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  1. I can see the issue with the more complex airbag systems. I noted in another post the requirements to delete these. This however, is an all in one incorporated steering wheel system (no external warning light), & no other external parts like belt pre tensioners. I am all for legality but in your case it is a simple - replace the wheel, & no one is any the wiser. It is simply back to the spec of an E36 non airbag specced car. The later more complex systems are a different story
  2. One on a car in our workshop atm but I think the owner may miss it somehow...
  3. Yep he knows that. He means E30
  4. Occupancy sensor - 1 hour... really?
  5. Two posts & still we don't know the actual car. We are all wasting out time without that knowledge - how long is a piece of string?
  6. No one will know anything without yo mentioning the vehicle as to battery reconfiguration. Seems random to me. Occupancy seat sensor will have nothing to do with battery change & i am assuming you are meaning rear brake pads & if so neither will have anything to do with those lights
  7. Talk to Kayne Barrie
  8. Try Anything Electronic in Nelson
  9. Nup only drivers door. Both doors seemed to stop at E36. E39 locks are a prick to pick too. I haven't even managed to on my car. Irony is though - i can pick the later car locks relatively easily too
  10. In the case of this one - if you don't want to fix it then just swap with a non bag wheel & say nothing. There is nothing else on the car to suggest it originally had one fitted.
  11. Yep as Andrew says - in this case removing the wheel removes the entire system. Edit: & no one will be any the wiser. Have researched this for jobs at work. After a certain age (15 yrs comes to mind but not sure) the system can be removed but ALL related components must be removed, airbag signage removed & a sign on the dash indicating the system is no longer installed - that is the ugly part.
  12. Talk to Joe @ Euro Surgeon. When i was last talking to him, he was not overly impressed with Dynavin for reliability. Not sure what he has.
  13. Can't help sorry but I am bemused as to why you turned it right around to Valet position again without first confirming the reason of the first failure. Particularly after Allan's post above.
  14. Sounds as if it was originally a non monitor vehicle - radio in the dash. These aftermarket screens are designed to plug/play into the original radio plug. If the vehicle was fitted with a factory monitor, there would have been different plugs - the blue & white i mentioned above. In this case the radio, TV etc modules are all in the L/H rear of the vehicle so if fitting an aftermarket screen in place of the OEM, it needs an extra loom run from the dash (connected to the new monitor) back to the radio in the rear. So, if your vehicle was originally non monitor, it is a big procedure to retrofit to OEM. Aftermarket is the easiest/ most economic option in this case, assuming you want a screen in the dash. Otherwise just revert it back to the dash radio.
  15. As above, If going back to factory option - make sure with the seller that it IS FROM an E53. Plenty of sellers miss represent that they fit E38/39 & E53. Also E39 units (although viewing angle is the same) don't properly fit into the early E38 aperture - a ventilation duct fouls with the unit. First off (again as above) - remove that unit & check the wiring behind. If there are spare blue & white plugs there - it would have had a factory monitor, if factory plugs connect to that unit then it was originally a non monitor car. If the latter is the case then it is a mission to retrofit a factory monitor in place of.