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  2. qube

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    personally I would skip the E60. The F10/F11's are very nice but keep in mind that these 3L twin turbo engines in the F chassis are even more complicated than say the 335i/135i engines in the E chassis cars. Eg. the waterpump for the N54 in the E chassis was about $1000 vs my N55 in the F chassis $1300+ Also, I had a major problem with the valvetronic in my car that cost me $3k+ to sort out.. The higher mileage 535i will suffer from similar problems in my opinion.. but they are bloody nice haha.
  3. Michael.

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    According to my list, only one of 5 registered 2001-2002 M coupes in NZ.
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  5. Gaz

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    2. All the tyres on a vehicle class MA, MB, MD1 or NA that was first registered or re-registered in New Zealand from 1 October 2002, other than vehicles that are incapable of exceeding 30km/h or are 30 years old or more, are not of the same carcass type (ie mixed steel ply, fabric radial ply, bias/cross ply, run-flat).
  6. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Have had a balance issue with the Mpars vibrating (similar to thrust arm vibration) @80km/h so have gone back to the style 66's. Took them back to the shop which re-balanced them however said there was nothing more they could do. Style 66's back on and no vibration @80km. Will save the balancing issue for a rainy day, unless someone wants to buy them off me...yours for $2000 located in Welly. I'm still chasing an intermittent front end clonk, it comes up through the steering column when suspension is loaded up or with a sudden change of direction, but isn't consistent with the steering...seems more a load issue. You can also kinda feel it through the floor panel too and it's significantly more noticeable once the car is hot and has a full tank of gas. centre drag link + tie-rods + pitman arm bushings were replaced at around 170,000km according to maintenance records. I've replaced the strut mount and have sway bar links on the way. Sway bar links are cheaper than drag link so figured I would try this first. I have re-torqued everything to spec and have got in with a pry bar to try find some play but can't find any weak point 😞 If the sway bar links don't fix it, it might be time to take it to a specialist. What do you guys think?
  7. adro

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I deleted my comment cause I thought it was abit dumb...who hasn't spent a tonne of money on maintenance on their BMW! But totally agree on high km E39 is going to need some $$ put into it...and the E60's are so cheap now...you really have to want an E39 to go in. Oh man.....i keep looking at F11 535i Tourings...... 🤤
  8. qube

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    Its one of those cars that you gotta love, willing to sink money into, and intend to keep for some time, otherwise its just a ticking time bomb basically. I would love to own one again some day but probably wont happen as the good ones are just getting harder and harder to find and the rest are just rubbish now. wait till you get an F chassis car.. you cant compare parts prices.. my waterpump was quoted $1322.21+GST from AKL BMW. lol

    m52b25 engine out of e39 523i 120kms - $450ono

    price dropped, need the space and money haha
  10. SmithyInWelly

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I'll give ya $4k 😜
  11. NZ00Z3

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1877748359.htm?rsqid=c6469cd241664051bbc16dd972fa9aca Nice to see such a rare car in N.Z.
  12. Olaf

    Grey Thunder - 1990 e30 316i

    18 Dec 2018. 258,444kms 1. New Black Circles 4 new Hankook K415 in 195/65R14 fitted, balanced, aligned. 2. WoF Passed her WoF. Wahoo! With thanks to Jon & Keren at Auto38. Next, in Jan it's time for me to do the lock barrel repair kit (over the hols); subframe mounts, trailing arm mounts, diff bush and diff oil. Anyone have a pair of 51mm front strut housings in good nick?
  13. Olaf

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    I tried hard, and could not reach that concusion. It only specifies same per axle.
  14. kiwi535

    New car on the horizon...

    i like being able to do just about any trip without having to stop to fill up
  15. kiwi535

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    it may not be the bargain of the century but a nice E39 is a nice car.Its nicer than most other $4000 4 litre sedans
  16. Ah ok, do they have an aux input ready to go? Edit... Checked around, seems they all do. Sweet.
  17. gjm

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    Acquired a set of 15x7 et15 rims for the E30... Could be genuine, period BMW rims but I'll have to check on that. Not really a good time to be doing such things, but I have a couple of things up my sleeve to cover the (small) expense.
  18. Allanw

    S85 rod bearing replacement

    The Horizon is one of them... It sneaks up fast
  19. None of the e90’s supported Bluetooth streaming unfortunately
  20. Interesting to hear the costs on the bearings and then this pops up on my YouTube recommendations today: No idea if he’s doing everything you should be doing but does not seem to be too major for a once in a life of the car fix.
  21. hunter

    What'd you do to your BMW today?

    E46 washed and waxed on weekend, looking pretty, nice and shiny. Cat jumps on it tonight and slides off putting scratches don the front guard, little prick!😳 Thankfully i've got plans to get the car to auto Niche here in hams in the new years for a full paint correction.
  22. M3AN

    M3 frame rubbers

    Only a genuine BMW part will do here and anyone supplying them in Auckland will have to get them from BMW NZ (mortgage) or from an overseas supplier, normally FCP Euro. You're better off ordering them yourself and avoiding the no-value-add margin. Having said that they're expensive wherever you get them from, period.
  23. Cheers. So random question while I’ve got some 335i drivers here... this 335i that’s coming my way has no iDrive system, but it does have Bluetooth. Does a 2009 support streaming music from my iPhone XR by any chance? I.e. Spotify.
  24. Mad_Max

    Potential 1989 B11 Alpina

    Yeah, hopefully I have time Friday, I want to drain the cooling system and flush it, and check the thermostat, water pump, heater tap, fan, hoses etc while I'm at it. Did also check and the belt is a little loose, so there may be a few things working together to create this problem - it doesn't appear to be a major issue which is good. It was driven around, temp gauge sat on halfway. I pulled up and let it idle for about 5 minutes, when I got in to move it again the temp gauge was still halfway. Gauge only went over halfway after it had been sitting with the engine shut off for about half an hour. I kinda also suspect there may be air trapped in the system too.
  25. sooooo, there is balance in all things. the rent went up again, bringing the total increase in the last year up to 80 dollars a week. So, when can we start eating the rich and landlords? 

    1. gjm


      Not yet. Wait 'til they're fat and juicy.

  26. Maccoretti

    BMW E34 M5 3.8 Front Bumper GENUINE

    Well my ad got pulled for some reason - so I will try again with all info: BMW E34 M5 3.8 Front Bumper GENUINE off 1995 car To board members only - $800 FIRM - mention you saw the ad on bimmersport.co.nz Location - North Auckland Also on TradeMe PM any questions
  27. Not with MHD tune. It disables the check. Without it you will have a light show but it shouldn't matter. The sound wont be an issue at all on stock exhaust. They claim power increase just from the downpipes, but I didn't notice much. Just seems like the turbos spool up abit easier. If your not on MHD start with that. The difference from stock to 1+/2 is massive. Feels like a different car, and a true animal. If you just want power, your order of mods depends on how much you want but generally : stronger chargepipe and MHD 1/1+ bigger intercooler if you are on 1+ doing alot of pulls in hot weather, or tracking downpipes and MHD 2/2+ . You should be nearing 380-390hp at the wheels here. Then probably e85. I have downpipes and chargepipe installed, but am just back to running the standard MHD stage 1 tune now. I find it more than powerful for daily driving. I found I started wishing for a LSD and better suspension at stage 2, and decided to reign it in because it's a cruiser, not a track car.
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