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  1. Hi Charlie – is this plate still for sale? Ace, C
  2. These are stupidly good cars for the money. I paid $12k for a low mileage 2003 MSport. Certainly well above a good deal but I'm really happy with it. Awesome for long drives and deep into losing your license country. M5 would be better but I don't want to change gears in Auckland. That interior is challenging.
  3. Been wrangled by the Tradin'Post! How much did the seller want on TM? MrD
  4. Hot.
  5. Trivia - if you use the inflation calculator on the reserve bank site - in 2016 dollars that vert would have set you back $184k. You can buy an M3 today for $169k...
  6. Stumbled on the trademe listing from Shore Prestige, previous owner traded up to an M6. Was on trademe a few days, haven't seen many 2003 Msports for sale, and after a manual 996 this is awesome, who needs a manual these days :-)
  7. Will the board monitor work OK in my E39 2003 540i? Could be keen on the CD stacker too.
  8. Hey Brent can you please me with a price?
  9. Yep - warranty can cover that, I've read tensioner to be replaced 150kms? No rattles picked up at bellars at PPI, dealer replaced cam and timing cover gaskets on purchase...
  10. Chez - these wheels need to be refinished, maybe paint the centres bronze and polish the lips?
  11. So previous owner has added an aftermarket alpine unit - keen to restore to OEM. Anyone have a factory radio/multi and cd (can be a stacker). Don't mind tape unit either. Mr D
  12. Chez replies - think I've found a sweet spot setting, I don't think a lumbar retrofit would be the answer. The hack works good - but I'll keep an eye out for sports contours :-)
  13. Take the badges, ridiculous antenna on the boot and you've got a pretty ballsy SEC there. Those cars are classics now, price won't go down.
  14. So, I've only had the 540i for a few days, and have noticed that BMW didn't get the design right on the lumbar 'support' in their sports seats. When test driving the car I thought hmm that feels a little uncomfortable, however surely there is a lumbar adjustment? Whilst fiddling around the the 12 way electric sports seat after delivery, I eventually discover there is no lumbar adjustment. This was a problem as the seat was super uncomfortable and pinching my lower back. Anyway after searching the net I found this DIY hack which retracts the lumbar spring to the seat by cable ties, conveniently there are 3 x holes a 4mm cable tie can be threaded through. HACK 1. Remove 2 x Torx bolts at bottom of the hard seat back (you'll need a T30) 2. Seat back will slide down 3. Thread cable ties through holes (see image) 4. Slide seat back up into position (on the 2003 there are 3 x clips which have their own guide) 5. Insert Torx bolts and you're done. ++ MUCH more comfortable, now I just hope those seams aren't a problem. Kinda stupid to have stitching running down the middle of the lower back portion of the seat. Hopefully useful for someone. Ace, Mr D
  15. Chez, paid a premium for it at $12,500, but not many 2003's I've seen with full m-tech options and 110kms. Those BBS deep dish...