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  1. paulo

    Purple tag rack

    Hi there - I'm in ChCh and am keen to purchase for my e36 or e46 - I have PM'd you Cheers Paul
  2. Hi Ray, Those red seats in the grey car sure do look mint! Is it a low KM car, or do you think the seats have been recovered at some stage? Would you be interested in a trade-in deal with some fairly tidy M3 black nappa seats and door cards? Also, what country is the car imported from? Cheers Paul
  3. Hi there - I also recommend the "factory" Westfalia tow bar - it bolts onto the chassis unlike some after-market types that get bolted to the bootwell. I bought it brand new from the BMW dealer for a very good price several years ago (was a cancelled order) - I liked it so much that I removed I sold my old e60, and transferred it onto my new e60! I can also confirm that the Sedan and Touring bars are the same item. For wiring, I used one of these modules: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/parts-other-makes/electrics/listing-2174753524.htm?rsqid=10769303910648f09ba4aa398421c351-010 The wiring module is fairly straightforward to fit if you have some basic circuit testing tools. It's actually the exact same box that most tow-bar fitters in ChCh use when wiring up Euro cars with fussy LED indicators and park lights etc. Cheers, Paul
  4. Hi - I bought one for my e46 M3 from KAP Industries in Australia: https://kap.industries/product/bmw-e46/ Took about 10 days to arrive - fitted perfectly, and is nice and sturdy. Much better than the temporary one that I "fabricated" out of a $5 piece of aluminium bar from Mitre 10! Cheers Paul
  5. paulo

    E46 M3 Manual

    ...there's another nice example just listed on TradeMe here: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1990011603.htm?rsqid=f0500b853db94e1c990e6f7e7cd34bb6 Looks to be fairly well sorted. UK Import. I think it's a fair asking price for what it is...
  6. ... and also the M-diff and half-shafts, worth up to $2500 alone to the right buyer (on a good day!). Not to mention the M3 specific cosmetic items such as door mirrors, aluminium bonnet with power bulge, seats with electrically operated bear-hugging side-bolsters, rear-view mirror, and factory flared guards (currently "protected" with a generous coating of fibreglass)
  7. ...maybe check with the guy selling this Z3 race car to see if he still has the A/C compressor off the installed S50B32: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/specialist-cars/competition-cars/auction-1919409650.htm?rsqid=790896a0458640248a0267e52bc6f57f Regards Paul
  8. The re-shelled Dakar 318is had a 3.2 Evo motor and 6-speed box fitted. I remember seeing it at Turners for around $10k a few years back, then popped up again for around $15k. Seemed like a lot at the time for a non genuine M3, but these days...probably not. Here's the Bimmersport thread to that one: http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/43360-m3-e36-evo-for-sale/?tab=comments#comment-475966
  9. Hi Tom, I'm definitely keen to buy these for $600 and will pick up - Have PM'd you. Many thanks Paul
  10. Hi there, I am in need of a front left guard for an e46 M3. Genuine steel guard, not fibreglass or composite please. Colour not important (but Steel Grey would be a bonus!) - must be straight with minimum paint prep required. Many thanks Paul
  11. Hi Guys, Thanks for all of the pointers. The best price the dealer could do for front and rears was about $1600, which is not too bad compared to $1400 for ones shipped from USA, by the time freight and duty is added up. The standard OEM USA ones tend to be solid (but ventilated) discs, only a few suppliers carry what they call "euro spec" discs which are slotted and ventilated with a 2-piece setup / alloy hub. I might end up going for some locally available Stoptech numbers for around $1000. Freight is only $30 ex Auckland, vs $200 - $300 ex USA. Cheers Paul
  12. Hi there, Just checking to see if anyone knows of a NZ Based supplier of OEM / Genuine brake rotors for e46 M3 at a reasonable price? Or anyone that happens to have a pair or a full set of new / near new rotors? I need the fronts and rears. I've looked at purchasing ex USA, but the freight is a killer, even using the likes of NZ Post YouShop (weight would be about 35kg) Cheers Paul
  13. Hi Brent, Just out of interest - what's the digital display thing in the lunch-box container in the engine bay? Also, you mention that you have new lower foam set for e36 sport seats - I'd be interested in more details on that - ie is it a pair? and price? - PM me if you like. Regards Paul
  14. Hi there, I am after a factory 6-speed air intake in good condition. Needs to be the non-SMG type without the hydraulic oil reservoir. I have a broken hose connector point on my one, and I am not keen on getting it repaired. Not wanting to spend too much, as I will probably be going for a carbon air-box before too long... Cheers Paul
  15. paulo

    WTB M3 E46

    Ahh, it has been snapped up fairly quickly. Was losted for a fair price, I think. The last one of similar spec that I saw for sale on TradeMe sold for about $32k - $34k from memory. A nice , genuine NZ new factory 6-speed manual Phoenix Yellow with just less than 100,000km.
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