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  1. Cannabis9478

    Wiper Blades..BOSCH ICONS...??

    I used to buy my wipers on my trip to Taiwan and they are a lot cheaper. I have bought Hella and Michelin wipers and they worked well. Until I was told by my mechanic friend that my wipers are upside down, of course as Taiwan is a LHD country but later on found out you can remove the rubber blade then rotate it 180 degrees and solved the issue. Will bring some more wipers back on my next trip.
  2. Cannabis9478

    E28 In-tank fuel pump

    I have the same issue, bought the kit @tcbaurpower mentioned but yet to installed it.
  3. Nooooo mate, the plan we talked about at the oldschool drag is not going ahead??? if you are seriously parting it out and it has go ahead I would be interested in Headlight, tail light, parcel tray kidney grille and under bonnet vent cover
  4. Cannabis9478

    1989 E24 M6 on TeadeMe

    Noticed the two different electric seat. Black one has control on the seat and silver one has it by the handbrake. Wonder if it's a manufacture year thingie,,,,
  5. Cannabis9478

    Crazy money!

    Survivor classic definite worthy big money to the right buyer in the right market.
  6. Cannabis9478

    1989 E24 M6 on TeadeMe

    What a beautiful car. 1989 E24 M6
  7. Cannabis9478

    Euro Plate Stickers

    Can you get the second plate made anywhere? BMW wasn't on the plates.co.nz manufacturer list.
  8. Found out front fog light won't light up, fuses looked ok. But noticed the supplementary fan fuse contact has melted. Wondering if E24 fuse box retro fit is an easy option. Also need to find out why the interior light won't light up when the switch in "door" setting. And the rear defogger needs to be hooked up. Time to give my aprky mate a call. Also read from oversea forums that you can replace E28 lower wishbone (steel) to E34 low wishbone(aluminum) for better responses. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks Brent for the tip for E32 750I bushes, will look into that.
  10. Took the brute out yesterday and today! Great car to drive but kind of hard when stuck in traffic. The steering shakes when brake pedal is pressed sometimes. Might need to get it checked. Was busy oiling/waxing the leather and the dash today.
  11. lol, nope just reminding myself not to get myself suspended. So easy to get carried away with the E28.
  12. Fun i shall have, license I shall not lost lol
  13. Hi all, I am the lucky new owner of one of a kind BMW - Brent's 1986 E28 535i. What a great car, and somome of you may know the car more than I do. I haven't got a chance to take her out for a spin yet, but if the weather permitted this weekend I will definitely took her out for a spin. Just be gentle when you see me nanaing on the road lol