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  2. Removed front and rear bumpers and drivers side sill cover from the M5 in preparation for its trip to the panelbeaters on Monday, looks a bit naked now....
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  4. Any unit from the same chassis will work coding will correct any software differences. Even units from 1 series work but screen is often cut off on boot up for just a second if it bothers you. Like the picture.
  5. FYI. I have a lot of Milwaukee battery gear and usually buy them outa Aussie. Can get a new M12 90 drill and 2.0 ah battery for $210 aud.
  6. That's easy - need somewhere to live and don't want to pay someone else's mortgage and bills! Of course, that's balanced by paying interest to a lender instead. Probably (even?) harder to find parts for, too.
  7. Got a pair of used but serviceable mounts here in Karori that you are welcome to if you want a temporary fix. Cheers...
  8. PS: because the 80's are in again, and who really wants to be seen driving an Audi.
  9. Because they want one. Beause they've always wanted one, and can now afford one. Because they rode in one as kids. Their parents/relatives/friends/neighbours had one. Because it's a cool looking car. Because it's a fun car. Because VW Beetles & Kombis - also cool cars - are beyond the reach of most, whereas e30's are affordable. Why does anyone buy a classic or collectable car?! Do their motives need to be validated, pass some arbitrary bar? Why do people want to buy a house in this market? Speculation?
  10. The intent for this and the previous posts is only to correct what you have said about us. Here's the original post... Hi there, just want to clear up what Autoport.nz do. We are not just agents - we are full service RMVT so take full responsibility and risk under the CGA. We offer a money back guarantee and prices are set in NZ$ prior to shipping including compliance, WOF, rego and 12 months MBI (non performance cars). Also have a wide range with 10k cars and have brought in plenty of hard to find cars. Hope that helps.
  11. Curious. For those still trying to buy an E30 in this market. Why? Investment?
  12. @Ghost Chip you still looking? tat black one has had a price drop, and this is on Marketplace:
  13. http://www.bidbud.co.nz does it for you 😎 Used it for years. Plus its a more practical interface than the standard trademe one.
  14. On my hunt for an e30, I was messaging someone on fb and found out that they were selling a M325i. Can’t afford it but I enquired since I was curious, and the price was definitely beyond my budget 😂. They’re definitely out there.
  15. Try the dealer, BM Workshop, or Brent/BMWorld.
  16. Hi Karun! Let me know asap, Auto38 piling the pressure on me to make room in their workshop!!
  17. Sorry mate looking for something more like bbs rs 005 pattern or similar
  18. Cheers, trying to get anything I have to deal with tidied up and refreshed on the way through ... turns out thats basically everything 🤣 Funny you mention the fuel pump as just today I got the new AEM filter installed and worked out where I will run the new fuel lines (Gates Barricade). This included mounting the fuel pressure regulator in the engine bay as I am converting the VQ to run a return system as per the BMW and not returnless like the Nissan. Got some colour matched paint on the inside of the boot where I've patched up the access holes for the top side reinforcing. Slowly moving towards getting the interior back in !!
  19. Hey man i'd be interested in taking the M30 for parts, just don't have a way to transport it yet.
  20. The rear is ok unless you are side on. Then the prolapse anus becomes apparent.
  21. https://youtu.be/GSWAogtizw0
  22. Quick clean and spray before installing. Couldn't fit such a quality set without making it a tad tidy. Just a quickone for now... Panel and paint after the cert. Really enjoyed this stage of the build. Jap stance soon ay😅 Front way too lower than the rears.
  23. Ooook....we shall knight thee...Mr VQ
  24. Tidy E30 coupe driving through Pakuranga. Plate was 'E30PWR' not sure if it's anyone on here.
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