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  1. Also Burgers Motor Works on the North Shore.
  2. Yep the manual makes the car. Same as my old 3.0R Legacy, as a 6 speed it was brilliant. As an auto, zzzzz.
  3. Saw it the other day and was mildly interested. I am currently using Fireball hydrophobic foam after washing the car. It gives a pretty smooth finish. Not sure how good it is at repelling dirt, cars seem to get very dirty very quickly in the current weather :(.
  4. I have had good dealings with burgers motor works recently on my M5, 535 and Maserati.
  5. I'm conflicted about that comment. Yes it can be important to avoid the basement price items, but equally there's a range of prices in the middle which are perfectly fine. Taking your comment to it's logical conclusion means you should be driving around on Michelin PS4S (arguably the best street tyre out) and some sort of track day suitable brake pad. Kudos if you are, but there's nothing wrong with running a Falken, Nexen and an OEM brake pad.
  6. Get in touch with https://sterlingbrake.co.nz/
  7. Yep, need to clean it and grab some photos first.
  8. Decided it's time to sell the M5. Anyone want a good condition E60 M5?
  9. CEL on an M5 is never cheap
  10. Heh, I had fun doing mine as well. Turns out my battery was probably still OK and it was my alternator voltage regulator that was poked. I replaced my battery with a 100AH non AGM battery (possibly din88?) and recoded the car to non AGM, saved $200 vs an AGM battery. Anyway, keep up the good work.
  11. Haha the 650i is undoubtedly a better car than my Mas, but for some reason I own a Mas and not a 650i
  12. Speaking of 6 series. It's no M6 but I really like this one: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-2181598334.htm?rsqid=ac430e8a63e944f8a587fbd7c7f4d054-002
  13. Yeah the M5 is only fast at the top end, once you are in the zone it's good. Anything below 4000 rpm is pretty tame. My E55 was fast, everywhere, all the time. 500hp and 800NM though. Fast doesn't mean fun either, especially as a daily. There's limited opportunity for me to ring my cars out on our roads which is sad :(. 335i with basic bolt ons and a tune should be plenty to have fun with.
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