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  2. I like it as a race car-type thing. White with the M-racing stripes would look really good.
  3. Yup Dutchy’s (Hans) old car, don’t think it’s him selling it from the user name on TM. Granted, Not everyone’s cup of tea, but the fact that he had the skills to design and make all of the bodykit parts still blows me away.
  4. Mines had two valvetronic motors in 180k, and a waterpump 🤷‍♂️
  5. There's 58 "Blue" 130i from 2007 on (pre March are non lci) in NZ from a quick look on nzta vehicle registration data. Only one listed as a manual but realistically maybe 10-15 of those are manual? Majority of them were imported in the last 5 years so could be less than that. There's a hundred more listed if you can live with pre-lci le mans blue. Rarest colour seems to be red, less than twenty 130i in NZ.
  6. Singularly the worst E30 colour of all time, and will probably get asking 🤢
  7. This came out for the Maretai cruise(?) way back when. Not often a Rieger kitted M30 turbo E30 gets the show stolen from it. The guy who built it was a truckie and a bit of a legend.
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  9. I want a 6-spd Le Mans Blue LCI with updated iDrive, hydraulic steering and sprinklings of BMW Performance tat, not too much to ask is it?
  10. @Sammo why u want one?
  11. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/530i/listing/2944113994
  12. It was an Auckland traffic crawler after that too.
  13. $9k for a 318i sedan, replica wheels and cracked bumpers. It does have a clean pov spec interior though. But $9k!!
  14. Comes standard on style 32's Try carnuba wax.
  15. Are they no longer available ex BMW? I know it is expensive but this is a part you don't want to mess around with. They often have corrosion at the seams.
  16. https://www.bmw.co.nz/en/topics/offers-and-services/personal-services/warranty.html Is this NZ new or a grey market import? You could also phone BMW NZ and ask.
  17. We pulled one from a 1971 2002 when we put in a fuel cell. Put it somewhere, in case we put it back to standard trim. Don't see that happening now. Will do a search & report back.
  18. First water pump lasted 230,000km, valvetronic motor is at 287,000km still sweet as. .. One lady owner (in truth most of the km I do are open road)
  19. I actually ended up buying the Segedin 3 ton jack https://www.staparts.co.nz/View-A-Product?id=29458&Productid=Jack 3 ton workshop floor low profile min height 70mm max 50 what they didn't say on the webpage is that it actually has a dual pump and hence a quick-lift function. I think it actually is bang for the buck and pretty solid; the selling point for me was that for home use and not operating under full load all the time it will last longer than a jack designed for less weight. I will post an update after I had some quality time with it but I reckon NZD 308,- including 2 axle stands is an OK price
  20. Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can get these bits of brake out of the paint on my wheels? This isn't just brake dust, it's small chunks that seem to have cooked themselves onto/into the paint during the track day. I've already washed the wheels and tried picking them out and using a plastic card but it started scratching the paint. Does any one have any ideas or is this just the collateral damage of racing?
  21. Are you Nana driving? Ours has seen the track, mile sprints and the the Remutaka hill every other day though. No toodling through Mission bay + 100% it was a Tokyo traffic crawler for the first 30K.
  22. Tried contacting the provider of the warranty, ie: BMW if its a manufacturers warranty? Most manufacturers are real finicky when it comes to their own warranties, and will look at any out possible if something goes wrong and you havent had it done by a dealer on time every time.
  23. Water pumps are only meant to be good for 100-120. Valvetronic motor is the same. And all the hoses should be changed as the plastics go brittle. Lots of plastic. I would change the gearbox fluid and filter if you have not already.
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