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  1. I'd pay $1000. It sounds like a dick of a job and I would rather spend my time doing my job to pay for it. I sometimes hate the kiwi DIY attitude. Paying people to do jobs makes the world go round.
  2. Change the wood trim to faux carbon or something else dark, give the leather a super duper clean and then I think it would actually look pretty nice. Wood trim has to go on dark interior color.
  3. Try driving in Auckland traffic and watch it hit 18
  4. You need a center muffler if you want to make it quieter. Resonators won't do sh*t unless they magically nail the right frequency. edit: I still think there's a gap in the market for someone that can crunch the math and make exhausts with hemholtz resonators to eliminate drone using standard materials to keep costs down.
  5. To be honest, E60/E92 M car ownership isn't THAT bad provided you get one that isn't a bomb and you own it longer term. You could get one that doesn't need anything other than basic services for a few years, or you might be unlucky and get one where every single sensor decides to die and the bearings go, in that case you are f**ked. Given that my very tidy M5 went for $20k and only had 90km on the clock, add another 7.5k on it for for bearings and $5k for clutch and at $32.5k it's still a pretty capable and unique car for the money. The big worry for me is the perceived costs and reliability driving away potential buyers at resale, so you potentially are stuck with the car for a long while, or will have to lose a bunch on resale. If you are going to own long term then you may have to squirrel away $7.5k for bearings depending on mileage, but just factor that into the purchase and spread it over the ownership period. Mid length ownership is the potential trap in my opinion. You should own one for a very short time or a very long time to either avoid the risks or spread the cost out. /braindump. As for the cars themselves? Amazing open road vehicles. When driven through the country side there isn't much you could want to be honest. They're just a joy to drive.
  6. In BMWs case they aren't flaws, they're features! I think I need to get a Japanese car again next to remember what it's like to have a car that never needs any work.
  7. Probably about 5% gain at most. These cars are already highly strung.
  8. Not everyone cares. The ad also says call for more information, which if you were a serious buyer, you would do.
  9. Depends what you want the car for. If you want it for weekend fun then 100% manual. If you are gonna pootle to town and back and not much else then auto.
  10. GorGasm

    2002 E46 330ci

    I also saw you while I was scooting around Auckland, only noticed it because of the stand out interior and thought darn that looks good.
  11. In my opinion you are only partly correct. The E60 M5 is a technically amazing car. Performance, handling, comfort, everything, is huge. It's totally in line with what an M5 is, and its totally a drivers car. In fact non "drivers" would shy away from them. And there certainly isn't much marketing attached. Given the other cars released at the same time (E63 AMG and Audi RS6) the M5 excels as the drivers car by far. The issue is their fuel consumption, maintenance and perceived reliability. Now if I was to consider F10 and on-wards, then I perhaps start to agree with you more. M5, E63, RS6, RS4, Guilia, etc. all start to blur the lines.
  12. Mine was near mint, 88km and sold for $20k...
  13. I think mine had that, but the autolock on drive away stopped it happening
  14. I got a set of 207s in the garage if anyone wants them for 50 bucks. Need new tyres but they might pass a wof.
  15. Can't go wrong with AutoTopNL. Skip to 6 minutes for driving.
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