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  1. Aja probably 2 pack, anything to recommend?
  2. yeah , all i needed to know bro ! thanks so much. I'm not a pro painter either, done plenty of resprays pretty well, but was just checking to see if there was anything out side of the norm. Good luck with your V8 project!
  3. WOW! making me want a v8 in my e46 coupe or atleast a 335 twin turbo!
  4. did you sand back the paint coats and clear ? what with? Thanks heaps !
  5. Better yet if any one has painting experience could you chuck up the procedure that you did. i.e. did you sand back the metallic paint with 800+ grit lacquer ? Thanks heaps
  6. Anyone with a metallic paint colour (i.e. black sapphire metallic) done a respray on their car? Reason for question is wondering if you needed to apply clear coat / lacquer to it i.e. - primer - few coats of paint / 24 hour dry - sand 1200 grit, then few coats of lacquer I've done some resprays in the past and i recently overheard a rumour that some bmw paints don't have the clear coat, or is this maybe some of the newer paints. or is this rumour a nothing-burger. Any insight would be sweet.
  7. I guess you can maybe hope for some good speed camera footage heading into wellington then!
  8. haha RIP
  9. This is quite a cool site https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?autoMake=BMW&autoModel=330Ci+Coupe&autoYear=2002&autoModClar=Sport+Package&package=false see some rims on BMW models
  10. wheres the 4th wheel brent?
  11. Found some VRM wheels - look kinda similar, but still cool! http://www.velocitymotoring.com/wheels/v703/
  12. Gabe to the rescue lol
  13. Looking round for these sorts of wheels - any one know what they are called? or better yet have some for sale
  14. was there photos of the voyage trip?
  15. Probably worth mentioning - it's not GM or Antenna related - from some more testing it seems to be pointed more towards battery. but i'm curious has any one had a rechargable battery actually die? from what i've read it seems like they rarely die - but its an original key so like 15 year old battery surely must be reaching an end point ?