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  1. Im back just for this!
  2. I do believe he has been in contact via facebook. He said he would message me after the long weekend but haven't had anything im guessing its not right for him? Im also happy to talk price for a BS member would love it still in good hands unlike my last car i did up that ended up in some kids hands and is now a bucket =(
  3. Haha yea cheers guys, my car any questions let me know. It's not perfect but it's also 20 years old. It's had an insane amount of work done to it over its life. But sadly I have to change things up. Had way to meny E36 haha
  4. Hehe sitting here waiting for the 330ci to pop up for sale
  5. ^^ thank you this was bugging me!
  6. Thank god LOL it was pretty bad kinda thought it was trying to kill me.
  7. Arrg sucks i cant fix this in my budget =( If for any reason the lower 20's sounds good to you message me i would be quite interested.
  8. All good paul, Was a good find i think just needs a nice good clean!! o yea and you need to fix the fuel problem i swear it was trying to kill me!
  9. My E36 has them and electric rear blind. you can buy them for 7.5k =)
  10. When the burn turns back on you...
  11. finally got it back from the shop on friday. happy to drive a real car again.
  12. last set of these that were sale went for about 800, full interior was 1.1k
  13. I have two problems, One you are in auckland, and second i lack any good wheels =D
  14. im sitting here hoping badly you dont do s54 as i want it ahah but don't have the cash just yet!! why not i drive my e36 your way ray and you guys do the conversion for me =D
  15. Justin you do not need more good wheels!