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  1. ssbmw

    CSL time again

    This is based on feedback from a friend who enquired about this car. It was owned by the matriarch of a very wealthy family who built their substantial net worth during the 1980’s. Not exactly high profile today, and certainly weren’t celebrities when this was sold new.
  2. ssbmw

    635CSI Capitalism ho!

    It has the sports seats that 90% of the Kiwi spec cars never had ..in crushed velour too - very 1980’s
  3. ssbmw

    Flooded Z8 in FL :o

    I live in the US, just casually looking at their prices- they tend to be around $150-200k for a standard Z8, with the Alpina versions sometimes up to $300k...
  4. ssbmw

    $1res 1991 850

    It's an interesting point you make. Just looking at 8 coupe.com which is a fountain of knowledge if you love E31's- it states that 3,980 out of the total of 29,000 E31's ever made were delivered in Calypso red- the maroon you refer to. That's nearly 14%. I speculate that an ever higher proportion than that of the early ones came to NZ. The second most popular colour behind black. It seems that BMW were targeting wealthy, older customers when the E31 was launched- and the colours in the early days reflected that- targeting a more conservative hue. Even the interiors were more 'boring' with most having 'comfort seats'- reflected by the NZ New examples. The wheel options were rather conservative too. By the time 850csi was launched- the colours / wheels became a tad more flamboyant- accentuating their body-kits. Personally, I think the best colours were the ones launched with the 840ci sport in the U.K. A lot were BMW 'individuals'and they all came with the body-kit. You saw some cool colors like Dakar yellow, violet, Avus blue, Hell red, etc - which really lent themselves to the shape. Even today in a cool colour with the right wheels they are a striking looking vehicle.
  5. ssbmw

    Nice E24 635CSi in Welly

    Just speculating, but probably a Japanese import. Looks like it is good condition. Unlike the majority of the NZ new cars that had the comfort seats, this has the nicer sports seats and M-tech steering wheel. 20 plus years ago when I embarked on sourcing a 635csi, I found it frustrating that the majority of NZ cars didn't have the sports interiors.
  6. ssbmw

    $1m M1

    Yes this car was at the BMW festival at Hampton downs circa 4-5 years ago. Evidently it had been lying dormant in storage for many years in NZ. From what I was told, the family who owned it were from overseas, however spent some time in NZ. They elected to get it up and running prior to the festival to present it- with a view to prepare it for sale on the international market. I just remember the sound it made - phenomenal. A lot more aggro sounding than the engine note of a M88/3 shared by the M635csi and E28 M5 which was in essence the same power plant. Such a special car.
  7. ssbmw

    E34 M5 NZ NEW

    Pretty sure this is a five speed.... one of our contributors here mentioned that they knew NZ received a few more 3.8's than the only example that had previously been for sale on trademe in Wanganui - and previously discussed here many years ago ( and subsequently sold to one of our bimmersporters) - an example in avus blue with around 200,000ks on the clock.... great to see another example available for sale! Low mileage too!!!
  8. ssbmw

    (another) e39 M5

    Yes, I am speculating here, but I suspect there could have been 35 NZ new, and with the impressive demand for this model - another dozen plus imported. The E24 register was done informally - not easy back in 2002 because there was little information on them. However, Gerry Hodges (BMW NZ car club head) helped me contact some people in respective regions of NZ - from the car clubs etc. From that - word of mouth information, I was able to start putting together an ownership register. Fortunately, I befriended a chap from Melbourne who was similarly fanatical about these cars (there were only 524 made in RHD) and he decided to compile a register for Australia (not easy as they only got 2 delivered officially through their dealerships and due to their passion for the E24 - approximately another 80 plus examples (more now) were imported privately from the UK). He eventually got an official spreadsheet from BMW UK - that had all 524 units listed with paint/ interior details- which he very generously sent me. The information correlated with what I gathered - around 20 were sent to NZ officially - and today there are probably another 20 that were imported. I also discovered through my research too that Australia's passion for these cars led to 4-5 units being sold from NZ . I live overseas these days, but I have a car (hopefully) lined up (e39) when I return. Would love to help with your database of NZ cars. Hope to hear from HD91.
  9. ssbmw

    (another) e39 M5

    Cheers mate - I will contact HD91. The M5 portal is where I got the number '235' of numbers exported to the Australasian market. Several years ago, a few of my friends who owned E39 M5's stated that the number of NZ new was around 35. If you look at the number conveyed in your comment regarding BMW NZ stating that 22 were sold excluding 1999 - (and taking into consideration that it was subsequently revealed that 11 were sold new in that year - the highest number sold in any year)- that would make around 35 sold in NZ - new. Curious to have these numbers confirmed. I have built a E24 M6 register for NZ, and a friend of mine has a register for E31's and E34's. I love E39's too (like many of our members here) and will own one in the future. Cheers for the help!
  10. ssbmw

    (another) e39 M5

    In terms of colours in NZ, I presume Silverstone will then be bracketed under blue - as that specific hue does not appear to be on your list? Definitely seen Silverstone examples around. Great information by the way, it's great that you guys have built a register.
  11. ssbmw

    Auto e24 M6, really?

    There was a lovely ex UK M6 presented in dolphin grey with cream leather that resided in Hamilton for many years. Now also happens to live in Dunedin. Do you recall your build number? Curious- as I have the database of all 524 made in RHD. Cheers.
  12. ssbmw

    Auto e24 M6, really?

    This vehicle has appeared a few times on this forum over the years. I remember when it first arrived on the country. There was conjecture that it was a genuine factory one-off order for a wealthy Japanese customer. More likely that it was equipped with a M88/3 sometime whilst in Japan. I have always wondered how a relatively revvy engine would work mated to an auto-box. This car has been for sale in Christchurch, Auckland, and now in Dunedin.
  13. Near certain this is being sold by a gentleman who is arguably one of the world's serious enthusiasts of the BMW 8 series. Had until recently around 8+ examples of the E31 including some of the rarest variants. Despite the mileage, I am told this is a very well maintained example - he has spent a lot maintaining this car. I am sure it will be a good buy.
  14. I don't know too much about this car. However a mate of mine in the car game called me 6 years ago or so to say this car was traded in at a European dealership in Auckland by its first owner. They in turn (the dealer) whole-saled it off - anecdotally for around $12k. The mileage back then was similar to what it is today. Next thing you know it was marketed on t/me for $29k with photos of the vehicle near a marina. I am not sure it got sold. Could have been the price. Built in 1994. Pretty sure it's one of the last NZ new 5.0 V12's sold in NZ. To be fair, very original.