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    Well today I reassembled them, but over the past few months I've been slowly working away at them.
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    Just had the fuel pump fail in the 328 - thats the second time in 14 years the car has let me down - really why do our cars only do 250,000 km ? I remember the good old days when a Mini would last 30,000 before a maqjor rebuild and breakdowns were a daily event - build quality is rubbish?
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    Repaired a CD stacker over the last couple of days, it needed a bit of clean out, slightly too much dust on the plastic gears for me. I regreased them and did a full recap of the board, it took a good few hours to document their specs, remove, clean the board and solder in new ones. A lot of their locations are near ICs which don't like heat, so plenty of care is required. This one had a CD jammed inside the player mechanism. It seems the deteriorating caps on the control board were causing this issue, other stackers I've fixed including my own usually start with poor tracking and skipping, especially on higher number tracks.
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    yea my e28 with 529,000km still on its std rear wheel bearings , gearbox bearings went though at 500,000km after being beaten up by the mighty M88 engine
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    Possums................... trapped 12 in 14 days. The trouble is...no one else around me does it as well... the native hawks luv me though
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    Only the flies get me rarked up! I ran out of flyspray, so I had to start using air freshener (and a lighter ). Only one noticable scorchmark, but I got the little a**hole (and over 70 of his mates). Got some more of those sticky paper things from china last night . The joys of country living!
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    my e38 is my road warrior.. its the one i want to rack up K's on. has a fair few battle scars and stone chips but damn just works. have not checked oil in 3 or 4 months.... still at the same level as when i did the oil change only thing leaking atm is the power steering..
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    Found a brand new Halogen Globe today in my toolbox. If anyone wants it, just pay the postage and it's yours, or pickup is in Waitara (just out of New Plymouth) 12v 55W PK22s
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    my e38 is on 308 km... still runs and pulls great everything..... just works.. bought it at 120km... have never replaced fuel pump.. major thing i had to replace though was water pump at 180 bucks along with some hoses for good measure...
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    m50 (and 325i rear subframe, zf gearbox) swapped my friends m44 e36 318is
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    nothing whatsoever to any of the cars, spend the whole weekend with the grand kids, and now I am totally stuffed.
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    The rear door vapour barriers are the most common leak into the cabin, and if under the front seats was wet, and under rear floor carpets will probably be flooded with water too.
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    Wasps. They don't wash their stingers between victims, so I'm now on antibiotics. Can anybody tell me, do these creatures serve any actual purpose?
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    ^^^ I'm getting $110 a kg for the fur. 12 to 14 possums to a kg. I usually just keep in in a bag in the shed till I've got 4 or 5 kg then take it in. Nice little bit of pocket money..
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    I've also got my cannons... Winchester 6 shot semi and a 22 Remington Magnum Auto. Can't be buggered skinning them. I bury or feed the hawks
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    Bonnet up, one paw on the bumper, pointing out the shortcomings in my engineering performance...
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    unfortunately Wellington Photographic Supplies don't keep their used gear on their website uptodate, so they miss sales. Photo & Video international in Christchurch are good to deal with. I've purchased from Auckland Camera as well, they're solid. Graham, which lenses are you looking for? I've a very tidy 18-200 VR I'm about to sell, as well as my D300 and 12-24 f4. basically keeping old D200 workhorse as backup body with a couple of older spare lenses, getting out of crop gear, and continuing forward in full-frame. I fancy a D3 for sports work in low light. Also need another of the Nikon Holy Trinity, the 24-70 2.8.
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    Thats really impressive Toby. What products did you use? I've got some Tan seats and I was thinking about changing the color on them to either Mocha or Cheerywood.
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    Jesus, that's a LOT of pies!!
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    Yup, 5 years of being a daily driver. 320,000k and the 740i hasn't broken down once. Disappointing really.
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    E30 can take you all the way big fella The seats have a lot of travel
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    at the very least if you purchased a whole unit you could refurb it and sell it on and likely make your money back even without the helical gear.
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    wellington photographic supplies
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    Try Progear in Newmarket Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Auckland Cameras in Kingsland used to- will check if they are still trading tomorrow, I also have a Nikon affliction
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    more bling on the doorstep. Pavlov Racing control arms are fabricated from thin wall 4130 chromoly steel. These arms are 100% TIG welded and fully argon backpurged. They are then stress relieved, heat treated, and powder coated. These arms are available in stock length +10mm and +16mm longer per side for increased track width. Standard inventory is 10mm wider track width. These arms weigh 3.8lbs, The arms use high misalignment oversized bearings which allow for increased suspension travel without bearing binding. The arms also allow for bearings to be replaced using a simple press in press out method and replacement parts are easily available. Simply pop out the snap ring and press the old bearing out and the new one in. and Front Control Arm Rear Brackets from AKG these are adjustable
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    yeah looks good to me, well done #8 ) now to work on an easter edition: perhaps BMW bunny errr shagging an audi in cartoon form?
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    lost the old logo and silly me I didnt save thinking I had it .. will hassle ollie for it .. for now here is an prototype logo I did before site change over.
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    Some days my bumper grille pops out, ridiculous to happen after 350,000km on the body. Considering scrapping it.
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    Our 320d needs it's oil changing every other month. What a pain. You'd think we drove it a lot, or something. The Mercedes is just as bad. I may have to fit some brake pads sometime.
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    I'm tired of 328i as well. It's done just over 200,000. Nobody warned me that the washer bottle required topping up every 3 months. Have an A series turbo. Suspect 30,000 mls between rebuilds will be optimistic.
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    Try being a Merc owner.... they envy the Mini's reliability.
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    Burn it. That interior doesnt deserve to survive.
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    If it's for the E91 you have to use genuine coolant for the electric water pump (pump lubrication). There is also a special bleeding procedure that sometimes will only work when using a scanner to activate the water pump. Do not run the pump dry. The venting (bleeding) process must be carried out correctly. We would use 3 X 1.5L bottles when draining and refilling.
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    Day 5 with no internet. I have discovered CDs and actual radio. And books. I am beginning to learn things. It scares me.
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    Had the same thing over a long weekend... so do what I did... Told hem if they weren't here within 24 hours then they could pick up their decoder from the skip outside my house... Bloke turned up three days later and pulled the decoder out of the skip and left!
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    Made some more progress on the e21, got the bonnet fitted properly, got the heater fan sorted, changed out the coil so there are sparks, and powdercoated the rocker cover, also fitted the alternator, and discovered an oil leak in the sump gasket! Gotta love old cars.
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    After spending more than a million wit BP over the last 19 years, on fuel and food. [+/_ 6500.00 a month] I finally won a $50.00 Wild bean café gift card. YAHOO it was in the mail today.
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