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    Hi all, sort of by accident had a fabulous drive around Lake Taupo on saturday in the trusty E30 with my youngest . Took a couple of hours and some of the views were breathtaking, very little traffic and glorious weather - heres some pics and the GPS tracking for the day - didn't take anywhere near enough of them.. cheers
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    It’s surprising how much of a gut ol’ Clarkson has got in the latest season. Was one of the first things my wife and I noticed and I’m hardly a svelte machine myself. Life on Amazon money must be good.
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    Yuck. But cool mask. I'd strip the leather, get that commercially cleaned and buy a new rear seat base from a wrecker and swap the cleaned leather onto that. I think the seat base foams are the same across all e46 coupes and you'll never get that clean because of all of the airspace in the foam that you simply can't get to. Whoever you approach to clean the leather will probably know as soon as they see it whether it's recoverable. If they think it is then you'll know as soon as you get it back whether it's reusable. They may require you to provide a useable base before they clean it so they can keep it stretched properly. Call a local upholster (marine might be best) to ask about where to get the leather cleaned. IMO.
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    It's not related to the fuel quality, it is related to the emissions level required by the market. Only markets that have to meet the tougher Real World Emissions Testing (WLTP or RDE in BMW speak) require the additional emissions control systems, which include the particulate filter, to be fitted. As the additional controls are quite expensive to add to the vehicle they are only fitted when necessarily. NZ is still only an EU4 emissions level for new petrol vehicles, so the EU6 version without the ppf more than meets the homologation requirements to be sold in NZ. I think the VIN decoder you are using may still have old descriptions for the option codes, as option 858 has been referred to as "engine for poor-fuel countries" for a while now rather than the "lower compression engine" - probably more managed through the knock-sensors and ignition advance timing rather than a mechanical change in the engine. My understanding is that it is the sulphur levels in both the diesel and petrol that can be available that cause the issues.
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    I've never needed $6k more in my life! 😪
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    They haven't "lost their way" as such, they just know the target market and where the money is. As mentioned above, most people couldn't care less if it drives the rear wheels, or if the awd system is front biased. It's a status symbol they use to take the kids to school, or for a back road Hoon. Iirc even the ///M cars have been coming out awd for a while? I wonder what percentage they make in total sales.
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    it was beautiful alright. Just had a few days away down there (live in Auckland) decided to take the E30 for a good run as the weather looked good , best decision I made. Left Taupo to see what was around the area and realised very quickly that there was a great road to follow so just kept on going round the lake until I got back to Taupo a few hours later, quality time with the young 'un and the old girl. My lad commented that it was like a scene from a movie, great landscapes in an old car .. loved it
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    Are those two photos to the same scale? Looks like the wheel size has gone up about 3 inches between the two... so rolling on 21"s G?
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    the height of the doors is crazy high compared to the previous model.. makes the rear look really fat and bulged out too because it curves upwards whereas the previous model is more straight
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    funny different for everyone, I thought Matt was excellent after the first season nerves and especially in the last season, his dry humour worked well with Chris and Rory, which for an american was quite unusual. I thought he had the potential to be better than clarkson less ranty and just the dry humour. His absolute joy in doing the stuff showed through better than clarksons as well. His pieces about some combine harvester /tank or whatever were brilliant the bit where he and harris were testing those battery moto-x bikes and the all terrain thing when they were hunting bigfoot was great and showed the potential those two had. Sorry to see he bailed.
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    There is supposed to be a cheap car challenge in China I think which has an E38, W140 and something else. Can’t wait for that one.
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    Epic, the Taupo region is brilliant on a clear day, I love it. Used to stay in Acacia Bay as a kid at mum and dad's place and more recently in Five Mile Bay. Are you staying down there or was it a round trip from Auckland?
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    Of Top Gear: I thought having Rory was a good idea; a genuinely 'man off the street' candidate. Unfortunately he turned out to be a bit of a big-head, and didn't really gel with Monkey Harris, or Joey - both of whom were pretty damned good I thought. I agree he was passionate about his job, and wore this well. Top Gear didn't used to have great gel - just check it out before 1998. It took some time to assemble the dream team, and then to change the format. I thought GT S3E1 was fun, though the pace was a bit slow. No new ideas, perhaps? And fresh ways of expressing an understandably reluctant Hammond to race.
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    Nice E30 325i Cabby in Island Bay this evening...
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    Got a bit distracted on the replacement of the timing belt for the E30 cabrio, now proceeding to order all sorts of little bits and pieces that are either broken or brittle. Even splashed out on a couple of new front grille pieces - the LH and RH black grilles. Hopefully they wont sit in the box as long as the timing belt did, LoL.
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    strip it out and track car? who needs rear seats anyway in a coupe..
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    Cheers Sadly I didnt have the patience today and after a short discussion it became clear to me that they held my goods that I have spent much time (18mths) deceiding what will the right look for my car and if I didnt pay them I wasnt getting them...........I paid and will put it down to a lesson Will try Fedex next time Will post before and after photos once new springs fitted
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    NZ currently legislates 10ppm sulfur for diesel and petrol. Australia has 150ppm for 91 and 50ppm for 95/98, not sure about their diesel. I believe our 98 Octane (not the Gull stuff with ethanol in it) is imported refined from Singapore (which has very exacting specifications.
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    I asked my dealer for a sample VIN number from a floor-stock M140i, and this one does not show a PPF on the options list via the VIN decoder (option code S1DEA). So I am hopeful NZ does not get them, hopeful because it means at a later date I can fit an MPE if I want. I guess from here it's just a case of wait and see
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    I'm stunned the seller didn't check 'authenticated members only'; of course, leaving it unchecked makes it easy for him to use a fake profile like samiam61 to shill bid. Regardless, watching a bidder pushing up your auction where there's a risk of non-performance, is asking for trouble. The only fair thing to do is offer at the highest bid before the bidding went nuts... unless you've engaged a shill. It seemed okay in risk; difficult to determine extent of damage from over the descriptions. Worth a flutter at $2k? Hard to say. I wouldn't take it (got same offer) based on the seller's actions, looks a bit suspect to me.
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    Gosh the Senna is one ugly as car, but sh*t its quick. Loved the brake test in it, like dropping an anchor. Typical ex-Top Gear stuff, lots of banter between the lads. Looking forward to the rest of the season. Couldnt give less of a sh*t if the "new" Top Gear was cancelled, they will never get the presenter interaction that Grand Tour has, which is what makes or breaks the show. Rumor has it they dropped Rory too, which was the only presenter that actually seemed passionate about his job.
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    all fixed folks, if anyone has this rather unique issue in the future underneath the top part of the fuse box (ie where the fuses and relays sit) if you remove the screws and lift off theres a load of wires etc, there is a circuit board, a soldered track had burnt out, bridge with a bit of wire and hey presto all is well again
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