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  1. hmmm might be worth to add on the list - maybe it is something that simple coil / ignition or fuel
  2. yeah they said nothing other than the fronts, not the door cards and there's no reports of any incidents in NZ aparently
  3. Bit of car porn while I wait for the airbag service There's also a custom m2 in here
  4. un-related , but sort of related - this auction made me think of this auction - guy wants 18 bux for a block of cadbury, i mean cummon https://www.trademe.co.nz/home-living/food-beverage/chips-snack-foods/auction-1442706566.htm
  5. their bolt in style - definitely could have just always been a coil, failing on cold start up, not sure how exactly coils work - but maybe thats a common symptom of them on the way out think some cleans going to be a good place to start - then go from there.
  6. @modz purchased my angel eyes - quick, easy, great communication too
  7. yeah on the scan tool last time i remember some misfires - but i thought it might have been oil related i.e. some one mentioned having too thick oil in those engines can make o-rings stick and not go to the wall so loosing compression - but coils could have been the answer to that problem ages ago and was just coincidence the problem hasn't been as bad since the oil cihange.
  8. must be really fatal then!
  9. Join the 330ci club. Or go 335 In the newer models. No regrets
  10. that sounds like all Bimmersport members should be a group rate for us all
  11. now you can sell that paint to others - and get more black saphhire paint touch up jobs done.
  12. haha - fark. just need to spray some clear on the drive way and let it gloss up real nice !
  13. Must of transfered the paint spill bug.
  14. Dude - i spilled some in my boot too, moving a tin as the lid was off - and BAM
  15. Really only use stock BMW sound now This amp had some serious kick , and great clean power for decent fronts + rears or if you wanted to hook up to sub. $100 + shipping I'm not sure what they would charge to ship - maybe $20-$30 Can upload more photos of the ports if you want, alot of things to customise / tweak Also theres some Wires in there, some long speaker wires, power, red/white plugs you can have it. Cheers