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  1. In my opinion you are only partly correct. The E60 M5 is a technically amazing car. Performance, handling, comfort, everything, is huge. It's totally in line with what an M5 is, and its totally a drivers car. In fact non "drivers" would shy away from them. And there certainly isn't much marketing attached. Given the other cars released at the same time (E63 AMG and Audi RS6) the M5 excels as the drivers car by far. The issue is their fuel consumption, maintenance and perceived reliability. Now if I was to consider F10 and on-wards, then I perhaps start to agree with you more. M5, E63, RS6, RS4, Guilia, etc. all start to blur the lines.
  2. Mine was near mint, 88km and sold for $20k...
  3. I think mine had that, but the autolock on drive away stopped it happening
  4. I got a set of 207s in the garage if anyone wants them for 50 bucks. Need new tyres but they might pass a wof.
  5. Can't go wrong with AutoTopNL. Skip to 6 minutes for driving.
  6. It might be the same. A lot of the issue is unique M parts that are prone to fail so that every little issue costs a fortune. A lot depends on the roll of the dice too. Some cars will have no faults during 3 years of ownership and some will hardly leave the dealership without the CEL saying hello. Should it stop you from owning one? Not if it's something you WANT. Just go in eyes open. If it's just going to be something fancy to get you around and impress your friends then yeah you probably should look elsewhere.
  7. Yep same with CRC, if you use it straight, and in their spray bottle you use 1/3 to 1/2 a bottle per car. at least it's only $12 on special. I recommend using 50/50 with water, and getting the 4L pack.
  8. If anyone wants some real good wheel cleaner, CRC Mag Monster is on special at Repco for $99. Grab a spray bottle and dilute 50/50. Or just use straight if you want to go all out. https://www.repco.co.nz/en/car-care-panel/car-care/tyre-care/crc-9309-mag-monster-mag-wheel-cleaner-4l/p/A1336147 Beats Dragons Breathe and the like in my books.
  9. I thought it was OK to good-ish when you were pushing it, but it was sh*t in normal driving, like it handles fine but it's just not comfortable. How are those Roadstone tyres anyway? Good, OK or total poopoo?
  10. Huh? Hyper has heaps on offer. I would go the Dunlop 050+ for $2k for 4 tyres.
  11. Good for you! We have the same colour on our F11 and it's a great colour but i feel the quality of the paint is a bit poor. It's super easy to scratch and swirl and is a mungrel to keep clean.
  12. Savagegeese's M5 videos are on the money I felt.
  13. Agree a 528i would be nicer. If you don't care about performance then the 523i would be fine. The F10/11 is a big solid car, you can certainly feel the 7 series that underpins it. Airbags are relatively cheap and easy to replace. Only air bags and oil leaks have been issues on our 535i.
  14. Good job on the wheels. I'm not advocating for Goodrides at all but I feel that review is overly skewed. The other two tyres are right at the top end of the performance segment, best of the best. The SA-07 looks to be well on the comfort/touring side and it's performance is probably a lot closer to other tyres in it's own class. What's more annoying if those are new tyres is that they are already 2 years old, i.e a third of their lifespan is gone. That sh*t is important given a lot of tyres tread will outlast the life of the tyre. For a budget tyre the Roadstone Eurovis 04 is actually pretty decent.
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