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  2. OP says he wants to save money not spend more. Koni's = expensive (esp in NZ) and having them on the rear with some unknown front shocks isn't worth it.
  3. What's your budget? This will limit what you can do.
  4. Care to elaborate? You can’t just drop that hand grenade in there and leave us all hanging!
  5. Awesome, will have to call in and be nosy if I'm in the area sometime
  6. Hi, Looking for a mint M50b25 steel block that has good enough bores to use new std size pistons. Happy to pay fair price. Preferably auckland. Thanks
  7. Hi, what brand and size are the tyres ? Will these fit over E36 M3 brakes ?
  8. I’ve got one that won’t go into 5th
  9. There's a guy on fb selling a m20 fly and clutch with a g245 for $400 could ask if he'd separate otherwise sd euro was selling one on tm a week ago, not sure if it's still available.
  10. bump! $300 for motor. Get it for the sweet camshaft and rockers!
  11. Koni's are great and all but probably the worse choice in this case.
  12. First proper fill - 505kms and 50.2L. Jussssst under 10l/100Kms. 👍
  13. Yeah you are right, will look into it thanks!
  14. If you’re not going to be helpful, f**k off. Tbh you come across as a middle aged prick, fed up of asking this forum for advice if some of you are going to be no help or give me pointless and unecessary advice.
  15. Looks like it could use a re-dye
  16. I hope it doesn't its in the danger zone where the TU failure seems to appear(200k-250k). Would hope its had at least the tensioner replaced early on.
  17. I've just ordered a set of Koni Sports through Russell Leach at George Stocks for my E46 330i MSport Touring (same shocks for sedan/coupe). He looks after my race car shocks, and has been great to deal with. The Koni Sport is a much superior shock over the OEM Sachs, plus you get the benefit of rebound adjustment. In stock in NZ too
  18. With near new tyres
  19. Anyone selling a tan headliner for e36 sedan? Can pick up Wellington or pay for shipping.
  20. No I meant E36, clasic good looks especially the coupe, doors interior etc can all be fixed reasonably easily. For a track day car you could get an M3 for the price of some e30 325i's.
  21. hi bro, Im in wainui. Ive got a 135i also. I love it.
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  23. Why piss about with a measly 600 -- Go hard or go home- strap two of these on your stock engine - don't worry about all the internal sh*t: cranks and pistons, just replace the entire motor every 5 minutes - will last longer in traffic and in the garage.
  24. Installed a M Tech II steering wheel in my E34, couldn't be more happy with the look and feel over the stock one.
  25. My daily driver got written of in a decent accident on Wendesday so looking for a replacement, and of these would tick most of the boxes I think. Looking for one with reasonably low kms and in good condition, money depends on condition but i have the money so im sure we can sort something out. Cheers Marlon 0211704415
  26. does the first one feature broken chain guides? Or are you talking about the M62 in general?
  27. UPDATE: yes, I was wrong. because that cool one that we saw on here a few months back, is now FOR SALE!
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