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    Some incredible cars this morning at Caffeine and Classics but this is the only one I took a picture of 😍
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    Facelift. almost 1000km since the engine went in. Had a coolant light on last week. Not sure if it did a big burp or if it's leaking but either way i topped it up and am keeping an eye on it. Xenons sourced from Weitz and coded in by @promo. Black corner lights also installed with chrome bulbs. Black grilles are also in and a few stone chips fixed up. I've just noticed looking at these photos that there is a little bulb on in the passenger side light. This is consistent with a bulb out light on the dash on the drivers side. Anyone know what this is? I haven't wired up for bi-xenon functionality yet or self leveling...they will come down the line. Suspension has also settled. Dropped the car into auto38 this week for a gearbox flush. ZF filter and 12L of ZF oil. 212K trans oil was very black apparently.
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    Hello, With our first child on the way, I needed more doors and seats than the van offered, and so this is my E46 330i. 2001 model, imported from Japan in 2009. 99,000 kilometres on the clock, full service history. Cleanish daily for the Whānau 👌🏼 I moved to New Zealand from the UK six years ago, and I'm North Shore based. I'm keen to get involved in the BMW community, particularly the Race Series (http://www.bmwraceseries.co.nz/). Cheers, Josh
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    Hi all, looking to buy a med case LSD to fit e36. Let me know any options or suggestions. Thanks
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    Heading home to Dunedin from Ashvagas and spotted a daker yellow e36 M3 coupe and an e30 Parked up at the garage in Hinds. Anyone here?
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    @M3AN it’s all yours, just tried to PM you maybe your inbox is full?
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    hi anyone have these? Happy to buy or trade parts. Thanks
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    Bump, new items added
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    Oh ok cool. thanks! ...turns out there wasn’t a bulb in there. All sorted and no more lights out on the dash.
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    Thats probably the downfall then. The proportions of the rear of the M4 is terrible, the GTR and Stang are much better. I've never seen massive wheels like the M4 has swallowed by the rear guard and made to look like they are smaller than the front wheels.
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    1. Depending on the function either whilst covered by BSI or whilst subscription is live. 2. Lifetime of vehicle 3. Lifetime of vehicle. 4. Not sure sorry. Key point here which is buried in text (sorry didn’t look so long on PC) is that as software updates will be remote they are free. No need to take the car to dealership to be programmed, will download to the car automatically whilst driving.
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    Better pics of refreshed wheels. not an exact match to the original colour and a bit lighter but I like it.
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    Thinking about selling mine if you’re interested
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    maybe buy mine for $25k
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    Im selling my 86 525e next month. 175Kms, full dealership service history, very original unmolested rust free example. Previous owner had it for over 20yrs.
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    My new weekender and project. A pretty good starting point... Far better than I hoped for on my modest budget but I got lucky with a vendor desperate to sell before moving overseas. First thing that has to go are those ugly ass 80s exhaust tips, then a few cosmetics (msport bumpers, missing wheel cap, kerbing, etc) and some maintenance... Will start a project log soon. EDIT: Forgot to mention... For some bizarre reason it also has a towbar fitting. F*ck knows why you'd put a tow bar on one of these but someone did... And it I don't plan to keep it.
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    I recently purchased @Aphexic's E39 540i. Overall it's in pretty good condition, with a tonne of service history dating back to 2009. This thing has had some money spent on it over the years. The car has just ticked over 200,000 km's. Here's some photos of it in it's new home. Things I'm intending to do as time and money allows: OEM Msport style 66 wheels (hurry up and post them @oldskool ? ) New tires: Potenza RE003 235/45/R17 Front and RE050A 255/40/R17 on the rear. Bulbs: Angel eye bulbs and H7 low beam bulbs Thermostat and coolant. Has had cooling system overhaul at 180,000 but thermostat seems to be all over the shop. Chain guides and timing chain + waterpump. Thrust arm bushings - has a strong vibration around 90+ km/h MAF - randomly when stopping at an intersection or lights it stalls and today it was hunting like it had a vacuume leak but then later on it idles perfectly. Tow bar Drivers door seal new water jet hoses
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    They fitted fine, used Nexen 205/45R16 and 215/45R16, think there was some rubbing on the rear but I had Adjustable's so ran it lower at a time. I imported them from one of my regular factories that had them sitting in warehouse, have asked if they have anymore. Will reply here if they do.
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    2297XX Celis F/L tailights installed. I've been trying to do this for about 1 year now. After 2 dud sets off trademe I had sort of given up but then @BreakMyWindow came through with a set from one of his recent missions to A&E. These also had the plug adapters, major score. Then I was too noob/scared to use NCS to try and code them in and my ISTA P is still not working but @hqstu came through with an LCM IIIB off a late model 525 running all the celis and xenon goods. My PA soft 1.4 is working and so following the E39 source videos I coded the LCM to my car, was alittle apprehensive as to how the front Xenons and wiring were going to respond but everything works perfect so I went ahead and started drilling some holes in the the tailight buckets. I followed E39 source videos again for this and a forum DIY. No hole saw but this stepped drill bit worked a charm New holes plug adapters Before after Fitments pretty good, I did have to do abit of bashing with a hammer. Since I've had it 3 years as of this month I thought some new plates would make a nice birthday present. TBH i was planning on keeping the plates when I sold it so went about remaking them while I was filling in the forms to make them mine. I didnt drill the rear plate, I just screwed the surround (which is abit faded and could probably do with a refresh) and then snapped the plate in place. The E39 community really helped me out with this one, thanks guys! Update on the shimmy. Case closed. I've had 2 people drive the car now and they are more worried about my mental health than any vibrations. Tyres are still on the cards and a new Battery is in the not to distant future too.
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    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while. Mainly because of life's many interventions, but also because the 8er has had an irritating ignition issue so has been largely undriven while I slowly hunted around for parts and time to sort it. Anyway, got it running smoothly once more this weekend and took some pics - sadly, because I'm probably going to sell her - and was reminded just how beautiful the 8 series is.
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