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  1. Absolutely beautiful. Tempting!!!!
  2. Unfortunately not - have you got some?
  3. Yes but the OEM version. Thanks for the spot though!
  4. Hi As per title and picture. Anyone got a set lying around? cheers
  5. Hi Guys, I'm the lucky owner - my gut said this was a unique opportunity to pick up an unmolested E30 Touring. The seller picked it up for ~9.5k around 12 months ago and has probably spent ~2k on it tidying it up, so thought the price was fair. Keen to bring it along to a meet soon! Should arrive in Auckland next week.
  6. Beautiful car. Have a matching interlagos blue. Keep it! You'll regret it when you see prices in a few years
  7. Thanks Kyu Cheers Mikan - I'll get in touch Cheers Rob - I've sent a PM
  8. As title states, please let me know if you have a set. Based in Auckland but happy to pay for shipping at right price. Cheers, Alex 0210709077
  9. What value would you put on both?
  10. Pretty fussy given I'm only considering LCI Wagon's but figure I'd give it a shot. Anyone on here with such an example looking to sell? Cheers
  11. For interest sake I sold my 1999 E39 M5 with 155kms for over $30k last year. If the spec is right people are willing to pay.
  12. Open to offers on any of the remaining parts. PM me if interested or call on 021 070 9077. Cheers, Alex
  13. Evening Bimmersport, I'm posting here given these wheels are BMW specific (or Holden if that takes your fancy). Last night my set of APEX Arc 8 wheels with Nitto NT-01 tyres were stolen from my garage in Parnell. If anyone sees or hears about a set of these come available can you please PM me or call on 0210709077. These wheels are relatively rare in New Zealand so I would be greatly appreciative if the forum could help keep an eye out. Will offer a cash reward to anyone who is able to find these.
  14. Yes would be interesting to know - do you know anyone on Bimmersport running this tune? Sure thing - I'll try get a video up over the next few weeks. Cheers mate!