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  1. _ethrty-Andy_

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    there is nothing prestigeous about a 3 series or a C class these days, hardly anything you can get on those you cant get in a same size Kia or toyota.
  2. i know you tube links aren't usually welcomed here, but will be an exception this time.
  3. _ethrty-Andy_

    New e28 525i - won't accelerate!

    the cam may well be worn and lifters need adjusting, but it wouldnt cause performance loss to the point you are experiencing.
  4. _ethrty-Andy_

    Shipping from NZ to USA

    i wouldnt recommend using plywood unless the tiber is clearly marked as treated and has appropriate standards marks on all pieces. i learnt this the hard way when i sent a container overseas many moons ago and didnt use treated pallets. expencive mistake you only do once.
  5. _ethrty-Andy_

    "End of life" NZ new E92 335i manual (Turners)

    you know i would have agreed with the above. But now living up here in Canada, where E46s all have heavily rusted arches, of course no way near as many now as there would have been. do see quite a few E53s tho, more than home. you can pick up a 335i here for 3k if that. No such thing as E38s E39s here any more. of course, this is how most of the world live, a car does not need to last 20 years like we expect it to at home. anything before 2010 is an old car in the same way we would call anything from the 90s or older and old car.
  6. _ethrty-Andy_

    BMW and Mercedes to work together

    makes sence, both are no way near as big as VAG group they are competing with.
  7. Heard the news of Attas passing from another ex forum member here. RIP
  8. _ethrty-Andy_

    M43 engine

    yes he does.
  9. _ethrty-Andy_

    Official Tools for Hire Thread

    Many of us have specialist tools in our arsenal that in many cases have costed a fair amount of money to obtain. Instead of buying your own, prehaps there is someone below that has what you need that you can hire from! Those with tools and gear to be added to this list, please send me a PM with what you have, and Ill update you onto the list. Please include if you are willing to ship or not Please note, Bimmersport or the OP is not responsible for any "he broke my such and such" disputes. As a general rule, it will be expected that if you break it, you brought it. Both Parties would be expected to sort out by themselves! *If a mod can sticky that would be great??? -------------------- Gaurd Rollers Polley (Troy) - Hamilton, can Ship Evo30 (Ruel) - Auckland OBDI & OBDII Scanners (please include brand) EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Carsoft - Wellington, can Ship Airbag light Reset Sonic_attack (Rod) - Auckland, can Ship S50B32 (not B30) Vanos Cam Locker, Beisan rattle kit tools (S50xxx) M3AN (Dave) - Auckland Spring Compressors/Clamps EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington, can Ship Ball Joint Splitters EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington, can Ship Engine Crane EthrtyAndy (Andy) - Wellington
  10. _ethrty-Andy_

    M43 engine

    as do all of BMWs Mxx 4 cylinders.
  11. _ethrty-Andy_

    Independents, New Car Warranty, Self Provided Parts

    every time you waste someones time be it a dealer or any other shop or professional, the price keeps going up. conversaly, the most you send thier way, the price comes down.
  12. _ethrty-Andy_

    E38 735i One lady Owner project

    good to see progress! i hate doing headliners! changing is easy but refurbing is not enjoyable.
  13. _ethrty-Andy_

    e36 secret hacks

    also once yu turn the car off, parked on the side of the road, push the indicator stalk up to first setting and then up again (will spring back to the first setting again), and youll find the park lights on the right hand side of the car only have come on. this is on all BMWs i have tried it on from the E30 onwards, and is also common on many other european cars too. symbol is P<
  14. _ethrty-Andy_

    Quick rant thread.

    i guess you hadnt arrived here in the 80s, when there were the biggest cuts in NZ, under a Labour govt.
  15. _ethrty-Andy_

    Quick rant thread.

    Councils are all of the problem, and they have got worse since property values have gone up. they just treat home owners like cash cows, endlessly increasing rates, charging someone to put on a deck or build a garage $20k plus in costs before the first sod is turned. Want a new build, cool, $90k in costs. And instead of maintaining the roads berms parks beaches, they go and do stupid vanity projects or solve problems that dont exist. Only reason im not running in this years council elections is because i no longer live in new zealand, sick of this tax anyone that tries to do something with thier life to hand out to either those that cant be bothered, or some slush fund for politicians so the cycle continues.
  16. _ethrty-Andy_

    Recommended Engine Oil for 2009 E90 335i?

    no they get it new more than weekly, Actually after this post came up i messaged an ex bimmersport member who works there, he confirmed my eyes were correct, and said they wont be changing to Shell any time soon either, and is the same at the Wellington , Palmy and Christchurch Dealers as well. Cant speak for the other ones as part of a different dealer group. Oil is oil at the end of the day, and BMW AG is a different entity to both BMW NZ and the individual dealers, most of which have more than one brand under thier belt here in NZ and probably overseas too.
  17. _ethrty-Andy_

    WTB: zf 5 speed for e36

    as i said, an early non vanos.
  18. _ethrty-Andy_

    Tim 325 2 more down

    interesting reading Allan, keep up the good work!
  19. _ethrty-Andy_

    Recommended Engine Oil for 2009 E90 335i?

    interesting! Definately still Castrol in November when i last went out the back at Hawkes Bay BMW. wiil follow up!
  20. _ethrty-Andy_

    The only upgrade that made sense

    Rubbish. the rate is the same regardless, the bank just want a safer position, and 20k over 800k or so is very little. Talk to a mortgauge broker instead.
  21. _ethrty-Andy_

    My E46 V12 6speed swap

    Nicely done, bugger didn't realise it was you when you came to get it! could have yarned about V12 stuff ha. i have a lot of experience with the M70, Lance and I built the red V12 E34 Touring that is flating about (who knows where it ended up now). Having said that i recal i was in no state for serious banter anyway ha. did you work out what the noise was in it ?
  22. _ethrty-Andy_

    Recommended Engine Oil for 2009 E90 335i?

    Dealerships use Castrol and has been for decades. prior to that was Mobil.
  23. _ethrty-Andy_

    Rant and feedback request - BMW Part Prices

    small things likt <$50 i usually get from the dealer anyway, so what if its 20% more, $5 extra is hardly breaking the bank. Also find large items are viable to import through dealer too such as spolier kits, replacement bodykit parts, trim panels etc, since the dealer (at least Winger BMW and Hawkes Bay BMW) do not charge freight, so it ends up being cheaper.
  24. _ethrty-Andy_

    Rant and feedback request - BMW Part Prices

    and further more on special order parts over a certain value i am asked to pay for it before they will even place the order, so they dont even run the risk of being lumbered with something they cant sell.
  25. _ethrty-Andy_

    e30 premium radio and speaker set

    what about the speakers from the front floor wells ? they are part of the set too.