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  1. The very cool thing is that we had a Kiwi a few years ago embark on a project that converted a track prepared 850csi into a M8 replica. Pretty sure if not documented on Bimmersport, there is information on it online. Looks very similar. Sad the factory 850csi never made financial sense. Would have been a stunning piece of kit!
  2. ssbmw

    E39 2000 540i Msport

    Mate I have said it before but you take beautiful photos!
  3. ssbmw

    M Family Colours

    Awesome stuff. Serious amounts of ///M power!
  4. ssbmw

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    So true. Dinan was based here in Northern California, near Silicon Valley until 2013 or so. He sold it to a private equity firm that moved their base to Alabama, and Steve started helping out with a racing team. He has now moved back to Northern California, and has a tuning business called Carbahn that tunes all German Marques. He has a great reputation.
  5. ssbmw

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    To be honest, I am sure Steve Dinan would have done some testing to ensure that S1 specifications would be beneficial to enhance performance - however only marginal from factory. It seems pretty quick to me - but that is based on driving only 3 different examples of differing ages and mileage. All the work was done at purchase and Dinan provided 4 year warranties. Incidentally, the Dinan badge could only be obtained by a certain minimum number of Dinan upgrades. I can tell you that the Dinan S2 mod's translated to a $35k additional outlay - which elevated output to approximately 470bhp and had a huge increase in torque - without any supercharging but had some fancy Dinan headers. As mentioned previously - the rock star is the 'S3' with 600 bhp - due to supercharging, etc. I have had a few of my BMW friends mock me about the Dinan badge - instructing me to remove it. When I first arrived I myself was a tad cynical about the Dinan brand - didnt thinking it had the cachet of legendary Euro tuners. However, it has chunks of kudos in the USA - but I didnt buy it because of the Dinan badge!
  6. ssbmw

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    Thanks mate! I am a sad arse enthusiast (like many of us here) who loves to keep his cars in good condition! Saying that, this car is in superb condition cosmetically and mechanically, belying its 20 year old life.
  7. ssbmw

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    Good question. There was a software tune, free flow exhaust, high flow air intakes, clutch, flywheel, engine brace, and suspension. There are 3 tiers. This was entry level Dinan modifications. Dinan s3 in its day was a $40k outlay - and supercharged out to 600 plus bhp. Apparently they were numbered and there were 30–40 made to that spec. For me personally, my modifications are relatively minor, and can be can be changed back pretty simply. Not sure whether performance is hugely different today. I didn’t buy the car for the Dinan status- I loved the colour, and the condition and price befitted my criteria! 😀
  8. ssbmw

    E39 M5 - USA style!

    Hi all, Here are some recent photos taken of Bluewater during twilight over the Northern Californian winter. Apologies again for the amateurish photos. I however think the colour looked nice... hopefully I will be able to present some nice photos someday.
  9. ssbmw

    E39 M5 Ute

    I recall reading about this on the M5 forum many years ago. Evidently a hard core car guy. His forum username was Apples and I know there was a thread where he ended up revealing that he was indeed Stuart Appleby, pro golfer. One of our Kiwi golf pro's is also a huge car guy with a lovely M power collection.
  10. ssbmw

    E34 540iS

    For whatever reason, NZ never seemed to receive any 3.8 6 speed M5's new (correct me if I am wrong) with the wider kidney grill. What we got was a limited number of 540is's that were badged differently. Some had 540is on the back. Some simply had ///M. There was one that floated around Auckland in the early 2000's that had the plate Blu M5. It had an extremely flamboyant after-market exhaust that ensured you heard it before you saw it. For whatever reason, the body-kit was different to the Aussie 540i LE - but their cars was spec'd slightly differently too. For those of you who were Bimmersporters - 10-15 years ago, there was one genuine Oz spec 540i LE in NZ that happened to be owned by one of our Bimmersporters (was his username Cain???) and he anecdotally lost control of his of his vehicle off an Auckland motorway off-ramp and killed his 540 (he was ok). I remember the parts from his car going into one of Ross Lamb's 'frankenstein' 540i's (I drove that car- alot of fun too). In their day, they were a cool car. They looked like a M5, and performed almost like one. The interior design was lovely and they were (and still are) a fun drive. Ross also owned a mint 540is in Avus blau. Not sure what happened to that car. As discussed previously, a 15,000 km example in hell red popped for sale around 10 years ago - the owner wanting some serious coin. That was stunning - unsure what happened to that one either.
  11. Evidently purchased by a gentleman in Auckland
  12. ssbmw

    E34 540iS

    Brilliant! I remembered it when Ross owned it. Great car!!
  13. ssbmw

    E34 540iS

    I have driven a few 540is’s over the years and I am a big fan. I owned a 535is too and I think the 540is does everything a bit better. If I had one like this I’d spruce up the suspension and freshen up the gearshift. These look awesome in this colour. Anyone recall the 15,000 km example in Hell red that came up for sale around 10 years ago. Anyone know what happened to that one?
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