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  1. Classic wrecker engine lottery
  2. Usually if its largely intact they will collect it for free. Agreed. Got a whole E39 on my fathers tandem and managed to recycle\sell the rest.
  3. Yeah hard to diagnose these things without tools and ability to get car in air. Did they take the tray off?
  4. You really need to have the cooling system pressure tested to see exactly where it's coming from
  5. Whats the '/Z' suppose to designate on the license label?
  6. You want to Penrite green which is BMW spec, that blue coolant isnt (colour not always accurate). You dont want really want to mix anything if its running the BMW blue stuff. Id just add water until you get the leak fixed. Running diluted coolant or water for a short period isn't going to do any harm. Then you can either re-fill with BMW blue coolant or flush the system and switch to Penrite green etc which is far cheaper and works fine. https://penriteoil.com.au/products/green-oem-coolant-concentrate
  7. Ended up buying a spare 2.93 diff to remove the bearings and swap the center into. Should be able to sell my old unit once this one is in. Needed a decent puller to get the bearings off and no lip for the puller to grab on one end (i carefully die grinded one). All went back together fine but unfortunately the backlash increased from 0.11 to 0.22 after re-assembly. Good news is its going up to KBM to get re-shimmed so shouldn't have any issues once its back in.
  8. I find it helps soften dirt to some degree if you follow up with the water blaster. Works well to spray diluted cleaning products on houses, caravans etc.
  9. Eagle

    E28 M535i 1987

    Man i would of bought this if it was for sale last year.
  10. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    But i bet it has key in ignition beep when door driver door open. Such a life saving feature, those jappas were ahead of their time on that one.
  11. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    If the business doesn't want to collect it then no one can practically do much. The big multinational entities seem to be the only ones collecting under 1k.
  12. Is it really a bargain though? Fixing all the cosmetic issues, do all the guaranteed deferred maintenance and mechanical work, then maybe do preventative subframe repairs and rod bearings, easy 10k+ right off the bat .
  13. Damn. Hopefully its just a hydraulic issue. Sounds like you your ''cruise' was a bit more lively compared to ours. * Insert 4th gear <3000rpm economy cruise.
  14. Damn was wondering why you didn't make the meet. Do you know what failed? Yesterday i was thinking about your new seat and was going to ask you for a sit in it. For some reason thought about a member who's E30 throttle cable snapped in the Huntly around that same spot going back to Auckland. So may of jinxed you there sorry.
  15. Maybe someone had 30k they wanted to blow. Wasn't much to see otherwise.
  16. Manual heater controls are the best part. Id take them any day over crappy 90's digital button units (glad they were short lived)
  17. Eagle

    E46 330i Touring

    Will have to thank @Palazzo then because i had never heard of Spareto until 4 mths ago. Certainly used them a number of times since as they have good pricing on what they do have, and luckily they listed them\ cross reference them to the BMW part numbers.
  18. So that what's alloy looks like in a E46 engine bay
  19. Will certainly need large cash injection to sort. This guy's definition of 'Real tidy' probably doesn't meet many peoples standards.
  20. Eagle

    E24 M635csi

    Id be happy with 635csi manual. Never could find one in the past but now they probably crazy money too.
  21. Shouldn't but as above. Maybe Classic car are above the rest when it comes to that or maybe because race car, i cant say but its typically worded in their policy what i expect. Having a valuation provides another source of evidence and stops them trying to wiggle out of paying the lesser amount otherwise you are rolling the dice. I can imagine it being worse with the OP's modified car as given its value is probably in what it cost to create (lots) or what it would likely sell on the market (way less). No way you'd not get a valuation done for piece of mind. Star Insurance for example Agreed value is the lesser of: the vehicle’s market value plus 20%; or the sum insured Certified Value: The value of the vehicle specified in a valuation prepared by a motor vehicle valuer recognised by us provided such value is accepted by us and stated in the schedule. So if i wrecked my E46 with a 15k agreed value that owns me over 20k, you think Star will be able to determine what its actually worth given the wide range of 330ci prices and vehicle conditions. They will almost certainly just go on trademe or a general use book value, then its lumped with the sh*t tonne of average 330ci's around including the many manual converted autos with Getrags. Maybe they add 20% for it being slightly special\looked after and i end up with 10-12k if im lucky. If its physically evaluated by a someone who sees what's been done to it and what it would cost to replace, then im far more likely to get a higher value\have it certified and know the im actually paying the correct premiums and not getting haircut on replacement value.
  22. Eagle

    Quick rant thread.

    They both suck tbh and are overpriced in my experience. Just get the x8r vanos kit. I try to support original creator but it's not worth it in this case.
  23. Im with Star Insurance but I reckon you have to get an valuation done regardless if your vehicle is anything above average. All these insurance companies will happily take your agreed value premium whilst paying out their perceived value in the event of a write off (usually way lower since they don't know the market and not take half the stuff that actually matters into account) Even a proper evaluation only goes so far but at least you know where you stand i would hope.
  24. Yeah once everything thing has been refreshed to get them close to 'as new' performance its day and night (probably applies to any decent car)
  25. I looked it up and it was the 325i manual's that ran the 3.15 (3.23 for the 325iX). The 330 ZHP ran the 3.07 along with 323i manual
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