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  1. adro

    17" Style 68 with tyres

    Is the scuba tank for sale? Is it off an E39??
  2. adro

    E30 Basketweaves 15x7 with center caps

    Good deal, I paid $1200 for mine with out center caps 😓
  3. $50 located in Wellington, happy to ship at buyers expense Brand new, turns out my car doesn't have one. FS E30 325i Oxygen Sensor - Walker 250-24024
  4. Hi, I ended up replacing the whole arms so these are no longer needed. $40 located in Wellington. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-upper-control-arm-traction-strut-bushing-e39-31120006482l OEM Lemforder 31120006482
  5. Hi, I'm selling the original open diff from my E30 along with new drive shaft seal, bushing, gasket and output seals. It was leaking from the output seal so I was intending to refurb but ended picking up Johns refurbed LSD out of his S54 powered E30 wagon and this is just sitting on the shelf. It's done 110,000 km, Still filled with oil. Would prefer to sell as a package but might split it up if need be. The bushing thats in it now looks to be OK. All OEM BMW Looking for $500 for the lot. Located in Wellington
  6. I had planned on putting these on a E39 Touring which I doubt now I am going to own, and looking to do more work on my 540 so needing to free up some cash. These have been balanced twice by Miramar bridgestone as I had a shimmy but I believe that is my suspension, not the wheels. These were originally @qube's which he bored out to 74.1 CB for the E39 but they will fit the more common 72.56 with hubcentric rings. 1 wheel (rear) has been refurbed by wheel magician. Two front tyres are new (maybe have done 100km on them if that) and the rears still have plenty of life. Asking $2000 ONO. Located in Wellington, tyres are currently mounted, don't come with the BMW center caps. Tyres are OEM sizes staggered. Fronts 235/40/18 Hankook Ventus V2's (new), Rears 265/35/18 Hankook V12 EVO (used but plenty of life left)
  7. as the title states, I'm looking for an E30 M tech 2 steering wheel, ideally in good condition..either size...anything out there? Cheers, A.
  8. adro

    1990 E30 325i SE

  9. adro

    Wanted E39 M5

    Drool... https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1952526407.htm?rsqid=d22e1603f8c649feaf7df57debcc5f95
  10. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    215,000 km. I was able to get in touch with FCP before they shipped it out and canceled the order...probably saved me $120 in postage alone. Thanks @BreakMyWindow ..I gotta stop being lazy and keep cross referencing realOEM. After messaging with Martin and Russell I think I'm just going to live with the clonk for abit longer...hopefully it gets worse making it abit more obvious to what it is. In other news, gave it a clean this morning.
  11. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Haha yeah, I’ll straight swap you for your style 65’s 😍
  12. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Snap, I didn’t check this.😰
  13. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Booked the 540i into Wellington European to inspect the suspension and see if they could diagnose the steering clonk. They have done WOFs for me in the past and they have a courtesy car which when you have a small baby makes it alot easier to drop the car off. Visually they couldn't find anything showing wear and suggested/educated guess to replace the center drag link at a cost of $750 (part only). I have ordered the drag link off FCP along with new tie rods coming in at $410 NZD inc postage (probably going to get a call from customs wanting some money in a few days time). Also I have noticed now I have the shimmy back at 80km..This seems to have come back since I did the swaybar endlinks and I thought it was because I didn't torque the lug nuts down enough but it kind of comes and goes and today I noticed it feels like it settles if you stay at that speed for a while and it's not as violent as it was before I did the control arms...I'm guessing/hoping the noise and the vibration are related to the drag link...will wait and see. On a positive note I got around to inspecting the drivers seat to see why it was clicking under load and it turns out the back left mounting bolt was loose. So the seat click has gone! I'm now wondering if the mpar vibration is more suspension than balance related.