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  2. I always ask for a dyno graph that my tunes are based off The tune I got for my N54 130i is attached It feels every bit of that.
  3. This is mine, in so far as an internet picture proves anything...
  4. Bit of an example on chiptunings website of mallarky unfortunately - Both of the listed examples produce exactly the same power, its the same engine with same basic everything the matters. Yet somehow they have different outcomes... SAE changed the standard for measuring BHP in 2005/6, (SAE J2723 if anyone cares), so in BMWs case Pre-LCI e8/9x x30i cars got measured against the old standard, LCI cars against the new. New standard is much tighter defined, and resulted in BMW N52s case of a few hp drop. This is why PreLCI N52s are 265bhp, and LCI 258bhp, yet in reality they produce the same power. Various markets require various standards beyond the SAE stuff (like the German DIN standard), and so even more slight variances occur depending on where the car was sold ( and then when the internet starts spreading numbers in a dick measuring contest, and forgetting the real context - Its the same engine with the same DME, same internals, same intake, and same exhaust)
  5. I hesitated, was a manual-only guy, happy with the auto for a daily now, have the M3 for manual fun, I've gained a lot and lost nothing important.
  6. A custom tune is not practical without a dyno, road tuning it is not economically feasible, how else could you measure it? If anyone claims they can give you a custom tune for your car ask them how they measure the benefits of their work. Edit: these engine are well known, the shelf tunes that are out there are probably as good as you can expect now, whether it's 270 or 280 horsepower really doesn't matter, just use somebody competent. Whatever you do, unless you nanny it, your fuel economy will go to sh*t with a performance tune, be prepared.
  7. Did the rear windows fold open on this?
  8. No idea what there worth but I put 18s on so don’t need these anymore. If anyone is interested let me know.
  9. The place gofaster mentioned says they don’t just grab a generic flash but make a custom tune for your car and your usage. But I don’t think they dyno it, not sure on that part though.
  10. E30kid

    M43 ICV

    Unfortunately they look to be mostly 6 cylinder versions, the one I'm after is a plastic one. Normally just some brake cleaner frees them up, I just broke one trying to pull it apart 🤦
  11. Wheel companies put the pressure on bmw to switch to 5x112 so they didn't have make 5x120 wheels as well. Keeps costs down for the wheel manufacturer and in turn for bmw.
  12. Unfortunately not. The plan is to replace the leaky injector and the throttle body that keeps throwing codes (I don't think this will fix it) and if it still won't start, it's getting trailered to an independent euro place in Queenstown. I don't have the space/time/patience to continue fault finding to the point of pulling cam covers to check timing etc. I'll have to suck it up and accept the bill! Support local right... 😅
  13. Did you ever get this problem sorted out Cam?
  14. As above, question is: Ramp or jack + stands. Answer is: Jack + stands is more versatile, ramps are cheaper and quicker.
  15. Fun day scavenging at Pick-A-Part today. Pretty chuffed with the boot liner especially, didn't know that was an option for sedans.
  16. Hoping to get some help with coding a TMS for my LED adaptive lights, Got a new one, put it in and Esys noticed a new ECU installed. (showed two on the ECU tree, TMS 41 and 42) Had to update my eSYS and PZD files as it didnt work initailly. After that I was able to Detect CAf and then click code. Now the ECU tree only shows one TMS module, and ISTA shows no communication with STML and LHML_0x43 Did i do something wrong and brick the new TMS? Can it be revived? Read some mixed things about using tool32, and ISTA/p, but have not played with either
  17. Sigh good to see it working for others now too. Recently mine stopped working and says I need to purchase a subscription. Cant send destinations to the car anymore, no GPS tracking and no other remote services. I have read that overseas BMW are disconneting the old 3g cars (like mine) so may have impacted locally too.
  18. Most of them are marketing, and by that I mean all of them are marketing, many dyno plots after a generic DME flash show about 5-10hp at the wheels. There was a kiwi company, forgot the name, claim 305hp from an N52 There is a website that most of these guys buy the files from and then distribute, its kinda like wholesale DME dump, and then they retail it with all the claims. Have a look at tuners like BPC/StageFP/Severn who actually do dyno tuning on them for realistic numbers of what to expect... without doing other things (like MILVs) there really isnt much to be had, the N52B30 in a 130 is already at BMWs factory highest state of tune out of the box, and there are no turbos to wind up the boost on.
  19. Will do, thanks for the lead.
  20. Yeah could probably move to an auto for a daily now, have other manual cars for the fun stuff.
  21. Yeah i don't think you could safety do an oil change on a E91 only using jack. Engine\drain is mounted quite far back.
  22. Just quoting their website, best you call Basil to discuss (no affiliation other than happy customer)
  23. I'm in the same boat as you, so not 100% ready yet. Hope it goes to a good owner. 😂
  24. Just got to finish weld all this lot now and we are into the single 3" tubing at last !!! Plus make some hangers etc.
  25. Holy sh*t that’s insane gains.
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