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  1. Gissa job!

    just a thought, when I get CVs that sniff of currently unemployed, rightly or wrongly, they are safely filed in the rubbish recycling. perhaps drop the available for immediate start if you think it might help too ?
  2. 2006 325i bad temp readings

    could be wrong, but when the pump fails (and the ECU realises) doesn't the AC fan come on full tit ?
  3. Z3 to E30 rear sway bar swap

    can't be done. just use OE E30. stiffer than OE will only make an already tail happy car become more so. In the E30 I throw about, I run OE in the back, and down rated to the 318i unit in the front.
  4. Quick rant thread.

    I ALWAYS use FedEx. they call you within 12 hours of your parcel being picked up in Berlin/California, so you have paid your clearance before it even hits New Zealand. USPS is just another state owned lethargic company, that feeds into NZ Post, probably the worst freight company in NZ. UPS is marginally better (delivered by Flyways in the Wellington region, but not sure if thats nationwide), but still won't call you till it arrives at the border.
  5. Scrap car removal Kapiti Coast

    3 sometimes 4 times a week for the past 5 years or so ha.
  6. Euro plates

    late to the party here sorry. thanks for the tag Kelvin. I do have stickers that I had made up (and continue to get made up), they are free of charge to anyone that I sold plates to as the first few batches were of dubious sticker quality. I no longer sell the stickers, or the complete plates since the warning I recieved. I have thought of revising since the company that sent me it is no longer in business, however price won't be the $60 or so it once was.
  7. N52 to e36 ti

    I bet there are many that have been done
  8. Any Good Trust Lawyers?

    Have done a lengthy PM to you
  9. E53 navi help

    can someone please post a picture, link to, or provide a part number of the video module? My X5 4.4i is also exactly as described! (jappa too)
  10. Any Good Trust Lawyers?

    Fee to set up mine was half of that, and included transfer of not only property but other assets too. Definitely worth doing, I have had so many mates burnt by ex partners, in one case a wife, I don't know your personal circumstances nor do I want to, but if the reason you want to set one up is because of a relationship is about to break up, the trust offers no protection if the courts decide (rightly or wrongly) that the sole intention of setting it up was to avoid what would otherwise be your obligations. This can also extend to when completed just before entering in a relationship or if the time is right for them to move in etc, depending how good their lawyer is. It is also very important to set up any payments that flatmates and/or partners pay towards upkeep of the asset or the household (e.g. bills), as they MUST be structured correctly.
  11. Quick rant thread.

    Yeah not sure, I swear almost every sentence when around mates etc, I don't even realise I'm doing it, but NEVER online, and never in a professional capacity.
  12. Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Many of us have specialist tools in our arsenal that in many cases have costed a fair amount of money to obtain. Instead of buying your own, prehaps there is someone below that has what you need that you can hire from! Those with tools and gear to be added to this list, please send me a PM with what you have, and Ill update you onto the list. Please include if you are willing to ship or not Please note, Bimmersport or the OP is not responsible for any "he broke my such and such" disputes. As a general rule, it will be expected that if you break it, you brought it. Both Parties would be expected to sort out by themselves! *If a mod can sticky that would be great??? -------------------- Gaurd Rollers Polley (Troy) - Hamilton, can Ship Evo30 (Ruel) - Auckland OBDI & OBDII Scanners (please include brand) EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Carsoft - Wellington, can Ship Airbag light Reset Sonic_attack (Rod) - Auckland, can Ship S50B32 (not B30) Vanos Cam Locker, Beisan rattle kit tools (S50xxx) M3AN (Dave) - Auckland Spring Compressors/Clamps EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington, can Ship Ball Joint Splitters EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington, can Ship Engine Crane EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington
  13. Gissa job!

    lol i dont know what IT industry you work in, but it must not be New Zealands....
  14. E30 odometer not working

    The SI batteries in them are also common to fail now they are 30 years old. If your car has been owned by an enthusiast it is likely they have been changed already, otherwise they are worth thinking about.
  15. Newbie from Welly saying hello - will post pics soon.

    yes some are on there, but the BMWCCNZ only events are club members only, not on Bimmersport
  16. Winning business strategy

    Why anyone is surprised an SOE has failed astounds me. Maybe just maybe government don't run businesses very well. Far too slow to respond to market changes and demands.
  17. FS_318IS Manual Coupe Project (Rally/Track)_Welligton

    For what its worth Chris is very easy to deal with if anyone is considering this car. Ive seen it.
  18. Scrap car removal Kapiti Coast

    walk in rate more or less a dollar a kilo I think, though I sell direct to the exporter now.
  19. M10 gear box getrag 240

    Have one if you still need
  20. M30 Single Mass flywheel, And some shity 16/17" e30 wheels

    Don’t know the reasearcb but have an M10 flywheel lying about if that helps (actually most of a conversion
  21. .

    Can I Bluetooth my phone to it ? If so I have $200 here for you if you are interested.
  22. Scrap car removal Kapiti Coast

    Almost everyone charges these days. Steel hasn’t been worth the diesel to pick it up in 6 plus years (I work in the waste industry). Try Macaulay metals, as far as I know they are the only direct steel exporters left in the region, with yards in both Seaview and Palmerston North
  23. E46 330i Shocks Needed

    "I've never been to bed with an ugly girl but I've woken up with a few"
  24. E46 330i Shocks Needed

    happy to fit them if needed. I can order in too.
  25. End of an era... 2002 E46 320d Touring

    @tom Delahunty needs to buy it he will put the milage on it.