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  1. Yeah, thought it was strange that they had "diagnosed/fixed the problem" and hadn't heard from them but as they promised a call later in the day I wasn't too concerned. I've got a lot going on atm so this hasn't been the highest priority. Not paraphrasing, was verbatim from receptionist. I do know that, see above for explanation just got a lot on.
  2. Spoke to the receptionist yesterday, was expecting a call back from the owner but haven't heard. She said the engine was being put back together and it was a timing issue they'd reset it with special tools.
  3. Googled valvetronic and that sounds extremely similar to what I experienced. Going back to mechanic to see what they've come up with.
  4. Yeah I probably should have added that it got worse and worse as I kept trying to start the car and keep it running , eventually it wouldn't even start at all. Going to give them a ring and get an update on it, they've had it a few days now.
  5. Yeah tell me about it, had it for all of 4 days after finally getting the PCV and MAF fixed before it started playing up. It lost power on the motorway, accelerator wasn't responding, no codes thrown. Pulled over and turned it off then started again, accelerator worked so carried on. Same thing happened the next day, so figured it wasn't a glitch and still no codes so something was up so parked it up. Day after that I pulled it out of the driveway to see if it would do it again and it died outside the house, had to push it back into the driveway. Was running really rough and wouldn't hold idle. So checked it wasn't maf or intake related and nothing so got it towed to AVS who had done the pre-purchase check and subsequent work on it.
  6. Had some goodies for the car turn up in the last couple of weeks, which will be fitted sometime in the near future. Unfortunately car is back at the mechanics after breaking down completely and being undriveable. Currently waiting for quote to fix but mechanic suspects timing chain guides, is tearing the engine down to confirm so new timing chain etc needed. Not a happy chap having barely driven the car since purchase, worked out 10.5 hours of driving and just passed a month of ownership.
  7. Yeah Pramod is a guru, he scanned my 130i which was getting the Xmas tree lights and diagnosed low battery charge as the issue. Took time out from his dinner to do it too, great guy.
  8. I was under my new 130i looking around today, and have the same number on the casing 7518405.
  9. Is it cheaper to get another M5 that's already had the work done, where the crankshaft is OK? Or one with lower kms and more life left in it before these faults occur. That's a heck of a fault list ?
  10. Yeah the actual aerial part. That sounds perfect man.
  11. A pair of brand new Ali-Express specials, kidney grills for something that's not an E87. Looks more like E90 grills to me. Free to good home, pick up I also have an E87 front undertray "recreation" from ABS plastic, that with some hole drilling will fit to E81/E87. I paid $150 for it (real tray is $450 from BMW) but ended up finding a used part. Is taking up space in the shed so will take literally anything for it. Also have a set of BMW OEM roof racks and the tool for them, that came off an E87 130i. I assume it would fit on most 1 series of the same shape. Not sure what they're worth, make an offer. Everything is pick up only, based in Welly.
  12. Passenger side roof molding with the two roof rack flaps intact, in ALPINWEISS 3 aka white. No 3 in the picture. Also need the screw in part of the aerial, similar to the picture. Will need to work out what part no. it is.
  13. Due to a lingering engine issue(loose PCV hose), exhaust swap hasn't yet happened. I have only driven the car a couple of times since purchase(to get the new tyres, and to the mechanics) so was stoked to finally get the car back today. It took a while to diagnose the issue and get it sorted, no fault codes were showing up but was fixed at no cost to me, since it was replaced recently. At the same time the new MAF sensor was installed and service done. Sourced a tool for the roof racks so that was the next job I tackled. Really easy to remove, 2 screws at each end and they lift off. Car looks miles better without them, but was quite grubby underneath so gave the roof a thorough cleaning once I had them both off. Much happier with the cars look now, no more racks/eyebrows/silly badging. But removing the rack did uncover this... One of the tabs on the left hand side has broken off. Apparently you can't buy the tabs themselves as they come as part of the trim so I'll be looking for a trim piece to replace this one. Hoping to have the exhaust swap done shortly, and an alignment/paint touch up on the wheels. Both this week would be sweet. But its great having the car back and being able to drive it. Such fun!
  14. Did some cosmetic work to the car today, first step was debadging it. Took all of 2 mins to do. Can't see it in the OP photos as it was added later, but had a 116d badge on it presumably "for the lols". Looks much cleaner without it. It also had these hideous eyebrows on it, they took much longer to remove and then the glue residue was worse ? Came out alright in the end, looks way better? Will need a headlight polish and UV coat reapplied now. Car is booked in for exhaust back box swap this week, it's all coming together nicely.
  15. Yeah, it all happened pretty quickly tbh. I wasn't really looking for one, or rather no manuals had been showing up in the spec I was after. So I was only low-key selling the two door so I still had one car available. Then one showed up in Auckland which Jacko kindly looked at for me, no joy there. Then literally 2 days later this popped up locally and bought it a week later Xmas eve. So now I did need to sell the 4 door as well ? The white is hella clean, a cut and polish would really get it shining so that's on my list too. I think I'll leave the swaybars on the E81, I'm not sure it needs them and don't know how painful it would be to swap them over.
  16. Manual is totally different, I've fallen in love all over again ?
  17. I enjoy them both actually, electric feels more assisted but I wouldn't in a million years say its bad. But all 3 of my 130i drive differently, as all have different set ups. My 4 door parts car, which is an LCI stock auto is electric and feels a bit more assisted but otherwise drives nicely. The 2 door is an LCI auto but hydraulic steering. It's got upgraded shocks and sway bars, plus better wheels/tyres and feels even better on the road. It's quite flat around corners, steering feel is a bit better ie less assisted feel and a bit heavier. This car aka the new one is another improvement again, but that's down to wheels/suspension. The on road feel is amazing. Adjustable suspension is bit more forgiving on bumps than the 2 door but still grips superbly. Think also the lighter wheels/better tyres make the steering feel better too.
  18. Thanks Pete. For the moment I now have as many BMWs as you ? Had the new rear tyres fitted yesterday, looking forward to putting a few kms on them!
  19. Ordered some Re003s for the car today, managed to get onto a deal which was nice. 235/40/18s, the rears were dead on the car when purchased which I factored into the offer/purchase price to cover a new set. Also jacked up some touch up paint for the wheels, ordered a Bluetooth receiver for the stereo and sorted out a tool for the roof racks. Will take some photos of the car in a couple weeks when it's all tidied up.
  20. What is this and what does it do?
  21. From the 130i guru that's praise indeed ? They're Work Emotion d9r special order from Japan in 1 series stud pattern/offset. Forgot to add the wheels/suspension is certed too. Wheels stick out of the rear guards ? Cars an 06, pre-lci so different to what I've had before. Interior is still nice, not much difference there. Gruntier engine too!
  22. Third time lucky.... After adventures with my E81( 2 door) 130i and my parts car E87 130i, I've now bought a Manual E87 M-Sport 130i! So far I've given it a thorough clean and a good drive around the Wellington hills, very happy with my purchase. Both photos from the sale listing. Its a Jap import that's been in the country since 2015, and I've got a folder full of extensive service history since then including major bits replaced like DISA valves, valvetronic, and waterpump. Car has been converted to NZ Navigation and is a high spec example from factory with black leather seats/silver trim/Idrive/Heated seats etc. Exterior is in exceptional condition bumper aside, interior is also quite nice. It has several mods: Ohlins Adjustable Suspension Works Emotion D9R 18" wheels BMW Performance rear spoiler Tints all round BMW roof racks Rear Wiper Delete Exhaust flap removed "eyebrows" As part of the purchase it had the PCV and relevant pipes replaced and MAF sensor changed after being picked up as a fault in a pre-purchase check. Outstanding issues with it include headliner sagging in the rear and front bumper damage from being backed into near the license plate. Will be fixing headlining shortly. I have had a go at cleaning paint marks off the front bumper somewhat successfully and the actual damage isn't obvious or structural. Will likely get it fixed but not a rush job. Otherwise car is in fantastic nick and drives beautifully. I'm planning to remove the eyebrows and BMW Roof racks asap, will need to find some roof rack covers for the roof. I also have a SuperSprint exhaust backbox to fit on. Think I'll replace the kidneys if/when I get the front bumper fixed as they're painted black. Big decision for me will be about the wheels, didn't originally like them but they're growing on me. They're quite special being 5x120 and relatively rare. I do like the 18" M-sport factory wheels which I have on my 4 door. Have been really enjoying the drive compared to my suspension modded E81, and stock E87 130i. Both which will be for sale now or shortly. Manual makes a big difference in the drive and feels like a bit more power is available. Adjustable suspension is a tremendous ride. So a very happy camper who finally got his manual 130i
  23. Nah, btw thanks for checking that one out for me. Found one down here, will make a thread on it.
  24. I might have bought a manual one ?
  25. There's a mod out there for 130i paddleshifters. I've seen it online, don't know if it's hardware or just software.
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