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  2. For sale items must have a price set on posting
  3. Is that the 4 cylinder one? If so thought they were 206kw.
  4. Nice car there. What are you looking to get for it?
  5. I've been contemplating selling my car recently as I barely drive it anymore because I have a work car and have finally decided to maybe give it a go or find out what it's actually worth and I am open to any offers I have a tiptronic (unfortunately) 330ci that's done about 131xxx kms is a 2004 and is in pretty good condition inside and out, has an aftermarket exhaust and has a nice note. Mechanically sound with a fresh WOF as of today Can come with a set of Genuine BBS CH-R's aswel for the right price. If you would like more photos feel free to ask. My car is the black one
  6. Bumping thread with adjusted price. Cheers.
  7. Yes it does let me check and I'll get back
  8. I also forgot to mention guru Fabian from Coombes J BMW for kindly lending us a couple of tools to get the job done... Thanks very much... Over the last few days did some more cleaning and painting of exhaust brackets etc and also changed out the timing chain tensioner, plus a few more clear coat scratches removed down the passengers side...
  9. Did you have any luck with this? I'm in the same position.......
  10. I've just bought a combox and getting eurosurgeons to install it. I should get blutooth phone and music streaming and cover art displayed on the screen. I also bought a DVB-T2 tv module and hopefully replace the japanese tv module with a bit more coding with video in motion.
  11. Blah i wish mate, me and coffee are great mates ! Had a customer of sorts the ring and asked if i got his email of 2 weeks, i replied yes and when i get a chance ill configure all you need for your setup. His reply " but i need it now and you could potentially get a turbo sale from it" Potentially ? I asked, so he got told how it was. I've got well over 400 messages on my FB page to which i answered 100 of them one night ( they keep growing ) till 2 am and over the next week 5 people i may potentially get a sale from you? He changed his tune.
  12. Wow you don't limit yourself to 9-5 working hours Awesome! I'll PM you my contact details
  13. Parts are ordered should be here in a week
  14. And that's a better example, maybe less fruit, but clean as. But that's been around for at least a year for sale, seconded only by the clown with the ACS E38 who wants 20k and has been trying to flick that for a couple of years.
  15. I'll order the parts and do my best within your time frame
  16. 2016 M235i Coupe, outside the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna.
  17. Prefer 2013+ Must be in very good condition Located in Wellington Budget = 35-39K depending on condition/Km's etc
  18. and E38 V12's aren't exactly uncommon. Trying to think what it reminded me of then i remembered -
  19. Hey Brent Is the whole rear end up for sale? Thanks
  20. 2008 BMW 120i Motorsport in titanium silver with black partial leather interior. Excellent condition inside and out. Just been serviced at The Toy Shop in Wellington. WOF until June 2018 Rego until January 2018 8 x Airbags Auto headlights Auto wipers Dynamic traction control Factory Motorsport alloys 5 x 3 point safety belts Dual side climate air/con Push button start/stop Factory child seat anchor points Electric/memory drivers seat Auxiliary input for iPhone/iPad etc $14,000 Located in Newtown, Wellington.
  21. Well things seem to be moving slow at the workshop, they are down 2 techs apparently. They've sent me some interesting photos. They also said if I want to do the turbo, now is the time, even if it takes a few weeks. So I've decided I will get comfy with the 116i loaner and tough this out. @crunchy Steve, I understand you're swamped. If you think you can manage something within a 1 month timeframe (more or less), then I'd love to drop my turbo at your doorstep. If you can, PM me an estimate? Otherwise I think I'll place my order with Pure. They use the OEM housing, I'll just have to deal with the hassle of shipping the old one back. It would be pretty cool to have something made locally though, if timing allows Also they have confirmed my head gasket leak. "We have found that the Cyl Head bolt for Cyl 6 Exhaust side was loose compared to the rest. – warped perhaps?" Exact same issue I've read from other reports online. Must be a factory fault! Real shame this didn't get picked up with the past owner(s). Really should have been sorted by BMW. Also I have ordered a VRSF downpipe Pics for those interested:
  22. Eventually these sellers realise there isn't a big market for a 11.5k old Limo that's 20 years old, Will have to drop it two or three thousand and then they may find someone quirky enough to buy such a car. That advertising with the mags is pathetic & misleading though. LOOK, BBSs on a 750il! But sorry, comes with 16s... and I'm still asking top dollar.. pfft.
  23. BM Workshop Botany have installed parts that I supplied. They currently have my car sitting there with the engine and trans out... I have a VRSF DP on the way and I'll ask them to install it. I wouldn't count on them always agreeing to it though. I'm a regular, their staff know me by name as soon as they see me, I think I've tried out all their loan cars by now
  24. Fake news!
  25. Nice work. I used to pay the odd visit to Mr Mosen's garage in Cambridge, probably almost 25 years ago as a teen. I remember getting very close to buying a 2002ti off the other mechanic he used to share the yard with at the time...should have done it. Not that the 260z I bought instead of ever disappointed...good times.
  26. Got home early to try and get something done. Felt exhausted - work has been too much this week. So sat and looked at the car instead. Through the rain which started as soon as I got home, just to ensure I wasn't going to get anything sorted.
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