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  1. I think the M44 engine offers quite decent low rpm performance for it age, needs to be good running order with a working DISA valve though. The auto robs a bit of whp but its geared to counter that. For me they go well enough up to ~100kph but just don't cut it for open road passing etc. Only significant oil leaks ive ever done on a M44 have been valve cover gaskets and oil filter bushing o-rings. They hold up quite well and don't any many areas to leak from when compared to the newer stuff.
  2. Eagle

    Quick Questions

    I dont where SKF are sourced and manufactured these days but they tend to be the most expensive bearings in general. Ive had FAG bearings from Germany, India, Romania etc but no issues. Im sure where BMW source them from for new vehicles is different to where parts suppliers get them from.
  3. That's what came to mind when i first read the title but it could of been a number of things
  4. Should be easy to pinpoint on the right hoist ramps then with someone listening. Ive got still 2x FAG bearings if that have only done around 60,000km if needed.
  5. You said in your first post can hear it when turning the wheels from stationary position?
  6. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    Added things to do: Clean ICV, power steering and brake fluid change, camshaft sensor o-rings, fuel filter and belt pulleys Things ill eventually do: Replace most of the wearable parts on the car and fix any cosmetic issues
  7. Eagle

    E39 oil burner

    The arm\ball joints usually last along time but im sure the bushing would of been replaced at some point.
  8. Yeah never fully understood people queuing for this. All i could come up with was they either don't have or earn much money, plus their time isnt worth anything, so spending some hours in a queue is worth it for a change to get some small discounts. How are you not paying GST with Amazon? Using a freight forwarder?
  9. NZ is set and forget. You can fail for headlight adjustment being incorrect, get them aligned with low tyre pressures, go home pump them up, load up the family, chuck on the boat and be on your way. Dont recall the self leveling retro fit being that simple wiring wise. I dont know how good the E39 system is reaction wise if its working correctly, having a load is one thing but going over undulating road it maybe useless.
  10. Probably took some cooking lessons whilst in the said traffic
  11. That's more akin to their condition rather than the tech, no testing so few care. Ever increasing numbers of vehicles on the road is the real issue to me and less so the pieces of sh*t on it.
  12. That's what i thought initially but Getrag 260, random clutch components, lock diff and having to undo who knows what. Probably better off buying a tidy msport and doing a decent 5 speed conversion yourself.
  13. I was going mention the thread title but thought otherwise. I don't want to see Mac vs PC discussions getting banned too
  14. Man that flare must of had some big hours invested into it. Sounds like the mechanical side is going to need a lot of that along with a chunk of your hard earned cash.
  15. So did i but i fail to see how that's anything to do costs which is what's being discussed. PC's have advantages and disadvantages just like Macs, no one here is denying that and you buy what suits your requirements in the end. If anyone wants to label me pcmasterrace for critiquing the costs, that's fine. I'll burn some old ipods i have in my draw to as a sacrifice to the PC gods.
  16. Struts rarely fail internally as they are just a hydraulic ram but the mounts and more so the seals can perishes causing noises and leaking. The 2x Pressure accumulators - round cylinders above or round the struts are what controls the dampening, the internal diaphragm have typically failed on these old cars causing the harsh ride. Last time i looked they were about $350ea if still available in NZ and you can't import them as they are dangerous goods (pressurized chamber) So you either have to buy new parts, delete or loop the hydraulic pump and replace it with non SLS strut\spring setup
  17. Sounds like you think its bs purely on your anecdotal experience. It's a fact Apple will never win as far as costs are concerned, be like arguing a VW Golf is cheaper to keep than a Corolla. I could buy PC hardware from 15 years ago for chump change, have working up to date OS, and it would still be serviceable and upgradable, you going to tell me you can do the same with a 15 year old Mac. Likewise If i bought a top of range Mac and the equivalent PC today its a given that i will likely be able keep the PC in service longer(software and hardware). The Mac will always you cost more as you are re buying more frequently to stay up to date and paying for the brand when you do. That's not even taking into account Apple's repair policies\costs if you are unfortunate to have an issue outside or warranty.
  18. Yeah i don't follow them but would of thought they would go with something more special or turbo a BMW 6.
  19. Yeah looks awful given the rest the car looks clean. Looks like some sort of projectiles have been hitting it.
  20. Eagle

    540itch Scratching

    Yeah the 5HP24 doesnt appear all that reliable to start with, combine that with lifetime fluid changes and its no surprise most don't want to spend the cost of their car on a rebuild.
  21. I don't like Windows 10 all that much but nothing hard or greatly unreliable about for a usability point I agree that buying Apple products is like buying a new BMW - overpriced, only want authorized dealership working on it, will try to sell you a new one if it fails\becomes obsolete outside the warranty period Apple products do have advantages but they will always cost you more in the long term
  22. Eagle

    540itch Scratching

    At least its just about down to routine servicing with the big bills have paid Who did the transmission work?
  23. Cant recall if mine worked after, it well have. One of those features ive never used anyway.
  24. I've got a few different types but depends on the car. I use the traditional 2 twin hook ones the most as they offer best clearance around strut hats.
  25. Front bushings. You may be off replacing the whole arm long term though. If the ball joint fails on your new bushings then you are going to be buying a whole new arm. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-bushing-kit-e81-e90-e65-e66-meyle-31120304308my https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-assembly-front-left-front-31126769797my https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-control-arm-front-right-front-e88-e89-e90-e91-31126769798my If you running without required hub rings then thats likely your issue
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