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  1. The quality is a bit of an unknown as they don't really specify their materials or manufacturing process. They are "engineered in the UK" but quite possibly made elsewhere. I'm looking at the option below: https://www.turborebuild.co.uk/webshop/prod_3501210-Genuine-Melett-UK-Turbo-CHRA-Garrett-GT2556V-434766000216-4347680011-BMW-530d-E39730d-E38.html This would be a like for like replacement rather than an upgrade. It would be nice to have an upgrade though!
  2. Hi Team, A bit bored in lockdown, so I'm trying to entertainment myself with some BMW maintenance. I'm looking into rebuilding the VGT Turbo in my E46 330D. I believe the stock one is a Garrett GT2556V. I came across a brand from the UK called Melett - they seem to be a good option for those not wanting to bend over for OE whilst not wanting low quality replica parts. They offer a drop-in CHRA cartridge for around $350 shipped. Anyone has experience with these? or know of other good options? Cheers, Andrew
  3. Ok heres the breakdown. For an E70, it comes in pre-facelift and facelift models with the switchover year in 2010. Assuming you're looking for diesel, the preface-lift E70 came in 2 variants of the M57 engine. - 3.0d is single turbo - 3.0sd is twin turbo - 35d is the same as 3.0sd Around 2010 they changed the naming to 30d, 35d, 40d, 50d and this is where it gets a bit muddy. - 30d = N57 single turbo - 40d = N57 twin turbo - 50d = N57 triple turbo!!! The main price difference in the E70s after the engine comes from : - Facelift vs Prefacelifted - Mspec vs standard spec - 5 or 7 seats. - Interior trim (leather, heated, ventilated etc) - Panaramic sunroof - Idrive version - 360 Camera, etc If you are towing, you'll want one with "additional towing capacity" on the options list. This typically means you have air suspension in the rear.
  4. Hey firstly, welcome aboard! These BMW diesels are great cars - they offer excellent performance, economy and even reliability (except for cam chain issues for your model). Yours look to be a low KM, NZ new example - you have done well! I'm not a big fan of the blacked out rims, so perhaps go for some nice factory Mspec rims and some white LED angel eyes would be a good starting point.
  5. Nice looking car! Does anyone know how it compares to the E70 X5 diesel in terms of performance and reliability?
  6. Hi Team, As per title I'm considering getting the XHP flash done on my 6 speed auto on the E70. Has anyone had experience with this and is it worth doing? Cheers, Andrew
  7. Hi, I have some style 32's for sale, all 17" 3 x 7.5" Silver (ET41) 1 x 8" Silver (ET47) 1 x 8" (Chrome) (ET47) PM me for details.
  8. I have some style 32's for sale, all 17" 3 x 7.5" Silver (ET41) 1 x 8" Silver (ET47) 1 x 8" (Chrome) (ET47) PM me for details.
  9. Thanks Jom. Is it an oem one? Could be keen.
  10. I'm after a fuel pump to suit a 96 323i - preferably one from a lower mileage car as mines crapping out. Realoem suggests part number 16146758736 - and should be the same for all E36 (4 and 6 cyl) models. It can be complete with the fuel level sender or just the pump motor alone. If its the pump motor alone, I think an E46 one should work also. Please let me know your price and location. Thanks Andrew
  11. Hey Ray - could you please PM me with price? Thanks
  12. Bump! Still looking for a 17x7.5" or 8" style 32
  13. @Kobra I thought I've found the perfect match....but not quite I am in a similar situation with 3 x 7.5" and 1 x 8" If you're willing to part with 1x of your 8" rim let me know!
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