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  1. turbolizard

    Garage Flooring

    RaceDeck is a similar product.
  2. turbolizard

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Put a new water pump and thermostat into an e91. I will be happy if i don't have to do that again for ten years.
  3. turbolizard


    Is the M10 ring gear the same diameter as the M20? I don't know if they are the same or not, but something to check. If the diameter is close but different then the starter may be in slightly the wrong position with respect to the ring gear when installed into an M20.
  4. turbolizard

    Ffffffffffinally bought my first e30 M3🤗🤗🤗

    First couple of pics had me thinking the Auckland roads were nearly as rough as the roads in the central North Island. Nice car though.
  5. turbolizard

    328ti Rally

    I'm not an expert on wiring but have experience making and modifying looms on race boats and cars. Putting in some effort is well worthwhile to obtain reliability as bad wiring will kill your enjoyment very quickly. I would advise investing in proper loom tape, good crimp tools and terminals, as well as a terminal release set. Do plenty of labeling, even if it seems obvious, and try to stick with the basic concepts used by the manufacturer. If you can get hold of another sacrificial wiring loom then that can be a good source of the right colour wires for any extensions etc. Strain relief is critical for reliability in a race car or boat. Manufacturers are generally very good at this aspect, so take note of what they do. You might need more if you thin the loom right out, as multiple wires help support each other. Proper loom tape is very helpful with this. Its not that hard to do, but is very time consuming. Did I mention labels? Lots of labels. I use a label maker with flexible tape and put clear heat shrink over it to protect it.
  6. turbolizard

    2 x S50B32 M3 evo engines

    What is the racing history of these engines?
  7. turbolizard

    1996 E36 - EWS II issue

    I wish I could help you but I am in a somewhat related situation. I am keen to use an emulator to get an e36 M44 running in an older chassis that never had EWS, but have not been able to program my Aliexpress emulator. I think this might be due to not using a computer with a proper serial port. In any case I have a spare emulator if you can figure out how to make it work by going that route, but would suggest your best best is to fix up what you have. Info for the four cylinder Bosch ECU seems very thin on the ground.
  8. turbolizard

    e36 racecar

    Great to see you have had it out on the track. Looking forward to seeing it - assume will you be running at Taupo in November?
  9. turbolizard

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I'm guessing that was to do the oil pump nut and you dropped the subframe instead of pulling the engine? I need to do this myself and wondering if this is easier than pulling the engine - which is very easy on these cars (when you have no A/C to worry about).
  10. turbolizard

    The importance of Full Cover Insurance

    Voluntary insurance probably works out better for decent drivers. If you want insurance you get it and if some idiot hits you then you can make a claim. The people who want insurance are sharing the risk among themselves. Making insurance compulsory just introduces all the morons into the pool and this makes it more expensive for everyone else on average. With voluntary insurance, all the accidents where two uninsured morons hit each other, or drive off the road by themselves, don't result in any claims (which helps keep premiums down).
  11. turbolizard


    Do you have a working iDrive?
  12. The devices used to measure things are meters. The "metre" is a unit of length in the metric system (from France) and that spelling is only used for length measurements (except in America where they don't bother spelling metre length correctly, probably because they like feet and inches better anyway). Your approach is basically right, but be aware that some modules take quite a long time to shut down so currents may stay up for a while even if nothing is wrong on that circuit. Dunno what is going on with your meter and its readings on different scales.
  13. turbolizard

    Straight piping

    Get some earmuffs
  14. turbolizard

    EWS emulator coding

    Thanks for the ideas. It might be that i need to try and find an EWS2 module and keys and align it as below. However, this is essentially what the emulator is supposed to do. If I can make it work the emulator is simpler as the car does not have any EWS wiring in it as it never had EWS originally. The engine is newer than the car, so putting an emulator inside the DME box is good stand alone setup (if I can get it to work of course). The DME for the M44B19 is Bosch M5.2 and I don't think this software approach is possible for this DME. That was my first idea too and I did a bit of investigation of this. Do you know someone who can do it on this M5.2 DME? Yes it is there and I can get to the menu. I have read the ISN from the DME and tried to write it to the emulator with INPA but I get some sort of comms error (IFH-0003: DATATRANSMISSIONTO INTERFACE DISTURBED). I seem to have some limited comms with emulator but the full INPA jobs don't always run. Only some of the parameters seem to be accessible, probably because the emulator is only approximately similar to the real EWS system. Will keep playing with INPA and Tool32. In the meantime if anyone has an EWS2 module that will suit my DME I would be happy to try playing around with that too.
  15. turbolizard

    EWS emulator coding

    I am trying to get an M44 transplant running using an EWS emulator on the original M44 DME. Unfortunately the original EWS module and keys that were paired with the DME are in a donor car that is long gone, which is why i need an emulator. INPA can read the ISN off the the DME without problems and all communications using INPA work perfectly so there is not likely to be any problem with my cables etc. However, when I switch to the emulator software to try and write the ISN to the EWS emulator chip I cannot communicate with it. Everything seems to operate fine, it tries for a while, then returns a message "No echo from k-line". Has anyone successfully done this and got any ideas? The basic approach I am taking is described in the link below, although I got the identical looking emulator chips from Aliexpress... https://www.ecutool.com/bmw-ews2-ews32-emulator_7875.html