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  1. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Stuck a straight edge across it - no signs of warping - will be taking it to the engine reconditioners to see if i missed anything. I had wondered that - when you start piecing it all together - the waterpump replaced, so possibly got overheated before, and maybe the head gasket was on it's last legs Me driving it down the road, with very low coolant, and the radiator not plugged in - might have been enough to push it over the edge. The car temp guage was definitely just under half when i left the drive way for the small drive, so it's possible it had been running long enough, for me to F### it with 1km down the road. I have a spare head - that is absolutely stuffed, so i know what a burnt head looks like - the current one, looks ok. Cleaned it up, can't see any scorches into the head integrity, or burn rings, ran a flat edge over it with no signs of highs / lows
  2. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    um WOW i hope it was 500,000km for that sort of condition
  3. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Well yeah, maybe he red lined it - all the way from the Car trailer - to the drive way. 10 meters of pure scorched earth - just enough for me to pop it on a 800meter drive. I'm hoping the head ain't cracked or warped - hoping the gasket saved my ass and just blew / killed the car before any damage could be done. Strange because the coolant light didnt go above half - unless it spiked and i didnt notice, and there definintgely was coolant in the block head - i can confirm. Any one ever damaged a block from this? Or do you have to do something really nasty to warp it.
  4. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Not bad for a 1km drive I say. Maybe the old owner had the head off. And reinstalled. And didn't torque it down to spec lol .... Fark me
  5. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    WOW!!! Some good news bad news scenario here. 1. I actually found coolant in the block and head. 2. Head off ... Check this out!!!! Never seen one this bad! No wonder zero cylinder compression. Looks like BMW more reliable that Toyota's lads lol
  6. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Lol timing belt was on. And checked inlet exhausts at tdc all correct. I will for sure be posting my findings once the head is off. Sounds to me like BMWs can run with water far better than reliable Toyota's
  7. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Yeah maybe they were driving it really hot and hard to begin with causing head internals to scorch and expand. Thus my 10 minute stint was enough to push it into retirement lol
  8. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    Good news bad news scenario. Got my tools back finally and into testing / ripping it apart. < 25psi across all cylinders lol it's definitely the head. Now I'm hoping it's just head gasket not a warped head. Who would have thought, a Toyota over heating from that !
  9. 325_driver

    Black e46 Floor mats

    How much for 1 rear and 1 front passenger ...
  10. 325_driver

    Black e46 Floor mats

    Thanks Brent at BM world for the support Do you have my missing car mats?? lol
  11. 325_driver

    Black e46 Floor mats

    Wondering if anyone has a spare - 1 X Front passenger - 1 X Rear floor mat I've got the driver one already and 1 for the back - God knows where the others went
  12. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    if there is a bent valve - i'll make sure to upload the photo - for shits and giggles - i hope the story thus far has atleast provided some entertainment factor My e30 never gave me crap like this - it dropped an oil pipe on a 20km drive into town .. spilling oil all over the main highway, and the rest of it over a drive way, yet the engine powered on
  13. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    didn't sound seized to me, we started it a few times at my brothers - left it running tried to get the sticky lifter sound I suppose i'll find out if i might have just heard it! lol!
  14. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    You thinking that sticky lifter issue - has now maybe turned into a bent valve maybe? (could be that top end rattle i heard before it died) Would 1 valve bent like that be enough for it not to start? I would have thought compression in the other 3 cylinders would be ok to atleast get a splutter. going to be a good story regardless!
  15. 325_driver

    Cooked Motor Question

    I am going to haul it back to the workshop, and get the tests underway - got all the tools there.