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  1. hotwire

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    Soooo when the f##k are the authorities in this country going to wake up to make insurance compulsory. it only needs to be 3rd party. What gives the right to anyone to bash into someone else & not be responsible!
  2. hotwire

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    To true on cars with any value. Particularly when there are so many muppets running around with NO insurance!
  3. hotwire

    E39 M5 Wheels 18 Inch

    If they are staggered the outer spokes will be inset slightly - unlike the one pictured.
  4. hotwire

    E39 M5 Wheels 18 Inch

    ^^^ Don't look like it. They would have to be fronts but to my knowledge the M wheels have the insignia in the centres - as yours would Martin? They are probably as mine - BBS style 65 - non staggered 8"
  5. hotwire


    I have used Youshop on numerous occasions & all have been seamless but a couple. One for an expensive package of air (US packaging) I paid but argued the toss after receiving it - suggesting they could/should have repackaged it - a service they claimed to offer. They refunded me down to the size of the original box. Another was about 10 days delay from them receiving the item to informing me they had it. Admittedly i can't recall a GST required transaction with them. It has always been either under the threshold or flown under the radar. Ultimately I have saved hundreds in using them. Most/many US outfits offer free internal shipping & if infact offering international - usually ridiculous cost, certainly more than Youshop.
  6. You should use the "A" socket above the red lead now & the selector on A. I take it this is the circuit you say isn't working - it is normally the fuse that blows. Ask me - I regularly blow the fuse in my fluke when I forget to change the leads back before checking voltage. That said, you are getting the .138 amp reading on the A selector - which will be a true reading - but too high. It should drop to about .02 amp to max .04 amp. - Milli amps As above -allow the car to go to sleep - a time that varies. Can't recall on the E36 but the E39 takes about 25 mins.
  7. hotwire

    Deja Vu - NZ Health System

    On the nail Andy. I've been spouting that for years!
  8. hotwire

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    Agreed value is agreed value, that is the value you have been paying the policy on. Don't let them roll you.
  9. hotwire

    Coming soon - Looking to buy E46 330i

    Hardly any point in asking for or looking at then if you are not in the market. Insurance - did you not have an agreed value?
  10. hotwire

    servcing an old e30 325i

    They are a simplistic car. Any decent mechanic can do it. Guessing $700 ish for parts/labour.
  11. hotwire

    Break out the Brie and Champagne

    The initial French party aftermath was just ridiculous, just plain destruction from bloody louts!
  12. hotwire

    RIP - 2019 1 Series

    BMW are completely losing the plot now with car design. Those grilles, as most others, are just wrong for the rest of the car. Wasn't even a big fan of the Bangle cars but bring him back i reacon...
  13. hotwire

    Valve Stem Seals for '07 550 with 4.8 V8

    ^^^ That procedure for valve stem replacement is a common way to do in situ. I have done on engines in the past
  14. hotwire

    E60 Water Leak, rear window seals

    The single word "Pelican" into google was enough... https://www.google.co.nz/search?q=pelican+parts&rlz=1C1GGRV_enNZ751NZ751&oq=pelican&aqs=chrome.1.69i59j35i39j0l4.10349j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8 Edit - tongue in cheek of course😊 Apart from dealers here, there are several other overseas suppliers FCP, ECS, Schneiderman for a few