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  1. Some original e30 rear speakers in gray, looks to be in very good condition for there age. Both worked beautifully before they were pulled out for more doof doof (Do not recommend this) Also one Blaupunkt Quadro Booster, I am assuming its the amp for the premium speaker package for the e30's Looks to be in good condition and worked before removal (again for the doof doof) Looking for $100 Cheers Sam
  2. The 3.0tdi q7 (s line) is my pick, Have had 1st gen and 2nd gen now and rate them highly, chew through tires and brakes tho. Towed a 1.5t trailer an a hilux fine, 3.2t boat/trailer easy. No major push from either, plenty of brakes and grip to play with. 4.2 TDI is fast, v10 TDI is crazy fast.
  3. Cheers for the Info lads! It is not a pro bmw one just a cheap one which would make sense. I'll book it in for a scan on Monday 👌
  4. Hey Team Our e87 04 120i has just majorly started smoking (blue/kinda white) on start up and while driving. Engine check light comes on and starts flashing, once the car is in park and idling the check light goes away. But if we leave it for a day of two it stops doing either.. No fault codes are staying up and every time we have taken it in it has stopped and ran fine. Its not using any water/no bubbles in radiator. Oil doesn't look milky from first inspection. Any Ideas? Was leaning towards valve steams but also possible piston ring failure? No major knocking sounds but is down on power even when its not smoking. It did start 'pinging' today how ever on start up... Am not driving the car atm until we have an idea of what is wrong.. Cheers Ace
  5. e46 320D? Super reliable and very economical.... Just the RUC's to worry about.
  6. Totally agree with Dave! OH P.S. I'm still looking for some 16" AC Schnitzers for the Replica I'm building 🙄... .
  7. Yeah I have a mate, cash only. Tints all the new Holden's/Nissan's in Auckland. Hes a pro
  8. I have one you can borrow if you like, or try most SCA. Cheap and easy haven't had any problems with mine.
  9. Haslip Tyres, Hes a mate and will do mates rates if the right words are said 😂
  10. Plus one on Taylor, rebuilt the m30 at a good price, shes beautiful on the inside 😎
  11. Will get some details and send you a pm
  12. Kinda know the car in question, yes M car
  13. There's a few good race/ex cars around on the FS part bro, have a little look if not I know of a 328i for sale
  14. Yes I have a guy, PM me.... (Hes in Auckland)
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