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  1. Guide coat on just to get a fresh look at the panel curves, been alot of rebuilding on it. used the rest of the graphite, an expensive guide coat that was Its looking 1million times better than when I started and happy that I spotted the dodgey guard flaring and didn't compromise on the body work. Not entirely 100% with it but can definitely see the end in sight. Might start on the other side and use the other side as a guide to Match up he RHS.
  2. She's getting closer Probably give it a few more runs to get it defined then move onto the other side. Finally Lol
  3. @Sammo maybe he means, because it's not from the BMW Dealership. @Seba FCP is the way to go, all OEM parts, make sure you stock up on some oil filters at the same time, alot cheaper over there than over here
  4. Been slowly chipping away at the guard roll, right hand side was completely non-existent, just follow the same contour as the arch, so had to beat a lip back in with a sled hammer, don't know what these turkeys were up to Other side, existing edge was still there, but they had wrenched it out with a crow bar, and it was all rippled the edge is slowly starting to form, all the front left / front right rear left seem to be about 15.5 on the calipers But i've got a long way to get to a nice defined arch like this. once arches are done, only a one more difficult ripple on the quarter panel lhs, then will be in a rapid sand down of the car and prepping for paint. Wish me luck
  5. @Olaf learned to paint pretty quick as the missus kept getting hit by uninsured drivers, and didn't want to pay excess haha. I've learned painting good ain't that hard sticking to basics. Painting exceptionally However is probably something id need in-store trade experience with. Like my clear coat strokes aren't thick and heavy usually because I hate runs, I just do lighter coats and 3 to 4 of them instead of a painter doin 2 efficient thick coats. Having good lighting is really essential in the clear coat stage, been tripped up going to thick in an area because I cant see. It's all in the prep as you know anyway, and can't emphasise the importance of wax and Grease remover or having a good substrate before paint gets applied, i.e. in the past I've had some spider web like flare up to an unknowns chemical from a previous repair. Diy at home there's probably one thing I'm really struggling with, bug control haha, painting at night and a plague of those little buggers migrate to the garage Definitely get a compressor and paint gun, one of the best asset / toys to have in the shed. Get a devilbiss flg5 from spraygunsdirect.co.uk An very good all round gun and exceptional finishes with it. I might recommend you find a cheap gun for primer. And the flg5 for paint / clear.
  6. @Olaf wish me luck, I still have to un bleep the guard flares
  7. Did another test spray with another paint color that caught my eye Sparkling graphite metallic, A22 variant G X6 or something Think I'm going to take the leap on this one, it's different And going to look sweet with the gun metal BBS rims div widget
  8. Looking like that color, winner winner chicken dinner Like a darker shade of steel grey variant with more purple ish hue than blue pearl. @Driftit cheers bro for pointing me in the direction Had seen sparkling graphite metallic but they were all more of a stock graphite, did more digging and found a variant of it that looks to be the first photo.
  9. Yeah I meant Deltron usually $800-900 for the 4l of bc alone, and the reducer is pretty steep too, like $150 Ontop. Paraglaze usually has the exact same colour codes in base coat but it would be 40% cheaper. Like $600 for base coat in that colour.
  10. @Olaf that color is bloody Amazing Just hope I can get it in something other than a DELTRON brand because it's $200 per litre plus gst for that colour code
  11. @Olaf yeah, the non variant one was nice just more or a standard graphite, I had a suspicion there was one out there with a blue pearl in if @Driftit was right and I reckon that might be the colour. Going to slap it on a quarter panel and make the call haha. Obsession is real
  12. $20 for a test 100ml It will eat away at me not knowing. Thats the variant of it with blue pearl. @Driftit you may be onto something with the first call on sparkling graphite.
  13. I still reckon that colour is steel grey in the first image, but the variant of it there's definite 2 options in the paint shop for bmw colour code 400 steel grey, one is a dark shade with like white pearl, the variant is the one below with a blue pearl in it. https://www.m3post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=464380
  14. @Jacko i was actually about to make a mention on something about exactly this, I used to run edge 5w40, by 3500km i chewed through 1l, so 1l top up, and then in 2000km that 1l was chewed up, top up -> then lucky if i got another 1000km out of it before top up. I switched to Penrite HPR, it's been 5400km since the fill and have just chewed through my first litre, which is substantially better than 3500km on the edge, hard to say 100% for sure right now, but if i make it to my 7,000km oil interval without having to top up, this pretty much would suggest that Castrol Edge oil integrity breaks down quicker than penrite HPR in a substantial way. No real leaks either to add to usage, sump is relatively dry, oil cooler gasket is dry, block is dry,. Just the od "seepage" here and there in common places.
  15. Cleaned the car, and produced a little bit of low level car porn 😂
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