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  1. BMW Mini Cooper S for BMW race series?

    The BMW Mini is eligible or the series. 2 litre is a naturally aspirated class only, but the Mini could also run in Open class if it is supercharged. There were a couple of Minis running at the last round, one in 2 litre and the other in Open. They went very well in the rain.
  2. E30 M40 to M42 Engine swap wiring help

    Check out this site. I think you wlll find a lot of useful info there. The page linked below is for ECU pin outs, but there are many pages of info on wiring colour codes and connectors etc... http://www.e30zone.net/e30zonewiki/index.php/ECU_Pinouts
  3. Love my e36 318ti...

    A 1994 or 1995 NZ new BMW may have come from brand new without cats. I have an NZ new 94 540 that had option S199 which is "without catalytic converter". To find out what options your car came with try entering the last 7 characters of your VIN into a decoder like... https://www.etkbmw.com/bmw/EN/vin/decoder/online
  4. What'd you do to your BMW today?

    The plastic air vents that let ventilation air out of the car can leak water through where they fit into the body. Worth checking if there is water below this vent level but not above it. It is the big black vent in the photo. Best way to check is with you inside the boot with a torch and someone outside with a hose. I have done this for a few leaks over the years and found the source very quickly. Get the person outside to start with the hose down low on the car and move up slowly.
  5. Custom bbs RS742 style 42

    I'm thinking about getting a new car just so I can put these wheels on it!.
  6. Fan clutch and fan - E46 330ci

    So where are you located?
  7. E36 328I Track Car

    Car is looking really good. What was the Taupo event?
  8. importing an e30

    You could pay above the odds for a local one and come out ahead compared to importing. Importing is only worthwhile if the car is pretty high value, or just impossible to obtain otherwise. The freight and other costs will be as much or more than a local e30 318, even in manual. You might as well look for a higher priced but tidy one locally and be prepared to pay a slight premium to grab it.
  9. E39 M5 Value

    We all feel like we paid too much for our e39 M5s - until we drive them home (going the long way). I have had mine for 6 years and not a single moment of regret. They are fantastic all rounders.
  10. Spring Clean (autumn)

    I'm interested in the loom cover. PM sent.
  11. E36 328I Track Car

    What engine electronics are you using with the ITBs?
  12. E39 M5

    Ad states it has had just one owner since 2002 (when it was only a year old), so likely to have been pretty well looked after. Only an enthusiast would buy at a year old and keep for 15 years.
  13. WTB: e30 facelift front bumper and trim

    Still after a bumper.
  14. Looking for plastic front bumper for facelift e30. Any colour is ok. Also looking for black front bumper trim - a pair would be good but RHS needed most.
  15. Gear box ratios that were chosen to work with the other gears, not chosen to pass an emission test or obtain a fuel ecomomy figure.