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  1. Ace Of Spades

    Independent valuation

    Yes I have a guy, PM me.... (Hes in Auckland)
  2. Ace Of Spades

    BMW I8 wanted for Shoot

    Hello Everyone! There is a little feeler/teaser going out for an exciting motoring project that I have been working on and they have asked if they know anyone who could get there hands on an i8 for a few hours on the 13th of October in Auckland..... Now I personally can't afford to own one but I was wondering that hopefully one of you may know someone/team/dealership/company who has one and could put myself in touch with them. The car won't be driven on the road, just in a small entrance way of a building for a into shot. Would very much appreciate any info All the best Sam
  3. https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/bmw/auction-1768936256.htm?rsqid=5b8705e0686e4a528cee30606d769d48 Was cheap last I saw
  4. Ace Of Spades

    5 spd E34 535i auction

    Was for sale about a week ago maybe more, went to $1200 and didn't sell. Looks pretty good for age/miles
  5. Ace Of Spades

    E30 Livery Options

    Plus one on this, Can't beat a good old Rothies
  6. Ace Of Spades

    e87 Bits

    Hello Bimmersporters, I am after a few bits for the 120i, its a 2005 auto in TITANSILBER METALLIC (354). - Stereo unit. Unless some one knows how to fix the pixels? Part number - 65129130046 - Piece of trim above the glove box RealOEM.com - Online BMW Parts Catalog.html number 4 trim Piece Colour - LEDER LEASURE/ALASKAGRAU (LHA1) - Front bumper - Lowering springs - Nice set of wheels Cheers Ace
  7. Ace Of Spades

    E28 Dilemma

    Just re-shell and build the M535i.... Old cars a just more fun IMO. No one is going to cry over the 525e, one or two of us would be happy its gone onto bigger and better things. Plus there will be epic amounts of job satisfaction once done 😎 .............. If you really want to you could cut the tags out to keep for matching numbers
  8. Ace Of Spades

    E30+E34 parts

    all gone sorry, Updated post
  9. Ace Of Spades

    Supercharged V8 Ute anyone?

    ..... She will do nicely ..
  10. Ace Of Spades

    Windscreen replacement

    BMW dealership, Insurance covers it. Try maybe source the trims your self tho... Eg wreakers Nothing beats OEM Glass IMO.
  11. Ace Of Spades

    Life is choice bro thread.

    No sorry mate, But have a huge receipts folder 😂.. When shes done I'll make a little something in the showroom area.
  12. Hey Lads/ladies On Monday/Tuesday (30/31) I will be driving up from Christchurch to Auckland with the back of the Ute empty... If anyone needs some stuff brought up I would be more than happy to help. Planning on sticking to the quickest way up but can take minor detours if needed. Just comment below or send me a PM and il get in touch.. Sam
  13. Ace Of Spades

    Life is choice bro thread.

    No place like home, as much as I go away .. always seem to come back. Just setting up more sensors for the link, m50 cam sensor adapter to allow for minor tuning/fuel/spark adjustments.
  14. Ace Of Spades

    Life is choice bro thread.

    Amen to that!.. Count down not so much. Gave up trying to make the m30 pretty so just decided to make it work better..
  15. Ace Of Spades

    E30 Steering Knuckle Clash with Extractors

    Yeah, couple of UK guys have done it, Just check your lengths and measurements Best is two UJ's from summit racing with a small piece of 1/2 bar in between.. ( Plenty of clearance)