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  1. 325_driver

    e46 2002 330ci Msport

    Bump - $7000 Or near offer.
  2. 325_driver

    e46 2002 330ci Msport

    Bump. Will take $7500, or less if you bring your own wheels. Can upload interior photos if ask for, been out of country
  3. 325_driver

    e46 2002 330ci Msport

    Auto - Thanks Updated!
  4. 325_driver

    e46 2002 330ci Msport

    I am possibly moving to wellington shortly, not looking like enough garage space down there, and close enough to walk to work. This car has been a dream, and well looked after. *More photos of exterior + Photos of interior to come Brother is a mechanic and has regularly serviced it. It's being listed on Trademe in the next few weeks for around $10,000 But I would take $8500 firm through Bimmersport (Including wheels) 2002 330ci e46 - (Coupe) I am pretty certain it is a M-Sport package - has the M-Sport Steering Wheel and Door Sills - 210,000 km - Auto - Most of the car has been freshly resprayed - M-Tech 2 Bumper - Angel Eyes - 18" CSL Style Wheels (I believe they are after market) 4mm+ Tread on Tyres - Valve cover gasket just done - Rear weather strips have been replaced - 35% tints all round I think (What ever the legal ones were) - 2 Remote keys Good overall interior condition, roof lining is good. - Takata airbags have been replaced in the recall - Still have the Boot Lip / Spoiler - but didnt glue it back on once the respray was finished - (I preferred it off) - I have a spare Sump gasket and oil filter Will come with new WOF + 12 months rego. A Few things that could do with some TLC - The Fabric on the C-pillar is starting to lift - could do with some spray-glue - Top of the steering wheel is developing a bit of a crack in the leather - Small tear in the driver side leather seat that can easily be stitched back together PM me or send an email to jemountfort@gmail.com Jonathan
  5. 325_driver

    M TOY M3

    Please get a bigger wing also - There needs to be exactly 5mm clearance between the edge and the mcdonalds drive through barrier
  6. 325_driver

    M TOY M3

    That Wing! Those Stripes! You win
  7. 325_driver

    SSA 4 x 18" w Tires

    Selling the spare set of SSA rims I had on my e46 Tires have alot left on them, no shoulder wear. maybe 5mm tread. 5 X 120 / 80 tires 225/40 There are a few scuff marks on one of them, and a little bit of paint fade. their listed on trademe for $650 but I would take $500 from bimmersport members. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1550300785
  8. 325_driver


    http://yahoo.aleado.com/2084231117-catlist.html Go searching on there ... You can find genuine sets in Japan easy as with tires round $1000 ish (cheaper if your not too concerned with a few scuffs) And then probably about $400 ish in shipping / fees to get them here - Contact my mate Ewan from at info@stacked.co.jp - they can bid on them / organise the shipping. Theres a set http://yahoo.aleado.com/lot?auctionID=w217078095
  9. 325_driver

    E46 330ci

    So I finally finished restoring my E46 330ci to its former glory with a respray to most of the car, body work, cut polish. Ended up getting some rims for it too, really adding to the final touch. These things age really well with time! ----- When i begun - it needed some serious love Finished with the respray - but the old wheels - just didnt give it the BMW look And here it is now
  10. Bit of a random question, but i thought i would throw it up! Some wheels have arrived and I don't really want to get them freighted, my friend was going to pick them up but now his schedule has been thrown out. Is anyone heading from Auckland through Tauranga ways in the next week or so that might have some room for 4 x 18's with Tyres that could bring them down? Could meet on the main highway on the way down too I could help pay for gas money also? Jonathan
  11. 325_driver

    E92 Remote Key Not Working

    apparently the PCB can look fine - but there are some connections that can have subtle build up on it which cause the issue I think this guy was talking about it
  12. 325_driver

    E92 Remote Key Not Working

  13. 325_driver

    E92 Remote Key Not Working

    https://www.bmwgm5.com/FZV_Antenna_Amp.htm not sure if e92 have a similar setup to e46 (mine was in the rear left c pillar)
  14. 325_driver

    E92 Remote Key Not Working

    FZV Amplifier - Saw a write up about this ages ago reminding me of your issues. It also receives all of the FM/AM radio frequency for the car So it could well be related to that Atleast you have 2 keys now !
  15. 325_driver

    e46 Fan Blower

    yeah - genuine from US is only like $50 + postage i was watching the installation of it - upsidedown with my head in the pedal box sounds like a bit of me, Has any one had a fan blower motor go - just trying to figure out how i would discern between either one