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  1. As far as I'm aware it's to do with how many posts you have. Not sure how many posts you need to shift up a gear!
  2. Welcome! Looks nice, is it on bags?
  3. Yup, this thing would definitely be a weapon! I really like the fact that it still looks totally stock. I think this was on trade me a couple of years ago with an asking price of $17k? Correct me if i'm wrong!
  4. Good stuff getting it sorted! So the sensor was just bad?
  5. Hey Will, any fog lights from that rusty E30? Or a left dipped headlight? Both Pre-fl
  6. Not yet unfortunately! Found a garage to rent and will be beginning the build mid October. Will report back on how it turns out
  7. Yeah it's for the M20. I think it's the right one as it has a Ryco part # on it too which matches what I took off the car when I bought it. The Ryco unit is the same size as the Mahle
  8. Ripco. How do they get away with their exorbitant prices?? For example, they're selling this filter for $27!! The Mahle filter, for comparison, costs just ~$6.40 (converted to NZD) on FCP euro. The Repco junk has about 1/3 less filter material than the Mahle and is made in Indonesia. Mahle is made in Austria. The holes on the thread side of the filter are also larger on the Mahle, I can only assume this helps the oil flow better. Repco also tried to charge me $40 for 1m of fuel line, what a joke. Went to Supercheap, $12 per metre. I'm sure this kind of thing doesn't only exist in the automotive industry. And people wonder why they're losing business to online sales from overseas... Ignore the sawdust on the used Mahle, it's been sitting in the workshop. Needless to say I will be returning the Ripco filter. /rant
  9. Good stuff! Nice to see you're doing the rust 'repairs' properly rather than just painting over it... like i'm guilty of doing, one day I'll get round to it! Where did you get the driveshaft loop/hoop?
  10. Haha, yeah clearly! It's nuts. No 750s at pickapart local to me
  11. Agree with you on FCP, big fan. Just had a quick look re the Uro stuff and yup you're right. Found ATE for $250 NZD landed on Ebay so looks like that'll be the cheapest option. Thanks for the offer of combining shipping though! Do you guys think $180 is steep for a used MC? I thought the wrecker in Auckland would say ~$50. I've never bought one though, so maybe that's the going rate. Pick-a-part list them as $29.
  12. Cheers @Gabe79 I did see those Uro branded ones on Ebay, do you know anything about them? Might be worth a try
  13. Hi, as per title. Master Cylinder on the E30 is buggered so may as well upgrade. Wrecker in Auckland wants $180 which im not willing to pay for something with 220km on it. Somebody may have one laying around? Some earlier 735i (pre 89) have the right MC also. Part #34311156643 Thanks
  14. This has an SMG trans... I hate when people list their vehicles as manual when it only has 2 pedals