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  1. HypedKidz


    They suck at replying and really obnoxious to deal with.
  2. Don't think its tune nor maintenance, BMW V8 Turbos are known for this problem or valve stem seals and that's the reason why it's put me off from buying one. I've seen ones that have done 30,000km or less that needs new engine because the piston head decides to sh*t themselves
  3. Guy didn't like my message and deleted it So if its suspected to be crack pistons because of super knocking the bill for labour is around 5k-7k, hopefully doesnt need a new block or thats gonna cost around 30k-40k but also dont forget getting parts from overseas is currently a nightmare so the wait time is pretty crazy. Realistically its possibly a write off, i couldnt justify buying this compared to the next cheapest F10 M5 (https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2518397974.htm?rsqid=4e5fee5302c841ab8fc289ead28dd658-004) personally i recommended him to get it checked that its not the pistons as i've seen many go before.
  4. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2598988601.htm?rsqid=212c88d799a2409488773233241e8a6f-003 holy crap this is cheap!!
  5. Drive it and you will feel how underwhelming it is, don't forget it is a very heavy car
  6. Would not recommend a 528i as the engine is way too underpowered for that particular vehicle. Personally would spend bit more for a 530D if you are thinking of keeping it long term
  7. Don't buy the 330e for long haul if you are doing those amount of k's get the 320d or 330d. Unsure if the 330e is a trans flush every 2nd oil change but the 535i hybrids were and a lot of people did not do that costing them a new trans and electric motor. On another note have been told the 330e is not very fuel efficient on long trips
  8. 18 FRUs or 1hr30min according to BMW
  9. The 1M and the 135i are totally different cars. If you were to say i can buy a 135i for 25k and spend 25k on it, its gonna be faster than a 1M, you sir are a total douche bag... There's more history in the 1M with all the suspension and body work. For those who are comparing the two cars has never driven a 1M and personally should not comment or compare the two...
  10. HypedKidz

    E82 135I

    Congrats, but those aren't M car, it's only a 135i unfortunately. M135i only started when the F20 came out.
  11. Go to your local BMW dealership, they should be able to sort you out for free
  12. Let me know how you get on, as I'm pretty sure the B5 is built bit differently compared to the N62 so can't use it really as a full reference
  13. Those spark plugs are an absolute nightmare to do think you need to lower the subframe to get the rear coils out if i remember correctly
  14. Holy sh*t this is amazing, well done sir
  15. You mean like this 😁😂
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