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  1. Thanks Murray, Any recommendations on a scanner? I'm really not sure what they're worth either. Would $600 get me somewhere? Would be nice to try something before I buy it.
  2. Yes. It doesn't have one there unfortunately.
  3. I've got an e39 540 that was made on the 6/96 Having trouble connecting a diagnostic scanner to it. I can't connect to it at all I've tried using inpa on the laptop. I've got 2x generic 16pin to USB adapters. Ive also got an adapter that goes from the 16 pin to the round obd port under the bonnet. I've only been trying to connect to the port under the bonnet because I don't believe it has a 16 pin port. I can connect to my e53 through the 16pin port just fine. Do I need to modify the cables to make them work with an older model?
  4. thorburn


    I'd assume that includes the oil filter housing
  5. Do you know what the Centre bore is. I'd be quite keen on them for my e39
  6. Is there a spec that the block is supposed to meet for hardness?
  7. Get some studs from Evan at speedfactor. Plan B amazon sells timeserts Plan C amazon sells even longer timeserts Good luck
  8. Maybe is possible with the teensy board. I haven't kept up with it the teensy capabilities. What benefits are you trying to get from full sequential? I've been recycling second hand connectors. Haven't tried ordering the motronic ones off aliexpress. Did you fit a v3 in there with jumpers? Glad to hear there are a few people in nz going for the cheaper option
  9. I've got a bunch of boards to suit m52 single vanos(green board) and m50nv, m50 vanos, m4x and m60(Black board). Boards are $45 shipped Can order in all parts if needed. Basic component kit for m50 $300 and m52 $350. Can add baro pressure sensor, Bluetooth, extra outputs. These are pazzis designed boards and I will be donating $5 of every board sold, to him. These are a DIY kit. I will explain more if people are interested
  10. If you get a photo inside the case it'll give away which one it is.
  11. That supercharger inlet looks like it was a tight squeeze Cage looks mint. Which ecu are you using?
  12. I do think I've got a spare pair. I'll have a look this weekend
  13. I've used Pro tools, jd2 and my current vertical hydraulic one. They all have their merits. I'd buy whatever has good access to dies that you'll be wanting to use
  14. Good to hear that the balancers forked out a little.
  15. thorburn

    E36 328I Track Car

    What's going into the build?
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