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  1. Kepes

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Unreal work man! Ran by your driveway last night, looks like new 😊 New tyres too? Didn't you get bridgestones just recently?
  2. Kepes

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Around $250 landed, Ate brand. Got it off ebay
  3. Kepes

    Quick Questions

    Yup, you're right about where the two-piece comes together. Good logic regarding the one-piece (I thought to join it there too) however I think the back, in the middle, is the correct spot. A guy on E30 facebook group said that's where his comes together too. Cheers Nick!
  4. Kepes

    Quick Questions

    E30 - I've got a new sunroof seal. Being a pre-facelift it comes from the factory with a 2 piece seal. I'm replacing it with the 1 piece seal from the facelift. Where should the 2 ends of the seal meet? Is there a spot that's better than others? Or if anyone with a facelift could please tell me where they join from the factory, I would really appreciate it. Thanks :~)
  5. Kepes

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    The E30 wasn't stopping very well, so it was time for a brake overhaul. New pads, rotors, rebuilt calipers, braided brake lines, and brand new master cylinder originally fitted to the bigger 7 series of the same era. Oh, and new tyres, Bridgestone RE003. Car stops much better, success! Off for a WoF on Tuesday. Unpainted one is from the E32, noticeably beefier
  6. Kepes

    Road Toll Not working

    You're not wrong but I think 1 in 4 is a bit extreme. In terms of having passengers while on your restricted, I think we should adopt some of the conditions which apply to Australian Provisional 'P' licenses, particularly being able to drive with one passenger, regardless of what license the passenger is on. When I did my defensive driving course, I remember the tutor telling us that studies found having a passenger was actually safer than driving solo, if they're aware of whats going on around them. Mobile phones definitely don't help. As for actually passing your restricted test, I think it's a pretty thorough test which is good, however it involves no open road driving. The full license test is a bit of a joke. Took me around 15min, a third of it was spent sitting at traffic lights as I did it just before a long weekend.
  7. Kepes

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Good stuff mate! Saw you in the E30 a couple of weeks ago and was wondering how the progress on the 540i was going haha. Wicked, glad you got it all done!
  8. Kepes

    FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    These won't fit 4 stud weaves. I have a set sitting next to me and the back/locking mechanism looks totally different. Edit: Kyu bet me to it!
  9. Kepes

    Quick Questions

    Definitely not ripco. They charge something like $40 a metre, and they only sell it by the metre. Supercheap has it for $12 a metre, mind you they too only sell it by the metre. Might be worth trying somewhere like BNT if supercheap is too far away.
  10. Kepes

    New Member

    Welcome, quite the collection you have! As above, would love to see some pictures :~)
  11. Kepes

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    E30 had his little brother come visit today for a wash! Apparently 1 of only 2 white E46 M3s in the country.... Only photos we took were pre-wash... D'oh!
  12. Kepes

    E30 325i Turbo 378hp Finally Tuned

    Incredible work, well done!
  13. Kepes


    As far as I'm aware it's to do with how many posts you have. Not sure how many posts you need to shift up a gear!
  14. Kepes

    New member

    Welcome! Looks nice, is it on bags?
  15. Kepes


    Yup, this thing would definitely be a weapon! I really like the fact that it still looks totally stock. I think this was on trade me a couple of years ago with an asking price of $17k? Correct me if i'm wrong!