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  1. Hi Bimmersport, Slim chance but you never know! Last year I bought a Z4 M coupe. Unfortunately the previous owner lost the service book - the good news is I've been able to retrace it's steps calling around the dealers who will kindly re-stamp a new book, however it would be great to get the detailed service information. In order to get this I need authorisation from the owner at the time. Does anyone from the South Island happen to know the original owner of this car? Despite being a 2006 model, It was purchased new in 2009 from Christchurch BMW. These cars weren't overly popular back then and given a Financial Crisis that hit during this time, it sat in the dealership for 3 years! Previous number plates it's worn included: - EZN464 - PR0PLR - FKR682 - ZED4M - FYG123 And photo of the car today: Any help greatly appreciated. Cheers, Alex
  2. leebske

    E46 M3 Brakes - Never used (but neglected)

    Still available
  3. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Updated with remaining parts left Yep PM me
  4. Morning Bimmersport, Both of my diamond key batteries have died so it's time for a replacement. While I'm changing this I'm keen to replace the housing given both are bashed up after 15 years of use. Does anyone have experience in doing this? There's a ton of kits available on Ebay but any advice on which seller / site to choose from would be great. Thanks in advance. Alex
  5. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Yep - note it's not in great condition.
  6. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Hi there - yes they are.
  7. leebske

    E46 M3 Brakes - Never used (but neglected)

    Hi Ben, The brand is Meyle. Links to ECS parts below. New cost was about $5-600 landed given weight IIRC. Fronts: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-meyle-parts/front-brake-rotors-pair-325x28/34112229529kt2/ Rears: https://www.ecstuning.com/b-meyle-parts/rear-brake-rotors-pair-328x20/34212229379kt2/
  8. Unfortunately these have endured a few house moves and have incurred some rust / scratches in the process. Hoping someone on here can refurbish them and find a use. Price: $350 Alex - 0210709077
  9. leebske

    F8X M Performance Parts - Big list!

    Exhaust and wing still available
  10. leebske


    Still available for those interested
  11. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

  12. leebske

    Break Open The Piggy Bank - M4 CS

    Do you remember what the rest of the M’s and Aston went for?
  13. Evening Bimmersport, My 1M is up for sale. Would be great if it remained in the community. Details: - Travelled 48,XXX Kms - Full BMW Service history - 2 x sets of keys - Alpine White - Black Nappa leather interior - Satellite Navigation - Harmon Kardon Stereo - Bluetooth audio - BMW Assist Contact: 021 070 9077 https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1780184179&ed=true
  14. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    I'd still recommend them mate but far from an expert.