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  1. Sorry to bring up Audi's on a bimmer forum but is there a D99 Android platform for the Audi A4? and does it have the same functionality as the E39 version?
  2. So Badass........ So Badass!
  3. The way we went is cheaper than buying aftermarket clutches. An off the shelf stock replacement clutch kit would have cost pretty close to what this very much uprated setup cost......so future clutch replacements (or reconditions) will be quite alot cheaper and easier to deal with than the dual mass being that a new flywheel doesnt have to be made, only machined.
  4. Sometimes a great thing is created and this is is definately one of them. I was thoughfully emailed this from a friend who stubbled across it: "As an avid BMW E30 owner, I decided with the amount of spare parts I had lying around, to build a home simulator to play around with, little did I know it would get as powerful and features as it has (even featured on Kotaku ffs). A little bit of background to describe why its built as it is. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to cars. I cannot have things in place that do not function, and while the simulator has a few things like that, 95% of the thing works like it did on the original car. Spec List. Pentium 4 3.46EE, 2GB Ram, Radeon 2600HD, 80GB SATA Hard Disk, Wireless, Creative Audigy LS, Beta Innovations Signal Generators, 2PAC USB Keyboard Emulator, 300W Switching PSU for the computer, 5Amp 12V PSU for the electronics, BMW relays, BMW Fuses, etc. Everything in the cockpit fuctions, and some in a slightly interesting way. For example if you honk the horn, it will change views, if you pull up on the ebrake, it not only activates it inside the game, it turns on the light on the dashboard. The window switches do not function at this time, however one will be used to adjust brake bias from Front to Rear. The basis for everything is a highly modified Logitech G25 which is hidden underneath the electronics module. The shifter is modified to except a BMW E30 shifter, knob, and boot. Audio is handled by a BMW E30 Factory Headunit, with CD Changer. Some of the other random cool features, the BMW Onboard computer fully functions, and even calculated avg MPH, shows temp, range, and even has a speed limiter which will set off the door gong (which is installed. I also installed 80MM fans behind the vents which are controlled by the factory fan knob. One of the coolest features of the sim is the fully functional guage cluster. Coolant Temp, Fuel, Speedometer and Tachometer all function completed, in fact if you stall the engine in the game you have to use the key to restart it, just like a real car (even turns off the radio and gauges while you do it for an authentic look) The game itself is GTR Revolution, which provides us a BMW E30 M3 DTM Race car for authenticity." http://jalopnik.com/393849/homemade-drivin...han-modern-bmws
  5. Hahaha awesome work Ray! Luckily I had my phone in my hand in that shot otherwise I would have looked a tad dodgy, no amount of explaination can save Josh though
  6. Motorsport is the 3rd most popular spectator sport in the world and the highest TV rating sport in the world...... Doesnt it make sense to have a whole channel devoted to it? Rugby came in at a pityfull 14th......Half the world doesnt even know what it is. I watched Motorsport on one last night with the Indy 500 coverage and even though I think Robby Rakete is a tool I could have kept watchin that for the rest of the night had it kept going. I was stoked when they finally brought out the V8 supercar channel, which soon turned into the TVNZ Sport channel, which soon stopped showing the V8 supercars, and now does nothing :| awesome, what a complete waste of a possibly good channel. Bring on the motorsport channel!!!!
  7. FYI a supercharger will put just as much stresses on the engine as a turbocharger, they are essentially the same thing, just one is turned by a belt and the other is turned by exhaust gasses. You would still need to do the same things to your engine to run either system with the same manifold air pressure (essentially boost), the difference is having to do a belt system for the supercharger (which is reasonably easy) or making a manifold, downpipe and wastegate system for the turbo. Everything else is pretty much the same such as intercooler, bypass valve, intake plumbing, fuel delivery and ecu etc.
  8. How many SS exhausts have you seen with broken welds? Saying SS is rubbish is a pretty big claim so if there is evidence to back this up I'd like to see it. So far I've never seen anything to say they are no good. Googling supersprint and broken welds doesnt come up with anything except for one thread I found with a hanger problem on one version of thier race exhaust, which wasnt really a big deal. Please post some links if you know of any.
  9. If you're replacing the ECU then the you are losing out by getting the non-evo. The difference's to the evo engine over the non evo engine are as follows: Increased compression ratio to 11.3:1 (from 10.8:1) Double VANOS continuously variable valve timing on both intake and exhaust strokes (as opposed to Single Vanos on the intake only) Lightweight pistons Improved dual-mass flywheel Graphite-coated conrods Larger inlet valves More efficient intake and exhaust systems Second oil pump And of course not forgetting the Torque and Power increases - from 286 hp at 7,000 rpm to 321 hp at 7,400 rpm and from 236 lb/ft at 3,600 rpm to 258 lb/ft at 3,250 rpm. Its all wins really. You still need an ecu that handles vanos to run the non-evo engine.
  10. Very Niiice! And believe me, these seats are very comfortable indeed, especially for the amount of support they give.
  11. That was an great weekend and some totally awesome roads (and views), I thoroughly enjoyed it and so did the gsr Cheers for taking us on those runs Doug, was good to meet everyone and it was good to see the M3 too!
  12. Assault

    HB Andrew

    Happy Bday man, have a good one
  13. I managed to stumble across this and thought it was well worth posting, even though its not really a bmw anymore. This is the engine on the dyno: This is the car down the strip during testing before it was painted up: This is the car now: More Photo's here: http://www.queenstsmash.com.au/v4/pages/ga...QSR_BMW_E46.php
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