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    To be honest, E60/E92 M car ownership isn't THAT bad provided you get one that isn't a bomb and you own it longer term. You could get one that doesn't need anything other than basic services for a few years, or you might be unlucky and get one where every single sensor decides to die and the bearings go, in that case you are f**ked. Given that my very tidy M5 went for $20k and only had 90km on the clock, add another 7.5k on it for for bearings and $5k for clutch and at $32.5k it's still a pretty capable and unique car for the money. The big worry for me is the perceived costs and reliability driving away potential buyers at resale, so you potentially are stuck with the car for a long while, or will have to lose a bunch on resale. If you are going to own long term then you may have to squirrel away $7.5k for bearings depending on mileage, but just factor that into the purchase and spread it over the ownership period. Mid length ownership is the potential trap in my opinion. You should own one for a very short time or a very long time to either avoid the risks or spread the cost out. /braindump. As for the cars themselves? Amazing open road vehicles. When driven through the country side there isn't much you could want to be honest. They're just a joy to drive.
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    Yes, he certainly knew his stuff with turbos. He disappeared completely for a while, not even answering his phone from what I understand. He was on a lot of other forums and facebook groups that I visit and disappeared from those as well. Whilst bimmersport can get a little unruly from time to time (see above...) some of the Facebook groups are just brain damage, for every half intelligent post on there you get a hundred posts of "nah g, my cuzzie did it for half that price and it's all gudz" or some rubbish. I think it was that kind of thing that really got to Steve, and in the end he said, and even posted somewhere I think, "I've got more than enough business to keep me busy, so I don't need to keep arguing with Facebook experts" which is fair enough. The word of mouth reputation for Steve and his existing customer base will keep him more than busy, but as you say its a shame his advice that he was happy to give free of charge is no longer available.
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    I'm not quite in a position to buy a new motor just yet but was wondering how much I can expect to pay for a complete s54b32? And how often do they come up for sale? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong place, I'm still getting use to the forum.
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    They don’t come up overly often. depending on condition and what they come with, usually 8-10k
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    Not nice to have that happen Chris. It wasn't good before all this that is happening and it will get a lot worse as I've said before. What's up with the pooch ? Too old ? I always had dobermans when I lived in the suburbs. Great family dogs when well looked after and trained by there owners... I bred them. Pity they stopped docking them.
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    Update: Have got the car going runs really well. Oil & filter done Leaking frost plug changed Power steering fluid changed and bled Brake fluid changed and bled. Drove it home and spent saturday polishing it up with the mrs. Came up better than expected. Starting to like this car more and more. Especially with how little its costed me so far.
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    Wow what a horrible story. A lesson for everyone in these strange times.
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    Im self employed, doing mostly engineering consulting work and face to face training, so its essentially game over and I live on savings and the governments payout for 4+ weeks... and then we spend the next few years paying it all off. Could be worse, we could be in the US.
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    The inconvenience of having to do certain things to comply with the situation we now find ourselves in is just something we all just have to suck it up and do our very best to comply. And I too understand what I need to do in my situation which is now been made worse by Covid-19. My wife has stage 4 TC and has to have chemo every 3 weeks for the rest of her life here with me. No visitors and brief visitations by family at a distance. I can now only go out for absolute necessities.
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    Just curious - what has this got to do with anything and whats the point of this comment? Other than an attempt at humour?
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    The prick who broke into my house on Wednesday night... I dont really care about the laptop or the tablet you pinched, insurance will cover the 3k they cost. What is really concerning is that the sickf**k was obviously watching my wife use them in the lounge from the road, and then when she went to bed and turned the light of he jumped the fence and ran around the back of the house.He then went in through the back door of the house, past the sleeping 45kg dog, in through the house and into the lounge and grabbed laptop and tablet. My 4 year old is in the bedroom next door. I was awake and working in the shed during the whole time this happened, going in and out of the house. He must have been watching me in the shed as well as picked the right time to gap it past the garage door. Now have a child who is worried about people stealing his things in the night, and me and the wife are locking the house when we are home (also just dumped 2k on 4 camera home CCTV system) This guy had some big balls, or was massively desperate. Strange days, I suspect this sort of sh*t is going to get worse before it gets better.
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