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  1. http://yahoo.aleado.com/2084231117-catlist.html Go searching on there ... You can find genuine sets in Japan easy as with tires round $1000 ish (cheaper if your not too concerned with a few scuffs) And then probably about $400 ish in shipping / fees to get them here - Contact my mate Ewan from at info@stacked.co.jp - they can bid on them / organise the shipping. Theres a set http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=w217078095
  2. So I finally finished restoring my E46 330ci to its former glory with a respray to most of the car, body work, cut polish. Ended up getting some rims for it too, really adding to the final touch. These things age really well with time! ----- When i begun - it needed some serious love Finished with the respray - but the old wheels - just didnt give it the BMW look And here it is now
  3. Bit of a random question, but i thought i would throw it up! Some wheels have arrived and I don't really want to get them freighted, my friend was going to pick them up but now his schedule has been thrown out. Is anyone heading from Auckland through Tauranga ways in the next week or so that might have some room for 4 x 18's with Tyres that could bring them down? Could meet on the main highway on the way down too I could help pay for gas money also? Jonathan
  4. apparently the PCB can look fine - but there are some connections that can have subtle build up on it which cause the issue I think this guy was talking about it
  5. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=WB73-USA-06-2006-E92-BMW-335i&diagId=65_1539
  6. https://www.bmwgm5.com/FZV_Antenna_Amp.htm not sure if e92 have a similar setup to e46 (mine was in the rear left c pillar)
  7. FZV Amplifier - Saw a write up about this ages ago reminding me of your issues. It also receives all of the FM/AM radio frequency for the car So it could well be related to that Atleast you have 2 keys now !
  8. yeah - genuine from US is only like $50 + postage i was watching the installation of it - upsidedown with my head in the pedal box sounds like a bit of me, Has any one had a fan blower motor go - just trying to figure out how i would discern between either one
  9. e46 BMW 2002 This problem started after i left the car not running for a while - and the sun was scorching the vehicle few months (not sure if its linked to the problem) I remember leaving the car sitting for ages a-long time ago and the same thing happened - not fan settings worked for ages - and then one day it mysteriously started working again (all setting ) But now after leaving the car sitting again - no air comes out, Doesn't matter what setting the fan speed is set to nothing (or maybe a tiny amount) comes out, i.e. if i turn on the A/C I can definitely notice the difference between ambient air and cold air coming through the vents. I hear the final stage resistor on these things are pretty common culprits, but before i go into getting the part as their pretty cheap, but good to be sure, I was hoping anyone had any insight to some steps to diagnose it / confirm. Thanks heaps
  10. 130i

    2000 - 2500 grit probably I personally buffed my headlights - with a cutting compound (but you'll need to find a orbital buffer)
  11. Saw that online some where - holding a button and pressing the other. But the guy that did my key ages back , said he had to swap the board - maybe he didnt know
  12. And remember to check your Frequency so the remote talks to the keyless entry receiver!
  13. If its the same guy that was selling the red one, Atleast $100,000
  14. Sweet - will do, thought i would get my parts in from the states before the kiwi dollar tanks some more! Whats the est cost on shipping?
  15. Gabe - whens your next FCP round? Anyone getting some parts from overseas shortly? I wouldnt mind replacing the fuel filter - it's been a while id say (like say atleast 100k+) Misfire does sound lean related on start up - heard it again today (does a few misfire pops)