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  1. leebske

    Installing garage doors - recommendations please

    Thanks guys - don't have the time available to do myself. Have asked Scott for his contact.
  2. Anyone on here have experience installing garage doors? I'm looking for a professional in Auckland to install 2 x electric roller doors.
  3. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    It's for an E46 but was a little bigger than OEM dimensions hence why I didn't use it.
  4. leebske

    Assorted M3 / M5 Parts

    Bumping an old thread - still some goodies up for sale.
  5. leebske

    WTB: Carly Pro

    If anyone has one for sale let me know before I purchase from overseas. Cheers Alex 021 070 9077
  6. leebske

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Yes or maybe even Germany / back to Saudi. I will have some fun with it in NZ before I make any decisions. I’m really warming to the E34. Thanks mate!
  7. leebske

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    Thanks Brent! Yes I came across those articles - great to have I'm still debating whether to register it in NZ. I'll see what's required first.
  8. leebske

    E34 M5 project, LHD ex Saudi Arabia

    I'm the lucky owner. Will post up photos of the restoration!
  9. leebske

    E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    If I can get it to start again that is! I've put my battery on a charger overnight so hopefully it will have full juice to crank assuming the drained battery was causing the issue. Thanks for the suggestion! It sounds like a very similar issue. Hopefully it's immediately obvious when I get it started
  10. leebske

    E30 - Battery / Starting issue

    Think that's a likely suspect. Is there anyway of checking to be sure?
  11. Hi all, I currently have an E30 which is experiencing a battery issue. Initially I thought the car arrived with a faulty battery however I've since replaced it and it has also drained this one. The problem has now got worse as the car is no longer turning over, despite hearing the starter motor trying its best. Any suggestions on what it might be?
  12. leebske

    F8X M Performance Parts - Big list!

    As requested, updated with pics of parts removed from car.
  13. leebske

    F8X M Performance Parts - Big list!

    Open to sensible offers.
  14. leebske

    ///M CLUB New Zealand

    Thanks Bill - I've since spoken with BMW Car Club NZ who are happy to have us come under their umbrella as a sub group. I have since been informed the ///M Club Australia does not share the same relationship with BMW Car Club Australia, despite the organiser's ties with BMW Australia. I'm more than happy to comply with any rules and copyright that will ensure the club is compliant. Cheers, Alex
  15. leebske

    ///M CLUB New Zealand

    Hi all, Clearly this post has caused some heat so let me clear the air. This page was first setup in 2014 as an M3/M4 owners club. I recently became involved as an Administrator and changed the description to cater for all ///M owners across New Zealand. The intention is to broaden the audience, not be elitist. I am not discrediting Bimmersport, BMW Car Club NZ or any other BMW group for that matter, however I think it is acceptable to form sub-groups which build on the BMW brand, of which this is an outlet to do so. The ///M CLUB Australia has built a fantastic culture which has a great relationship with other BMW communities, however it's also provided an opportunity for a more focused sub-group of BMW owners to meet. As for eligibility the group is aimed at ///M owners, including those which have a subjective history (i.e. Z8, M535i, M635csi, 850csi) and conversions alike. I personally am a huge fan of HELLBM's M creations and would not want to exclude such cars. I will update the description if this was not clear. On the point "We do not allow committee members of other clubs to be members of ///M CLUB," This is an oversight on my part. I took some of the language used (by permission) from the ///M Club Australia page. I don't see an issue with committee members of other clubs being part of this group so I've since removed. Apologies for this. I'll be discussing the purpose of this club with BMW Car Club NZ this week as they expressed concerns from a copyright perspective. If the wording of the club needs to change I'm happy to do so. I do hope this helps clear the air. My sole intention of this group was to build (on what I thought) was a fantastic concept formed across the ditch, which has had huge success. The original M3/M4 owners of the group thought this was a great idea so I hope of you also see the good intention here. Cheers, Alex