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  1. What's your budget? This will limit what you can do.
  2. 15-20k. Sounds like a nice car. Agree, the M3 probably isn't a step up performance wise.
  3. Nice one, almost ended up with one myself. Great little car, enjoy.
  4. Phew it went for $30k. That basically puts a value on mine between $25-30k. I was getting worried it would go for low 20's.
  5. Looks like a nice example to me. Plenty of "common" faults. Nothing is likely though.
  6. Agree, SMG is no manual. I think all SMG equipped cars would be better as a manual. DCT/8 Speed auto is another story.
  7. Is the front driver side fender a different colour? Nice car for the money though.
  8. tiiiiiiiime extended!
  9. About $40k for the one posted above.
  10. Both are over priced, but hey, dreams are free.
  11. RE003 got 2nd in a recent Wheels mag, lost due to road noise but had superior track and slalom results. Competition was more mid range touring tires though, including Conti premium 5. The winner was Maxxis Premitra HP5.
  12. Far too expensive. You could pick up at LEAST a 120i M sport for that money. You could even go 320i or 328i for similar.
  13. Urgh, pre 2012 A4/A6 are shithouse.
  14. Price is about right. You can pick up a 535i sedan for $22k.
  15. Easy choice. E61 530i M-Sport LCI. The E91 isn't fast enough (unless it's a 335i) to counter the E61s superior size and comfort. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1408654204.htm https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1421022125.htm edit: neither of the above are facelift unfortunately but they do pop up frequently.