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  1. Hello, I've got a set of mis-matched style 32's. Needing either a 7.5" or a 8" to make a complete staggered or square set. Let me know if you've got one for sale or keen on swapping. Or if you want to buy them from me, shoot me a message. Cheers, Andrew
  2. Being a modern diesel, they're required to be fitted with a DPF (Diesel particulate filter) in the exhaust. These can be problematic if you mainly use the car for short trips. If you regularly drive it on long trips and allow the DPF to regenerate, they're all good. Otherwise you could be in for a hefty bill.
  3. Hi Derick, The newer LEDs do can do a great job in getting your angel eyes bright and white. Getting the inner ring bright is easy, but most people have trouble getting the outer ring bright enough. This is where you need to get the brightest LEDs possible. With the factory headlights, the bulb is placed behind the inner ring, and the larger outer ring is lit up through a plastic fiber optic. This means that regardless of what bulbs you use, the outer ring will always be dimmer as most of the light is lost through the transmission through the optic. If you wanted the ultimate solution, it is possible to replace the plastic fibre optic rings with complete LED rings. However, this is a big job and not suitable for the average DIYer out there. I have a lot of experience with these as I supply and fit these lights. If you'd like to know more, send me a PM. Cheers, Andrew
  4. Hey Tony - welcome to the family. Nice looking 335 you have there - those aren't the standard Msport wheels? I see your photo was taken at Ormiston college - but you're based in Wellington?
  5. curryinahurry

    $5 parts

    @richard great - i'll take the headlight.
  6. curryinahurry

    $5 parts

    Hi, Interested in the e36 headlight. Where in Auckland are you? Cheers, Andrew
  7. Whats wrong with the old one? In most cases they can be repaired
  8. Hi Scott, For the LCI models with Xenon Headlights, the angel eye bulb can be accessed without removing the headlight. The Pre-LCI ones require you to remove the headlight, but LCI models, the angel eyes are powered by an H8 bulb. I can supply and install replacement factory or aftermarket led options that won't give you any bulb out errors. Send me a message. Cheers, Andrew
  9. Hi - no I didn't. Ended up going with the Pentosin ATF-1, had to pay a premium getting it shipped from the states. But for me, it was worth it for the piece of mind.
  10. Welcome. Yes, you MUST do the swirl flaps or you will regret. An absolute must do - it can fail any moment and that'll be the end of your car! Funnily enough, I have a 330D auto and I'm interested in a 320D manual or 330D manual haha
  11. I too am still looking for the right ATF for my E92. Have heard from various sources that certain reputable shops uses a Fuchs ATF, and Glenn has recommended the Amtex fluid (but those guys won't sell me any ), hence i'm still on the hunt. I came across the Penrite Full Synthetic BMV. https://www.penriteoil.com.au/assets/pis_pdfs/ATF BMV.pdf It states : "ATF BMV may be used in ZF 6, 8 and 9 speed automatic transmissions where Lifeguard 6, 8 & 9 is recommended" and also: "REPLACES OEM PART NUMBERS ZF No. S671 090 255 (Lifeguard 6), ZF No. S671 090 (Lifeguard 8), ZF No. AA01.500.001 (Lifeguard 9)" I've contacted Penrite NZ and they suggested this one would be suitable. Quite tempting given the lack of options in NZ. Any thoughts / experiences?
  12. Thanks Glenn - Do you normally replace the bolts as well?
  13. Hi Team, I've been wanting to get my trans serviced on the 335i for a while. Done plenty of reading on the type of fluid, but theres no general consensus on the best alternative to the factory ZF LG-6 fluid. So, the question is - does anyone know a good place to buy Lifeguard 6 fluid without bending over at the dealer??? Or a different fluid which had been used with proven success? Thanks, Andrew
  14. Well... its not too difficult to work out. For your E46, assuming you have the torqiest (is there such a word?!) - you have the following: 400 NM of engine torque, Gearbox reduction ratio of 4, Final drive ratio of 3.5, 80% drive train efficiency You'll be putting out 4480 Nm at the wheels. Assuming you have standard sized wheels (0.63m diameter), this equates to 14.2kN. Your bolt will fail in shear rather than in tension. Typically, the bolts will fail at 60% of its UTS. So assuming you only use 1 bolt to attached your tow bar, your bolt needs to withstand 14.2kN of shear force or 23.7kN of tensile force. I don't know what diameter your bolt holes are... so if we go backwards and assume you want to use the cheaper grade 8.8 bolts we can do the following calculation : 23.7 k / (800 * 0.8) = 37 mm^2 This equates to a bolt diameter of 6.9 mm This calculation is very similar for braking... assuming you have standard brakes and your 100 kph stopping distance is 40 m. Applying the kinematic equation of Vf = Vi + 2ad, you'll find that a = 10 ms-2. Approx weight of an e46 is 1500kg. F = ma, your braking force is 15kN (which is less than our approx best case acceleration force). Apply your own safety factor... and you can decide what you need.
  15. CHeers for that. This is quite a common problem on E91 / E61's where leaks from the tail gate will cause water ingress on the antenna module. Unfortunately for mine, the PCB looks perfect and my FM / AM radio is working well (which are generally tell tale signs) for antenna issues. but you can never tell for sure without swapping for a new one...
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