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  2. darren_mk

    e46 Coding in Christchurch

    Hi, Looking for someone in Christchurch to do a bit of coding on my e46 M3 Is there anyone i can contact? Thanks Darren
  3. rkl

    x1 e84 Engine Malfunction after work

    Will pull some codes tomorrow and see what I can come up with, Thanks
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  5. Kodachrome

    2007 550i Touring

    Lol, and start a collection? 😛 Yep, mechanical warranty had expired before I bought it, think in the last year or so.
  6. NZ_InFerno

    2007 550i Touring

    Nice, don't want to trade for a 130i plus cash? 😅 Mechanical warranty gone?
  7. What Rag Top said. Did it recently after two years of research and searching. Very pleased I did.
  8. KwS

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    Ive heard talk of the Y5DDC plugs coming apart, but never seen it happen. Very curious how it came loose, is the crush washer on the plug crushed? There is an NGK alternative, but i dont recall the PN. It was also damn near impossible to find in NZ without being a horrific price, so i went with the Bosch too.
  9. Depends on how much work he needs to do, but mine cost $250. Have spoken to a couple of people recent who have drilled the spindles and run heim joints and spacers to adjust the bumpsteer. Need to be drilled otherwise need the conical pins machined. Beware of buying the pre-made kits as they may not have enough adjustability, like the ones I bought.
  10. Hi Ravnit, This one has the normal radio, not I Drive.
  11. Eagle

    E39 manual\motorsport conversion

    All finished except the reverse light wiring which will be done when i can find a low OBC wiring diagram. The new shifter setup using the shorter E60 lever and ZHP knob is much improved. The stock setup had the problems of being to tall for me which meant i couldn't relax my arm on the rest perpendicular to the knob. Truck throw length is gone also but shifting is slightly more notchy as expected, still very livable. Throttle response and off the line performance is day and night compared to the old auto, but that's party due to my old torque converter slipping a low revs. I'm expecting it to get even easier to drive and less fuel once i get used to the clutch and its fully bedded in. Counting down the k's till i can really give it a proper work and make it feel like it was worth the ~3.5k it cost haha.
  12. mzhu031

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    Woah! Thats scary.... they were those two prong things, about 1.5-2 years old I think...
  13. sobanoodle

    8TH SLI retrofit?

    Yep. Loaded fsc and activated 8TH before. FSC will cost you a couple of hundreds depending on where it comes from. Need to add 8TH to FA and VO-code a couple of modules.
  14. Secniv

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    On a positive note the loose light switch was bugging me so swapped it out for a good condition 2nd hand one. Undo one screw underneath and it will pop out. Switch action is now tight and positive! For $10 easy win.
  15. Secniv

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    Hey Mark M3 handled really well although coming back via the east cost between Wairoa and Gisborne the road is in terrible condition! Drives differently to the E30 and not as forgiving with poor driver input. Obviously your never too old to learn something lol. Started missing around Gisborne and progressively got worse. Thankfully I made home but was sounding pretty rough. Was thinking it was a coil and did the test unplugging the leads listening to the change in sound. Located it to cylinder 5 then swapped coils over and it stayed with 5 so obviously a spark plug. So went to take it out and it wasn’t in tight! Took it out to find.. yup missing it’s prongs! Not sure what to do. I could try and putting a small magnet down into the cylinder while it’s at tdc and see if there’s anything to fish out. Will be replacing all the spark plugs for sure and torquing them down.
  16. Yesterday
  17. mzhu031

    Picking up the baton: ‘94 E36 M3

    How did the drive go?
  18. NZ_InFerno

    E81 130i MSport 2008

    bump, price dropped again. New 1 year rego.
  19. Replacement O rings for the stock coolant hoses made of Viton 75 and Silicon 70 I saw kits being put together overseas and decided to do similar for those of us in NZ so I bulk purchased quite a lot of these to make it economical! $10 for all 3 on the left.
  20. Trigga

    wtb: e36 m52 turbo manifold

    after a turbo manifold to suit m52b28 e36 to retain power steering & ac price neg
  21. bigballershotcaller

    8TH SLI retrofit?

    Has anyone had experience retrofitting the Speed Limit Information into their cars? I have an F15 with HUD and the surround view cameras, and from what I've read this should be possible with a new FSC and some coding, apparently some dealers even do it.
  22. qube

    E9X Jap interiors

    ^almost all 335i coupes are leather. almost all other msport E9x are the alcantara fabric sports seats, 320i/325i almost all diesels are non msport hence non sports seats.
  23. balancerider

    e91 335i Touring Msport N55

    No jap import LCI 330i's (in either body style) so would have to be from the UK.
  24. GorGasm

    E9X Jap interiors

    What model, all the 335s seem to be leather?
  25. Driftit

    E9X Jap interiors

    Have a look on TM now. Nearly all the Motorsports are cloth.
  26. NZ BMW

    Quick rant thread.

    I think the popularity of utes for business use has more to do with it being not only a good tradie wagon but an excellent weekend vehicle. As I understand it from some casual conversations the tax write off on a Ute is also far superior to say an SUV. Whilst a van might be better for hauling stuff to the job site, it can’t tow the boat or haul the family...
  27. Hey mate, yeah there's a guide online that mentioned the rivets so I've ordered those too. Yeah thought so, might just give it a shot myself and if it doesn't work out take it off!
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