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  1. Bandit

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    Thank you Gaz๐Ÿ‘
  2. Bandit

    E36 328i/M3 Coupe

    What are the wheels on the car in these pix DS99? BBS RC090? Not sure but someone will know. Great pix, a great car. Only original once.๐Ÿ˜‰
  3. I'm struggling with the lack of love displayed by the Kiwi BMW driver / motorist for the Alpina brand. Can see a lot in this car not present in the equivalent letter car, faster, 0-60mph, tops out at 195 MPH, better braking and handling. Coachbuilt, hand assembled engine sure, not 6 speed manual trans, and I get the luxo barge thing too. Comes down to price, heaps of car for not much money (by comparison)
  4. Talk to Dave M3AN ask him to add to Smeidmann order. Cheap as chips
  5. Yes racked and packed. One of the rare instances where size does matter ๐Ÿ˜€ And quite economic from the UK ports too.
  6. Remember that car, about 9 years ago (For us Cantabrians PQ, or post quakes) As I recall it was a project car for the workshop. Remember it had no rear spoiler from new, and still looks the same. The fake book pics show a minty interior and the hurricane or rain(?) cloth / alacantra still looks smart, with no fading.
  7. Check the Demon Tweeks website for best global pricing in $NZ dollars to your door in double quick time. Recommend them over DC Performance based on experience with global shopping. And Evan Pittman and his guys are a good team Evan is well thought of in the various Renn Sport race series, they would supply links etc I'm sure if asked. Should you choose to go down this track may I suggest Speedfactor do the fitting too. KW branded product has stainless moving parts, the ST has innox, so susceptible to corrosion, no real deal breaker here in NZ firstly because of our climate, secondly we are putting good bits on our "toy" or hobby cars that rarely (in my garage anyway) see rain. In Auckland you chaps are lucky to have Ray at Hell BM on your doorstep, he has vast experience in all facets of suspension and mechanical, in fact his knowledge bank is greater than than the sum of the contributors to your post combined.โ˜บ๏ธ Personally our M cars mostly have ST X /XA and Koni / Eibach Pro, and years ago Ray did influence my thinking here.
  8. Thanks Gaz and Barry. Quite agree Gaz. Moreso as I don't have a car to fit them on, the vendor of the E36 got sellers remorse before concluding! There are plenty of cars for sale at the moment so waiting on a price from you Barry. Quite like muckin about with wheels.........๐Ÿ˜
  9. These are replica wheels? ๐Ÿ˜• Think the style 65 was OEM in 18 inch only? But may be wrong here.
  10. OK thanks, our car is two in, two out. And like you can hardly hear any audible difference. No drone either. Wondered if a H pipe may make some change. Might drop the rear silencer, peel back the top and see whats in there to tinker with.
  11. Following with interest here. Have the same drivetrain, albeit a different platform. When you did the resonator delete Matt, did you H pipe it? ie put a joiner between the pipes replacing the resonator. Interested too in your updates, particularly relating to the Milvs installation and tune application.
  12. The gloss has gone right off them. Market reajusting driving up slightly the N/A inline six cylinders at the expense of the N54 N and S 55 engined cars. Well overdue too, we are always the last to cotton on here in NZ. That was a very nice car too, happy seller there!
  13. Ahhh of course, reverse marketing, sure to produce a result๐Ÿ˜‰
  14. All you armchair eggsperts are on line tonight๐Ÿ˜€
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