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  1. MrDevine

    2003 e39 540i MSport – Valuation

    Hey David – well done! Nigel is a good guy out at Showcars eh? Sorry I'm not sure about the head unit, I was contemplating putting in a Dinavin unit which is made for that space and has all the latest tech (or restoring it to factory). PM If you want to know anything else.
  2. MrDevine

    2003 e39 540i MSport – Valuation

    Hey Team – I traded the 540i for an R129 500SL. I think Showcars would have let it go circa $7500 – I was happy to drive in and drive out not having to deal with trademe. Was a little surprised how quickly it sold however a great whip and well maintained of course. Ace, Mr D
  3. MrDevine

    2003 e39 540i MSport – Valuation

    @EUROLESS Yes agree – will admit I'd not seen a runout 2003 for sale on TM when I brought it so paid a premium ($11k). Might run a $1 auction and see how it lands if the E55 purchase comes through.
  4. MrDevine

    2003 e39 540i MSport – Valuation

    Hi Team – although I've enjoyed owning my 3rd 540i – I'm bored two years in and looking for something different to drive. Have my eye on a W210 E55 at the moment. It's been awesome on long runs from Auckland to my place in the Hokianga and I'd like something similar (E55 fits the bill) Any thoughts on valuation for a 2003 540i with 132k on the clock? Is stock apart from BBS wheels and aftermarket stereo. I have maintained it at The Toy Shop with annual services. Recent work includes 2 x coils, cam covers and alternator. Michelin Pilot Sports all around installed last year. Condition wise I'd say 8/10. I know the market pay what it will pay, I note that a 2002 540i that looked rough with 200 plus kms sold for $5250 recently. My thoughts on this example: $9000 Any thoughts or interest welcomed. Ace, Mr D.
  5. Hi Charlie – is this plate still for sale? Ace, C
  6. MrDevine

    Imola red! 2000 E39 540 Motorsport Individual

    These are stupidly good cars for the money. I paid $12k for a low mileage 2003 MSport. Certainly well above a good deal but I'm really happy with it. Awesome for long drives and deep into losing your license country. M5 would be better but I don't want to change gears in Auckland. That interior is challenging.
  7. MrDevine

    E39 M5

    Been wrangled by the Tradin'Post! http://www.tradinpost.co.nz/stock-details.aspx?id=2858173 How much did the seller want on TM? MrD
  8. MrDevine

    2003 e39 M5

    Hot. https://trademe.co.nz/1183490280
  9. MrDevine

    Crazy money!

    Trivia - if you use the inflation calculator on the reserve bank site - in 2016 dollars that vert would have set you back $184k. You can buy an M3 today for $169k...
  10. MrDevine

    2003 E39 M-Sport

    Stumbled on the trademe listing from Shore Prestige, previous owner traded up to an M6. Was on trademe a few days, haven't seen many 2003 Msports for sale, and after a manual 996 this is awesome, who needs a manual these days :-)
  11. MrDevine

    Used E39 M5/E39 Parts For sale

    Will the board monitor work OK in my E39 2003 540i? Could be keen on the CD stacker too.
  12. MrDevine

    E39 audio OEM

    Hey Brent can you please me with a price?
  13. MrDevine

    2003 E39 M-Sport

    Yep - warranty can cover that, I've read tensioner to be replaced 150kms? No rattles picked up at bellars at PPI, dealer replaced cam and timing cover gaskets on purchase...
  14. MrDevine

    2003 E39 M-Sport

    Chez - these wheels need to be refinished, maybe paint the centres bronze and polish the lips?
  15. MrDevine

    E39 audio OEM

    So previous owner has added an aftermarket alpine unit - keen to restore to OEM. Anyone have a factory radio/multi and cd (can be a stacker). Don't mind tape unit either. Mr D