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  1. WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

  2. WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

    check out ebay.de listing 152908781383. Type 3 part no 361139510 with cb 72.5. 19x9.5 et21
  3. Random (BMW) pic of the day

    Just sold on Bring a Trailer US130k as I recall. Good car great history, nearly bid myself, (common sense prevailed)
  4. WTB::: ACS type III *1x REAR ONLY* 19 inch

    www.kleinanzeigen.de may be your friend here.............Deutsche Post around 102 Euro.(1 wheel)
  5. As per title. Looking for one only to make up a set. The wheels we bought out of Germany, one was damaged in shipping (knocked out of round) so we need either another barrel, or a good true wheel, to refurb. There are a couple of singles on ebay but from the seller we got this set- from once bitten twice shy............. Thanks for reading Bill 0297774006
  6. ///M CLUB New Zealand

    oops posted on wrong forum here.......
  7. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    Thanks for the reply Jon. Know of 8 for sale today, 2 black, 3 VO, 3 white and my calculations that is 17%. All NZ new. Not sure why the asking prices are up there though, especially as there are so many for sale. A black one 47ks up changed hands for around 60k this week, moving in the right direction.
  8. How do i find bmw sales numbers?

    How many 1M's sold new in New Zealand Jon? Thanks in advance Bill
  9. N54 rebuild who’s the best?

    Haha I see what you did here...........
  10. $1res 1991 850

    If it looks like a fish (or rat) smells like a fish (or rat) it probably is..............
  11. 325is Coupe 1994

    Coupe in Artic Silver
  12. 325is Coupe 1994

    BUMP me to the top. Updated info and price car sold to Tauranga Feb 2016 repurchased July 2017. Car still in Tauranga. Long story short too many cars not enough space or time to bring it south. Call or email for more info. Have lots of pix.
  13. Advice on Importing from UK

    There is a tasty Avus blue M5 for sale in the Wellington area NZ new too, with full service history. Doubt you would import a M5 from UK (If you can get a SIV permit to do so) for what the vendor is wanting for this car. No affiliation by the way.
  14. SPOTTED! The official thread

    E36 M3 Evo coupe Boston Green on QE2 Drive in Christchurch this arvo Nice One..