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  1. Just lift the car, rotate the driveshaft to check wheel/driveshaft ratio
  2. Typically the Euro 325i is not LSD, unlike M. Most SA 325's had LSD
  3. M version may well have come with 3.64. Have had a couple in the workshop in the last couple of months but not looked at the ratios on them. What are you wanting to achieve?
  4. 3.73 for both auto & manual from what i've seen. Not seen many 325i's but from memory they have been the same
  5. Yes, the rear half is the same on all. It is the front section that varies. Just get a someone able (driveline specialist) to modify (extend) your auto front section to suit the box you are fitting - 240 or 260 Can't recall the measurements other than the 260 has a 37mm shorter front section to the 240. I know this as i had a 240 shaft shortened when i converted my sons 325i to manual last year.
  6. Hitched a ride to Auckland & back with a person driving somewhat like that. What a tiring trip - couldn't wait to get out of the car at the end... Between that & the twitchy steering these late model Nissan people movers have
  7. Mmmm hence why you have two
  8. What's the difference with the front valance's - is the black one a Vitesse?
  9. Ahh nice looking SD1. Have never owned one but always had a soft spot for. V8 version only though...
  10. It is a total myth on only carb engines flooding. I go out on "no start" AA calls to find a flooded engine frequently - probably once a week on average. All are fuel injected. All but every time can be traced back to the last time the engine was started. It has always been started then stopped, usually moving out of the garage to wash then moving back or moving the car to access another. Next day the car will not start. The engine is running on fuel enrichment for cold start/run - as with the old school choke, so more fuel/cold engine & the excess fuel sits there. If the engine next time does not start on first catch then the problem just compounds - giving your symptom. It will not be the alarm/immobiliser, nor fuel if it has pressure in the rail. Before you go replacing all parts on a whim, make sure you have good battery & crank the engine WOT & see if it will clear & start. Otherwise remove the plugs & see if they are wet.
  11. I would suspect the engine is flooded given by your description.
  12. Nice machine work!
  13. Sorry, I'm on a different page then. As you were:-
  14. Well said, couldn't agree more If electric continues with battery power & becomes mainstream, I recon i will start a towing company. There will be big demand for all the cars that run out of battery in the middle of nowhere....
  15. Reading this, you ^^^^^ are the one confusing the issue & very vague in your description. What the others have said is consistent & makes sense.