 325i MSport Individual - NZ New, 161km, auto, facelift, leather. Has a near full Coombes Johnston BMW service history from new. Ticked the boxes for what I was after for a daily driver. Given the overall condition of the car there are no plans other than replacing a few little cosmetic items (faded emblems, wiper blades etc), and a paint correction/protection in due course. Got stuck in yesterday tidying it up inside and out and she came up okay!
  14. As per title, I am after a E46 325i/330i sedan or wagon. Basic requirements: NZ New with comprehensive or full service history. Full MSport kit. Auto. Stock (or close to it). Ideally <160,000km, but would budge for the right example. Unfortunately I missed out on one last week that ticked all the boxes, hence I am still on the look. Cheers.
  15. This example has sat on Trademe for what seems like the past 18-24 months without selling. No VIN or plate on auction...K's seem suspicious as personally I don't think the photos reflect a 45,000km car (or at least someone who has properly cared for it over the claimed '45,000km'). My 2c? Tasteless mods, import, lack of service history, potentially troublesome SMG = overpriced. There are plenty of other M3's that will come up for sale at or around $27,000 that will be far better value for money.