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  1. Not mine but guessing the same one? Looks gorgeous.
  2. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    224,000 km Weird clicking in the cabin has been solved. Turned out it was the seatbelt receiver's old plastic guides being noisy...took abit of detective work to figure out where it was coming from, lubed it up with some plastic friendly grease and it's nice and quiet now. Replaced drivers side door seal, it was on the first list of things to do.....finally got it done. old: New: man that feels good. I got a new lens, 105mm Macro......took it out for a little test run tonight. I also put the sub back in the boot. It really rounds out the sound nicely...the wiggles never sounded so good 😉 Should probably vacuum the boot sometime too..
  3. adro

    The Silver Titan

    I'm keen if Boston isn't. 🙂
  4. there's lots of threads asking about it but none that actually have done it.
  5. yeah, I think mines trying to catch on fire? I would love to delete it as it’s real noisy but haven’t been able to find a DIY thread that actually resolved it on the M62.
  6. As per title, I'm looking for a secondary air pump for my E39 540i. part number: 11721433958 Would need posted to Wellington. Cheers, A.
  7. adro

    New GST import stuff

    ^^ my order from FCP turned up today too, no GST 😎
  8. E12, Seatoun Wellington. Sounded great!
  9. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    1000km since the transmission work. Had a very aggressive jolt when shifting from 3rd down to 2nd for a while but that seems to have chilled out now. This morning out enjoying the current Wellington spring winds.
  10. +1 for speedfactor, I got my koni sport shocks and Sachs clutch kit off Speed and they were brilliant to deal with.
  11. adro

    The Silver Titan

    Did you go stainless brake hoses or rubber? MBI is probably your best plan for the gearbox if it's available? Then you would be covered for the guides too? I got off lightly I think @4K for the rebuild of mine, but that's because @rusteee had already rebuilt the box not that long ago!
  12. Mines in the front, @hunter has one in his E39 too but don’t know if his experience has been that great?
  13. + 1 for the GROM. Bluetooth + AUX + power, fit's nice and tidy. Worth the money in my opinion.
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