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  1. This is a rough car. I believe it was owned by a Uni student until it got repossessed. Personally I would not even go near it.
  2. bump
  3. Wheel bearing is a lot more like a hum. There also would be no reason the noise would stop if I just tapped the brake.
  4. I have a E90 325i. A few minutes after driving it will develop a squeaking/chirping noise from the front wheel and will contiune. This sound is magnified if I slightly turn my steering wheel left. However when I apply the brakes, it will stop immediately but then restart after a few minutes again. Brake pads and rotors seem fine. Any thoughts on what may be causing this?
  5. Wanting to buy genuine Syle 193 wheels. After a full set. Preferably in Christchurch. Can be with or without tyres.
  6. Hi all, I just need some help identifying what kind of truck or ute this is on raised wheels. The driver followed my friend home and assaulted him ending with some cuts and minor concussion and fled the scene when his brother arrived to help. Im just wondering what make/model this truck is or if anyone knows someone with a similar car as they are collecting as much imformation as possible to pass onto police. Plate is TN or TJ something. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks.
  7. Agreed. Pretty, but not near 10k pretty.
  8. Haven't been on for ages and come on to see this awesome car. Good work Julian!
  9. The amazing thing is that considering a used low km Aventador costs over $1million there. Thats a bit of a broad generalisation isn't it? Not all chinese students here are using black money. Car prices in New Zealand is cheap compared to any asian country excluding Japan so for them to buy a Lamborghini/Ferrari here is like buying a Porsche in their home country. Same again in buying a Porsche or Maserati here is like buying a BMW or Mercedes there.
  10. What was the point of this topic really...
  11. Maybe I instantly noticed it as this exact car was on TradeMe a few years back trying to sell between 40 - 50k. Looking at the rear it is a dead giveaway though. this is a very good link that shows the whole process of someone doing a full 996 - 997 external update to a very high standard. Seems like there is still some work that needs to go in.
  12. This is that 996 Cab with a coverted 997 front end. With a reserve at 21k I think its a steal for what it is but it is kind of an abomination if I really think about it. Would have been much nicer if it stayed as a 996.
  13. Very nice Jooles! Time to change your sig ay?
  14. Bottom left 3.0CS... omg...
  15. + 10000 When I was parking in Uni carpark and was sitting inside my car a girl getting into her car (a pre 1990 Mitsubishi hatchback) next to me just opened the door and slammed her door onto the side of my car when she was throwing her bag in. I was nearly raging when she slammed her door onto my car AGAIN when she was getting into her car. The thing is she didn't even bother to look over and acted like nothing had happened and drove off.