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  1. hotwire

    E39 ABS Module Scanning

    You should scan it with live data to see what is happening. Internal module faults can cause all kinds of rogue fault codes. I would bet the module at fault.
  2. hotwire

    2005 118i E87 noisy injectors?

    No better than the C180 Benz at work at the minute. 117000km, totally clean well serviced engine & the timing chain has jumped the exhaust cam sprocket 1/4 turn. Teeth on both cam sprockets severely worn. To add salt to the wound, Benz want $4.5k for parts to repair!
  3. hotwire

    2005 118i E87 noisy injectors?

    Yes but they only assembled. The problem is the design santa - get a 6 cyl version - a much better car
  4. hotwire

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    Those ignition coils very rarely fail, even at age. Ironically they are usually the first thing to get blamed for poor running. But - the new one is shiny 😊
  5. hotwire

    Bridgestone Tyres - Buy 1 get 1 half price

    Yea and the 3 are up near retail to offset the 1 free offer. in this case - 1 at retail to offset the 1/2 price of the second. Marketing 101
  6. hotwire

    E30 Race Car - Jim Richard's JPS M3 Tribute.

    Great progress Jon. So be ready for 21/22 season huh😉
  7. hotwire

    Alpina mouth and no trousers

    ^^^^ Yep!. Try buying a complete M-Tech II kit now
  8. hotwire

    A car for Miss M (pt26, or something!)

    Rodents in cars. Have seen untold over the years & the little shits cause heaps of issues in eating through things. Often wiring is eaten inside inner guards etc - where it cannot be seen but suspicious electrical gremlins & signs of rodents is always a give away. Looks like a nice score by the way.
  9. hotwire

    E91 2008 - locked out of car

    Yep, the lock should still turn regardless of battery voltage. I have picked the locks on several E9... series cars
  10. hotwire

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    Even yukker! Then again from A pillar back the two look much alike...
  11. hotwire

    Anyone know where to import E46 M3?

    ^^^^ This. Japan has humidity just like Singapore. I have seen, worked on plenty of ex Singapore BMW's that are no worse than from any other market. Certainly the same can;t be said for Mercs - with their wiring degradation along with all the external trim plastics.
  12. hotwire

    Import tax

    Certainly going to be interesting on how it will work & be policed. That said, I don't have a problem on paying GST, what has really pissed me is (unless flying under the radar) $399 has cost just that. $401 (if picked) has cost about $520 ish - with the other associated costs added. So it will now cost $461 - as it should.
  13. hotwire

    N52 starter - Sorted

    I would suggest fixing yours or putting a new unit on. A pain to change it only to have it fail in six- 12 months.
  14. Actually had a similar fault on a VW Tourag at work a few months back, Front right brake intermittently grabbing. Turned out a faulty ABS sensor. Not open circuit or shorted but about twice the resistance of spec & obviously confusing the ABS module.
  15. hotwire

    The first-ever BMW X7.

    Yep that all make sense - Market share of every variant to be viable. Understand that, That said, doesn't mean they need to come up with an ugly ducking of every model. They are becoming downright ugly, the grill on this takes the cake! Obviously i am not the only one that thinks they have gone astray with this. The Audi above is much more scaled, as are most of their vehicles. Guess BMW are not bothered what i care since i am not in the market for one of their new cars. Can't say i would be either even if given the chance.