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    SPOTTED! The official thread

    Spotted! M5 in Petone. Special edition with the twin exhaust only?!
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    After weeks of postponement caused by work and uni exams, it's finally time to give Jane some well-deserved TLC. After taking inspiration from @Olaf 's excellent documentation of his journey in his E60 - - I have decided to do a similar thing with my E39. Exactly four months ago to the day, I drove out of @str8_6's driveway with my first Bimmer, 136,423kms on the clock, and no regrets since. Over those four months, I have: - Replaced the leaking radiator, expansion tank (which had previously been glued together at some point 😒), and the upper coolant hose from the thermostat to the radiator - Fitted a Euro-style license plate surround (couldn't quite justify the $300 for the real deal, maybe one day) - Received two speeding tickets from the same camera (both within the first week of ownership 😶 ) - cruise control is now used religiously on the motorway - Installed a GROM Bluetooth unit into the stock BMW head unit (with the generous help of @str8_6) - Replaced the wiper blades with a genuine pair from FCP Euro, applied an overdue coat of Rain-X, topped up the washer fluid with genuine BMW concentrate My family has a habit of forming bonds with their cars and keeping them for several decades; a habit which has well and truly passed on to me, hence why Jane has reached 'girlfriend' status. As with all long-term relationships, if you want to keep them, they soon get expensive. Hence, I have a list of future plans for my girl: - In the 6,500kms or so I have done in Jane, I have managed to buckle both drivers side rims . Replacements are needed relatively soon, but I'm unsure of which way I want to go. I love the style 81s that I currently have, so getting a new set of rims isn't really an option. Alternatively, I could either repair the two buckled rims (noting that they aren't severely buckled), or purchase two new style 81s. I'm leaning towards buying two new rims (or maybe just one and using the full-sized spare?), since I'm not totally convinced of the efficacy of rim repairs?? Any advice on this issue would be greatly appreciated. - Following the rim issue, it is time for new tyres. I plan to buy a set of four Pilot Sport 4 tyres to get fitted when I eventually sort out what I'm doing with the rims - The GROM Bluetooth unit has highlighted how pitiful the E39 base audio system is. This certainly isn't a pressing upgrade, but a decent audio system is a must for me in the long-term. Has anyone on here upgraded the speakers in their E39 with success? - Tints. I like the stock look without tints, but we're heading into summer and I'd like to keep the interior looking as sharp as possible. - Suspension. I am at a crossroads when it comes to what to do with my suspension. I have noticed that the driver's side of the car sits noticeably lower than the passenger's. I did some reading online and was met with conflicting theories; some said they were made like that from the factory to balance out the slope of our roads, and others claimed that because of our sloped roads one side will wear quicker than the other. One thing was for certain, I didn't know the answer. After talking to Jon at Auto 38, the driver's side rear spring is quite tired, causing it to sit 30mm lower than the passenger rear. Okay, so that solves one problem: my 17-year-old car with over 140,000kms has tired suspension, I probably could have guessed that. Now, I have a few options, with the cheapest probably being to just replace all four springs with OEM parts. But if I'm going to be keeping Jane for many years, I am considering being slightly more extravagant with my solution. While the ride is superb, the body roll is laughable on a twisty road. Moreover, I could fit another E39 inside the wheel arch gap with the stock set up. I'm thinking a bit of a suspension rehaul. Maybe some H&R springs? But I don't want the ride height to fall dramatically. Looking online, some suggest also fitting new shocks to pair with the springs, such as Bilstein B8s. Again, unsure of the impact this would have on ride comfort? I'm far from making a decision on this issue, and have plenty more research to do, but does anyone have experience with either of these? Ultimately, I'm after something that will improve the handling and reduce the wheel arch gap (but still respectable - no StanceNation here), but also not ruining the supple ride of the E39. Here are a couple of snaps from the BMW Car Club's recent drive to Cape Palliser:
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    Went to see @Autoglym a wee while ago and bought a few products that I've been meaning to put into use. I finally got around to spending a day getting the Oxford Green paint to sparkle. Washed (with AutoGlym shampoo), clay barred, washed again, polished, and finally waxed. Also bought some leather cleaning product online and attacked the leather, before conditioning it. This was the most in-depth car clean I've ever done, and I'm pretty chuffed with how it's turned out. The paintwork is uber smooth to touch! And the leather is much less shiny, and nicer to the touch as well. Took this pic after labouring on her for an entire day:
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    152,053 kms. Quite a bit of love spent on Jane over the last couple weeks: Vanos seals refreshed Auto transmission serviced Rocker cover gasket replaced Sump gasket replaced Heater hose replaced Oil change I had these jobs done by Jon at Auto 38 two weeks ago. I've done 2,000kms since then, meaning I've had some time to get a feel for the results, and I'm really pleased. When people say that refreshing the vanos seals makes for a great improvement in their cars, they aren't lying! I drove from Wellington to Whanganui (200kms) after the seals were done which bedded them in nicely. The biggest takeaway is how much perkier the car feels; it's far more lively and torquey in the lower rev-range. Whereas before she would have chopped down from 5th into 4th when accelerating from 70km/h up to 100km/h, she now just pulls in 5th. And with only 150kms on the clock when this was done, I'm sure my vanos seals were in far better shape than others'. Highly recommended upgrade for anyone with these cars! Also running smoother and is slightly smoother on cold start, although not completely as smooth as I'd like it. But a great result nonetheless. Transmission service also returned great results. As soon as I took off from Auto 38 I noticed a change. Firstly, the shifts are far smoother (and they weren't rough to begin with!). And additionally, the up-shifts seem to come sooner, which could be the reason I've seen my petrol consumption drop from 10L/100km to 9.7L/100km! Sump gasket had a minor leak, so the gasket was replaced. Also got the rocker cover gasket done as one of those '"while you're in there" jobs - no record of it being done in the service history. Jon noticed the heater hose was getting quite soft, so replaced that to avoid any side-of-the-road-E39-coolant-system-failure moments! Hard to believe I'd already done 8,000kms since the last oil change in late November, but it was time for one of those as well! Overall, got a few of those checklist jobs done and the car has never run better. I chased an E60 M5, E92 M3 and E39 M5 over the Paraparas last weekend, and Jane held her own (although struggled a bit on the straights!). Love driving this car, and looking forward to putting many more miles on the clock Next on the to-do list: Replace folding radio wood trim with an uncracked piece (have the piece, just struggling to find the time to get the swap done), New rubber (I hear a set of Michelin PS4's calling Jane's name), Potentially a bit of suspension work. Undecided on how much I want to spend on suspension at the moment, when it's far from being buggered. Have a clunk that appears occasionally when coming to a halt. Might look into that soon.
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    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Great result! Can't recommend Jon enough
  6. Thanks for this, a really cool story!
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    I’ve had a slow leak in one of my tyres over the past few weeks, and finally got around to getting it fixed this morning. One screw and one nail, both lodged into the same tyre at opposite ends. Took it to Thorndon Quay Beaurepaires, who fixed it free of charge. Highly recommend
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    More than happy to help, @Olaf! With all the software downloaded, it’d be a 5 minute job with your E46. Just message me with a time and place etc
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    Mystery M-Coupe

    Good spot. As you were
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    Mystery M-Coupe

    Just noticed this tonight...
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    149,400 kms. After hearing the horror story of another member's E39 overheating, I couldn't drive Jane without staring at the coolant temp gauge. After realising that I would get the same utility from staring at my left thumb, I decided it was best to do something about the ridiculously buffered temp gauge that comes in these cars. With the advice of @Allanw, I bought a cheap OBD2 scanning tool, and set about adjusting the temp gauge ranges. This was actually a lot harder than I anticipated. It took me about an hour to get all of the software downloaded onto my laptop (user error), and a lot of the forums that have discussed re-coding these gauges were written from an E46 perspective. In my naivety, I assumed that since my E39 shares the same M54 as the E46, the process would be identical. It turns out that the coding side of things is completely different. This took another long while of internet trawling before I was finally able to get it done. As a result, instead of my temp gauge telling me I'm at 'normal operating temperature' from about 75C to 115C, it is now reduced to roughly 85C to 95C. One of the best mods I've done for my mental stability (and for the engine's sake of course), and highly recommend it for anyone with this era of BMW (E38, E39, E46 etc.). If anyone wants any help with this I am more than happy to help. Increased accuracy of our temp gauges is objectively a good thing; it gives the driver more notice when their car may be overheating or running too cold, AND hopefully prevents people booting their cars before they're actually at 'normal operating temperature'. More accuracy = greater chance of survival of these engines/cars and I am all for that! I also checked for error messages, and was pleasantly surprised by the lack of any current fault codes! She treats me well, this old girl does.
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    E81 130i 2008

    Saw this at Victoria Uni last week! Unfortunately I didn’t get the number plate, but just managed to sneak in a pic. Pretty sure it only had a single exhaust, so 120i? My mate was slightly puzzled when I audibly gasped and whipped out my phone to take a photo of a 4 pot 1 Series, but after explaining the rarity of these cars he was a bit more understanding...
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    New-ish member in the 'Tron

    Welcome! I see one beautiful E39 in that photo 😍
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    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    Hey guys, When I was back in high school (only a couple years ago) all my friends had the most mundane cars: old and tired Honda Civics, Suzuki Swifts, Nissan Marchs and the like, and nine times out of ten auto. Now that my sister has her licence and is approaching the need for her first car, I thought this would be an interesting discussion to be had. She's not a massive petrolhead, but my love for cars has rubbed off onto her to the extent that she cares somewhat about what she drives. But I don't want to make this thread about her, so what are your best cars that are: Under $5k Fun-ish Manual Relatively reliable and cheap to run At least marginally more exciting than a March Not limited to Bimmers/Euro cars What cool cars have you guys owned, wanted to own or plan on owning?
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    Dog Parks in Auckland

    Dog pic?
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    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Looking to recalibrate the temp gauge in my M54 so that it is actually of some use; does anyone around Wellington have the software to do this? I think you need PA Soft 1.4 but I could be wrong. Thanks!
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    BMW E38 M7... kind of

    That interior is delicious
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    @NZ BMW Do it, you won’t regret it.
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    147,800 kms Got the windows tinted earlier this week at Tint Magic Whanganui. $320 and really pleased with the result. Good colour and a quality job done on the E39, which is notoriously hard to do well. Would recommend them for anyone in the area 😁
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    My new SS Commodore... in a sharp german suit

    Nice! Did the ARB bushes fix your clunk?
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    Two written off i3's up for auction

    Happened to see two i3s yesterday. I knew the tyres were skinny, but I didn’t realise that were THAT skinny. You could swap them with bicycle tyres and nobody would be able to tell the difference
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    Thanks Eagle, I agree. It’s something I will definitely be doing this year. I am considering doing the vanos first though. When she’s been sitting for a day or so, the cold idle for the first 30-60 seconds is slightly rougher than when she’s warm. From the reading I’ve done online, it sounds like a vanos refresh could remedy this. If not, it’s still a sensible item to tick off that will probably be rooted anyway @Olaf took mine for a spin earlier this month. I think his words were something along the lines of ‘it certainly is tired, and would benefit from refreshing, but it certainly isn’t f**ked either, yet.’
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    Jane - My Green German Girlfriend

    146,800 kms A couple weeks ago on my drive home from work I hit 10,000 kms in Jane, and what an enjoyable 10,000 kms they’ve been. Last night I was driving home from work at 3.30am. In my daily commute, I blasted down the motorway from Petone into Wellington city; climbed up the twisty hill to Kelburn, ‘She Talks to Angels’ playing in the background, air con keeping me cool on this hot Wellington night; got to the turn off to my flat, decided screw it and just kept driving. Ended up at Makara Beach at about 4am. Just my car and me. Literally no where else I would have rather been. My first 10,000 kms, in review.
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    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    They’re quite cool! When I was on the hunt for my current Bimmer I kept my eyes and ears open on the Clio market. Tell me more about your one @OP6, pictures?
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    Fun Cars for Under 5k

    A couple years ago I took a manual Swift Sport for a spin; surprisingly good fun! Had a nice notchy gear shift from memory. I guess after seeing so many poorly maintained Swifts on the road I forgot that they are actually good cars