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  1. GorGasm

    E9 3.0 CSI

    That is a very nice looking car. The interior design is on point, companies struggle to do better than that today.
  2. GorGasm

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Hoping it's just balance issue but still haven't managed to get near a motorway. I spent most of the day fooling around with the m5 since it has been stuck in the garage behind a scaffold for a couple of months. Battery may have given up now. As for names, nah my wife names the things. She's come up with Bernard Beatrice and Bartholomew. Edit: seems it was just wheel balance as it cruises smooth now. That's a relief. Interestingly the triangle th201 tyres on it aren't terrible although I think they are a bit small for a 245.
  3. GorGasm

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Wheel alignment and balance done. Alignment a little out and some new wheel weights onboard. Haven't managed to get it near a motorway to confirm the minor shaking is gone. Seems to happen on all my cars >_<
  4. GorGasm

    E34 M5

    Or just track the E60 M5.
  5. GorGasm

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Nice one. Such an annoying problem to have.
  6. GorGasm

    Diesel programming

    That looks like a nice car to me. Go for it.
  7. GorGasm

    Diesel programming

    Depends on the driving you do, but open road I would expect the 335i to be doing around 7-9l/100km. Our 535i gets about 8l/100 on the open road and it's a lot heavier. In town it's still around 9-11l/100km. I also think the 123d will be closer to 6-7/100. There musta been something up with your Subaru if it was at 19/100. I would hammer on my TT Legacy and get 12-13 at the worst and usually around 10 in town. Anyway, give the 335i a drive.
  8. GorGasm

    How awesome is the 2018 M5?

    Just no. It's super old school and not good value. The V10 is better "value". And come on, technology doesn't fail that much. None of the tech in my 12yr old M5 has failed, none, not a thing. Back to the car. It's cool, but do I want it? Not really. One of the features that peeves me is when you push one of the buttons, like seat adjustment and the screen changes to show you what it's doing. Same in the F10, if you change to sport mode while reversing or ham up the gear change buttons then the display changes to tell you what is going on instead of staying on the reverse cam. Stay on the damn reverse cam already!
  9. GorGasm

    Bartholomew the F11 535i

    Good point, perhaps I should hunt down some standard plate holders. The bill is a little pricey but worth it given that the whole car was covered in swirls. After they finished it was back to mirror finish again. ~$800 for the Stage 3 package. I didn't go all out on a ceramic coating, those really take the price to the next level. Fuel economy is sitting around 10L/100km on daily duties which is still pretty good. It could certainly use another 100hp, but it's all about the balance I guess
  10. GorGasm

    E87 M Sport with DCT/S65 Hellbm Project

    Haha this is awesome.
  11. GorGasm

    e60 CCC MASK Bluetooth

    Doesn't work with Japanese apparently. <sad panda>
  12. Cool document. 530i LCI FTW!
  13. You should bring the 530i LCI into scope and don't bother with a 130i. The 1 series is for singles or couples that don't need to take anything anywhere. The 540/550i won't be "good" on gas but are a nice car.
  14. GorGasm

    Ethanol mixture in 98 ok for E60 M5

    The line is a bit blurrier than that with regard to different versions of 98. Why would you use a fuel that is more expensive for no benefit? I personally don't use E10, as my local servo is Mobil with 98 (which might actually have some E in it as well), but I wouldn't have any concern using Gull E10 in my M5. 95 on the other hand I would avoid. BP I have found have silly mark ups on their premium fuels, usually 10c higher than the competition.
  15. GorGasm

    E39 M5 MV Disputes Tribunal

    Seems the law took a fairly appropriate course of action.