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  1. Wait til you are stuck in traffic or always do short trips heh. Although if you are in the Taranaki it shouldn't be a problem.
  2. I wonder if the purple one SD5150 was the one that lived on my old road in Alfriston. Cool cars and would possibly rate over the E39 IMO.
  3. Yeah I forgot about the oil/trans servicing requirements on top of that. Maserati warranty is also moonbeams. I have an internal invoice for a $10k repair just done on my new car for the equivalent of the VANOS solenoids. Eek.
  4. Nah, I had a 2 yr warranty on it and nothing failed in that time. Waste of $4400. Warranty's on these things can often be a total waste. Cost $500 to access the warranty, plus the warranty purchase cost, so you are gonna need some monster repairs to get value out of it. Normal cars where the warranty is $1800 for 4yrs make sense to me. I have booked it in to have someone remove/repair the pump before replacing it. My 130i repair cost about $800 all up for the same job when the price on the pump alone was $2500. I could probably do the job myself but I just don't have any time to work on cars anymore with 2 kiddies running around.
  5. Replaced voltage regulator last night in the M5. Cleared all the spaz codes it was throwing and the car started up all good. Got 50 metres down the road this morning and up comes 5DF0 ABS pump failure, reset codes a few times but it comes straight back. BMW parts are such a bastard, it would be fine if they died and didn't cost the moon, but the ABS pump retails for $3000 US, it's not just an M5 thing either, the 130i had the same issue. FML.
  6. Nice photos and a nice clean car. GLWS!
  7. GorGasm

    Not my Supra

    Yeah I always disregarded it after playing the original Need for Speed game, it had the best steering but it was super slow. GTR was king for me as I would watch it in Bathurst.
  8. Sounds like E60 M5 ownership is cheaper hah!
  9. GorGasm

    Not my Supra

    It's a great car, but it doesn't have the X factor. It would have cost too much to develop a standalone car me thinks. Much easier to pay BMW to re-skin a car they already have. The Toyota Mark X GRMN is the Toyota I would rock.
  10. Hah, apparently the car I am looking at has had that expensive fix done, and interestingly the M5's consumption has gone down since the thermostat was replaced, still thirsty but it can achieve a decent result on the highway now, I even had it reading 9.8l/100km! If anyone wants to grab this for $7k speak up. It's a bargain car for that money.
  11. Haha, I am going for pre-mazda mazer. I must agree the new Maserati cars have lost their flair.
  12. Maserati Granturismo, heh.
  13. 2007 BMW 130i Japanese import (i drive still in Japanese sorry) 86,000km White with terracotta leather 18" M-performance wheels, new tyres Recently serviced including oil, engine air and micro filters, spark plugs No outstanding issues 9/10 condition inside and out Recently clayed and waxed I'm trying to move this along to make room for a new car. It has been a great car for us, giving very little trouble. We have had it since it was at 25000km and it's now up to 86000km. It's a fairly unique colour combo of white with terracotta interior which I think makes it feel a lot classier than your run of the mill white/black combo. It's still in great condition all round as it's a city car that doesn't see a great deal of open roads. Looking for $8k at the moment. Come and grab a tidy and reliable little performance hatch back! Some pics, will update once I can get outside to clean and photo it.
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