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  1. Quick Questions

    It will depend on if you have a plastic cap or metal cap on your oil filter housing. I'm not 100%, but I think the plastic housing is the larger internal diameter.
  2. 1988 325 manual

    I take it you're wanting to sell complete as opposed to parting?
  3. FS: E34 15x7 Style 5s

    Right, so I ended up getting around to comparing these with e30 15in basketweaves. In short they don't fit. E30 waffle in Black. E34 waffle in silver. E30 waffle on E34 rim, larger than the hole E34 waffle on E30 rim, center bore of E34 waffle larger, and won't press in. See differences here: E30 on Left with twist to lock, E34 on Right with just a push in See difference in centre widths here
  4. E30 gravel eater

    Yep that's the one.
  5. E30 gravel eater

    The oil level sensor I blanked off as my sump didn't come with one either. Ended up just grounding out the wire with a resistor to stop the oil level light on the check panel.
  6. 15" centre caps for basketweaves

    $95 each new is pretty good. I think I spent not too much less than that getting second hand ones off ebay in the UK, shipping them over here, and getting new stickers for them. I was pretty new to the game at that point, and should have checked with the dealer. I'd say rep centers wouldn't work, as most of them don't do the whole locking thing, and tend to have a hex screw to attach it to the wheel so it doesn't fall off.
  7. '89 e30 Touring sold for 11.9K - Nicely done.

    I think it on trademe for less than 24 hours. Very tidy and original example.
  8. Ignition barrel

    Replacements coded to your car? I would say the dealer is the only option. I don't know if you could rebuild your ignition barrel, but that could be a cheaper option.
  9. E30 Parts

    Still have the front struts? What size are they?
  10. FS: BMW Waffle Caps

    I haven't ever physically tested them, but believe the 5 stud weaves use this cap, and they don't work with the 4 stud weaves.
  11. WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    They do, but things won't last long if you're wanting to drop skids. Have a search, many run the m40 box behind the m50/52, myself included.
  12. WTB Manual e30 320i/325i coupe.

    When I say I redid the brakes I replaced all the hoses, the front rotors, and pads all around. The 6 cylinders have larger front calipers to accept vented rotors.
  13. E30 M-tech II

    Give Ray at HellBM a call. He may have what you're after.
  14. E30 Power Steering rack leak

    I recall someone rebuild and sold E30 racks a while ago (I want to say Auto38, but not sure) I have rebuild an E36 rack, which wasn't particularly fun, but hasn't leaked so far. I would imagine an E30 rack wouldn't be much different. Would recommend buying a rebuilt one if available, otherwise look into rebuilding it yourself.
  15. E30 Coupe Dilemma

    I prefer non sunroof due to less rust. Currently have taken out my headlining, and am suffering from a wet head while driving in the rain. It will probably be easier to flick the 318i as is, and track down a gearbox for converting the 320i.