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  1. Awesome work man. Everything looks so clean, that engine bay is incredible! Very motivating Bet it's fun to drive huh. How much psi are you running and did you o-ring the block or head?
  2. Haha, classic. Among other uses, that lube is actually pretty good for getting stubborn vacuum and other hoses to slide onto what they're supposed to. Always look forward to updates, keep up the good work! Particularly interested to see what you do with your exhaust..
  3. Was that the gearbox?? That's a real shame! Sucks, sorry to hear
  4. I like this ^^ Wheel bearing replaced, everything back together. Success. Brake pad wear sensor light on/flashing (as if a bad connection somewhere). Checked wiring, nothing visibly wrong. Checked sensor, again no visible issues. Removed sensor and completed the circuit with a paper clip, light still on intermittently. Tried to explain to WoF guy that the pads and rotors are well within spec. No luck. Back home to remove cluster and more importantly the bulb in question. Success
  5. Me! I had a pipe attached to the handle so it was essentially a power bar... kinda. Got an actual power bar today, worked a charm.
  6. It's the cheaper brand they sell... Mechpro or toolpro. Something like that. I actually went to repco today and noticed that the repco branded wrench looked to be of decent quality. $70 too. However it has a rubber handle which I'm not a fan of. Cheers Olaf I'll check that out. Do you know if they sell just a wrench on it's own or is it a set? Charlie - that Bahco set look's perfect, everything you want for backyard wrenching and the price is really good. I prefer 6point sockets over the 12 points too. Ahh, tools. Love em
  7. Broke my junk repco ratchet wrench trying to undo a wheel bearing nut. Good - now I can justify getting something decent
  8. I had similar problems on my M20. Turned out to be the waterpump which I had replaced only a few months earlier, so don't rule that out (not that you have). It was an OEM unit with the plastic/composite impeller and I replaced it with a aftermarket unit with a metal impeller. Problem solved. Just my $0.02. Hope you figure it out! Cooling issues can be a nightmare.
  9. It's not actually a long wheelbase model, unfortunately. At least the built sheet lists it as a "730i." Imported in 1998 (not sure where from) and poorly optioned. I actually rang the guy to have a chat about it. Of course for the price I wasn't expecting it to be great, and if it doesn't sell by Sunday I may go and have a look. See if I can steal it for $500. Would be a nice car boat for getting up to Mt Ruapehu in! Boot leaks "quite a lot" and he's taken the carpet in the boot out so it doesn't get manky. Rust around the boot seal (probably the culprit of the leak) and consequently the trunk floor is rusted but has been painted over at some stage. Engine seems fine "pulls hard," as I expect an M30 to, even after 300 odd km. Temp stable. Plate is XK7655 if anyone is interested in at looking over the options, etc, or able to confirm whether or not it is a true 'iL'
  10. Awesome build! Definitely following. Good stuff putting AN lines throughout. Curious to hear your thoughts on that clutch once it's in there. I've got the same one sitting here. Also, that manifold - does the oil filter need to be relocated?
  11. Might be worth having a look at what Repco charge, there was a thread here awhile ago and someone mentioned that Repco was the cheapest locally.
  12. Wicked car, did you used to come into spruce goose a bit? I worked there and a guy with a white M3 came in every now and then. There can't be many around welly. Anyway, if it was you, you may remember a kid with a mustache telling you what he thought of your car, and that it was his dream to own one! Welcome
  13. I'm not sure Mobil still serve 98 in Wellington? Kilbirnie and Jville both use 95 instead now. Also very annoying is that the 98 handle at BP is light blue, and the 91 at Mobil is the exact same baby blue made that mistake once. (You're thinking - "an M20B25 needs 98?," yes, unfortunately.)
  14. Awesome, thank you for that
  15. Thanks! Hopefully it all works, but it is actually quite straight forward once you know what you're looking at. Ahh nice I was wondering what I would do for that. If you could put up some more details that would be wicked. I chopped the motronic connection off of the harness and used butt connectors to connect to the link loom. It's solid but doesn't look the tidiest. Won't matter when it's tucked under the dash. Wasted spark is something I will most likely do in the future, just want to get it running first though. Everything's just sitting in my room, hopefully will start pulling the motor etc in a couple of months and we'll see if I did it right