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  1. Biggest giveaway for me was the spokes not carrying further out to the rim like E30 weaves do. Plus the push on centre caps instead of screw on ones.
  2. These look like they are E34 style 5s not E30 M3 ones.
  3. Yes I had to get my C43 from The States. The ones we got here are the Phillips ones I think which don't have RDS. I just kept an eye out and found a deal. Still come up for sale over there with guys pulling them out of their E36's. Remember that you need the code. ECS even show they have them: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-genuine-bmw-parts/c43-rmfd-radio-e36/65128375950/
  4. I used a C43 in my Mtech. It is in my opinion the best original looking head unit for an E30. Looks as if it came factory but a cheap Bluetooth unit plugs in and having RDS is just pure class. There is a small amount of fiddling to get one to fit but its worth it. The Bluetooth works surprisingly well in mine. CD43's have better sound quality apparently but then you get the CD slot which just looks wrong. Loving this 316i too. I've got two myself and my dream is to M42 one as the ultimate little run around.
  5. I have one in Wellington I've been keeping for a rainy day. Out of a proper E36 too (not Ti) so has the correct shifter boot. Will PM you now.
  6. I tried to get away with non M knuckles using the SRS bushes and while I used M3 LCA's to get the wheel perfectly in the centre of the wheel well, the castor was outrageous. An SRS bush gives the same effect of using normal offset LCAB's and M3 Evo LCA's so actually adding the M3 LCA's on top of this to this means your strut is pushed forward at a huge angle. Without using M3 knuckles getting the wheel in the centre of the wheel well isn't too much of a problem, its what your castor and KPI be once you get it there. I have since upgraded to the M3 knuckles and brakes and did away with the M3 LCA's and castor is now bearable with the wheel still centre.
  7. I'm after a cheap set of 5x120 wheels and tires to get my project that had its wheels pinched rolling again. Anything will suit. Can even be just steel rims with bald tires but will consider some alloys if they are cheap enough. Anywhere between Wellington and Levin preferred. Cheers.
  8. Hi guys, this is my car. The wheels are 17x8 et20 and 17x9 et26 style 32s. Front tires were 225/45 with a bit of camber wear and the rears were 235/45 that had blatantly been doing burnouts. Unsure on the brands of tires. Rims had a bit of curb damage and paint peeling. Let me know if you hear of anything. Cheers.
  9. I'm after an LSD for my E30 race car project. Something in the 3.64 - 3.73 - 3.91 ratio region will be acceptable. Let me know what you have.
  10. Good to see another Tech 1 as cared for as mine. Interested to see what it sells for. Good luck in finding the right buyer who will continue to look after it.
  11. Its pretty rare for E30s not to have them. Its mainly only povo spec 316i's that don't have sunroofs. I've driven similar spec'd E30s one with and one without a sunroof back to back and the difference in body roll is unbelievable.
  12. slideways

    Cops & Plates

    What the article fails to point out is why people use those plates. I use german plates because i dont want to pay the crazy $400 to have the same thing but purchased through Personlised Plates Ltd. This publicity on the matter could be a good thing to expose the monopoly of personalised plates but they failed to show that here. My flatmate is a reporter for Seven Sharp and shes always wanting good ideas for storys. I will point it out and see if shes interested.
  13. I'm after an e46 drivers floor mat in black. Must be in good condition or anything that will clean up nicely. Cheers
  14. Have some but in Wellington though.
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