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  1. Wrong end of the country Rae otherwise the M5 would be all yours for the day.
  2. 20k minimum with those kms and if it's totally original.
  3. Not sure about run flat PS4, don't use them but would be surprised if they aren't available. Correction to my post about, the tyres are PS4.
  4. Have had both the Goodyear and PS4, both excellent tyres but the PS4 wins. Currently running PS4s on my 335d and they are perfect for the car.
  5. What is the offset of these and please advise if they will fit on an E46?
  6. GA25291 was my machine for 8 or so years Peter. I see it has a new plate these days but i'll bet it is still going strong.
  7. I owned a NZ new 3.6 RM1762 in Macau Blue. Brilliant car that had 245kms on it when i sold it in 09 and it ran superbly. Think it is still in Auckland.
  8. Very keen if they are genuine and in good condition.
  9. What condition are the wheels in Brent?
  10. What Andrew said, it is a fabulous car. I missed buying it 2 years ago by one day and couldn't give a hoot about the history. The repairs were BMW certified. Here's a deal, you buy my silver 2002 car and i'll head down south and buy the blue one -:)
  11. We aren't that special for posts to be deleted.
  12. Great write up Josh on a great little car. The amount of work Ray and his team have put into this build is incredible.
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