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  1. Yep it's gone Jon and you are being very kind. Shuey did more kms in it last year than i did. The M5 is a brilliant car and just right for my stage of life. It is carting four of us to Leadfoot this weekend, something i wouldn't consider in the M3.
  2. This was my car, i restored it and i put the tyres on it and they are not $50.00 tyres. Ron, not all good tyres are the expensive items you appear to like, there are some excellent tyres out there for very reasonable money. The car was never going to be driven hard or for that matter on a race track. The new owner wanted something reasonable for sedate driving because the car was going to be a garage queen. Alas he sold it to this crowd who are just trying to make a large profit for nothing. If i had kept the car it would now be wearing Bridgestones. It's an ok car but it's not 105k, maybe $70 to $75k and i believe the current bid is BS.
  3. 132kms on mine Max and it is original.
  4. No worries, flick me your email or phone No. and i'll get a pic to you. My brother has the car now and it resides in Omaha.
  5. Good to see progress on this one Ben. We still have the red car which is running a 2.8 and going really well. Has just clicked over 300kms.
  6. Go get it Paul, they are awesome.
  7. Reg SI7288. Used to be owned by Peter Robinson who sold it to the good doctor Malcom Abernethy in Wellington who repowered it with an M34B30, Believe current owner is Dean Edkins who also has the original engine for it as well.
  8. Hi Team. I have an 04 X5 listed on TM and have been asked if the new tyres i have fitted to it are BMW star rated. Whats this all about?
  9. Cheers Dan. Will have to read some more on the ZHP. I know they did the cam and maybe the exhaust - ECU???
  10. Sure did, paid less than 10k for it.
  11. That's my wifes car and she really likes it so i don't think it is going anywhere. It has been a great car, we have done 40k in it in 2 1/2 years and it hasn't missed a beat, now up to 148k.
  12. Happy to report this car is now tucked up in my garage. It's in really great condition and i couldn't be happier.
  13. Have just driven this car and it is a ripper. I can live with the interior Dan, it is nice and bright inside the car compared to the all black in our current 330. My offer is on the table so will see what happens.
  14. I know the owner, they live just down the road. Give me a shout if you want it checked out.
  15. It landed in Auckland in September 2015.