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  2. I'm having to let this go due to moving workshop and wanting to buy a house one day 1997 328i Msport coupe NZ new, Boston green 235km, fair amount of service history Black leather sport seats, electric The sore points Paint on bonnet is flaking off at an impressive rate, paint on sunroof has dulled Head lining is beginning to sag behind the sunroof Two holes in drivers seat, on the highest points of the upper and lower side bolsters Steering wheel and gearknob leather torn Some damage to driver's door card, I have been unable to find a replacement, the first set I got were totally trashed The good: Fantastic ZF gearbox with recent clutch job Many new bushings installed less than two years ago by P.Owner (appear to be purple proflex or similar) Near new 205/16 tyres, or can bargain in a set of nice 225/45 Michelin MXF Sports, both sets are installed on tidy original Msport wheels Have done the FCPEuro fan delete kit with new water pump, fantastic upgrade Has many new hoses New filters Recent brake pads I have done an oil change just before 234km and had an oil analysis sample done M3 sway bar links (with the XYZ suspension) Have flushed out the powersteering Can come on a choice of suspension: XYZ Tarmac suspension in good condition, currently in the car and it is unbelievable in the corners Msport springs with Monroe front and Gabriel heady duty rears (near new) Superlow springs (I forget brand) with shortened Monroes Car is not certed for adjustable suspension, I didn't plan to keep it in there as I do not care for cert plates looking ugly in an engine bay and wanted to retain originality I'm wanting $6k ono and happy to listen to offers if this is horribly unreasonable. XYZ suspension and Michelin semi slicks can be had for extra (ideally keeping these for the race car) Viewing and test drives welcomed unless you strike me as a womble Located in Hastings
  3. You might win the day.
  4. Bumber swap will be easy, bumpers are made to come off without too much drama. Fender is a different story altogether, they're not meant to come off easily. Replacements? In the right colour? From an M5? I'd think a dealer would be the only option and I'm pretty sure they'll be unreasonably expensive. A wrecker might have them but they won't be a dime a dozen. I'd claim it all on insurance, just pay the difference for the M5 bits.
  5. dont talk it up pete!
  6. It really is a fantastic spec - and NZ new. All good.
  7. Good luck to @kiwi535 on this one!!!
  8. It's less of an unrealistic price than you might imagine IMHO, GLWS. I was pondering this the other day - how do you "flush" a power steering system? I'd like to do mine but can't get my head around the best method.
  9. I would but might be costly
  10. Having to be an adult and downsize my squadron '92 NZ new, factory manual 316 (M40 motor) in Glacier Blue with Aquamarine 90's porn spec cloth interior Approx 188km Tidy exterior, typically sagging interior (will get pics this week) Non ABS No Aircon No Airbags Manual windows front and rear Have not got a WoF on it (too many blimmin cars) but the rego is on hold. Not entirely certain what it would need for a WoF The gear box changes very nicely. I find it to be a strangely refreshing, enjoyable and simple car to drive in comparison to my other E36s. I've put a strange amount of time and no doubt more money than the car is worth in to this beast I got it at 184km and since then have done: New rear shoes New rear wheel cylinders New Cambelt New thermostat New water pump New Camshaft, rockers and lifters (imported from Germany) New spark plugs New cam seal New front main seal Engine oil and filter Power steering flush Gearbox oil Diff oil 318Ti/318iS radiator and electric fan conversion, wired in to the fuse box with high and low speed relays as per factory Second hand battery New air filter I have a new fuel filter to fit, but haven't had time yet Out of all my E36s this is my favourite, I have no idea why so I am not particularly worried if I sell it I was supposed to use this as a daily driver but I've been using the 328, X5 and E39 when I'm not away for work Located in Hastings After a hugely unrealistic $1800, because I don't really want it gone and I am indeed a sick man I welcome inspection and viewing
  11. Apologies if I have posted in the wrong place, this is my first post. Having just has someone takeout the left front fender and bumper of my E60 550i (pre-lci) I am left wondering if I should go down the route of replacing with the M5 fenders and bumper, question to anyone who might have done this is; A. are all the parts a straight swap out. B. Any have some bits or point me in the right direction of a good NZ source.
  12. Hi did up end up selling this?
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  14. That bloody Panmure roundabout, nearly been hit a few times trying to go straight from the middle lane. Now I just stick to the right lane as a precaution (going from Ellierslie-Panmure highway to Lagoon Drive)
  15. Would ya ship?
  16. Hi guys, Nathan here. I can see this is an older thread, but thought I should share for those interested. This is our E60 535d and it is a good one. Closing tonight at 9pm at $1 no reserve, currently only up to $11 and I am running out of fingernails! Thanks
  17. This was an awesome build back when it was completed. Great to hear the new owner will sort it (again).
  18. He was asking about chips - not burgers and fries NZ specific chip - just add your own sauce
  19. Hi everyone, please check out our BMW, now up for $1 reserve and closing in a couple of hours. So far price is sitting very low. This vehicle has not been mapped or tuned and has been generously serviced and maintained at 10,000km intervals. Like most on this forum, I did a great deal of homework before purchasing and ensured the vehicle was a good one before buying. That was 3 years ago. Since then, as mentioned, very well looked after. It is NZ New, M5 wheels with good grip from the 285's Pirellis. This sale is an opportunity for someone who will love this car as much as we have and have maintained with consideration of future longevity, rather than just to keep on the road. Dismissed by many as of little value, the air-conditioned seating is something that you will quickly fall in love with over Summer and very very rare. Just under 2 years Autosure Extreme remaining and is completely transferable for $150. Brand new wof and service. I know most out there won't have been maintained as well and at such frequent intervals. Don't miss out the very least please help push the price up for me Cheers, NJC
  20. Good advice this. When I changed mine this year, it was still the original from 2001! 230k km later...
  21. McDonalds drive through - "Welcome to mcDonalds, can I take your order" Me - "Yes, I'll have a Big Mac combo please" McDonalds drive through - "You should have a McChicken combo instead" Me - "Uh, no thanks, I just want a Big Mac combo please" McDonalds drive through - "You are wrong and an idiot"
  22. Saw all of those, was aiming for someone on here who might be hiding one in their garage. The first one, seems ideal apart from the fact that its in New Plymouth and having all the conversion parts which I don't really need. The second one would be sweet but it has no flywheel. Third is a good price, but sounds like its on the way out and although I prefer affordable, I would rather not spend a few hundred buck to spend another 500 in the close future. The other stuff is all 1k plus price range and also contains all the conversion parts I don't need. I know I am being picky considering I want something soon but I guess I am in two minds about buying stuff which will likely have to be replaced.
  23. Found a couple of vacuum leaks which were covered in the post about booster seals, running like a watch, pulling like a train. 280Nm from 2,200 RPM through to 5,500 Genuine aero on trade me for $2,500 184kW and 370 Nm - but into my speaker project so no cars projects for a year !
  24. Do you have an indication of where the vibration is coming from?.
  25. Oh man thanks guys hahaha
  26. It's only a silly argument because of the poor quaity information being passed off as fact, yes BMW like most other manufacturers moved to Alusil as a coating for direct in block alloy engines over Nikisil because there are numerous gains to be had from elimination the iron block and iron liners where practical. Quote from a 2016 article below: "You would think the bad experience with these engines would have poisoned the idea of using unlined aluminum blocks in the future, but it didn’t. Casting an engine block from a hypereutectic aluminum alloy saves weight and cost by eliminating the need for iron liners. But it also requires a unique finishing process to create a wear-resistant bore surface for the piston rings. Manufacturers who produce “linerless” hypereutectic aluminum blocks today include Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, and Yamaha." And apologies to the O.P the original comment was actually a bit tongue in cheek. Most chip claims for big gains are based on the vehicle being set up for rubbish fuel in the country of destination. as we didn't have rubbish fuel in NZ when your car was built it will be set up to run on 95 as a minimum fuel grade so chipping in our market only enables you to go from 95 to 98 grade fuel with a tweak in ignition timing, When I looked at it 15 years ago the real gains in NZ were about 3-5 kW for a $600 outlay - I paid the same for an exhaust and got 12kW and 20 Nm at the wheels. A freshen up of fluids in the diff, gearbox and a better grade of engine oil will reduce friction and free up about the same as a basic chip add in good tyres at optimum inflation and you may get all the gains you could with a low cost chip and your car will be smoother , faster, quieter and more reliable.
  27. @HardBall66 I’ve actually got one I’ve been meaning to install
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