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  1. ssbmw

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I still remember Mike Hosking driving an immaculate example in Imola red / black leather in the early 00's. Stunning car - I'd see it regularly pottering around Newmarket / Parnell.. Wonder where that car is today. The early 00's seem like yesterday to me - it's extraordinary that we have moved on nearly 20 years. Despite not being a M car, these cars still ooze so much cool. Just like the E34 540is and the E34 535is before them.
  2. ssbmw

    Unobtanium is now listed, 850CSi

    The owner is one of our members and is a true enthusiast like more than a few of us here. I remember when Glen presented this car to the site all of those years ago too... Fabulous car that in other car markets would have been snapped up in a flash. There are 80-100k mile examples in the USA selling for $120k. I hope it stays in NZ and becomes part of a special collection. There just aren’t many like that with unicorn, freaky mileage. Very special car.
  3. ssbmw

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    Seriously cool man!! I love the interior colour. Massive congrats
  4. ssbmw

    Beauty NZ New E39 540i M-Sport

    I still recall my ex boss buying a new silver 540 Motorsport - circa 2001. I thought how incredible that car was one day when he gave me a ride to see a client. I still remember wondering how good a M5 variant of the E39 maybe if the 540 Motorsport was so impressive. What was not so incredible was how my boss tried to convince me it was a M5.!!
  5. ssbmw

    S54 M-Coupe Anyone?

    On a recent thread about M coupe’s I enquired whether anyone within the BMW community knew this same car - and a fellow member PM’d me to indicate that it was in fact domiciled in Christchurch. https://bmwmregistry.com/detail.php?id=12678 I love the colour.
  6. ssbmw

    Low mileage E39 M5

    Could be, but I think the one on trademe had relatively hefty k’s - could be wrong but I think the mileage mentioned back then by the guy in the article was around 30,000.
  7. ssbmw

    Low mileage E39 M5

    When I was living in Singapore- 5-6 years ago I read an article in either BMW car or the now defunct Total BMW car mag about another Kiwi who I believe was a banker who mentioned that he had bought a E92 M3 in Singa’s but also had a very low k example of a E39 M5 in storage in NZ... Much to my chagrin, I could never contact him... Does that car ring a bell to anyone here?
  8. ssbmw

    Low mileage E39 M5

    Well said!!!
  9. ssbmw

    BM53 problems solved...

    I believe the individual audio system is actually the same as M-Audio. No difference at all. I know what you mean. I have a friend who also had a E34 535is and an E34 M5 prior to owning a LMB E39 M5. He is mega fussy with his car audio and he says the same- the e39 M5, despite being a premium offering from BMW didn’t have an amazing sound system. i agree with you though- I lower the windows and open the sunroof to hear the S62 growl... audio Nirvana!!!
  10. ssbmw

    BM53 problems solved...

    Hi Stu, do you have the m-audio spec stereo? I have to say, I find it rather disappointing. Maybe I am being harsh, but I think my 1990 E34 535is had a better sounding system (despite only having a radio cassette hard unit). My 2008 X3 had a far better stereo too. Your thoughts?
  11. ssbmw

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    I will do...one thing I have found is that you often make good friends amongst car guys - anywhere in the world!!! He is keen to drive my car (a E39) as it has been tweaked with minor Dinan upgrades... so hopefully if he does I can try out his E60 (in the delightful Interlagos blue).. I have driven a E60 once before with SMG. I had so much fun. The paddle shift was like playing some high velocity Play station game. Driving around the city with the staccato like gear shifts was not so much fun!!!!
  12. ssbmw

    E60 M5 6pd manual. i want one !!!

    Living in Northern California, I try and keep an eye on the M5’s for sale across the USA on a regular basis. I do see manual E60’s pop up for sale from time to time. Usually they have a premium over SMG’s in terms of price. One of the car club members I met here in SF has an e39 M and a manual E60, and he claims the manual E60 is absolutely epic. Said he also loved the feel of the factory e60 short shifter so much that he ordered one for his e39 as well!
  13. ssbmw

    8501 NZ New .. value ?

    Is the ex - David Smail car from Hamilton which sat on M parallels and had 850csi springs??
  14. ssbmw

    1986 M635csi

    I know of Phil O’Reilly’s famous Cirrus blue M635csi in Wellington. An almost complete restoration car, and possibly one of the finest examples in NZ. Is that the blue car you talk of? Delphin was a dark metallic grey. The Zinnober red example is an amazing example too. Full m tech body kit, with style 5 wheels. Black leather. One of the finest examples in NZ too... stunning car in that colour. There was a ex UK green one example too that lived in Wellington. Sold to a guy in Huntly, about 6 years ago. Now in Melbourne - where a dealer has been trying to offload it between $60-$100k for the last year. Hasn’t sold.
  15. ssbmw

    1986 M635csi

    Very interesting. Delphin is a very rare but nice colour.... I grew up in Cambridge, and after spending 12 years overseas I came home and I set about to buy a M635csi in 2001. Funnily enough one popped up for sale in Hamilton - an ex UK in Delphin grey with cream leather. It was a very early 86’ (number 296 from memory). It was only $30k. I missed out on it - but years later worked for the family in Hamilton who owned that car. They never really drove it for years and when I drove it in 2010 it had lost a lot of power and needed some recommissioning. Was sold to a car dealer in Dunedin. Pretty sure it is the only Delphin example in NZ.