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  1. This guy has a few restorations a nice watch
  2. Cut & Polished the bonnet, might eventually do the rest of the car 😅 Meguiars ultimate compound is the bomb
  3. didnt hear, see anything as i took it out slowly, even checked inside the intake manifold with a magnet and removed splash pan. is it possible different variations of the disa look like this? am i at risk driving it how it is? would i expect to hear a rattle (from the flap coming loose) if there's actually an issue
  4. So I took the DISA out today to inspect, the primary one. And I always remembered a metal pin in the top of images I saw of disa's. The flap is firm, no play. If there was a metal pin and it went through the valves surely I'd know right?
  5. A golden video for your love of the e39
  6. Maybe you are right with a failing bearing in one of power steering alternator ac, but maybe spinning under load re created the issue. Have you isolated the noise?
  7. at first glance i wanted to set fire to it and then i realized it was the outrageous kidney grills ruining the whole thing those kidney grills need to be like 1/3rd that size, cause DAMN
  8. If your paranoid, go to https://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/select find your car, then find the engine component links with vanos solenoids, grab the OEM number, cross reference that number
  9. @cat007 yup, even @Jacko is living on the wild side right now with some Amazon Vanos solenoids in his 330 with no troubles.
  10. @cat007 take it as a <$100 diagnostic test since OEM are north of $300 each
  11. @cat007 my 325i (130,000) was showing some very subtle idle issues, every now and then low power at low RPM's, and it eventually threw a CEL every 1,000-3,000km Petrol mileage was really poor like 12l/100km Took out the vanos solenoids, cleaned them, checked resistances (which were within specifications) hard to say whether any improvement. Anyway long story short, I swapped out some known working vanos solenoids in there, and my fuel mileage is back to averaging 9l/100km (mixed usage) 7-8l/100 open road, no strange idling issues, noticeable continual power restoration. So i guess the solenoids were to blame and tracking it at times was elusive, cleaning them didn't really rectify the performance issues. It might be worth your while grabbing a set of these off amazon since they are cheap, to try your luck to see if anything changes (they may last, they may not, a few members on here have purchased sets like that with no issues) https://www.amazon.com/Vanos-Camshaft-Solenoid-128i-135i/dp/B06XKPJH39/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=n52+solenoid&qid=1583271891&sr=8-4
  12. I hope your 330i didn't catch a cold off my 325i when I stopped by ... 😰 Ive realized I live life on the edge owning a BMW, but wouldn't have it any other way. Water pump randomly seized maybe? So got hot and started spitting out the resovior
  13. So after a good cleaning, new oil no issues for 3000km but today a p0015 code about cam shaft over retard and a strange idle surge. Is this symptomatic of the same sensors? Just didn't want to replace them before if it was just a cleaning thing, but hopefully this confirms that one is on the way out
  14. Yup 2.0 FSI. Making a catch can to hopefully reduce the intake garbage. The inside of the plenum is pretty wet with oily residue. Turned a paint can with some JB weld and old BMW quick connectors into a chur bro catch can mod The top one ain't going to be a breather but sealed with a dip stick in it haha Going to have a tyre valve on the bottom as a drain valve. Using an old BMW filter in it to help stop the oil
  15. Not a bad result Soaked in kero for a few hours - loosened up big bits with screw driver / pick - brake cleaner and scotch brite to get the final bits off Found a new use for my paint gun spraying in there to blow out the liquid, i look like i've been stuck in a chimney for weeks now
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