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  1. OK cool, thanks for the info @BreakMyWindow
  2. Yeah, visually they look fine, and the tie rods, swaybar end links are all in perfect working order. But the thrust arm seems to move without alot of pressure applied to it. Now I have the bearings in I'll get an alignment and see if that makes a difference.
  3. 205,000 KM replaced front wheel bearings with OEM FAG 31221093427 with new bolts: Genuine BMW 31206779384 Old and the new The weird clicks/pops I was hearing when driving in and out of driveways or when the front was loaded up on the brakes coming to a stop have gone. The vibration at 100km has also reduced dramatically. Although while I was in there I noticed a lot of play in the thrust arm bushings so they will be next on the list. Finally used it for what I bought it for... Bit more work horsing
  4. Thanks. Yeah man, You coming to the meet in Churton Park next weekend?
  5. Powerhaus in Thorndon.
  6. 203,000 KM Finally got the rubber on the rims... OEM Msport style 66 wheels courtesy of @oldskool New tires: Potenza RE003 235/45/R17 Front and S001s 255/40/R17 on the rear. New Hella fog bulbs to match the now whiter headlights. New oil level sensor Oil change + filter New OEM window washer lines and pump....I never new how crucial window washer jets were until I didn't have them!
  7. Got my MAF back from BAVREST in the states, looks as good as new. Hasn't made a huge difference as delving a little deeper I think it's my C191 plug that's causing me problems.
  8. Little update. Got new headlights, decided I wanted it to look more modern so got some LED's Before: After A smoke test revealed a failed grommet in the back of the intake manifold, hopefully that is the reason it stalls when returning to idle. A scan revealed the airbag module is faulty along with the oil level sensor. Parts are on there way... Got an OEM tow bar complete with towing module from Ray. It's in, just need to extend the loom to make it to the LCM.
  9. Hi Rob, I sent it here: @skidz said somewhere in Nelson could have done it also.....bit closer ;-)
  10. Yeah still got the sub in the boot. Yeah I love it, just need to iron out a few gremlins...
  11. Cool, glad its still in the bimmersport family. oh man......the receipts look like this thing has bleed people dry.
  12. Thanks, yeah it's super worn! good spotting. I agree, anthracite headlining option is good.
  13. I recently purchased @Aphexic's E39 540i. Overall it's in pretty good condition, with a tonne of service history dating back to 2009. This thing has had some money spent on it over the years. The car has just ticked over 200,000 km's. Here's some photos of it in it's new home. Things I'm intending to do as time and money allows: OEM Msport style 66 wheels (hurry up and post them @oldskool ;-) ) New tires: Potenza RE003 235/45/R17 Front and RE050A 255/40/R17 on the rear. Bulbs: Angel eye bulbs and H7 low beam bulbs Thermostat and coolant. Has had cooling system overhaul at 180,000 but thermostat seems to be all over the shop. Chain guides and timing chain + waterpump. Thrust arm bushings - has a strong vibration around 90+ km/h MAF - randomly when stopping at an intersection or lights it stalls and today it was hunting like it had a vacuume leak but then later on it idles perfectly. Tow bar Drivers door seal new water jet hoses
  14. Unfortunately / fortunately it was more of a sprint home as I had to work the next day at 7AM. I left Glenfield around 8:30PM and got home to Wellington about 3:30AM @325_driver
  15. anyone have one from a previous purchase they no longer need? Cheers, A.