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    Quick Questions

    I've never had to deal with tpms system. But had researched it awhile ago as was interested to see how it worked. And had read about the system you describe and also the system which uses sensors in the tyre valve. A quick check on TIS for e53 shows it uses a pressure sensor in valve system. Maybe the tyre shop is correct. Would be interesting to know what system it is using. https://www.newtis.info/tisv2/a/en/e53-x5-3.0d-sav/wiring-functional-info/chassis-suspension/wheels-tyres/tyre-pressure-control/XkPZ3jW
  2. The m3 e36 expansion tank appears to be the same as an e30 one.
  3. Unless your 328 is making decent power (turbo, supercharged etc) What's wrong with standard clutch? If you're making decent power then really that just comes with the territory. If you're making standard power just put the standard setup back in and you'll have your nice cushy spongy clutch pedal back again. You put a heavy pressure plate in and complain about pedal effort. To be expected. Storm in a teacup.
  4. Cool. How much extra timing did you add? Did you touch fuel ?
  5. Appears to be an expert at everything and good at telling people they are doing it wrong. So probably in HR or health and safety.
  6. Interested to know where you got your gearbox mounts from.
  7. Nice. Ms4x flasher is a lot nicer and user friendly. I don't think galletto corrects checksums automatically, could be the problem of your full write error. Ms4x flasher is better anyway. What was the end result ?
  8. Lol what a bunch of pre pubescent teenagers. Embarrassing really. Just rm -rf the whole f**king server, job done.
  9. You can buy one thats been tuned and virginised. Then when you get it re sync EWS and youre away. But you'll need diagnostic software or a scanner to sync the EWS so maybe not the best solution for you.
  10. Not sure about the file you have here and the EWS delete. Yes you can disable EWS from DME, and car wont start without the paired key ( as EWS has still disabled starter, however ignition and injection is enabled in DME). This means even without the key the car could still be push started. Or the EWS unit just unplugged and the two starter wires joined together.
  11. Yes you can keep ews. Also you can increase throttle response while retaining icv.
  12. I've got a staggered set here. They need a refurb / paint. What are they worth ?
  13. Yes I agree, if you want to access other modules in the car it is required. However he is looking to diagnose his engine, and ADS is not required for M52. If he was asking to diagnose his ABS pump or whatever then yes I would agree. And for what it's worth.. you can still buy modern laptops with com ports if you want to go that way. You can pick up an off lease i5 or i7 hp pro book/elite book for under $500 from pbtech, these usually have com ports.
  14. I got an e30 dash here I'm prob gonna get rid of. Think the SI board is operational.
  15. That's expensive. I just bought some for around $25 USD. They just arrived today actually.
  16. You dont need ADS for M52 engine. I'd agree for older things yes. I've used USB for diagnostics and flashing / tuning M52 engines for years on multiple different laptops and USB cables. If you want to live in the dark ages then so be it, continue using ADS lol.
  17. For diagnostics INPA and a USB to ODB2 adaptor is fine. You can download Mikes Easy BMW tools, it comes with INPA. You'll most likely need the round port to ODB2 adaptor as well. However, really common for Crank and cam sensors on these to fail if they are original. The insulation on the wiring is complete sh*t. For the crank and cam sensor plugs, pull the boot back off the plug and inspect the insulation. If they are original sensors you will probably find it has completely fallen to bits.
  18. I used chipsters software, unfortunately he passed away and his website isnt avaliable anymore. I see there is some other software that has been developed though that looks very promising. I used same odb2 cable I use for inpa.
  19. Ive been using romraider for both ms43 and ms42.
  20. polley

    Quick rant thread.

    Consider yourself lucky you can work from home. A lot of unfortunate people have no work at all, im sure there will be a fair share of people that have no job to return to once this is over as well.
  21. Hyosung 650gtr lams model. Remove the restrictor. They go bloody well once derestricted. Or keep poodling around on underpowered hooptys.
  22. For that price it's worth getting one just to hack the mufflers off it and burn around town doing skids making a racket in it and goofing off with the boys. Would be a blast.
  23. polley

    New GST import stuff

    Yeah I've brought about $8k worth of stuff (new parts, in $2k lots) in and it's all gone straight through. Late December and late Feb.
  24. Are you sure they are both 240's? I've never seen one like that without the webbing around it. Yeah I've got a old thread somewhere. Haven't updated it for a long time. Unfortunately the pictures are dead.
  25. Not only that, driveshaft lengths are different between 240 and 260
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