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    The background is very dark now and the topic header is black also. This combination is a pain to clearly see, is there a user side way to change this? thank mr admin
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    Very rare set of wheels, originally an option for e31 8 series. Front 8Jx17H2 IS10 Rear 9Jx17H2 IS19 Mad lip Will polish up nicely once rattle can paint has been stripped (P.O.) Centres absent. Small inconsequential hairline crack welded for piece of mind, spun by local tyre shop who can provide report for buyer. Happy to ship at buyers risk/expense. I can’t stress how unusual these wheels are, looking to simply recover costs. Wife says too many wheels....... asking $1200
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    Would look even better with the RC010's!, would be very keen if I wasn't already working on some EB006's.
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    I thought my computer was screwing up, or there was a technical issue with the website. If these are updated changes they are quite the downgrade.
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    Mine were almost toast at 140k (only put a couple of thousand k on it after buying and before doing the bearings). Mine is an '05 so wasn't part of the recall/preventative action/whatever BMW call it. That's only my experience and I don't know for sure how the owners before me treated the car - lots of other people seem to get more mileage out of them, but going forward I'll be playing it safe and replacing maybe every 80k-100k (If I ever put that many k's on the car!!) Hope my entirely subjective and non-statistically significant opinion is helpful!
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    less intelligent people (the masses) are easier to control, when there's no jobs left and the worlds falling apart hence the programmed dumbing down of society, replace news with clickbait and reality shows and people are just lambs to the slaughter
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    I have too much time on my hands, so I've been honing my grumpy old git persona. What is it about so many (typically) younger people that means they have to swear ALL THE TIME ? It seems everything is tagged with sh!t, f*ck, c*nt... And rarely in the "good c*nt" way. We're pretty grown up on here but look at Facebook, Instagram, or other social media sites, and you could be forgiven for thinking everyone is about 14 and trying to prove what a tough guy they are.
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    Talk to Transmission Solutions in Manukau and buy the Amtex 6 speed oil of them. It's what we used BTW...you need to set the oil level in park on a level surface at 45 degrees C
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    Get a sample of your oil tested. An indication of Bearing condition can be derived from sample. E.G. forum with a bit more info http://www.m3forum.net/m3forum/showthread.php?t=431107
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    166605kms : happy one year of ownership (my first V8). So that year's gone by fast, 14,311kms, a decent chunk of change spent on maintenance, and many smiling miles driven. Every time I drive it, it puts a smile on my dial. Comfortable, quick, remarkably capable for a commode-sized car. Next up: bumper repaint (insurance - left a 'present', though left no note), 2mm stone chip in screen to be repaired (insurance), and source a new rim (slow leak from a crack). I'd planned on giving her a 'birthday' today, another good wash. Too busy with other stuff. So here's a snap marking the occasion:
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    900 if anyone is keen. Absolute bargain with tyres too.
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    Hi Guys, something to note: if the video module has been removed, NO graphics will show, as this is the switching module. you can take the blue connector from a video module and plug it straight into a mk3/4 nav euro module and it will provide graphics. - because the jap nav module has a different plug this is not possible (without re-wiring, but why would you want to?). it is possible to simply unplug a jap nav and the video module will take over - but not the other way round... the cheapest option would be to find yourself a video module to regain some display graphics..
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    Really feel for you Ben :\ Hope it ain't too bad.