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  1. @M3AN i'm not even sure if it's road legal now! Might need a cert!
  2. Added further HP through aerodynamic improvements
  3. @Driftit been there, broken links everywhere does anyone have an up to date INPA software link? a few things seem to work and a few don't, i'm having issues with version 5.02
  4. So my OBD CAN/K showed up today, with a CD. I've uploaded the installation files, as it seems to be a pain finding them online, as i didn't have a CD player anywhere in any computer. in the end, i found a friends computer with a CD player to get them 😂 https://www.dropbox.com/s/z18fjvogutzryzk/INPA CD.rar?dl=0 They in RAR format, because winzip doesnt like German Characters or something I followed the steps in INPA folder first, seems to work fine on Windows 10 64bit Cheers
  5. @Young Thrash Driver more like, they went missing ... lol When i pulled out the sensors, i saw the black retainers in the head, but there was nothing else in there. So maybe the people last working on the car lost them , and decided to put it back in without the inner o-rings Winning
  6. @NRJ codes Haven't returned .. yet. They were pretty clean when I took them out. And gave them a good soaking in brake cleaner. I checked the gap in the head they weren't there lol, and I definitely didn't pull them out. They starting to leak though now lol. Gasket goo didn't hold up too long haha *Edit .. o I see what your talking about now. Had no idea they had filter's thanks! I'll take em out and clean em when I do my next oil change.
  7. @zero I definitely replaced it, how ever this is something i want to check. So you're saying, it's a one way valve essentially? a) It's designed to not allow crank case pressure back up into the CCV? b) So oil returns when that ball allows it, i.e. in the absence of vacuum / pressure?
  8. @Jacko $60+gst for a set of vanos o-rings from BMW ... yeah-nah ... lol I dont know what rates you guys get from BMW, but the guy i always talk to has put me in the cash cow category or something Other stunning yeah-nah quotes include $400 for a CCV ... $130 for that rubber strip that goes along the windscreen
  9. Looking to get a set of these https://www.rmeuropean.com/Products/11367548459-MFG17.aspx?LineItemId=80ca6093-f91a-494c-b467-2e353b3017dc Anyone got a set I could buy, Or could i piggy back on someones up and coming order? It's no rush, so thought i might ask Didn't really want to buy the set off amazon after being scarred for life with the last CCV, and the shipping alone just isn't worth it for those tiny things.
  10. @NRJ right there, every time, with the old CCV it was across every runner with the new CCV its just a minimal amount of oil between cylinder 1-2 every time lol I went nuts with brake cleaner when the intake was off so i can keep track of any sign of oil, oil filter housing is sweet, that was recently done
  11. Imagine driving that car round at night! I think they need to vantablack the wheels too, it would be WILD *edit found a photo that isn't all show-roomed up, unreal
  12. @Jacko I thought the crank case was slightly negative vaccum? Depending on compression ring wear
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