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  1. I have a set of E28 wiper arms here, do you think they are the same? When I say set, I have 1 side in my hand, the other side is around here somewhere, I'll go look, but don't know if the one I have is left or right.
  2. We bought a 2009 130i for the wife 5 months ago to replace her completely terrible in every single way E90 320i. It's such a fun car, we bloody love it. We took it on a trip to Wellington and I grinned the whole way down and back. The sound of it over 3000 rpm is most arousing. It handles like no 5 series I've ever owned and OMG the sound. Make sure you get the LCI though, get the motorsport, the auto is great, the manual would probably be pretty good too. Ignore anyone that talks about fuel economy, they are boring people. Who cares how much fuel it uses? It's there to burn, burn it. But the wife's long time average is 9.8l/100km, but so what? I think we got to Wellie and back on 7.8l/100km or thereabouts. Except for that part in the Desert Road where it was over 35l/100km. I prefer driving her 130i over my E60 540i by a long, long way, so that's what we use in the weekends. Yeah, the 540 is very comfortable (so comfortable) and quiet and fast and smooth and has all the things (comfort access, adaptive headlights and active steering etc) but it isn't fun like the 130i. The 540 will be replaced in December when its warranty runs out and I can't freakin wait. Buy the 130. There will be no regrets.
  3. We bought a 2009 E87 130i from a dealer just last week. During purchase discussions, particularly around us both understanding the warranty, the salesperson made it clear to me that "if anything big happens, you can claim on the MBI and we'll pay the excess". This thread immediately jumped to my mind. I told them, that for the next 3 months, if anything big happens, it's all on them and I won't be claiming on any insurance. They just smiled and nodded
  4. The smallest daughter (still on L plates) just got back from driving the wife's new (to us) E87 130i for the first time. As she came down the driveway she had a huge stupid grin on her face, only to tell me that she waaaay prefers the E87 over the E90 320i she has been learning to drive in. So proud of her.
  5. Spudooli

    Google Home

    I take the opposing view here. We've got 2 Google Home devices and think they are bloody great. It can turn on or off our TV* and that includes the amp even down to setting to correct inputs, turn on and off most of the lights in the house, can water the lawn and turn on or off the outside speakers. On top of that we can tell it we're going to bed and it'll turn off everything that needs to be turned off. I can tell it it's time for "Netflix and chill" and it'll dim the lights and change the TV and Amp to the right settings and I'm good to go for the night. And on top of all that, ask it to make chicken noises and it freakin will. All those things that we used to have to pick up a phone to check or wander over to a nearest computer, we can now ask out loud. "how old is Dolly Parton", "Whats the current temperature in Hanoi", "What's the commute time to work", "set a timer for 40 minutes" so that we can time to cake in the oven, or "remind me in 3 minutes to turn the steak" to get the perfect BBQ steak. Not only that, but I can say to my phone as I leave work walking to the car "broadcast that I'm on my way home" and the Google Home at home will warn the wife that it's time her part time lover left the house. None of us want to come home to meet him, am I right? It only took the family about 2 days to realise it's easier to say "Ok Google, turn off the TV" was way easier than finding the TV remote and the Amp remote to turn them both off. Although I'm completely of the view that Google can track me for all they like. I'm still capable of making my own decisions about things so they can market whatever the hell they like, I don't see it anyway, thanks ad blockers. On the other hand, we''re pretty open here anyway, our bank balance is tweeted out daily anyway. I am not lazy. It isn't recording us the whole time. I haven't noticed a single change to online market because of anything I have said. Not only because of ad blockers, but it's just not currently possible. And even if it was, SO WHAT? Buy one, it'll change your life for the better, but only because it's completely trivial to find out how old Dolly Parton is. *does require some coding capability and IFTTT integration.
  6. The number plate light is working fine, but it's an LED beside the reversing camera, so has a different resistance than a normal bulb, so throws a warning. But yeah, while the number plate light isn't much of an issue, I also ate in that car too.
  7. It's only done 110,000km which is not very much for a diff I would have thought.
  8. Apparently the correct level of oil is inside it still. And good point about the bearings and teeth. I hadn't thought of that.
  9. Our 2006 E90 320i has a very noisy diff. Jebus only knows why it hasn't lasted longer than this... Anyways, never having had to deal with a diff problem before, my question is what is the best course of action here? Should I repair or is it better/easier to just replace from a wrecker? If repair is the consensus, can anyone recommend a shop?
  10. Thanks Brent. I'll give him a call tomorrow, and call you if I need parts.
  11. The A/C in my E39 has stopped blowing cold while idling. And in Auckland it spends most of its life idling. Once some revs are up then there is a good amount of cold. The A/C pump is somewhat noisy too. I'm picking the 2 are probably related. Before I throw myself at the mercy of the Yellow Pages, can anyone please advise an A/C repairer I can take it to to have that solved? Maybe central Auckland or North Shore. Thanks
  12. I have one on my car that I don't want and will never use. I would love to remove the weight penalty of it. It's one of those convertaball ones with the 2 different sized balls (a little bit like me). It's all yours for free if you can get it off and return my car to factory lightweight. I'm in North Shore City, DM me if interested.
  13. For the sake of completeness, this problem resolved itself in Monday morning rush hour with the fan belt coming off just as I got onto the Auckland Harbour Bridge (of course). There was no way in hell I was stopping on the bridge, but as I got to the top the temperature gauge got well into the red bit. Drove it off at Shelly Beach road off ramp, stopped as soon as I could and called a tow truck. A bolt on the power steering pump had backed out, allowing the pump to twist. I'm assuming that under load the pump twisted, loosening the belt which caused the pump to stop providing steering assistance. Anyways, a secondhand replacement pump has been installed and all is well, aside from the fact I've had to top up the coolant 4 times since getting the car back.
  14. If I push my E39 540i hard round corners, the steering gets heavier and heavier the faster round the corner I go. Basically what happens is that if I go fast enough round a corner then you'd need to be stronger man than me at some point to put in any more steering correction. I can even induce this virtually no steering assistance at a give way intersection if I accelerate hard enough. I first noticed this on the Desert Road at Christmas round one of those 35km/h corners. Is this speed controlled or steering angle power assist reduction completely normal or do you think my power steering pump just can't keep up? I never feel like I've pushed the car past what its capable of. Or maybe my noodle arms just need to spend less time on a computer.
  15. And one more thing, stop using IE and move to Chrome. Your whole life will be better.
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