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  1. Yes, using the waterblaster adds more time to the wash cycle, it doesn't make it quicker. [edit] I have a Nilfisk 120.6 and it's OK, I got a car wash attachement nozzle which seems to be lower pressure but wider and finer fan. I made the mistake of using the higher pressure nozzle on my wheels and promptly took off a bunch of paint >_< so be careful with high pressure attachments. Definitely grab the longer hose for washing the car. I use mine as a pre-wash to get rid of any loose dirt as I figure getting that off means there's less left on the car to scratch things up during the hand wash. Then I use a foam attachment to spray on Fireball Hydrophobic coating. Having 3 dark coloured cars is a PITA. I can't comment on whether Karcher/Stihl/Ryobi/Other brand is better or worse than Nilfisk. [/edit]
  2. Yep, waterblasting the car only gets rid of the top layer of loose dirt. You have to hand wash afterwards as well.
  3. GorGasm

    Gull 98

    Yep Gull 98 is fine. Anyone who says otherwise is dreaming. "E10 fuels can safely be used in all BMW passenger cars from all model years. However, irrespective of ethanol content, the minimum octane rating as specified in the user manual must be observed as before, since some BMW models require Super Plus RON 98 to reduce knock"
  4. So another ratty NZ new car and a mint jap import. Yet another example of Jap imports being superior and kiwis not giving a damn about their cars. No floor mats? What sort of feral animal owned it? Maybe I just have high standards...
  5. Heh, cam chain at the back worked out real well for Audi. Issues I saw for aftermarket: Integrated intercooler/manifold. Integrated exhaust manifold. It's a great piece of packaging design, but I think that may limit potential for serious modification. It's certainly superior to a JZ motor in almost all areas, but then that's 25+ years of progress for you.
  6. M135i is a different car, different driving style and experience. The higher the power level the more blurred the lines become and auto/dct/smg starts to make sense. At the pointy end of the market cars tend to aim for Uber capability and a blinding DCT or auto suits that. The 130i being a fair bit less powerful is much more rewarding to wring out with a manual, it's still good as an auto but better as manual. Auto has it's place for sure but if you are going out specifically for the pleasure of driving you can't go past a manual. An example, if an E46 M3 came as an auto, would it be anywhere near as good as the manual? Heck even the E9x M3 is better as a manual.
  7. The M135i is a great car and when tickled would be easily faster than an M3. I was looking at one when I bought my M5 but decided to go with the dangerous option.
  8. Yep, if you can get good 130i (like my old one ;)) then they are great value for the money. If it was for me to drive personally then I would 100% go for a manual one as it would relieve the boredom of driving it. Oil leaks, rough running, and general condition will say a lot and really that's all you can check. If that's in order then a lot of things that will cost you money are not going to show up until they fail, as per any BMW European car. With that said, the 130i is probably one of the simpler, more reliable of the BMW stable.
  9. I like the red one.
  10. I was gonna throw a cheeky $500 at them. I was tempted to just buy the wheels, swap the tires over and flick them on but I'm too lazy heh.
  11. If you get them i'd be keen on the tyres if you change them.
  12. BM Workshop usually have it on the shelf, possibly too late now.
  13. Can't remember what video it was. But it was comparing the 340i, S4, AMG C43 and their winner was none, get the 330i instead.
  14. Is it a facelift? Injector would be my next port of call if so.
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