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  1. Has the thermostat replacement made a difference to the fuel consumption?
  2. adro

    Land Yacht

    transformed. Looks great!
  3. adro

    Land Yacht

    I'm looking forward to the big reveal!
  4. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    221188 km Installed modLight2 module today: https://modbmw.com/shop/modlight2/ Since I've already spliced the GROM unit into the stereo harness in the dash I opted to splice this into the CD changer loom in the boot, which turns out is way easier/roomy. I've since added a zip tie to keep it there. It's a bit of a one time program so I'm too concerned about having it mounted upside down. Features: Mirrors fold with long press of the key fob, unfold upon unlocking 'Follow me' style lights when locking and unlocking (you can have the thing light up like a disco ball..I have just opted for the default which is park lights on unlock and high beams on lock.) Custom welcome message which is a bit of a lol. That's all i've signed up for at the moment, i might change the courtesy indicator to 3 clicks but I'm not fussed. Conclusion: The sunroof and window close function still work with the long press of the key fob and the Grom unit still runs as it should which was a relief. I'm really happy with this little upgrade. Makes the car feel a touch more modern than it is. I'll upload a video of it working in action soon.
  5. +1 for K3. I use it on the cars and the house, the surface cleaner is great for the driveway. I've had it for 2 years now and it's still going strong. I got this snow foam lance https://www.detaildepot.co.nz/product/heavy-duty-snow-foam-lance-with-karcher-k-series-connection/ A longer high pressure hose sure would be nice.
  6. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    New lens meant car 'test' photos. Teamed up with @mossline to go double trouble.
  7. I'm running business RDS and it defaults to whatever input it was on before it was turned off it.
  8. I have the unit also behind the HVAC. Not sure what the distance was from the posi taps. Was planning on soldering them in at some point but wanted to make sure everything worked first. Soldering could be an option?
  9. I havent noticed any whining.....but the V8 + muffler delete might have something to do with that 😜 I went to New Plymouth a few weeks ago and the GROM worked perfect...I finally used the USB charge function too. I still haven't hooked up the mic yet, have you? Did it whine before you upgraded the speakers?
  10. adro

    1990 E30 325i SE

    was nice light on the way home tonight
  11. adro

    Quick rant thread.

    I got pulled over for some education from a cop for having my rear fogs on in the E30...tbh...I didn't know I had rear fog lights 🤪 The irony was it actually was foggy, even the airport was closed 🤣
  12. I'm looking for the M-Sport front left sill cover part number: Part #: BMW-51472695661 Anyone know where @Gabe79's car went after turners??
  13. Man, be glad you don't have style 5's! This combined with a pressure washer makes really light work of the wheels https://www.detaildepot.co.nz/product/carpro-iron-x-lemon-scent-iron-filings-and-contaminants-cleaner-1l/
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