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  1. hotwire

    N52 starter

    Don't need OEM (Varta) although they are the best battery out there. Just one the same size - DIN 63/66/92 - whatever it has. AA or Hella Endurent batteries are probably the next best to OEM. You still need to diagnose that the starter is infact faulty though. Does sound like it though - I have been there with these at work before. Plenum needs removing to access the starter.
  2. hotwire

    N52 starter

    12.8v at rest is fully charged. 13.7 is either surface charge (if not running) or charging voltage, although that will climb over 14v Even if fully charged, the battery still requires testing to confirm good or bad.
  3. hotwire

    Doug D E38 goodness

    Ironically I just watched this about an hour ago - just seen this thread now.
  4. hotwire

    WTB: M20 FPR (Fuel Pressure Reg)

    Note they differ. B20 is 2.5 bar, B25 is 3 bar. Look like:
  5. hotwire

    The new BMW 3 Series Sedan.

    I reckon the front is plain ugly, disproportionate as it seems with most new models.
  6. hotwire

    WTB: E36 M3 Coupe

    I'm not overly an E36 fan but having seen that car in the recent past - it is absolutely stunning in both condition & spec & with relatively low milage. I would suspect it is probably the best example in the country. No disrespect to yours though Dave. $30k is what a retailer is asking, probably on the high side, but find a better one! That one is the ducks nuts! Good E36's are bouncing back now in value, proportionally up through the models. Agree with your other sentiments, can't see collectablity beyond the E46. Cars are becoming more of a commodity it seems.
  7. hotwire

    N52 starter motor (munted - supposedly)

    Was the AA guy a battery guy? AA roadside do use the battery vans for breakdown service in the cities, His testing sounds strange from your description. 12.65 is about 3/4 charged, 12.2 about 1/3 & should be enough to get some reaction from the car, if not a start - assuming the battery is good. 12.2 does not necessarily denote a faulty battery, it could be just down on charge, although it can be tested at that voltage with an electronic tester to confirm good or bad. Did he test it as faulty or simply suggest that 12.2v denoted a faulty battery? If so - that is wrong! You may well have had a weak battery & a faulty starter, (i would hope so from what you have been told) BUT starter solenoid clean - doubt it! Almost EVERY (can't think of one that hasn't) starter nowadays has a sealed solenoid - non serviceable. It could be solenoid contacts at fault BUT much more likely is worn brushes. I also doubt on the "fitting a reconned starter" - this is a thing of the past nowadays with the gazillion different starters & alternators out there. 30 years ago it was common to have reconned units on the shelf & ready to go. So, starter needs removing & evaluating as to cost to repair or replace. No comfort to you though in the price that has been suggested - that is probably about par.
  8. Bypassed airbags? Metal work fixed properly for a box of piss. Nice & safe E60. Ummm dunno bout that. Not a hater either, just a realist!
  9. hotwire

    Rough cold start

    Could be a real can of worms with that engine. Get it checked professionally by the dealers or an indie
  10. Have had a mint 06 530D with 160km at work the last couple of days to replace glow plugs & the original battery. Owner said he was offered $6K at the stealers as a trade on a same 2013 F10. E60's are cheap as chips now!
  11. hotwire

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    Geez some of these new BMW's are getting fugly!
  12. hotwire

    SC V8 E30 Touring sleeper

    Love the under statement of it.😊
  13. hotwire

    Nice Investment - Alpina V8S Touring

    Yep I'd have it!
  14. hotwire

    Bmw E39 possible ews problem

    Can you delete the code? Try disconnecting the battery to reboot it - sometimes works...
  15. hotwire

    CHEAP (?) V12

    BMW parts at times are ridiculous, CJ in Hamilton the other day for E39 headlight adjusters (two simple little pieces of plastic) $58 + GST a pair & in stock - they can stay there! About $4 & free shipping out of China or - what i went for - USD$12 & free shipping for two pairs out of Latvia. Eurothaned the old ones together until replacements arrive. I try to support local but this is outright taking the piss! - Even with a discount to be had.