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  1. @Olaf i have a story that might make you laugh then haha back in my e30 days when i was younger, one of the spare e30's i had was parked up for a long time, and water got into the fuel tank, alot of it, how, i dont know, but it wouldn't start because water was the only thing going through the fuel pump we tried draining the fuel tank, but the design of the fuel bowl is that even after draining the fuel, the water remained right in the area that would get sucked up by the fuel pump I didnt have any suction type things that could reach it either But water is soluble in ethanol, so i poured like 5l of ethanol in, it dissolved all the water, and then poured the fuel in and just like that, the e30 was back in action.
  2. @zero yeah, he did the entire mix for it, i'll see if i can pin him down and get some detailed specifics about how ethanol blends interact with motors, and performance specifics i used to talk to him heaps about the specifics of gull fuels, but its very detailed and has escaped my memory I was always angry with him for not just doing it in his own time, patenting it, and selling it back to the fuel company lol ... cause DAMN!
  3. My father was the operations manager for Gull Petroleum, and he was the chemical engineer for all of their fuels, including ethanol blends, force 10 etc - I can ask him for a detailed explanation if you all want lol? What do we want to find out about the fuel? I'll dig into it and report back. From my memory when he was designing it, i heard it was actually supposedly superior for newer cars both in performance and better on the engines, it was only some of the older motors that might have had issues with the dryer combustion from the ethanol content.
  4. So the CCV has probably failed on my car after a week, I'm buying OEM for that, was probably some cheap Chinese garbage. But i'm hoping someone has some spare CCV pipes they could sell me, just in-case i break some taking it off again, as the price of those pipes are ridiculous new.
  5. Stethoscope time! Before you start ripping things apart lol I would be trying to discern first whether the noise is coming clutch end or crank noise. Anyway you can just pull the clutch fork out of the box?
  6. @Jacko When the oil warning light came on to put in +1l, i put in exactly +1l the electronic dip stick says its on the full mark (not over it)
  7. e90 n52b25 Ok, so I thought it was fixed, no more rough idles, no more engine codes, and well it seemed to be running fine I noticed the Idle was starting to sound a bit rough, albeit intermittently, I recently took it for a big round trip to the snow, got back and checked down the side of the block under the intake plenum, and sure enough over a 600km drive, i would say i can see atleast 100ml of fresh oil built up hoping for some insight if someone else has experienced similar issues like a) how likely is it to blow a 2nd CCV (it wasn't OEM) & are there other factors that can lead to this b) what else could be causing oil to puddle out on the head (where the headgasket lip is) and run over onto the block. An engine code recently popped up, p1415, which looks to be vaccum leak related? Can a vaccum leak cause the CCV not to work properly and it pump it back into the intake? The electronic dipstick hasn't moved from max, yet Cheers
  8. Blacked out the grills wanted to do the hood trims too, but i couldnt get one off
  9. I realised, i cannot help my self, there's so many limitless life hack possibilities here is another one i did today I needed the lettering to dry so i could paint over it, (and remove the paint off the lettering clear coat) But it got done
  10. Ok, one more to top this all off So you don't have a paint booth to bake the recently painted bumper, and you have to fit it tonight so the missus can use it for work tomorrow and i dont want to wake up and fit it at 6am tomorrow in the rain before she leaves A spare room has now become a quazi baking booth The clear coat, isn't fresh fresh, its been air drying for say 2 hours, but outside temp is like 12degrees - need to speed this process up!
  11. @eliongater This pipe here, goes from CCV to the Angle Heater element on the bottom of the intake manifold. On the n52 engine
  12. Outstanding that this tiny tear in the rubber caused such horrific oil being sucked back into the intake Feels really good not having the car sound like a rotary now on first start or smelling like an oil refinery when I pull up to the lights
  13. @qube let me know how much oil you drain out of your manifold - the oil warning light came on just before the fix, so thats 1l of oil over 2,500km, and i drained about 150ml out of the manifold (what i could get out) but apparently there was still more!
  14. Update After cleaning it up again and regular driving im guessing it was probably residue oil floating round in the manifold, it's dry as a bone now on the head / block after driving it, and improved fuel economy used to average 10.5/11l per 100km round town, but now i'm getting 8l/100 being careful with the throttle. That blown CCV was really killing fuel consumption. Open road back to it's former glory averaging <7l/100km for a straight 6 is astonishing. Guess people should be aware that if your CCV is poked, that after the fix you could expect oil to keep finding it's way down the manifold seals onto the head for a short while after as there might be a remnant in the system. Thanks all for your responses through this!
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