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  1. Newbie from Auckland: F11 535i

    Hah, excellent, almost twins It's such a great colour combo.
  2. Newbie from Auckland: F11 535i

    Welcome to Bimmersport I've almost made the complete transition from Clubsub haha! Is yours imperial blue also?
  3. e39 540 Oxford Green

    Could use a lesson in photography, makes it hard to tell if it's actually nice or not.
  4. BMW 130i - Birds B1 Dynamics etc etc etc

    Nice work!
  5. Bartholomew the F11 535i

    I don't name the cars, the wife does. But here it is, the baby wagon we picked up a couple of weeks ago. Freshly back from OCD for a stage 3 package. Amazing family car package, super comfortable, nice to drive, reasonable power and actually good on gas! Imperial Blue brilliant effect metallic (lol, and the photos don't do the colour justice, it's actually very blue in the sun), and Everest Gray leather, and M-sport. The really great features I think are the double sunroof, active steering with ridiculous turning radius and the 8 speed auto.
  6. There's bugger all F30 wagons available. We had our eyes on a couple of 328i's late last year with great colour combos, but no more. Theres a few sedans available though. I would strongly suggest the 328i over the hybrid. At a guess they are still quite popular in Japan, hence we haven't seen them dumping them onto the market yet.
  7. F10 535i Msport Touring

    Thought I would chip in here. We got our 535i Touring last week and took it away for the weekend. We managed 800km to the tank and just over 8L/100km. From West Auckland to Huntly it averaged 6.9 These things are super frugal for what they are! Grunty enough but certainly not that quick. Handling with the active steering is great and the ride superb. On the whole it's a perfect family sport wagon.
  8. Alpina B5 for sale down South

    Or grab an AMG E55, pulley and tune and destroy both M5 and B5.
  9. 850csi review by Doug DeMuro

    That particular example is exceptional. Super cool.
  10. Talk to me about the E65...

    Agree with coop as you can't maintain your way out of a failure. It's all about risk mitigation. Maintenance is one form, MBI is another, either one is good but both is better.
  11. Talk to me about the E65...

    As Olaf says. You can wrench all you like on it, but you still have to get the book stamped by a mechanic, usually MTA approved. Regular maintenance is not going to protect you the same as an MBI policy. When the trans had a minor fault on my E500 where it would get stuck in a gear requiring an off/on cycle to come back it cost $7000, $5000 of which was the part from MB Germany. You can't maintain your way out of issues like that. There are all sorts of dumb parts on Euros that have retarded prices. Some examples I can think of are M5 VANOS solenoids, at $1300 each and theres 4. DSC pump on E87 130i, $2000. Anything SMG... Most of the times I have had MBI I haven't realized the value of it, but the one $7000 fault in the E500 is more than the cost of all the MBIs I have ever purchased.
  12. BMW M approved Castrol Edge tws 10w 60 vs ...

    Penrite 10w60. Go.
  13. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    If you got it for 15ish with those extras then it's a good deal.
  14. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    Too pricey. 335i https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1405452609.htm?rsqid=fb84372b64084607b034d91e1d11f894 325i https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1523392365.htm?rsqid=ca6abf01fe0d4ae9be63ba8afe3603db
  15. What would you choose? E61 vs. E91

    Yay someone bought I car I posted It's a good looking wagon. I got new window rubber from Pelican Parts for my M5 if that helps...