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  1. thorburn

    E36 328I Track Car

    What's going into the build?
  2. thorburn

    Group buy, E30 sump guard

    Still keen
  3. I'd be keen to help with installing the rebuild kit. I understand getting the manifolds off is really the hard bit
  4. You could fix it properly with a kit like this. http://www.ebay.com/itm/BMW-335I-135I-535I-N54-Mitsubishi-TD03-Wastegate-Rattle-Flapper-Rebuild-Kit-/111856454441 Fairly expensive process if you're paying someone to do it though
  5. thorburn

    E36 Heater Conversion to Electric

    What software did you draw up the pcbs in. Interested to see how much current it actually draws.
  6. thorburn

    Straight cut gears for E36

    oh the b30 Sorry but you have definitely been scammed
  7. thorburn

    GDM - E36 Drift/Race Project

    when is dyno day? ethanol? I have some wilwood 6 pots and 4 pots if you need more brake options
  8. thorburn

    e46 v8 wagon

    Love the idea. Fitup and design of the reinforcement plates looks good. I don't think the cheap gasless mig is doing you any favors though. What are your plans for the flex fuel? Gates barricade hose or Teflon braid? I went with gates. So far I'm really happy with it. Using it with an push lock fittings is a real bitch Which ecu are you going to run? I can recommend the deustchworks fuel pumps. Can't even tell I've got an aftermarket pump.
  9. thorburn

    E36 328I Track Car

    Thought I should point it out Have you considered getting some upgraded cams? I may have an option for you that will have a decent kw/$ return
  10. thorburn

    m5x sump flange CAD file

    Sorry read that wrong. I've just got the flange drawn up. E32 & e34 sumps are still around. Good for a custom extended sump
  11. thorburn

    m5x sump flange CAD file

    Strangely I do. Never had one cut out though. Do you want a dxf or dwg? I could also get it cut for you at a fairly decent price too
  12. Is a manual conversion really that hard to find in NZ?
  13. thorburn

    Insurance cover for track day?

    I'd be interested to know what the conditions and price are of this. I recently rented a car for a track day that had up to a $20,000 excess. It did cover damage to the track as well.
  14. thorburn

    Cam locking tools?

    I drink double brown. When do you need them
  15. thorburn


    where do you get the ethanol compatible fuel hose?