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  2. Hi Guys, I will be writing one quick post (possibly a day or so) with the upgrade and a picture where possibly. Today's "episode", the introduction: First of all I'd like to mention that I am originally from Argentina. Back there we have cars which are Left hand drive, hence, some of the nicer things in europe, can go straight to market and in this case, I am talking about the E36/5 323 ti, which I had the pleasure to own for a couple about a year in 2012 after some japanese cars. It was a 2000 model with the M52B25, 5 Speed manual and if I don't recall incorrectly, pulled 168 HP, in a very german titansilber. Sorry I don't have any picture. I've always loved that shape so when I got to New Zealand, I bought the closest I could get, hence, my first 318ti just 3 days after arriving here. Bear in mind that I paid 12.000 USD for the 323ti, but for the 318ti I paid 1500 USD, so, it was a lot of bang for the buck which I didn't expect. That was just a blue 318ti with about 230 something thousand kilometres, sunroof, automatic and nothing further. Just to take you from A to B. Some time went by, other BMWs went by (E90, E46) but a Compact in blue estoril was always in my mind, which didn't happen back in Argentina with the 323s but it did here with the M44 engine.. until a day in May 2018 I found him. A 1998 318ti in blue estoril with sunroof. Everything I wanted was there, waiting for me, and so I went. Paid 4000 NZD (Which I know, way too much) but with only 72.00 Kms, and pretty well maintained, I went for it anyway. Here he is as he was bought... I'll continue later with the first mods.
  3. Yes it can. Very easy to change.
  4. Cloud based was what I was thinking. But as mentioned the USB side of things would be a nightmare. This is what I want to test and see how much of a nightmare. But my main computer is in another location at the moment and working on a single 13" screen and track pad is driving me nuts. Will grab the proper computer tomorrow and have a play.
  5. adro

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Thanks @hqstu for the sandpaper ‘hot tip’
  6. This is off my 130i, nothing wrong with it, comes with used bushings and brackets, 26.5mm. Fits all E9x/E8x cars, they're all the same part so this isn't an upgrade, just a replacement. includes used but working droplinks. $50 collected from Ellerslie. Bottom one in the pic if that wasn't already obvious.
  7. New cabin filter in, one that came out was dirty but not terrible, probably replaced already at some time during the car's life. Much, much easier than the PITA e36 equivalent which is at the back of the interior centre console. I also installed the e92 M3 front anti-roll bar and new droplinks and am slightly amazed at how much a difference it's made, it's noticeably stiffer and really aids turn in. In fact I'm glad I didn't install it immediately before or after the alignment as I might not have been able to tell the difference with so many changes. The replacement drop links are much beefier than the originals that came out. This thinner section on the 130 bar and bushing flanges on the M3 bar are the only obvious differences between the two bars but there may be other meaningful ones, they weigh about the same. However the aluminium M3 brackets and captive bushes are far superior (and lighter) than the originals. And finally the replacement droplinks are also superior.
  8. Car has been sold today. Thanks
  9. Hi, Im after a rear demister switch (facelift if it makes a difference) and another switch (demister/hazard/whatever) to rewire for an aerial switch Also after a window washer pump And a boot seal (again FL sedan if it makes a difference) If you have any of this could you please pm or text 02102653334 Thanks, Leighton
  10. You missed out on a tidy as 325 e46 msport wagon in wlg was around 6k sitting for ages. Was very well maintained. just wait patiently and the right one will come along im sure
  11. Thats real nice. It has been very hard to stick to budget once you start browsing. I had to draw the line somewhere however if the car is right, i dont mind stretching a couple pennies. Also, thanks everyone for the recommendations and TM links. Apart from the member saying to stay away from the BMWs 😨. I'll digress by saying I've had years of trouble-free (TOUCHING WOOD) motoring from the aging fleet. The M52 E36 I currently daily is an absolute tank and hasn't missed a beat from the last 60,000kms I've owned it. Rigorous inspections, research and preventative maintanence are to blame I reckon with perhaps a touch of luck. With the current cars being the M52B28 swapped E30, E91 N52B25 & E36 M52B28 and 10 years as an aircraft technician, I'm no stranger to budgeting for maintenence (I wasn't triggered, I promise 😅). Indeed I can see where you're coming from, but 95% of Japanese cars just don't do it for me and i'll be damned if i drive something and don't look back at it in the carpark. So far I'm looking for a facelift M54 E46 touring or an E87 with a sidewards glance at the odd golf/polo (blasphemy).
  12. Win 10, Pro at least, has a native hypervisor built in, even has Linux kernels, it's where I run Ubuntu. If you use that then there will be no Win 10 licensing implications (although I imagine licensing is low on the priority list). I have ISTA running on my laptop, I'll try and rebuild it inside Hyper-V (edit: when I get time, probably not short term).
  13. Yesterday
  14. I can assure you it won't be the placebo effect. nice work!
  15. M3AN

    Recaros for E30

    That's an amazing outcome, props!
  16. I'm interested in case that sale falls through!
  17. bga

    Recaros for E30

    Thanks guys, I picked these up last weekend from the same guy listed above, seems he knows wreckers and sells on Recaros that come up, doesn’t ask the earth for them either, got these for $500 no rips or bolster wear
  18. hunter

    Project E39

    Yeah I’ve seen that too. Might do it one day. Once I’ve got all the other things in my list for this year done.
  19. balancerider

    Project E39

    should be possible to replace the rear lower plate surround panel on the boot lid (saw this on M539 Restorations on YT) for the full euro-spec experience. looking good!
  20. Another VM option for running ISTA that has been recommended for us Mac users is Virtualbox https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/VirtualBox Haven’t tried this yet but keen to give it a go as there are no windows computers at my place...
  21. Being a machead, I still have VMware Fusion installed for those occasional windows forays, though I have no VMs newer than Win 7. I'd be interested in a VM running ISTA. I guess the physical thing will be finding a USB-C to BMW cable (or at least one that'll work on the emd of a USB-C to USB adaptor.
  22. Sweet. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/car-parts-accessories/wheels-tyres/alloy-wheels/listing-2696357525.htm
  23. Yes, more local storage is the solution for @Driftit and once the VM is built it can be distributed (responsibly, for redundancy and backup purposes only, to be tested regularly). Remote support is easy these days should it be required when building the image.
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