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    Removed some twats modifications.
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    Bit of automotive optometry today; New to me passenger side headlight bowls. (Others had been marred by water and dirt from leaky seal) and new headlight weather strips, both sides on the E46. Took the opportunity to give all the surrounds a good clean up while passenger side was apart too.
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    Well i'll be damned... looks like its ~$75NZD cheaper AND i can get everything i need (apart from the Porsche diff washers ) AND saving heaps on import charges Thanks heaps for that Zero.
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    Have you tried comparing prices with schmeidmann.com? I find they are cheapest 90% of the time. FCPeuro is usually second cheapest. Found your plugs for cheaper at fcp https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-spark-plug-fr7npp332-1 Maybe try comparing whole carts and you might get lucky
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    just holds the front seat belts , seats are extra strong ,have 5 bolt mounting holes etc
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    yeah they've got that behind the rear headrests, but not for the front.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNHViIgmQo0
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    That's the Roll Over Protection System/seatbelt mounts that verts come with.
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    Whilst thats good news, why has it taken this long? Especially when people have offered to help for free?
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    There was one going at 35k last year some time but it didn't stay up for long! Same colour as this, would have been a good buy for sure. That's the cheapest I've seen. I'd pick one over an E46 M3 for the uniqueness.
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    Co-drove at the Arcadia Rd rallysprint mid-Feb. Great fun to be had, can't wait to start driving at these types of events. Also, got my hands on a 4.44 LSD, fitted a Powerflex bush and then fitted it to the compact. It's only a factory 25% lock, but man, driving the car when it's wet is FUNNNNN. It definitely has more grip on take-off than the locker, but is still very predictable when oversteering. Can't wait for the next autocross to give it a proper go! Next step will be to remove all the glue from the ceiling, remove the sound deadening, buy some seats and harnesses and get a roll-cage in there.
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    I'm surprised you even managed to find that many useable parts after that smash.
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    Yeah, I spent about the same amount as what the MBI is for this car. Hindsight i probably should have just waited for the guides to fail but my OCD got the better of me...I do love a bit of preventative maintenance.
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    Yeah, was abit of a silver lining being forced to daily the E30 Catch up soon.
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    Cool will bring my e38 to the next Sunday catch up to compare notes.
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    When I was in the UK, we lived about 3 miles from Deighton Hills Shooting School. Been there forever. You'd hear occasional pops from the school, but nothing else. Over time people moved in and complained. and complained. And as house prices went up, the complainers became more influential. Didn't quite get to the point where the school was closed, but it cost Mike Reynolds (former British Olympic shooter) a fortune in sound reduction stuff.
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    I'm sorry I couldn't help you with the PPI now that the business has closed due to my retirement. These vehicles are / can be quite problematic when not serviced correctly by time and or mileage. Especially when coming X Japan and the UK. I hope all goes well for you and feel free to phone for any advice..... actually.. give me a call tomorrow
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