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  1. What kind of condition is the carpet in? Does it come with the foam underlay?
  2. I'll take it if Shane doesn't.
  3. Could be the grounding nut on the back of your cluster. Pull out cluster, you'll see a Cooper nut on the back of the gauge. Tighten that up.
  4. Yep, pretty sure the grills don't have squirters :/ I'd like them to work, but it's not critical.
  5. Interesting... Is this for a standard E36 or E34 Sump? Could be an alternative to finding that increasingly elusive part for M5X E30s.
  6. My most recent order with Pelican Parts and youshop ended up being about $30 cheaper to just use Pelican direct, with less faffing around than going through Youshop. Have found FCP to be very good (I get stuff delivered to the office in the city) Schmiedmann tend to work out well too, depending on the item.
  7. That has since sold. Engine was swapped to an M20B25 first.
  8. PM'd.
  9. After E30 Headlight washer kit to add back onto my E30. If it helps, I believe I only need the wipers + motors, the squirting rings, and the fluid container. The wiring seems to still all be there... Photo from back in 2011 or so (prior to my ownership)
  10. Hi guys Just after some photos of the headlining/check panel of an E30 Touring with an electric sunroof. Looking at converting mine to electric in the near future, but just after photos of the factory setup, as no one seems to take pictures of this, or they did 8 years ago and the links are dead. My options appear to be: -Make some 'adjustments' and use the vinyl from a sedan -Modify the touring's headlining backing to have the cutouts in the factory positions -Manage to ship an electric backing from the UK without damage Thanks in advance
  11. Paul had this issue at mega meet last year. Grab a hammer, and a screwdriver (or equivalent) and hit it on alternating sides, eventually you'll be able to "unscrew" it.
  12. It had been on Trademe since Jan 1st, so I was also surprised it took so long. The guy who bought it is probably parting it to go into his other e46s, so it probably isn't going to live on as a daily.
  13. Sold.
  14. I had something similar in the e30, though it was both indicators that stopped working. It was a faulty relay. Looks like in e36s it's in the fuse box. A few things to test would be when it happens, so use your hazards and see what happens. And also remove the relay, and then pop it back in while the car is running. If it works perfectly after doing so, it's most likely your relay.
  15. Just wondering if you ever completed the retrofit? I'm gearing up to do the same to my touring.